Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hello Son, 

This morning we were at your flower garden. 

All Saints and All Souls Day being on Monday and Tuesday, Grandma wanted to go today, because Aunty C is not working today (Sunday). Dad and Mom would drop Justine at her 9 am seminar before going to the flower park. 

In the car, Mom turned on the radio (as usual) to her station, and the first line that came on this morning were the words from the DJ. He said something to this effect:

We have all lost our temper at one time or another ... bla bla bla ... Don't resort to violence ... bla bla bla ... Just walk away ...

Mom listened and a instant smile came upon her face. Turned to Dad and said, "He's referring to the Call I made last night." 

Call 40 (Bad Word) was published on Saturday night. Mom had mentioned in Call 40 that, "If thoughts could kill, she would be charged with homicide." :D  

HeeHeeHee ... (red-faced)

Just walk away, don't resort to violence, huh ... 

Very funny, Son. :D 

In the car, Justine said she couldn't find her seminar card. The tuition center is strict about presenting the seminar cards and students who could not produce, according to Jus, is given a hard time (a lot of suspicious interrogation and sometimes not allowed to attend the classes). Mom instantly said, "Don't worry, your brother will do something ..."

Of course the card has to go missing, otherwise how do we center our thoughts on You. Right, Son? :D

Anyway, Mom asked Dad to follow Jus up to the tuition place, to explain to the office-staff. So, when we arrived, Dad parked the car by the side of the road, and before he went out of the car, Mom said, "Don't resort to violence." 

Heehee. See what You started. :D

Dad came back to the car some 5 minutes later. No, he didn't have to resort to vio ... Okay okay, enough with that already.

We hung around in Starbucks KL area while waiting for this particular shop to open. Mom wanted to get some more sunflowers for your garden. Even though we had just planted several stalks a week ago on the 21st, she wasn't sure if the flowers would still be there. While in Starbucks, for some reason she cannot put a finger on, Mom sent a text message to Aunty Carol. 

10:04am sms : "Eh bring mu la"

On hindsight now, she's not sure why she sent that sms. The thing is, at first Mom had typed in the words: "eh, bring kish la" then, just before sending the message out, she deleted the word "kish" and replaced with "mu." 

Mu being Kish's nickname. 

She spells it this way (MU) and not MOO for obvious reasons - Kish is not a cow. Thinking about it now, it's kinda strange that she had to delete the word Kish and to replace it with Mu, becos normally when she sms-es to Aunty C about her dog, she uses the name Kish. Not Mu. Why then was it important for her to substitute the name today?

Besides, we have never brought Kish to the flower park before. So, Mom really doesn't understand why she would send that sms to Aunty C to ask her to bring Kish to your garden, in the first place. 

It was just a spur of the moment. How else do You explain that?

Aunty C sent a reply : really?

Mom replied back : yah of kos ...

So, anyway, Dad and Mom arrived at your flower garden at 10:30am. Grandma and Aunty C were on their way. There were many, many, many people there today at the flower park, visiting the garden of their loved ones. Despite the jam of cars along the narrow pebbled-pathway, Dad spotted a nice parking waiting for us. 

Thanks for reserving the space, Son. :D

At your garden, we were so surprised to see all your sunflowers still there on the bed. The purple flowers at Grandpa's too were all still in tact. Not one missing. Oh woah, we didn't expect that. So anyway, we added the new batch of sunflowers that Mom just bought. Dad secured them deep down with a screwdriver that he dug a deep hole with. We couldn't help but admire how pretty your garden looked. :D Here's a peek ...

Of course fresh flowers are always nicer, but Mom figured, since You're now everlasting, your flowers should also be everlasting. 

John 3:15 - For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Duh, just one small snag though ... your everlasting flowers shall last only about 3 months or so, before they kinda start to fade, or Heaven forbid, may suffer an earlier fate, should someone plucks them from the garden bed. :( Those live-forever flowers are the closest to everlasting that Mom can get her hands on.

Besides, it's nice to visit your garden the month after and seeing it still pretty. Never having to see withered flowers, that suggests that the garden is abandoned or neglected. 

Your garden should always be a sight to behold, and today it's brightly filled with sunny yellow flowers. Even a bee or two were nicely fooled to fly over and buzz on your sunflower, checking it out. How about that? :D

People who walked by, ALL turned their heads to your garden plot. Most of them stopped by to admire your flowers. The men talked to Dad about the headstone and the construction of the plot. Dad gave the telephone number of the person who made your plot :- 

Uncle Peter.

Huh, Grandpa's name.

Hmmm, interesting. 

Very interesting.  

There was a family who stopped by and the lady, after admiring the flowers and commented that they were beautiful, looked over to the porcelain photos of Aunty Tracy's and yours. 

Mom introduced, as she pointed to the respective plots, "This is my son, Daniel, and that's my sister, Tracy."

The lady asked, "And who's that?" (pointing to Grandad's)

Mom replied, "That's my Father."

We were engaged in some light conversation, before they left a few minutes later. They mentioned several times they liked the garden bed. :D

Grandma and Aunty C arrived about half an hour later. The first thing Mom said to Aunty C was, "Where's Kish?"

Aunty C said Grandma didn't allow Kish to go. Aunty C said that Kish really wanted to follow them out today. She ran out of the house TWICE. Normally, when You tell her to STAY, Kish would obediently sit and stay in the house, and not run out of the door, but today, she wanted to follow them out. She ran out twice when they weren't looking, apparently.

Awww, Kish wanted to come to your flower garden too. You must have known that and made Mom sent that sms. Grandma said, Kish may see wandering spirits, get frightened, start howling and disturb everybody ...


You can't get more creative than that.

Anyway, Grandma bought some fresh carnations, daisies and roses. After doing up the flowers, we said our rosaries. Mom was humming THERE YOU'LL BE softly to herself, the whole time she was there. Did You hear, Son? She hopes You were singing along with her. 

It was a really beautiful day today. Stark white clouds against a very blue sky. Mom's quite sure You were on one of the clouds with Sebastian, watching us and probably rolling on the cloud laughing yourself to bits when You heard Grandma's comment about Kish and the howlings.

We left at about 12:30pm.

In the car, as Dad was pulling out of the area, Mom turned on the radio. A dinosaur-song was on, but she couldn't identify it, until she heard the chorus, after which she threw her head back and laughed. The chorus line were :-

Me and You and a dog named Boo
Travellin' and livin' off the land
Me and You and a dog named Boo
How I love being a free man 

The time was 12:32pm. 

You really, really, really did know that Kish wanted to come, didn't You? A dog named BOO? Chuckle. Ahh yes, Your mother can hear You protest oh-so-earnestly,  

"That's the closest I could get, Mom - BU." :D

You must have somehow whispered to Mom then to change the name from Kish to Mu, because on her own, she cannot imagine why she would do that. Kish is Kish. The sms message is clear.

Bring Kish.

Crystal clear.

There is no reason, no reason at all, to delete "Kish" and to replace it with "Mu" ... unless ... You fill in the blanks for her. By the way, the line :

  How I love being a free man ...

A free man ... 

Yes, she knows, that's the closest You could get too - doubt if there's a song out there that goes, "How I love being a free boy." :D Aww Son ... It must be awesome being a free boy. Being free is beyond anything we can imagine, she'd bet. That is really a heart-warming and reassuring thing for your mother to hear. How nice it is to know that. :D

Thanks for letting Mom know, Son. <3

(continue on next Call 43)