Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Call 30 : PAW PRINT

Hello Son,

This afternoon, Justine was helping Mom to do your video. It's only half-way done. Anyway, was in the kitchen making some juice, when Justine came in to tell Mom that your song, the first one that you sang the night before you left us, IT'S NOT OVER TONIGHT, was on her mobile station. 

As she came in, she was blinded by ORANGE because Mom happened to be wearing an ORANGE top and at the same time, washing up an large ORANGE strainer-bowl. It was ORANGE-intensity for her at that moment when she popped her head into the kitchen to tell Mom your song was on. :D

Told Jus, "He knows we are doing his video for him." She said that she has not heard of that song for a while now. Mom neither. So today, when it came on, there was a reason. You really know what's going on, don't You?

Aunty Jessie sent some photos of Sebastian by email yesterday. 

Awww Sebastian's in the sink, his favourite spot. Mom will always remember Seb in the sink. He had prodded on her facial sponge and sniffed at her glass bottle of toner as he made his way from the bathroom dresser to the sink when we went to visit Aunty Jessie and Uncle Craig in the States. You were 10 years old then. Mom was terrified he would tip the glass bottle over the dresser with his bushy tail swaying left and right and left and right. 

You made an impression on me, Sebastian, and I will never forget You. <3

Mom remembers Aunty Jessie said that at one time, Seb meowed a long miserable meow. He got weaker when he couldn't eat and Aunty Jessie had to feed him. She says he was stumbling all over the place, and was totally lifeless towards the end, couldn't even purr or lift his head. He was all ready to go to Heaven. 

The first vet had wanted to do an immediate surgery to try to remove the tumors, but thankfully, Aunty Jessie went for a second opinion and met Dr Tracy. That was a sign to us, Dr Tracy. God called Aunty Tracy home in the middle of her 3rd year of medical school in 1996. She is forever 23 years old. 

Dr Tracy gave Seb some medication to take care of the toothache and took some blood tests. She advised Aunty Jes she had about 14 days with Seb, which she did, after which the time came for them to put Seb to eternal sleep. Blink blink blink. :( Did You carry Seb to Heaven, Daniel?

This is a paw print of Sebastian on clay.
A wooden box that holds Sebastian's ashes
with a Note Of Condolence from the Vet. 
He was cremated. A lock of his fur was also given
to Aunty Jessie who's now thinking of finding 
someone who can make it into a brush.

I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain
When You awaken in the morning hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight
I am the stars that shine at night
Please stand not at my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die

OMG ... OMG ... OMG ... Can't believe what just happened here. After writing out the poem, Mom highlighted the WHOLE poem, and to change the fonts to RED.  

Only the last line turned red

Mom tried again, and still, only the last line remained red. It's strange because this is not the first time, Mom is changing the color of the fonts. Mom called Justine over to take a look. She watched. Mom showed her. She highlighted the whole poem, and clicked on the text color red, and again, only the last line, was red and the rest of the lines remained blue. Did another 3 times, in front of Justine. We both saw it. The rest of the lines still refuse to change to red except the last line. Is this a message that we are meant to read? Oh Wow! It's incredible.

I am not there, I did not die. 

That's just amazing. Don't know what happened there, but the message for the day is bold and clear ... and in RED. A reminder to us. We do know that the day You left us, was the day You started to live. :D

Here's Sebastian probably playing pee-ka-boo. Look at your big round eyes, Sebastian. You're such a beautiful cat. Daniel must be so proud showing you off to the angels in heaven. Don't get into too much mischief, you two. :D