Saturday, April 30, 2011

Call 205 : JAMES BUNNY

Hello Son,                                           (Call 204 continues on Call 206)

It's 7:55 am in the morning. 

Just read the 2 posts by your friends in your Facebook. Your mother couldn't help reading, re-reading, and re-reading, again and again the short sweet lines ... and trying to recall as much as she can, your video games period.

Something made her see the signs ... instantly ...

Two posts by two friends ... 

Mom has noticed that the inciDANS You want us to take note of, always come in pairs. One inciDAN is isolated and might not be intentional - but TWO ... 

Two shouts, "Hey Guys, listen up ... It's ME!" :D

Like Mary and Elizabeth's news ... TWO incidents ...

Mom smiles as she read the comment posted by the first boy. He said that You used to say this line: 

"I thought we had something special" :D

whenever he refuses your invites to hang out. :D 

You must have seen that big grin on your mother's face. :D

Yes, that would be your line. We've heard You say that line on more than a few occasions. 

Can I play RuneScape, Mom?

No, it's a school day ... do your homework ...


No Daniel, You're spending too much time on 
computer games already.

Please Maa ...

I said, No, Daniel ...

(Out comes the pout ... and the ...)

I - thought - we - had - something - special ...

Pause ... And she grins ... And then, she gives in ...

Oh alright ... one hour, and that's it. No More! :D

Yayyyyyy !!! Thanks Mom !!!

It is always a delight to see You overjoyed, highly-excited, and totally over the moon. :D Sigh, what Mom would give to see that again ...

Anyway ...

The second boy mentioned the word James Bunny in his post. Mom's not sure what that is, but thinks it's some kind of computer game ... but har-low -  


Somebody correct her if she's wrong ... Did she not upload American Idol James on your Facebook on Thursday, and a second time, on this Hello-Son Blog on Friday yesterday??? 

Two times ... and then ...

This morning she reads about a James Bunny?

Call 204 : Sonny Song

During our trip in the States in 2004 ...


That's YOU telling your mother that You know she's posted the video of James singing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ... :D 

Yes, Mom knows ... She got the signs ... :D That was your sign. You must have whispered to your friend to mention James ... to ZAP Mom ... :D

Two posts by your two friends, in your Facebook at the same time is a definite coinciDANS. :D It's telling Mom to take notice because You are probably saying ...

It's me, Maa, I got your song ... :D

Mom played the YouTube video and watch James sing at the top of his lungs. He's really, really good. don't You think? He gives his all, there's just no holding back. By the time he reached these lines, she was kinda bawling to herself. 

So tell me now and I won't ask again

Will you still love me tomorrow?

By James Durbin.

And he ends the song with a power -  packed last line :

You'd better love me tooo-morrowww ...

As Aunty Diana said in her text, when You asked her if she will still love You after the doctor shaved You botak ...

"Of course, silly ..."

Dot 33 : Surgery

So Daniel, "Of course, silly" ... We will love You not just tomorrow, but the day after, and the day after that, and the day after that day, and on and on until infinity and beyond ... :D 

And by the way, for the record Son, 

We - do - have - something - special ...


very, very special ... 

(note : 2X very)


Friday, April 29, 2011

Call 204 : SONNY SONG

Hello Son,

The Royal Wedding is on telly right now. 

1:30:21 seconds to go before the wedding begin ... :D

While waiting for Kate to arrive, let Mom tell You about the inciDANS that happened on Thursday, the day before ... as well as what happened this morning for Dad. :D

Thursday, April 28

1. Cookie Jar          By Gym Class Heroes @ 92.9

Justine was driving out of the condo. 

Mom was by her side, as usual.  

Cookie Jar came on the radio. Mom heard. 

Jus said, "Cookie Jar ..."

Yes, Cookie Jar ... 

Mom glanced immediately at the dashboard. Excitedly, she pointed to Jus.

The time was 7:33 am.

Decode : 4    

Call 43 : Angel Sign

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

First thing in the morning, You made your presence felt. :D How wonderful. You must have seen a big smile appear instantly on our faces. 

We felt You with us. 

We just knew You were near. :D

Your mother had a smile as she remembers how you would bounce bounce bounce your body in rhythm and do the hand action at the line :

Can't keep my hands, my hands, my hands, 

out the cookie jar ... 

Justine said that one of the boys from church, your friend N, said that You came up with that hand move.

Aww ... Did You really? :D Were You bouncing then with your angel friends when the song came on? :D What did God say? :D

2. Sunny         By Boney M @ 105.7

Whilst Mom was driving back from the college, she switched to her station. A song was coming to an end. The next song came on shortly and slowly filled the car. Mom found herself listening to the lyrics intently after she heard the very first word :  

Son - ny  ...

...  yesterday my life was filled with rain

Sonny, you smiled at me and really eased the pain

The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here

W - wait a minute!

Stop --- right --- there ...
What was that again?


Then ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ... Did - You - hear - that???

The dark days are gone, and the bright days are here???

Oh My Gosh ...

Are You serious???

The dark days and the bright days???

Aren't You referring to the blackout at the condo last night? 

You are, aren't You? 

The dark days - the blackout ... 

The bright days - the lights came back on ... 

Call 203 : Condo Blackout

OMG - How awesome! Last night, we had a blackout at the condo, and this morning, Mom hears a song about the dark days and the bright days?

What a coinciDANS ... :D

Sonny, thank you for the sunshine bouquet

Sonny, thank you for the love you brought my way

3. Headache

Mom was overwhelmed, as You would have seen. It was incredible. Anyway, after the song, the next thing that came on was some kind of an interview. A caller called in to talk about his headache symptoms. Then, a doctor gave his opinion and some medical facts about migraines and headaches, and like when You should take the symptoms seriously etc. 

Mom was not paying much attention ... not at first, no ... she was still very much blown away by the Sonny Song. However, after hearing the word headache mentioned on the radio more than 10 times (or maybe even 15 - 20 times), Mom suddenly found herself zapped once again.

Oh My Lord ...


Right after Sonny???

You really do know how to make your presence felt, Daniel ... 

You first said this word, hee - dake, when you were two years old.

Dot 1 : Hee - Dake

Honestly, what are the chances of hearing an interview about headaches right after a Sonny Song

No chance.

Angel chance ...

4. Chapel

Around noon time, Dad and Mom went to church. We wanted to spend some quiet time in the Chapel today. A relative would soon be facing a possible challenge the next day (Friday) and we wanted to pray for God to give the family strength, wisdom and faith to carry on, make the right decisions etc. Needless to add, Mom also wanted You to "do something."

Later, Dad suggested we walk over to the shops nearby for a quick lunch. It was about 100m walk. 

Good good ... It gave Mom plenty of time to tell Dad about the dark days and the bright days ... Don't forget, at the same time we experienced the blackout the day before on Wednesday, Mom was preparing an entry about Easter on her Silent Thots Blog.

Call 203 : Condo Blackout

"That blackout was our reminder about Easter," Mom had said to Dad ... "It reflected the darkness that fell when Jesus was on the cross, when He died, when He was laid in the tomb ... then when the lights came on, it's like Easter Sunday, Jesus has risen ... weren't we all happy when the lights came on? We were happy, right?" Mom repeated to make a point.  

An important point.

Indeed, we had rejoiced somewhat like the celebration of Jesus' resurrection. 

"Not only that," your mother was mindful to add, 

"the blackout lasted almost 3 hours ... THREE ... Jesus died at 3 pm ... Can you believe it? Son definitely knew I was writing about Easter ... he knew ... he knew ... I know he knew..."

5. Mamak

We arrived at the Mamak shop. It was lunch time. The restaurant was quite packed. We walked to a table, which patrons had just left. A waiter came to clean up the table. Mom ordered a roti canai and Dad called a tosay.

The waiter came back later with a small handwriting note of our orders. Mom glanced at the piece of paper, and pointed to Dad in disbelief, one hand over her mouth,

"Look at the table number ... OMG ..."

Dad looked ... and smiled.

How incredible! We had been talking about You and your inciDANS, and now we see our angel number. :D

"I think he likes my interpretation of the blackout," Mom grinned.

Yes, You must have seen that grin throughout her roti canai. You were so with us at that moment, Son ... :D 

It was totally amazing ...

After our lunch, 

Dad walked to the front of the shop and stopped by the cashier. 

6. Ice-Cream

Mom waited outside the shop. She was by the ice-cream fridge (?). For some reason, she found herself sliding the fridge door open, picked up a Kit-Kat drumstick cone, and waved it at Dad. 

Dad said to the man behind the counter, "Ice-cream..." and pointed to Mom. 

The man looked over at your mother's Kit-Kat cone and said, 

"Three Ringgit."

Mom heard that, from where she was standing.



Dad came out. 

Mom prompted eagerly, "You heard that?"

"Yeah, three ..." Dad nodded. :D

A perfect coinciDANS. :D

7. Do Something

Back at home ...

It was about 5:30 pm when Mom received a phone call from the relative. The one that your mother had asked You to "do something" for. Without revealing too much, suffice to say that Mom was surprised to learn that something had come up, and could turn the situation around for the relative.

Oh Wow ...

You really did do something, didn't You?

Thank You Son ... You're a good boy ...

Tell Jesus, Thank You for answering our prayers, will You please? ... <3 

8. American Idol

That evening, American Idol was on. Your mother was doing her work while waiting for James to come on. Yeah, she's found her favorite in James. He reminds her of Adam (Season 8) and our time watching that season together.

Anyway, James came on ... and OMG ...

Would You believe it but he sang ...

By James Durbin.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ...

Mom couldn't believe it ...

She instantly recalled the text message You wrote to your Aunty Diana the day before your very first surgery. 

You said in your text, "They are going to shave me. Will u still love me when I am botak?"

Mom had searched for the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and had uploaded it in that Dot 26 entry.

Dot 26 : Botak

8. Orange Moth

Later that night, Mom saw a moth that flew in through the window. 

Justine said, "Hey, it's the orange moth." There was a moth of the same species that visited some months back. Yup, the exact same species.

Call 60 : Orange Moth

We watched it perched on the mirror for a few seconds, then it flew to the chair, then on the floor, and then ...

It finally flew to your parents' wedding photo frame and rested on the edge for quite a while, long enough for Dad to snap a few shots. :D

Mom wanted the moth to open its wings so we could snap a picture of its orange body. 

The moth refused to spread its wings ...

(continue on Call 205)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hello Son,

We had a blackout last night at the condo, which lasted about 3 hours, during which time You gave us little signs to tell us that You are near. It was awesome how You made your presence felt. :D 

The inciDANS started sometime late in the afternoon on Wednesday, the day before. 

Mom was preparing Silent Thot 21 about Easter at the material time. It just occurred to her that perhaps You made your presence felt then because Mom was writing about Easter and Jesus' Resurrection. You must know by now that your mother loves to be reminded just how alive You are in our Lord Jesus. :D

 silent - thots blog

1. DC Cupcakes 

Mom was at the computer. The television was on as usual. As You know, she always need to have a bit of "noise" for inspiration. :D

So anyway, your mother was quite absorbed with preparing her entry. Now and then, she did turn to the television to watch the pretty cupcakes that the two sisters were making (on telly). The show is called DC Cupcakes. Mom remembers the DC very well because her two sisters are DC : Diana and Carol.

Then at one point, Mom caught the word, Dan ...

Dan ???

The sister with the blonde hair said something like, 

"My husband and Dan bla bla bla ..."

You must have seen your mother turned abruptly to the TV screen. She had felt some kind of victorious satisfaction when she saw the word Dan on the subtitles. 

She didn't mishear then. 

It really was Dan, she heard.

Scribbling the time in her journal ...  

5:05 pm Star World - Dan ... 

She decided she wouldn't mention this isolated inciDAN in your Call-Blog. She looked at the time again, and couldn't help feeling somewhat disappointed to note that her angel sign is missing. 

Without her number 4 sign, it didn't feel like a real ZAP-inciDAN. Oh well, never mind. This one's not counted, she graciously gave in. It doesn't matter really. She wasn't even watching TV to begin with. 

Anyway, how would Mom tell You about it? She couldn't even remember the full sentence ... only :

"My husband and Dan ... something something something."

Mom turned back to her work.

2. Life Unexpected

Shortly after, Dad came home. 

He wanted to boil some old cucumber soup for dinner. Quickly, Mom saved her draft and shut down the computer. Your mother made a strategic decision, thinking it would be er, awfully nice of her to hang around in the kitchen for a bit whilst Dad was preparing the ingredients, to make it look like she was helping around. :D:D:D

Don't You say a word ... O.O

So, while Dad was preparing the ribs for ozonizing, cutting the vegetables etc, Mom updated him of your latest inciDANS ... 

The one that happened this morning ... 

The Born This Way inciDAN ... :D

Call 202 : Lady Gaga

A few minutes later, after Dad tossed all the soup-stuff into the pressure cooker, Mom found herself quietly slipping out of the kitchen ... hopefully, unnoticed.

She went to the living room, and plonked herself down on the sofa.

She glanced at the television. 

It was a scene at a camping site ... night time ... teens were gathered together ... a girl was challenging a second girl...

"Dare or (something)?" 

The something could have been "kiss," she can't be sure. 

The second girl said, "Dare."

The first girl said ... 

(OMG, You won't believe what she said ...)

"Go - tell - Mr - Daniels - that - he's - hot ..."

Mom sat straight up. 

OMG ... What ???

Mom grabbed her cellphone beside her to check the time. 

It was 5:35 pm.

Decode : 4

Zzzzzaaaa -- ppp !!!

OMG ... that was precious. :D 

That split of a second ZAP-moment was so very precious. She clicked on the remote to check the title of the show and found that it was LIFE UNEXPECTED. Diva Channel. Now, with this present uh, hot Mr Daniels, the Cupcake - Dan doesn't look so isolated anymore.

Can You believe this? In 30 minutes, Mom came across the two "Dan - Mr Daniels" inciDANS. What are the chances? Honestly! 

You are near. Your mother can tell. She could feel your presence and can almost see the smirkish grin on your beautiful face.

Hot Mr Daniels ...

Hehehehehehe ...

You know that would bring a big smile on your mother's face. :D

How cute is that? :D

3. The Blackout

It was about 6:30 pm, when there was a power cut. Mom was half-way watching Oprah interviewing Naomi Campbell when the lights and TV went off. Dad checked with the neighbors and found that all the 4 blocks, A B C D, had the power cut.

Justine was strumming on her guitar and singing her latest favorite at the moment, Who Do You Think You Are. Is that the actual title? Mom's not sure.

Soon, it got pretty dark. 

Dad got out some candles, lit them up and placed them around the dining and living room areas. We soon had our dinner in candlelit atmosphere. We warmed up the chicken briyani left over from yesterday's dinner and had the old cucumber soup. 

Oooh, the soup was super delicious.

After dinner, Mom cleared up the dishes with a torch light by her side. After putting away the plates, Mom asked Dad to take a walk and bring the garbage down at the same time. Dad was at the door when Mom found herself calling out,

"Check the library to see if got lights ..."

She meant electricity, of course. 

Excuse the grammar, by the way. 

We are Malaysians. Got lights or not?

Dad came back up and said, "Yes, got."

Again, a Malaysian expression.

Got lights? 

Really? Wow ... 

How in the world did your mother think about the library? In all her years of living in a condo, and that's like what - more than 20 years - we have never once gone to the condo - library during a blackout. This would be the first time.

Mom said,  

"Daniel must have whispered to me to go to the library." 

That's the only explanation. By herself, she wouldn't, couldn't, have thought of the library. Mom suggested that Justine took her homework down to do in the library.

4. The Library

The cool air-conditioned room greeted us.  

Justine chose a spot, and Dad too. Mom walked over to the book shelves, and randomly picked a bumper issue of Female Magazine. It was a 2008 issue, if she remembers correctly.

At the table, Mom found herself turning the magazine to the back, and started flipping over the pages, from back to front. 

One after another.

First page.

Second page.

Third page.

Fourth page ... and she stopped. She saw the name : 

M a r c i e l

and found herself pausing to look at the name of a bit.


Oh -- kayyy ... 

So the a is there, and the iel is there ... she thought slowly.

Somehow, she found herself drawn to the name. Why would she be staring at that name, she doesn't know ... but she would, just moments later. It was to get her attention for the coming ZAP apparently.

Mom turned over the page ... unsuspectingly ...

and ...

Omg ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ...

She knew it! Did she not say that it was Y O U who told her to go to the library? And now she sees Y O U R name in the library? Honestly, what are the chances of seeing your name in a women's magazine?

Mom looked down on the page. 

Page 467 ... Mentally, she decoded and let out a gasp ...

Decode : 44

OMG ... She knew it! She knew it! :D 

Excitedly, Mom blurted to Dad and Jus ...

(Wait patiently here while Mom tell Dad and Jus ...)

My, did You see our happy grins? :D

5. Lights Back

After that, Mom was just too overwhelmed to be concentrating on the articles in the magazine. Justine was still not done with her work yet.

Your mother soon felt cold. 

Were You blowing cold wind at her?

She said to Dad, "I'm going up to check if the lights are back on."

Dad said he'll stay with Justine. So Mom left the library.

She could have just gone outside to look up the block to see if the lights were back on, but somehow, she found herself taking the lift up. The corridors were lit, but she couldn't tell if the power was back on ...

Until she opened the door to our condo ... and let out a sigh. 

No lights. 

It was still dark. 

She clicked on a switch nearest to the door and paused. Still, no light came on. What had she expect? The rest of the house was in total darkness. She grabbed the torch light that she had left near the door before going down to the library, and turned it on.

Immediately, a beam of light came on.

Mom saw a basin on the floor, where she had put the garbage bag in just now. Picking it up, she walked to the kitchen, shining the torch in front of her.

She walked over to the sink, bent down to put the basin in a corner, when suddenly, the lights snapped back on

Mom was startled for a moment ... 

Daniel, You gave Mom a fright ... 

she heard herself saying.

Then ...

OMG ... 

Realization sank in. You must have whispered to your mother to go back to the apartment. It wasn't like the lights were already on when she got in. Had that happened, she wouldn't have known when the power resumed. She would not have connected the inciDAN to You.

Here, the lights came back on barely 15 seconds after your mother walked into the apartment. The timing was just too -- too perfect. It was that ZAP timing.

Mom called Dad immediately. 

"Daniel must have asked me to come up. 

The lights just came on ... OMG ... " 

Mom said, happily. 

Shortly after, Mom called Dad to check his cellphone for the time of her call to him just now. 

Dad sent her a text message that read :  

21:22 pm.

Mom looked at the text. 

A smile spread across her face. :D

A secret smile. 

A knowing smile.

You must have seen that smile. :D

21 : 4

Call 88 : 21 Guns
Call 150 : Number 4

OMG ... 

That's YOU alright. :D

How awesome ...

Thank You for making your presence felt, Son ...

Praise God for the real meaning behind Easter. :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Call 202 : LADY GAGA

Hello Son,

Unbelievable ... what happened this morning ...

It's 8:28 am now. Just got back from sending Justine to college. 

Last night, Mom posted Call 201 : Nice Work ... and mentioned somewhere in the entry that :

She - was - born - this - way ...


Justine has been singing BORN THIS WAY song the past few weeks, so that line has kinda got itself stuck in your mother's brain. The tune is so in her head now ... eventhough in the beginning, when your sister had first belted the song on her guitar, Mom had asked her disapprovingly, 

"Why are You singing this song?" 

Your mother had caught some words that umm, decent (?) people would probably frown on.

Anyway, this morning, while Justine was packing her bag, Mom went down to the basement parking to get the car. She had turned on the radio to her station at 105.7. 

The DJ was making some announcements. 

Mom was not listening ... no, not really. She drove the car to the lobby. Justine was there, waiting by the porch. Mom climbed over to the passenger seat. 

Justine took over the wheel.

Mom could see You watching your sister from a fat cloud up above, as she drove to the exit - barrier, flashed the magnetic pass card, waited for the barrier to rise, before driving out. :D

Barely 10 seconds later, Jus changed the radio station. 

Immediately, some kind of a speaking part of a song came on. 

Mom turned to Jus sharply, "Is this BORN THIS WAY?"

Jus said, "Yeah ..."

OMG ...

Time stood still ...

Then ...

Oh --- My --- Gosh ... 

You must have heard your mother uttered again in disbelief as realization sank in.

How incredible is this!

Mom couldn't believe it. Honestly, she could not believe it.

Last night, she called You and mentioned this line. Today, first thing in the morning, she hears the line on the radio. What are the chances??? You must have whispered to your sister to switch the station - right at that split of a second moment! 

The song had  j  u  s  t  started. 

OMG ... Seriously ... 

The timing was immaculate.

Mom remarked excitedly, "Your brother must have whispered to You to switch the station. I mentioned this line on my call last night. The song just started. The timing is perfect ..."

Change the station now, Jus ... :D

Jus grinned and exclaimed loudly, 

"I -- GoT -- THe -- PoWeR ..." :D

That moment was so incredibly - awesome. You really are with us, aren't You, Daniel? You got your mother's call last night, that's for sure. The song was probably your way of reminding us that You are near ... that You know what's going on. Yes, You did say after all to believe that You are always there whenever Mom calls You. 

Mom has to smile as she recalls the the emphasis that she saw on the word BELIEVE. :D:D:D How many times was it repeated - 

Like --- Seven ???

Call 193 : True Colors

By Lady Gaga - lyrics on screen

By 10year old Maria Aragon from Winnipeg

What amazing talent ... 30M hits ...

God makes no mistakes ...

I'm on the right track baby ...

I was born this way ...

Mom hears You. 

Don't think about the what-ifs anymore, Mom ...

God makes no mistakes ... I'm on the right track, baby ... I was born this way ... <3

To fulfill His purpose ...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call 201 : NICE WORK

Hello Son,

Saturday, April 16

1. E! News

This evening, Mom was getting ready to leave the condo. Dad would be arriving soon at the coach station. She was about to shut the windows in the living room, when the now familiar DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME song filled the air. This song had come on the day before, on American idol, and made quite an impact on your mother. 

Like You didn't know ... :D

Call 200 : Orange Pillow

Mom was only in the living room area very, very briefly ... and during that brief time, this DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME song had to come on??? 

Right - at - that - time??? 

Gee Wow ... Talk about perfect timing. Had she come out to the television area just one minute later, she would have missed the song-message for sure.

So meant to be.

Pausing, Mom saw David Cook on E! News.

Hey, by the way, your mother was not aware that this DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME version is sung by David Cook. She had thought the whole time it was the Simple Minds version. 

You must be correcting your mother, huh.

See Call 200 : Orange Pillow

It's David Cook, Mom. Not Simple Minds. :D

David Cook mentioned something about doing some kind of tour to raise funds to find a cure for brain cancer.

Brain cancer ...

It had to be this word huh. 

Let's not magnify on it and give it unnecessary significance. The word was uttered right at the moment when she could hear it. It really is strange how Mom gets these lil zap - messages now and then, and here and there ... the timing is always so immaculate. 

The first, very first time, Mom heard this word associated with You was over the phone in Subang Jaya Medical Center, way back when You were 7+ years old. A friend had heard that You were admitted and had called Mom. Mom remembers very clearly, that her friend had said to her, that her (the friend) son, possibly the same age as you then, had asked her what a brain tumor was, and she had said to him, it's brain cancer

Mom had flinched as if the word stung her.

Dot 9 : Scan ... Dot 21 : Cyst

That word somehow has always had a terror effect on the family, and had reverberated through and through, within her, as she listened silently on the other end. After hanging up, and assuring her friend that everything will be okay, Mom decided that your health challenge would remain a family secret. 

God's grace will be sufficient to see us through, Mom remembers consoling herself bravely. In the past, during a difficult period of our lives, when Grandpa and Aunty Tracy were struggling with their battle, remarks received from well-meaning people have had a way of causing her to spiral down emotionally and spiritually. 

No, it's not their fault, she knows. 

It's just her ... 

She - was - born - this - way ...

Snapping out of her dreary thoughts, Mom glanced at the clock. It was 7:40 pm already. Still early. Like a zombie, she shut the windows and turned off the television. Then, she flopped down on to the sofa and just - sat there ...

Like a rock.

She must have dozed off after staring at the carpet for the longest time. An in-coming text message beeped in. Dad said to leave the house about now ...

2. Brickfields

It was 8:45 pm when Mom was driving through Brickfields.

She was heading towards the traffic lights. The road branches off into two at the lights, the train station is on the right, and the coach station on the left. Mom was gonna take the right turn to the train station. That was where she had dropped Dad to board his coach down south.

As she was approaching the traffic lights, a text message came in. It was dark in the car, and Mom was driving. However, something made her read the text and not wait till later.

Good thing she did, because the text was from Dad. He said he would be arriving at the station in Bangsar - which means, Mom should take the "left turn" at the lights. 

Oh boy ... just in the nick of time! 

You must have been shaking your head when You saw your mother on the right lane, waiting in line, intending to turn right when the light changed. Good thing she managed to signal her way out and slowly squirm her way to the left, without endangering anyone in the process, and more importantly, not have any driver honk at her. 

She hates that, You know right?

Welcome to KL ... 

Her bee-pee must have shot sky high within the last two minutes. Anyway, she arrived at the coach station shortly. 

Dad hopped into the car some 15 minutes later. 

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad that You must have whispered to him to send the text ... :D 

"He knows I was about to take the wrong turn," Mom said with a big, knowing grin. :D 

Dad remarked, "You've picked me up from the station so many times and you're still getting it wrong???"

"Yup, isn't it funny - so many times - yet You still sent me the sms to tell me where to go," Mom flashed Dad a victorious smile. 

"It's him, I tell You ..." she added triumphantly.

Nice work ... :D

3. Fireworks

We went to a friend's house after that. There was a pot luck dinner which we had informed earlier that we would attend. So, Dad stopped by a coffee shop in Lucky Garden and bought a packet of fried bee hoon and a packet of fried rice. We have to bring something ...

During dinner at our friend's place, Mom cannot remember what the conversation was about at one point, but one of our friends who happened to be sitting beside Mom, mentioned the word Fireworks.

Fireworks ???

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!!

That started Dad going about the awesome Fireworks' demonstration that happened right outside our window on the 10th floor, during the Chinese New Year period.

Call 151 : Major Fireworks

Mom felt your presence instantly. She must must have been eating her food with a perpetual smile on her face after that. :D How awesome to know that You are always near.

Everywhere we are, there you'll be ... <3