Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hello Son,

Friday, July 22

The day after your 18th month on Thursday, July 21

Call 251 : Mom Forgot

Justine and Mom were at a noodle restaurant at dinner time. Dad was outstation. Half-way through our food, Jus pointed a finger in the air. 

Mom stopped. 

Mom heard.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

was filling up the small place.

Awwwww ...

The time was 8 pm.

Decode : 44

Her perfect angel sign.

Smile ... and happiness spreads all around ... :D

Jus said, "This is the version that we like ..."

Yeah Son, the one that Aunty Carol used for the video she made of You. The ukelele version. 


See left panel of the blog to view Daniel's Somewhere Over The Rainbow video.

"He's with us ..." :D Mom said simply. 

We felt your presence, Daniel, You were clearly with us. Earlier in the afternoon, after school, Mom was driving ... can't remember to where now, when the Karate Kid song came on the radio. 

Call 252 : Karate Kid

The time on the dashboard was 3:44 pm. 

The day before, Thursday July 21 was your 18th month. As Mom had told You, this - song - had - zapped - her. 

The day after, on Friday July 22, it came on again, when she was alone in the car, to ZAP her one more time at her angel time. 

A definite coinciDANS. 

Yeah ... Mom knows, the second time is to erase any doubt in her mind as she hears her Son's firm assurance : 

I'm here la, Ma. I'm right beside You. :D

Sunday, July 24

On Sunday morning, Dad, Mom and Justine left the house about 8 am to go to church. We had just left the condo area when 

21 GUNS came on the radio. 

Justine called out sharply, "Maa ..."

Mom heard it. Her eyes shot to the time on the dashboard.

It was 8:06 am. 

Mom pointed to the angel sign and made sure Dad and Jus saw it. They both did.

Decode : 14

Aww Son ... We know ...

Your 21st has just passed ... Yup, three days ago. 

It really was nice and heart-warming listening to 21 GUNS while we were traveling to church. We felt like You were with us, Daniel. Reaching the church, we parked by the curb on the main road, right in front of this dark red Peugeot. 

Call 88 : 21 Guns

Mom got your message, Son ...

You're so with us ...


Mom pointed out to Dad and your sister. This is the same model that ferried You to and from the hospital when we were in Lourdes ... Uncle Peter and Aunty Laura's car.

And 266 ?

Helloooo ... It's so easy ... 

Decode : 14

She hears You ...

Her 1 Am Number 4 is very, very, very near ...

Call 150 : Number Four

After mass, Dad and Mom drove to a coffee shop for breakfast. Justine was not with us. She was helping out at the kindergarten catechism class in HRC. :D

Anyway, this coffee shop occupies two lots - just so You know how large the place is.

At one glance, Dad and Mom saw all the tables were occupied. Then, Dad spotted a small table at a corner. It was kinda strange that no one wanted that table when there were still several patrons standing around the hawker stalls waiting for a vacant table. 

We walked over to the table and sat down.

You couldn't miss the table number even if You wanted to. It's like 6 inches in diameter.

Dad said, "13A is 14 ..."

Yeah, Mom knows ... :D 

It's common to see a One, Two, Three, Three A, Five, Six etc like in elevators. Some people are uncomfortable with the angel number ...

which works great for us. :D

Hah ... :D

Monday, July 25

On Monday in school, Mom was really busy the whole morning, doing this and that, and that and this ... until lunch time ... when she was suddenly alerted to a little 3 year old boy's tee shirt.

She found herself stopping in her tracks and staring at his tee.


Call 230 : Spiderman Zap

This new boy is from Mauritius, and he speaks French.

French ... Like Lourdes - French?

Click on title to read Daniel's Lourdes Story 


What a connection ...

Thank You, Son ... 

How cute. You're always making sure that Mom knows you're right beside her. Every single day. She was so meant to see that. You would know that after lunch, the kids would take their shower. If Mom had not stepped into the cafeteria at the time when she did, she might not have seen the Spiderman Zap. That little boy would have changed his tee after his shower.

Amazing ...

That evening, a second inciDAN happened. 

The parents came to pick their children up. There was one little girl left, who was still waiting for her Mommy. Mom brought her outside to the swings. 

Little M got on the swing and said, with one hand pointing up to a tree :

"This -- tree -- is -- dangerous."

Pause ...

Pause some more ... 

Did M just say --- dangerous???

Why, that was your very first three - syllable word.

Dane - ge - rous ... 

You used to say the word with your lips all pursed up and all pouty-like. Dad likes to imitate that, until today.

Mom asked, "That tree is dangerous?"

Little M confirmed simply, 

"This -- tree -- is -- dangerous."

It is interesting to note that we were on the swings for 25 minutes, until her Mommy arrived, and the little girl did not say anything else except the line:

"This tree is dangerous." 

Little M repeated it another 2 times, which makes it 4 times altogether. Yes, Mom counted. It was quite obvious, because the little girl didn't say anything else.

That's kinda weird, huh? M said nothing else ... not even a Yes or No, and Mom was talking to her and asking her questions in an attempt to get her to elaborate further. M would just smile sweetly, but say nothing ... and if she did speak, it was to say:

"This tree is dangerous."

The little girl is 3 years old by the way.

Tree ...

What's with the tree?

In a flash, fireworks exploded.


Memories suddenly flooded in about your TREE moment. 

Mom remembers clearly, at dinner one evening, You had picked up a piece of broccoli from your plate, looked at it and said, 


Mom had chuckled with amusement. That was like the cutest moment, honestly. You must have seen a picture of a tree in school and intelligent enough to notice a similar shape in your broccoli.

Justine tried to correct You, 

"That - is - not - a - tree. It's broccoli."

Anyway, You decided that it was. 

A tree. :D

So for a while, we got used to You calling your broccoli - 


Seriously, what are the chances of this little girl saying 2 words in one simple sentence that would ZAP your mother? Mind You, Little M repeated that same line 4 times ... and said nothing else

OMG ... honestly, it's just too amazing. This is the same swing that your mother was zapped on, more than a week ago.

Call 248 : Far Away

This swing sure is special huh ... :D

How not to feel your presence, Daniel? Everywhere Mom is, there you'll be. Mom's not gonna change that for anything in the world. 

You're near ...

You're always near ...

And you're always making sure your mother knows that ...

Thank You Jesus, for the connection. <3

Call 253 : MISS YOU

Hello Son, 

Saturday, July 31

A whole Saturday just passed by in a blink of an eye. Mom was so looking forward to making this long distance call first thing on Saturday morning. She had got up nice and early at 6:15 am. However, her mood changed when Dad reminded her that she had to attend a meeting at 9:30 am with the "school people." 

Oh darn ... :(

She knew she wouldn't have the time to make the call then, as You'd know, she doesn't like to be rushed. So, your mother decided to drop You a note on your Facebook page instead. She uploaded a Calvin and Hobbes MISS YOU image, wrote You a short message and ended with the words, 

Missing You heaps, Daniel.

Your collection of Calvin & Hobbes' books are all still here in the wall cabinet.

Dad drove Mom to the hotel. The meeting started about 10 am at the coffee house. Mom had a small pot of coffee to herself and Dad ordered tea. Half-way through, the oraganizers asked if Mom could help out to prepare an advertisement in the papers for a workshop they intend to conduct. 

Mom asked, how many words, how big is the ad, and how much is the price. The lady sitting opposite her at the table said, 

"It's FREE."

Free??? She felt an instant ZAP ZAP ZAP coursing through her veins. 

"Free??? An ad in the papers???" Mom asked as normally as she could. You can't expect her to blurt out, 

OMG - FREE ... My Son's here ... :D

Call 210 : Free Fireflies

Can You? 


No, Mom doesn't think so either.

Anyway, the meeting ended about 11:15 am. 

Dad was with us in the beginning but when discussion started to go in-depth, he excused himself and went to walk around in the mall, beside the hotel.

Mom walked out of the hotel and towards the mall, sending a text message to Dad. A few minutes later, we met up, and the first thing Dad said was, "My bill just now came up to RM40-40." :D

See that? Dad's getting a hang of it now. He's getting your angel signs alright. :D Mom wanted to go home immediately to get onto the blog, because in the afternoon, she would be busy updating month end reports. 

Dad said, "You haven't eaten. Eat something first before we go back."

It was quarter-past eleven ... too early for lunch. She's just had two cups of coffee and Dad, two cups of tea. Yeah, our pot can fill up two cups. Anyway, Dad brought her to the left side of the mall, where there are some eatery shops. Mom took a glance and felt it was way too early to step into those fancy restaurants. 

She suggested the KOPITIAM at the extreme right corner of the mall. We saw that when driving in just now. 

In fact, Mom had pointed out to Dad, and commented,

"Another Kopitiam ... they're always at the corner lot, you notice?"

Dad did.

While walking to the cafe, Mom told Dad about the FREE inciDAN. Then, Dad showed Mom the receipt of RM40-40. She  said she wanted to get home quick to "call Son" because all she could do this morning with the little time that she had, was to drop a short and hurried I MISS YOU note in the Facebook. 

 The image is a bit blur but the angel sign is crystal clear. :D

Notice we were talking about You before we reached the cafe. That's how You get our attention to the next inciDAN. 

We took a table and sat down. 

A song had come on. A familiar song. It wasn't until after a few lines after, before Mom blurted out to Dad, 

"Hey, the song - When You're Gone ..." 

She glanced at her cellphone. It was 11:29 am.

Decode : 4  

You're near, Mom knows. It's so obvious.  :D

When you're gone

The pieces of my heart are missing You

When you're gone

The face I came to know is missing too

When you're gone

The words I need to hear to always 

get me through the day and make it okay

I Miss You


By Avril Lavigne 

Click on title to view music video.

Mom was totally high-pitched and all by then ...

"OMG ... He's responding to me. :D He is, he really is. This morning, I told him I missed him in the Facebook, and now OMG, he's giving me a I Miss You song. You see how he communicates with me? We could have gone straight home from the hotel. You had two cups of tea and I had two cups of coffee. We were full and it was still too early for lunch. Yet, we made our way to this coffee shop. Son must have whispered to You. 

Take Mom for another cup of coffee, Dad.  

To hear this song. OMG ..."


Oh My Gosh ... 

Oh My Gosh ... How awesome ...

She really must get home to call her Son. It's Saturday. She hasn't gone on to the blog for a whole week ... 

and yes, pieces of all our hearts are missing him ... <3 

After our food, we walked to the car. 

Mom couldn't help but notice that our car was parked in between two cars with her angel signs. 

She pointed that out to Dad, "See how Son makes his presence felt? Left side, 2127 ... and right side, 4143." 

Decode : 444  ...  444

TWO cars with the same angel signs??? 

Side by side with our car?

C'mon, that's easy.

Sooooo easy ... she hears You.

It's Me, Ma ... :D

Thank You, Son ... You really know how to make your mother's day. Will talk to You later today. So much to tell You. Gotta get ready for Mass now. Are You serving on the Altar today? :D 

We'll listen for the bells ...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Call 252 : KARATE KID

Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 251)

Thursday, July 21

Your 18th month in Heaven ...

vii. The Bill


After the noodles, Mom walked over to the cashier with the bill. 

The girl said, "RM5-80 ..."

Mom handed her a RM50 note. The girl punched some numbers on the till and soon the balance RM44-20 appeared right before your mother's eyes.

Mom couldn't help but stare at the numbers.

OMG ... 


That's 244 ... That double rainbow inciDAN on her birthday. :D

Call 244 : Rocket Zap

You're really with Mom, Daniel ... 

Clearly, You're right beside her ... 

It's too obvious. :D

viii. Karate Kid

After the noodles, Mom dropped Justine off at the condo and Mom went back to school. The last kid left slightly after 7 pm that evening. 

Mom was driving home. The radio was on. 

GLORY OF LOVE came on.

Awww ... Karate Kid ... Daniel-Son ...

She saw the time on the dashboard. It was 7:10 pm.

Decode : 44


The theme song of KARATE KID (1984), starring Ralph Macchio, who played the part of the main boy-character, Daniel Larusso. 

His master calls him, Daniel-San.

You really are with Mom today, aren't You, Son? :D The car ride from school to the condo takes about 3 minutes. Yet, in that short time, Mom got to hear a ZAP song from her past. From beginning to end. This was one of her favourite movies of all time during her college days ... simply because Daniel-San is such a cute boy (remember, she was just a teen in 1984 ... of course, she's wiser now). 

Subconsciously, the name must have stuck somewhere deep deep deep inside her brain and was somehow released when You were born. Dad and Mom never had to go through a name list to pick a name for You. There were none of the usual - what about this name, and what about that, maybe A, or B's nice too, how about C? No, nothing of the sort. 

Mom only had one name in her mind when You were arrived ... 

Daniel ...

ix. Died In Your Arms

The song ended as Mom was entering the basement car park. We are on the 4th level underground if You remember. By the time she walked up to the ground level, she couldn't wait to get home ... take a shower and blog. 

Mom was walking to the lift when Dad called. He has just arrived at the coach station. A day trip. 

So, she walked all the way down to the basement car park again, got into the car, and drove out of the condo. A song had come on the radio and filled the car. Mom couldn't ignore the lyrics - it was repeated too many times. 

I just died in your arms tonight ...

Twelve times, to be exact. Her eyes shot to the dashboard. 

The time showed 7:21 pm.

There's the 21 again ... 

... and her secret angel code : 4

She had to smile. How awesome.

She felt your presence alright.  :D

You are with Mom, she knows.

Confirmed. :D

x. From A Distance

Mom picked Dad up from the station. 

On the way back, the song FROM A DISTANCE came on. 

The time was 7:47 pm.

Decode : 144

Yes Son, we know. We know you're watching us all from a distance. How You communicate with Mom is just amazing.

First, You get her attention with the KARATE KID song. 

Daniel-Son here ...

Then, to reconfirm, in case there are any doubts at all - the second song came on ...


This is not one of your songs but because that line was repeated more than 10 times, Mom couldn't help but got the message. Her Son's talking to her. If she was not meant to hear that song, Dad would have arrived at 8 pm as initially planned and she would have gone to the car much later. She would have definitely missed the song since it came on at 7:21 pm.

Third, the message comes :  

God is watching us from a distance

Yup, God and You ... since You are right beside God. :D

God is good and God is faithful. 

We can trust God and confidently expect Him to watch over us and keep us safe, even when we are surrounded by threat of harm. No matter the circumstances that we face each day, we know that God is in control. Nothing can happen without His consent. We belong to Him. When we are done with our God-given purpose here on earth, we will return to Him.

Just as You did, Daniel ... :D

But that doesn't stop us from missing You ...

xi. Facebook

We bought some dinner back; fried noodles and a box of KFC. 

After dinner and a hot shower, Mom sat herself down before the computer. Justine was supposed to sing a song for You today, on your special day, but it was rather late ... way past 10 pm. 

So Mom searched for a nice KARATE KID video with the song GLORY OF LOVE and uploaded it on your Facebook page.

Glory Of Love by Peter Cetera

She soon read the posts of a lady by the name of R on your FB page. For the next hour or so, Mom and R were like writing and replying back and forth. How strange that a complete stranger had posted a Happy 18th Month message for You, at a time when Mom forgot.

Honestly, how could a mother forget? Even the Bible assesses the impossibility of this happening by the question, 

"Will a mother ever forgets her child?"

Um, your mother did ... :(

It must be noted that God adds that, even if a mother should forget her child, God will not. Yeah, that line was probably added in the Bible for her benefit.

 Here I Am Lord, says Daniel on 21 January 2010.

See the rainbow overhead ?

Image posted by R on your FB on July 21, 2011 @ 8:44 pm.

At the time of writing this paragraph, Mom checked the above image posted by R on that Thursday, July 21, and found that the time of post was 8:44 pm.

Oh Wow ...

That's like 4444 ...

Power angel signs huh ... :D

Then, R wrote in another post that You are watching us  
"from a distance."

Oh Wow ... ZAP ZAP ZAP ...

What a coinciDANS ... :D 

Bette Midler's FROM A DISTANCE was on the radio this evening at 7:47 pm. 

Two ZAP signs in your FB today? From the same person? Why, that's easy. That can only be YOU assuring us again, and again, and again, that You are near. :D

Thanks for that, Son ... :D

xii. Sunday, July 17

Mom must mention this inciDAN. 

This happened 4 days before your 21st.

Scrolling through her drafts in her cellphone now, Mom is reminded that on Sunday, July 17, Uncle WK, Dad and Mom were in the car. We were talking about renovations on the new school and Mom had asked how would we keep the walls clean? 

Uncle WK replied in jest, "Like Karate Kid ..." 

and he showed the polishing movements with his hands.

Laughing, Mom had glanced at the time. 

It was 3:21 pm.

She had keyed the words "321 karate kid" into her cellphone and soon forgot all about it ... until now. Gee, all this forgetting has got to stop. It didn't have a connection then, since it was a one off inciDAN. 

But now ... now, she sees fireworks.

On hindsight : Karate Kid at 3:21 pm ... 

Why, Mom thinks that was You reminding her about your 21st. :D

And only now she gets it ...

Sheepish smile ... :S

Don't You say a word. Anyway, better late than never.

Thinking about You all the time, Daniel-Son ... <3

Watch over us and keep the ZAPs coming ...

 Love You, Son ... <3