Saturday, September 24, 2011

Call 282 : NO EINSTEIN

Hello Son,                                              (continue from Call 281)

OMG ... Something really awesome happened just now. :D

Mom called Daniel Stairs, the guy who did the stairs in the new school, and asked if he could do a small gate at the top and the bottom of the staircase for safety reasons. The time was 1:29 pm.

Call 271 : Daniel Stairs

Daniel Stairs said he would call her back later. He was with a customer. 

Oh alright.


Half an hour later @ 2:05 pm, he called back. 

After telling him what Mom wanted, he said he was on the way to the school. He asked Mom to meet him there in 5 minutes.

Mom said, "You reach there first and you sms me. I'm only 5 minutes away." 

He said, "I'm on my way now. You meet me there. 5 minutes, I'll be there."

Mom was insistent, "You reach first then you sms me."

The last two times he made such an appointment, she had to wait an hour, and half an hour, respectively. That time, Dad was around, and she was busy doing other stuffs in the new school so it was okay. Today, she would be alone, and she wasn't too keen on waiting by herself.

At 2:16 pm, he sent her a message to say he was there at the school. 

Mom grabbed her handbag and car keys and took her time walking down to the basement four to get the car. Let him wait, she had thought grimly. If she could wait an hour for him, surely he can wait 10 minutes for her.


In the car ...

OMG ...

You will not believe what happened in the car.

Oh My Gosh ...

Mom turned on the ignition. 

The radio came on with the immediate lyrics :

Send me away with the words of a love song ...

Mom sat up.

OMG ... 

W - what was that???

She sat very still. Her ears were pricked up like a German Shepherd's and all ready for the next line.

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

Her hand flew up her mouth as she gasped. 

OMG ... If I Die Young ???

You have got to be kidding. 

Her Son's talking to her. Her eyes shot to the time on the dashboard. Right at that split - of - a - second moment, she witnessed 2:23 turning to 2:24 pm. 

Oh Gosh ...

How awesome is this?

24 ???

Quickly, she called Justine, so your sister could hear the song on the radio. She wanted a witness. 

It was too awesome. 

The ZAP.

OMG ... Somebody pinch her. :D

Yes, Lord make me a rainbow ... 

She was just in time to hear that line come on. That's the new line for the newly added photo on the left panel on your blog that Mom uploaded last night. And ...

24 ... 

Why, You must be referring to the call entry that Mom wrote today, on September 24

You know right, that Mom was writing about those inciDANS at your garden. She mentioned she told your Aunt J that You wanted us all to be together on your birthday this year ... your birthday on December 24. 
Call 281 : Garden Zap

Yes, that must be it. :D She's no Einstein. She's just a mom and she thinks she's right. Hah. A mother knows when her child communicates with her. :D And hers did just that.

You must have heard your mother singing in the car. Were You singing along too? Yeah Daniel, as long as you're safe. It's good to be reminded again and again that you're safe with Jesus and Mama Mary. :D 

Had Mom gone immediately when Daniel Stairs asked her too, she would have missed the song for sure. She had got in the car just in time to hear her favourite line, Lord, make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother ...

Call 23 : Die Young
Call 56 : Sharp Knife

Mom slowed down at the traffic lights just as the song came to an end. She had a big smile on her face. Did You see that? 

Honestly, that ZAP was just incredible. :D

At the traffic lights, as Mom looked ahead of her, she suddenly spotted ...

The word FREED ...

OMG ... FREED ???

Would You look at the angle? She's so meant to see it.

What a way to assure your mother that you're near. 

First the song, then the FREED.

FREE with the D.

Yes, that's You. :D   Nobody Nobody but YOU ...

Cal 210 : Free Fireflies

Keep the ZAPs coming, Son ... :D

Call 281 : GARDEN ZAP

Hello Son,                                       (continue from Call 280)

Sunday, Sept 18
At Your Garden

On Sunday morning, Dad, Mom and Justine left the house about 7 am to go to your garden. This month, 21st would fall on a Wednesday, a week day. We'd be too busy to go then. 

Mom will never skip a month.

Never ... (said with stress). :D

There ... That's a promise your mother intends to keep. Help her keep that, Son ... :D

She told Dad while we were walking to the car, "Something always happens at his garden ... since the beginning until now. How can we not go? We must go every month."

Dad agreed. 

We arrived at your garden some 20 minutes later.

It was a beautiful day that Sunday. The air was fresh and crisp and everything around us was just very ... still and quiet. The birds must still be sleeping. We love going to your garden, Son ... The short time we spend there allows us to reflect on just how powerful our God is. 

No, Mom's not gonna go into details, she hasn't the time for that now. Anyway, you're right beside God. You'd know God better than any one of us. Maybe someday, You could tell us what God's favorite color is. :D

Anyway, after tidying up the garden, Dad brought out the flowers. Mom bought a bunch of red flower balls this time. Dad laid out the flowers. He was cutting the stalks to a shorter length, when Mom looked up the sky at one point and announced like the weather-man,

"Today, the sky is clear."

Justine looked up and added, "Verrrrrrrr - ry clear."


Mom got up and walked to the car to get the Bible and Rosary Book. As she was walking back, she couldn't help but gasped, as she saw a small white trail in the sky ... overlooking your garden site.

OMG ...

Photo taken at 8:28 am. 

The tree is about 10 steps away from where we were at.

Mom gave a yell and pointed to the sky, "Look! Look! A white trail. Just after I said the sky is clear." 

Dad and Justine both looked up and grinned. 

"He must have whispered to me to look up first to see that the sky is clear," Mom said happily.

Then, You must have whispered to your mother, 

"Get the bible from the car, Ma ..." 

because we were still half-way arranging the flowers, and we were clearly not done. She could have gone to the car only after we were done, but she did not. She stood up to walk to the car, a few brief minutes after the clear sky announcement.

Oh Wow ... 

Mom could tell You were just right up there watching us. :D

Hey Dad, Hey Mom, Jusssss ... I'm up here ... :D

Or maybe, You were right beside us in spirit, Mom will never know ... but the white trail was her first sign

Her Son's near. :D

Your mother was smiling from ear to ear after that. After planting all the flowers in the garden bed, we settled down to say the Rosary. Oh, before that, Justine read God's Word of the Day.

The Lord is close to all who call Him ...

Good ... Good ... Mom calls God quite frequently as You can tell from the call - blog. That's a really good message for today. :D

We started the Rosary. 

Everything was just very normal ... as normal could be. Half-way through the first decade of the Rosary, Mom's handphone beeped. She looked over to take a quick glimpse of who the sender might be, and was going to ignore it until after our prayers, when she saw Aunty J's name.

Aunty J from the States. Her sms came while we were saying the Rosary. It must be important.

Mom said, "I have to read J's message ... it may be urgent." 

Dad and Justine continued saying the Rosary.

Mom quickly read Aunty J's message received @ 8:25 am :

"Hi guys, found tix to KUL for $1550. I'm about to purchase. Yes or no? Or should we meet somewhere in the middle for family vacation? Quick!!"

Mom sent back a reply immediately, "Wen?" 

put down her cell, and went back to Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with Thee ... Umm, was Mama Mary shaking her head?

Aunty J's second message @ 8:27 am :

"Dec 22 - 31. Arrive 22."

Mom : "come. buy. diff go vacation."


Aunty J's third message @ 8:29 am :

"Ok buying now!!!"

Mom : "Yay. Jes, v now at dans garden halfway saying rosary. hehe."

Aunty J's forth message @ 8:30 am :

Hehe ... Ok dans, i'm coming.

Mom read but did not reply. She should be concentrating on the Glorious Mystery. Which decade are we at now?

Aunty J's fifth message @ 8:32 am :

Now i'm crying my eyes out!!! Aiya ...

Mom : Awww Jes. Now got sound of plane flying above us. Omg.

As Mom read Aunty J's sms, would You believe it but there was a loud sound of an airplane flying above us. We could not see the plane though, but could only hear the sound.

Oh, that was definitely You, saying : 

Aunty J, you're going home. :D

While Dad and Justine continued with the Rosary, Mom was sms-ing. She must must must tell Aunty J this (@ 8:39 am) :

"When v came, i said to B and J. Look at the sky. It's clear. Very clear. Den i wen to car take bible. Came bac. Omg. There wus a white trail in the sky. Den v say rosary. 1st decade u sms. Omg Jes, there's a second white trail now. Omg, and a second sound of a plane flying above us. Dans wan us to be tog dis dec. His bday time."

Mom was pretty overwhelmed at that time. TWO white trails and TWO times hearing the airplanes in the sky. 

What was that if not a coinciDANS?

OMG ...

We ended our prayers with the song FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED. The song that Mom sang to You when we saw You off in the shuttle. This was the song that gave her the strength to go on during the heaviest blessings from the Lord in the last 4 months of your life with us. Yes, that trip to Lourdes in September, was the beginning of God's preparation for You to take up your role in heaven. In January, 4 months later, we sent You off ... with a silent tear.

Gawd, with all the  crazy emotional traffic that was going through her mind, she was soon bawling. Sniffing and sobbing away like a 3 year old child as she remembered the moments ... 

Our moments ... 

Our God-given moments ... Truly, it is in our moment of weakness that we feel God's strength and presence the most.

Photo taken @ 8:49 am. 

The second trail. Your mother's second sign. 

Two white trails. OMG. :D

Aunty J's sixth message @ 8:53 am :

Ok, can't believe it. I'm coming home!!!!! I'm going to put myself on wait list for the 17!

Mom @ 8:54 am : "V goin home now. V here one hr and wat a powerful moment in d short time."

Aunty J's seventh message @ 8:56 am :

"Yup!!! Very powerful. Something else may happen soon ... knowing dans ..."

Yes, Yes ... and something else did ...

OMG ...

We were in the car, driving home. 

The mood was sombre. 

The radio was on. There was no good song. 

So Mom sang aloud.

If I die young

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a bed of roses

Sink me in the river at dawn

Send me away with the words of a love song

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors


She stopped there. That's as far as she can go without seeing the lyrics. The songs on the radio were still weird and crappy.

Justine said, "Change the station."

Mom switched over to your sister's station. No sooner had she done that, would You believe it but the following lyrics came on. Mom's jaw dropped ...  literally.

Oh My Gosh ...

She shot a glance at Dad, who looked back and smiled, and she turned abruptly at Justine, as she pointed to the radio. 

OMG  ...

Are You kidding her ???

The radio sang ...

If I die young

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a bed of roses

The Band Perry.

Justine made this video for You on your 10th month.
Click title to view.

OMG, what are the chances??? 

Mom grabbed her handphone and quickly texted a message to Aunty J.

"If i die young just came on the radio."

The time on the dashboard was 9:11 am. We sang the song together in the car and felt better. 

Mom said, "This has happened before. When You say Nothing At All ... remember? Last month ..." 

Dad nodded. He was with Mom when that happened last month.

Call 266 : It's Amazing

It was such a wonderful feeling hearing that song in the car. You must have whispered to your sister to change the station. 

You were really really really with us, weren't You? :D

No need to answer.

Yes, You were.

Two songs later, COUNT ON ME came on.

Mom just had to smile. How perfect. We were about to reach home and You remember your mother "MUST HAVE TWO" rule before she can take any inciDAN seriously ...  

No exception. :D

Yes Daniel ...

We can count on You to be there ...

For always, Son ...

For always and always ... <3

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Call 280 : 20th MONTH

Hello Son,

Missing You on your 20th month with Jesus and Mother Mary, and all the angels and saints in  heaven.

Mom will write and tell You about the inciDANS that happened at your garden when we visited on Sunday, Sept 18. Right now, she's having trouble keeping her eyes open. It's only 10:53 pm, she knows.

Every day, you've been zapping Mom, Son ... :D

It's been truly awesome ...

Keep the zaps coming ...

The Band Perry 

Click on title to view video.

(will continue on saturday 24th)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Call 279 : NO BABY

Hello Son,                                        (continue on Call 278)

As it turned out, the couple changed their mind about the baby. 

So, the girl called Mom. 

Mom told her that the school will be ready on Monday, September 5

She called on a Saturday

Mom told her to bring the baby to the nursery on Tuesday. Allow her at least one day to settle things down, your mother explained.

When Monday came, OMG ... she knew at once that the place is not suitable to take in a new born child. It was too - noisy. :D

Besides, there was much to be done and finally, Mom knew what she must do. If she took the baby, she could be depriving of somebody who might desperately want to adopt the child. 

So, Mom chose the coward's way of handling the matter. She sent the girl a text message. Her heart was heavy as she carefully chose her words, explaining why she was not able to help the girl right then.

She re-read her message several times. Sucking in her breath deeply, she took one final glance ... and pressed SENT.

The girl never replied. 

Mom let her down, she knows. :(

Perhaps someday ... your mother will know why she had to encounter this girl with the baby. 

A few days later, Aunty D said, "Actually, the baby was not for Jessie. It's for You."

W - what ???

Your aunt continued, "We thought that maybe You may want to adopt a child."

Your mother adopting a child?

Nah ... 

Like what Aunty C said, "There's no connection."

Dad said no. 

Justine said no.

Anyway, God has given her many kids to take care of. Was that your idea of trying to get your mother to adopt a child? 

No Son, Mom's not prepared for that. She doesn't need another child. She's got her hands full, with one kid in college, and the other in heaven. :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Call 278 : JACK DANIEL's

Hello Son, 

Thursday, September 1

Mom went to pick Justine up from college in the evening. 

In the car, the song WHEN YOU'RE GONE came on the radio. 

The time was ... would You believe it ... 4:44 pm.

Mom pointed that out to Justine. She was at the wheel.

Definitely take notice. ZAP ZAP ZAP.

When you're gone

The pieces of my heart are missing you

We stopped by a cafe for Justine to have something to eat ... can't remember what she had now ... and after that, Mom dropped her off at the condo, before driving to school.

On the way, FALL FOR YOU filled the car. 

Mom will always remember this song, Daniel, because it's the second song You sang the night before you left us. Even then, You knew the TWO is better than ONE rule, huh. You sang TWO songs that last night. That is a very precious memory, Son ...

The time on the dashboard was 5:55 pm.

A wry smile must have appeared on her face. 

Just now, 4:44 pm ... and now, 5:55 pm?

Decode : 4

Oh My ... 

Take notice. Her Son is near. :D

Secondhand Serenade

Click on the title to view video.

That evening, whilst in school, Aunty D called Mom. She said that she had something important to tell Mom. 

Mom listened.

Aunty D said that there was a girl who wanted to give up her 2 week old baby, and she thought we should check the baby out for Aunty J. Mom said okay. We were supposed to go that night to the girl's place.

So, anyway, we were in the car. Aunty C and her girl-friend went along as well. In the car, there was a lot of OMGs, can you imagine if J adopts the baby etc. 

Mom said, "Let's ask Daniel to give us a sign." 

We will soon know if we were meant to take this baby for Aunty J.

A few minutes later, would You believe it but IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio.

Aunty D gave a yelp. 

Mom was like, "OMG, do You hear that???"

The time was 8:18 pm. 

Oh my, that's like a whole lot of angel number 4 in there.

Mom said incredulously, "I just asked him for a sign, and this song comes on?" 

OMG ... What are the chances ???

The Band Perry

Yes, You were definitely with us, as we were driving to the baby's place. 

OMG ... You cannot imagine how powerful that moment was, when we asked for a sign, and this song came on shortly.

However, Mom knew that one lil sign was not enough. 

There must be two. 

Will there be two?

So anyway, we reached the girl's apartment. Mom's gonna be brief here and not go into the details to protect the interest of the baby's mother.

Aunty C checked the baby, and found that she was dehydrated and a lil malnourished. She looked like she has not been taking enough feed. Both your aunts gave some advice to the girl on how to care of the baby. 

Aunty C felt there was no "connection" with the baby.

Mom asked the girl, "Can we bring the baby home tonight?" to which the girl replied, after a two second hesitation,

"Yes, please take her." 

Her two friends who were with her also echoed, 

"Yes, take her back, take her back."

Mom found herself saying, "Okay ..."

Your aunts both reacted in unison ... "Eh, cannot la ..."

"Wait till the papers are done up properly first ... this could be a trap," Aunt D whispered to Mom. "They may report that we kidnapped the baby ... We haven't ask Jessie yet ..."

Hmm ... kidnapping? 

That sure did not enter Mom's mind. 

Mom's first thought was that we could help by taking care of the baby whilst your Aunt Jessie made her decision. The girl and her two friends seemed to be in a hurry to get back to work and did not have the time nor the resources to care for the child.

The girl told us that a couple will be coming over the next day to see the baby. 

Good ... Good. 

"If the couple do not adopt the baby, give us a call. We will be contacting our sister in the US, and get back to You with her decision," Mom said. 

Your mother stood up, to walk over a small table. There was a calendar there. Casually, she picked it up, and when she did, she saw ... 


Mom stared at your name momentarily.

Is that her second sign? 

Was she supposed to help out by taking this child home? 

Honestly, mentally, emotionally and physically, she was not fit to take full care of the child. Having said that, she heard herself offering to help by placing the child in the nursery of the new school even though there was just so much that had not been done yet at the school. 

She really did not have the time to care for this baby at home. Why,  her new school is her baby at the moment. She did not have the time nor the energy for anything else.

We went home without the baby.

(continue on Call 279)

Call 277 : FOTO ANGEL

Hello Son,                                                                         (continue from Call 276)

Monday, August 29

This Monday morning, Mom got up from bed with difficulty ... 

as a result, Dad forbade her to go to the new school. 

He would take care of the renovations, he said. 

She was to rest at home. 

Her back had hurt terribly and she was in major discomfort. 

Still, she knew her pain was nothing compared to her Son's.  

Why, this was only her 4th day of a sprained back. 

Suffer quietly, and remember your Son, she chided herself.

Mom could not stay at home and do nothing. 

She put on the back support and drove to the old school. She decided since Dad said she should not go to the new school, she would go to the old school, and instruct the school staffs about the things that needed to be transported over. 

No, no, no ... she would not lift anything. 

Don't worry.

She couldn't anyway ... her back ...

Oh, stop with the whining ...

In the car, the lyrics chest to chest, nose to nose ... came on ... :D

Rihanna's California King Bed.

Mom had to smile as she recalled her chest to chest memories of her Son. She had asked for a hug one day and he immediately got up, went to the bedroom to bring out a pillow. 

Placing the pillow in front of him, he had bent down to give her a hug. :D

Your mother was in hysterics of course, and had said, 

"No pillow ... chest to chest ..." 

Smile. Who would have thought that a chest to chest song could invoke such fond memories? 

After the chest to chest song, the next song was COUNT ON ME.

The time on the dashboard was 10:02 am.

Bruno Mars

Click on title to view video.

You can count on me like 123

I'll be there ...

In school, Mom was slowly taking her time, walking in from the gates, when Teacher E walked out with a big box in her arms. She put the box down, and straightened up.

Mom noticed the words on Teacher E's um, chest ... and a gasp escaped her.

Oh My Gosh ...

The words : BAD BOY ...

As in Bad Boy Dans ...

Your email add :

You also have a dark colored tee shirt with the words BAD BOY.


Not only did the words zapped your mother, there was a Harry Potter slash slicing the words up. 

OMG ... 

Mom instantly thought of your orange dot entry ... 

In particular, the entry that had the same Harry Potter word ...

Dot 38 : Fishmonger 

Oh Gee Wow ... TWO zap signs on the chest. 

That was definitely YOU telling Mom that you're right beside her. The two songs in the car were to get her attention and just as she was thinking about her son, and the chest to chest memories were fresh in her head, the chest sign appeared.

OMG ...

How do You do it?

If you ever forget what you really mean to me ...

Every day I will remind you ...

(Lyrics of Count On Me)

Yes Son ... every day, just remind Mom ... 

Every day, You hear? 

Every --- single --- day ... :D

Mom knows she can count on You to be there for her and your family. At a time when she wasn't able to do anything to help prepare the new school because of her back, You cheerily assure her to just count on You. :D

She wasn't there in school for long. Her back felt weird and she thought she should go back to rest, before it got worse. She knew she was meant to go over to the old school, despite what Dad had said, just to be zapped ... and to get connected with her Son for a precious moment.

Before Mom left the school, look what she saw on the floor near the admin table?


Yes, yes ... an angel is surely watching over her ... :D

Would You look at the two eyes in the word  F O T O  ...

Hehehe ... 

Grin. :D

Aren't You glad your mother can understand exactly what You are saying to her? You must be whispering to her. 

You must be.

I'm watching You, Ma ... 

See my big eyes ... :D