Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello Son,

Dropped Dad at the PJ office at noon just now. He's going up north with the staffs. On the way, was sitting in the car quietly waiting for a song message, but nothing seemed to appear.

After dropping Dad off, Mom said aloud, "Okay Son, Mom's ALONE now. Give me a message."

Turn Around by Bonnie Tyler was on then. After that song, Michael Jackson's YOU ARE NOT ALONE came on. :D

She had to smile when she heard the song.
Another day has gone, I'm still all ALONE
How could this be, You're not here with me
You never said goodbye, Someone tell me why
Did You have to go and leave my world so cold?

Every day I sit and ask myself
How did love slip away
Something whispers in my ear and says

You are NOT ALONE, for I am here with You
Though you're far away, I am here to stay
You are NOT ALONE, for I am here with You
Though we're far apart, You're always in my heart

That was a pretty special moment, Daniel. The time on the dash board was 12:20pm. Mom's station. Mom's message. :D

Was going to upload this song on the Call-BLOG, but it seems the video is not available for viewing for copyright reasons. Something or rather to that effect. Oh well ...

Anyway, Sunday morning : Mom was fetching Justine to her morning class at 9am. Whilst driving back, was reflecting on the events that happened the day before, in particular, the HELLO message and the SEBASTIAN DVD. 

Would You believe it when at 9:12am, ALWAYS ON MY MIND filled the interspace of the car. How appropriate to describe Mom's thoughts right at that moment. ALWAYS ON MY MIND

Felt THE BOND right there. :D

Yes Son, You're always on our minds ... <3<3<3

Sunday Noon : Dad called Aunty Hayley and invited her to dinner. Mama was still around and we still had some soup left from our dinner on Saturday night. She said okay.

Sunday 3pm : Noticed 2 text messages from Aunty Jessie.

1st sms : I'm certain dans visited me today. Was in my car and all of a sudden smelt strong seb(astian) odor. On the day seb left with dans, i smelt floral scent. Didn't think about it until today's incident.

Mom's pretty sure You were there on the day Seb left.

2nd sms : ... Asked snowbear if she's seen seb, she gave me her paw. Asked again and she gave me her paw again. :)

Aww ... this picture from the internet says it all :D

Sunday evening : Dad and Mom went to SFX for mass. We were early. There was an announcement on the wall. Mom couldn't believe her eyes when she read the sign on the overhead slide. 

It read : Special Blessings for PETS on monday 7:30pm.

What? Special Blessings for PETS??? Why, Aunty Jessie would be so happy to hear that. Imagine, only last night (sat night), we were yelling out SEBASTIAN'S name, this afternoon, received sms about SEBASTIAN, and now, getting info that there will be a Special Blessing for PETS? Yes, Mom read and heard right. Calling all PETS, Sebastian in particular, there will be a Special Blessing for you guys on monday. :D

Sebastian must have asked for the Special Blessings, huh Son?
Aunty C may bring Kish for the ceremony later if she has time. :D