Sunday, July 29, 2012

Call 394 : MAMMA MIA

Hello Son,                                                                           (continue from Call 393)


It was almost 6 pm.

We were supposed to meet Justine and a friend of hers for dinner.

Your sister picked Italiannies. Dad and Mom slowly made our way there.

At the restaurant, Dad asked for a table for 4.

Mom spotted on the glass wall at the entrance the sign RM12++  and  RM21++  for ... she can't remember now for what, but could have been for beer.

It was the number 12 and 21 that caught her attention. :D Can You blame your mother?  

The place was pretty much empty, since it was fasting month and it was still quite early for dinner - being 6:15 pm. Mom walked in like she owned the place, and asked if we could sit there ... or there ... or over there (with cushioned seats).

Unfortunately, the manager said no, they were reserved.

He showed us instead to a table for 5 people.

Mom was not impressed.

The chairs were solid hard wood - no cushion.

How uncomfortable.

She pointed to another empty table for 4 with a cushioned bench and asked, "How about that one?"

The manager said again, "It's reserved."

Mom responded with a note of sarcasm in her tone, pointing at the same time,

"All these tables are reserved?"

There were about 10 empty tables with the cushioned bench that we could have taken.

The man said, "Yes."

"Really?" She asked in disbelief ... as she took special efforts to make sure her displeasure showed clearly.


Why are You not helping, Daniel? Mom sent a telepathic message to You.

Dad said, "Never mind la ... Let's sit here ... It's a bigger table ... "

Grudgingly, Mom sat herself down. She put her purchases on the empty chair next to her. Oh, just as well. An extra chair for her shopping bags. Justine and her friend took their seats.

The dining plates were piled neatly on top of one another on the table. Dad started to distribute them. There were 5 plates, since it was a table for 5.

Dad commented as he held out the 5th plate, "Put this one there (by the empty chair beside Mom)."

Mom spoke in low tones to Dad, "For Son ..."

Dad smiled, "That's why we have to sit here ..."

But of course ... You'd be with us during dinner time. You have made your presence felt the whole of that Saturday. You'd definitely be with us during dinner time.

We had a really nice meal.

When we were done with our food, Dad called for the bill.

The waiter presented the bill :

Decode : 24

Mom had to smile.

24 ... 21 ... both You ... your date of arrival and departure.

No wonder we had to have a table for 5. You were definitely with us during dinner, Daniel.

What a fun day at the mall on Saturday, Son ... :D

Fast Forward to back home ...

It was past 10 pm when Mom put on the DVD entitled, Mamma Mia.

Grandma had recently bought 4 DVDs and Mom had borrowed them for the weekend. The DVDs included Mirror Mirror, The Iron Lady, Aung San Suu Kyi and Mamma Mia.

Mom put on Mamma Mia.

She wanted something light and fun ...

Mom was enjoying the movie with her fruits and yoghurt, singing along at the song scenes. Dad was at the computer. Everything was as normal as could be until toward the ending of the movie when Pierce Brosnan said, "I am a divorced man who have loved you for 21 years ..."

At that point, your mother's ears pricked up.

21 years ???

She jumped up from the sofa to grabbed her cellphone, that was beside Dad.

It was 11:14 pm

Mom showed Dad the time, "11:14 pm ... That's 21 and 24 ... Omg ... What are the chances?"

Angel chance ...

Eres tu ...

Mom continued watching the ending of the movie.

As the Sophie girl started to sing I HAVE A DREAM, Mom suddenly realized that this is the song that has the line, "I BELIEVE IN ANGELS ..." 


I have a dream, a song to sing  ...

To help me cope with anything ...

If you see the wonder of a fairytale ...

You can take the future even if you fail ...

I believe in angels ...


Mom pointed to Dad the time on her cellphone, right at that angel line. 

Omg ... Would You believe it?

Dad looked. The time showed 11:22 pm.

Omg ... How incredible.

Decode : 21   21

21 two times ...

I'm right here, Ma ...

Omg ... How perfectly awesome that we ended that day with the song, and in that manner.

Honestly, what are the chances?

It was surreal.

All You ...

Nobody, nobody but You ...

Eres tu ...

Thank You Son for a wonderful day ... and for letting Mom know You're with us all the time.

Keep the zaps coming. 

Call 393 : ORANGE SHOE

Hello Son,                                                                                       (continue from Call 392)


What happened from thereon was surreal.

Mom was rather tired, having walked from one end of the mall to the other, in her platforms.

She wanted to rest her feet a bit, and have a drink.

Dad suggested Coffee Bean.

Mom said okay.

We walked towards the direction of Coffee Bean.

Half-way there, Mom stopped at a shoe shop (Charles & Keith) to have a look-see. There was a nice orange pair of platforms that she'd spotted and rather liked. However, there were many customers at that material time and none of the shop assistants were available to attend to her. So she decided to have her drink first and then go back later.

We walked further on towards Coffee Bean.

Approaching another shoe shop (Nose), Mom called out to Dad to give her "a minute."

She went in, took one round, her expert eyes scanning through all the shelves from one side of the wall to the other, front to back, top to bottom, before she finally decided that there wasn't anything interesting for her feet in that shop.

She walked out ... to join Dad, who was standing right outside the entrance.

Coffee Bean was about 3 or 4 outlets away.

There was a nice comfy set of armchairs waiting for us by the side of that cafe. Mom sank down heavily and rested her head back. Dad went to get the drinks.

There was a long queue.

Your father came back with the drinks some 20 minutes later.

After sipping her hot tea latte, Mom told Dad that she was going to check out another music shop that was at the lower ground.

"You wait here ... I'll be back in 10 minutes ..." your mother said, as she stood up, swinging a small handbag over her shoulder.

Your mother went down to the lower ground ... and walked over to the music shop.

To cut a long story short, nope, that shop didn't have the Tiny Bubbles song either.

She went back up the escalator, and back to the cafe.

"They don't have it ..." Mom reported as she sat herself down, sighing loudly.

Dad said to use the male version ... "worse come to worse."

She took a few sips of her tea, and suddenly stood up, announcing to Dad that she was going to the first shoe shop (Charles & Keith) to try on that orange pair of shoes.

Dad said okay.

Mom walked out of the cafe and headed towards Charles & Keith.

For some reason, she found herself turning into Nose, that second shoe shop ... the one that she had gone in to check out before going to the cafe ...  and had found nothing interesting.

She walked in.

One Thousand Years was on at that moment.

She smiled to herself.

Ah, did she come in to hear this song? Maybe ... maybe. You're with Mom, aren't You, Daniel? :D

Another song came on after that, which Mom cannot remember what.

It was the next song after that that she heard left her gasping.

If I die young, bury me in satin ...

Omg ...

Mom grabbed her cellphone to check the time.

It was 4:53 pm.

Decode : 21

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...


You have so got to be kidding her.

Mom called Dad immediately. She heard Dad answering the call, but he couldn't make out what she was trying to say.

Lord, make me a rainbow ...

I'll shine down on my mother ...

Your mother was whispering excitedly into the phone, whispering for obvious reasons,

"It's 4:53 pm ... IF I DIE YOUNG just came on ... Can you hear it? ... IF I DIE YOUNG ... Can you hear it or not? I'm in Nose ..."

Dad couldn't hear what she was saying, let alone the song.

He was like, "What? What did you say? Speak louder ... What's that? What?"

Arghhh ... Forget it!

She typed Justine a text message. By then, the song had come to an end :

"4:53 pm if i die young came on and just ended. In nose."

Omg Daniel ... when was the last time this song came on?

It's been quite awhile since she last heard IF I DIE YOUNG.

 The Band Perry

Gosh, how amazing. There was no reason for Mom to go into Nose again. She had checked out this outlet before Coffee Bean and there was nothing good for her. What made her go in? You must have whispered to your mother.

Go in to Nose, Ma ... :D

Oh gosh ...

Oh wow ...

That was incredible ...

Smiling to herself, and feeling light-headed and somewhat breezy, Mom slowly made her way to the other shoe outlet ... the one with the orange shoe ...  singing under her breath ...  

If I Die Young, bury me in satin ...

At that shop (Charles & Keith), it turned out that they did not have that orange pair in her size.

Oh well ...

Mom browsed around the shop and tried on some other shoes. She came across a simple white platform. The sales boy brought a pair for her in her size. They fit really well. She tried to check the price tag but there was no price sticker on that pair. Nor on the sample shoe on display.

Mom took that pair to the counter. She would get that pair, she decided. It's not easy to find a pair of shoes that fit well, so when you do find one that fits perfectly, GET IT.

That's the number one shoe rule.

Chuckle ...

Unless of course, the price is so highly priced and exorbitant ... in which case, GET OUT of the shop, run run run and don't look back!

Grin ...

The cashier took her shoes and punched in the price, informing her that the amount was RM129-90.

Mom stared at the amount that appeared on the till.

Oh ---My --- Gosh ...

129 - 90

Decode : 21

Omg ... What are the chances?


Gosh Daniel. You really are with Mom this whole day, aren't You?

What a coinciDANS ...

Mom pulled out some notes to pay the cashier.

Happily, she walked out of the shop, and retraced her steps back to Coffee Bean.

Walk walk walk ...

Boy, was she pleased with her purchase.

She passed Nose .. and smiled.  

If I Die Young, she hummed again to herself.

She passed another shoe outlet (Lewre) which was about 2 outlets away from Coffee Bean. Mom found herself walking into that shop. She spotted a lower platform shoe with coral straps. Mom asked the salesgirl for a pair in her size.

The girl came with the shoes. Mom tried them on, and decided she liked that pair too.

It was RM159-00.

How often does she buy shoes anyway? Not often at all. She decided to get that pair.

At the cashier, she was told that there was a RM30 rebate which makes the resulting price : RM129.




Decode : 21

Two pairs for you, Ma ... :D


Mom took her bag and went back to meet Dad.

Boy, did she have a lot to tell Dad. :D

Talk talk talk ... Omg Omg Omg ... and then and then and then ...

"Son's really shopping with me ..." Mom finished with a big smile on her face.

Dad chuckled.

"There's just no way for me to buy TWO pairs of shoes in 10 minutes ... unless he's helping me choose ... hahaha ..." :D

(continue on Call 394)

Call 392 : BAD BOY

Hello Son, 


After our call on Call 391, Mom said to Dad, "Okay I'm done ... all done ... We can go now."

She needed to go to the mall to check the music shops for the song Tiny Bubbles. The one that is sung by a female, not by Don Ho. His version is very slow. It's for school purposes. Justine and Dad have been trying to get it on the internet but they couldn't find it. Mom heard the female version on one of the youtube videos.

We walked to the car.

In the car, Dad started the engine. The radio came on.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow was on.

Dot 26

Mom pointed to the time excitedly, "Omg ... Look at the time ... 12:12 pm ..."

That is like 21 ... two times.

Omg ... Will You still love me tomorrow ... this song will always bring her back to that day when she read your sms right before your very first brain surgery. See Dot 26 in Orange Dot Blog.

Her words came out in a rush as she tried to explain to your father that she had just told You about the twelve / twenty-one (12 / 21) zaps that morning in Call 391 @ 11:43 am, about half an hour ago.

"He's responding to me ... Can you see that? Omg ... "

How amazing ...

You really did get Mom's call, didn't You?

You know exactly what she said, don't You?

Oh Wow ... What are the chances?

We arrived at the mall. Dad pointed out to the overhead parking indicator ...

FULL ...   FULL ...   400 ...

"Son's with us that's for sure ..." Mom said with a smile.

Dad chuckled.

We walked to the first music shop.

Upon checking with the shop assistant, Mom was told they didn't have that song. Their selection of hawaiian tapes were only a handful.

Walking on, Dad suggested we had some lunch.

We went to Carl's Junior. Mom got us a table whilst Dad went to get the food. He came back shortly after with this table number :


71 ???

Decode : 44


You're with us, aren't You, Daniel? Of course You are ... Mom smiled to herself.

We had our burger and our high-caloried fries ... with lots of ketchup. :D

After a quick lunch, we strolled to the next music shop.

Nope, they didn't have the song either.  Mom walked out. It was at the entrance that she noticed a large poster. Yes, a large poster that spoke to her. She hurried back into the store to get Dad. Pulling your father rather impatiently by the elbow, she marched him to the poster.

"Look ... Look at the poster ..."

Dad looked ...

Mom was like, "Omg ... I'm telling You, Son's talking to me ... He's zapping me ... Look, so many zap words in one poster ... Lana ... you remember his dance partner in kindergarten ... Daniel is handsome, but he doesn't behave (she mimicked the child's complaint) (Of course Dad remembers) ... 14 countries ??? FOURTEEN ??? Then, video games ... no need to explain that one ... he's number one in video games ... then you see that ... born to die ... Omg ... BORN -- TO -- DIE??? ... All Son ..."

Dad took them all in with a half-smile.

At the point of writing, Mom just noticed the word BAD on the singer's fingers.

Omg ...

You've got to be kidding ...



She remembers your BAD BOY tee shirt. Aunty J from the States sent that BAD BOY tee shirt to You among other stuffs for Christmas one year.

Here You are with Justine, You in that BAD BOY tee.

Oh Gee Wow Daniel ...

What an overwhelming moment ...

We took the escalator down.

Walk walk walk ...

Dad walked in to the SAMSUNG shop. As he was talking to the salesboy about some speakers, Mom's attention was drawn to the large screens that were playing colourful images along the wall.

She was looking at images of sacks of spices at that material moment.

Wow ... would You just take a look at the vibrant colours?

Mom couldn't take her eyes off the screen.

She stood there just watching the different colours of different spices. A few seconds later, the spices disappeared, and the image that came on was a statue of a human-sized angel.

Omg ...

What are the chances ???

I'm here, Ma ... :D

She found herself staring at the screen as the camera moved from bottom of the statue, to the top.

Gosh, honestly, what are the chances?

Just as that angel image came on abruptly, it disappeared just as abruptly, and was replaced by images of African boys playing ball at a poverty - stricken environment next.

Dad signalled to go.

Mom couldn't contain her excitement at the angel zap and told Dad excitedly, "I told him this morning, I believe in angels ... Just now on the screens, right after the colourful spices, a statue of an angel came on ... Omg ... for only like 10 seconds ... Omg, what are the chances? First, they were just showing spices ... all kinds of spices ... then suddenly the angel appeared ... Omg ... He's really with us today ..."

Dad grinned.

Mom was still chattering away when we walked into the next shop selling cameras and speakers.

Her eye caught the center display. She found herself bending forward to peer closely to admire the fine details of the craft. Mom asked the shop assistant if she could take a photo. He said yes, go ahead.

It was when she was focusing to take this shot when she suddenly noticed the figurine on the right side.

Gasp ...

Omg ... 

Today, honestly, it's all about the 12 / 21 zaps. You really did get Mom's Call (391), didn't You? Mom called out to Dad to go over to her side.

He did.

Dad too was fascinated by the railway station display.

Mom whispered, "Look at the right side ... the boy ... wearing orange ... number 21 ... Omg ..."

Let's zoom in ...

Must she remind again that although the head sees the number 12, the heart decodes it to be her secret angel number 21. :D Yes, and that's what decoding is all about. Hah!

Take a look at the beca (trishaw) ...

How cute is that?

Look at how tiny the fruits are ...

 Here's Dad posing for a snapshot  ...

(continue on Call 393)

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hello Son,


Mom was fetching some kids home on Tuesday evening about 6 pm.

The parent of the last child came to get her child a little late than usual ... about 10 minutes later or so.

On the way back to school, there was heavy traffic on the road.

Nothing new.

Say hello to after - office traffic jam.

Shortly after going on to the main road (Old Klang Road) from the last home, she noticed the number plate of the vehicle in front of her.

1200  ...

She had to smile.

Why, that's easy.

Her head told her, it's number TWELVE ...  no connection ...

.... but her heart quickly corrected with an excited yell, it's TWENTY-ONE!!!


That was easy.

And the HEART wins, she chuckled to herself. She wasn't alone in the car during this bad jam. Her son was with her. She knew it to be true like she knew her name. He was right beside her. Her heart said so. Her heart is smart.

Are You with Mom, Daniel? You are, aren't You? She asked as she snapped a photo for her - eviDANS. She had been reluctant to take a photo at first.

Yeah yeah, it was her head ... trying to cast doubts and uncertainties ... as a result of which she found herself thinking just for a moment, whether she was trying too hard. There had not been any zaps the whole day that day ...

and she hears You snort ...

Pause ...

Oh, or maybe there was but she was too busy and did not notice any of the familiar zap signs. Sorry about that, Son ... She had thought she was desperately trying to make "something" stick.

That is why it's important to have the TWO SIGNS rule ... because the heart can be so ... unpredictable. Yes, that is why you need corroborative eviDANS. She didn't study law for nothing - hellooo.

But then ... there's no denying ...

Would You take a minute and look at the scenario ... as Mom was observing, since there was pretty much nothing else she could do in the car at the moment ... see the traffic jam ... see her car inching behind that 1200 vehicle ... see that number 21 staring back at her ...

Why, it's practically calling out to her ... :D

Her son was probably waving and yelling out :

Hi Ma, I'm keeping you company in the jam ... :D

Mom shook her head.

No one will ever understand this bond.

No one.

Not a single one.

Only a mother with a child in heaven will appreciate all her um, interpretations.

Then again, in her defence, if it wasn't meant to stimulate her senses and set her brains working overtime, the number could have been any other number than the one that zapped. She wouldn't have been trapped in a jam. You must have delayed that last parent. That parent was unusually late. We had to stop the car engine and wind down the windows - kind of late.

It was meant to be.

Ah, she rests her case. Objection overruled. Case closed.


You must have whispered into your mother's ear.

Take a photo, Ma ... :D

Mom heard. Instinctively, she'd obeyed her senses.

It's amazing how You can speak right to her heart ...

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark ...

Try as she may, she can never explain ...

What she hears when You don't say a thing ...

Mom found herself singing softly in the car.

All the songs that were coming from the radio then were rather - weird.

Anyway ...

Approaching the school, CHERISH came on and filled her senses.

Pause a bit here.


That was a favourite song of your mother's when she was much ... young-er ...

Not so long ago ...

Your dinosaur song, Ma ... :D 

Let's' take a walk together near the ocean shore

Hand in hand, You and I

Let's cherish every moment we have given

For time is passing by

I often pray before I lay down by your side

If You receive your calling before I awake

Could I make it through the night?

Is this the second sign, Son?

Maybe ... but she wasn't certain.

There was no uh, electrifying ZAP ZAP ZAP.

Oh well ...

She went up the lift and into the school.

There was one child left. Her parent would be fetching her from our condo.

The two staffs cleared up for the day.

Shortly after, we went to the car, with the kid.

Omg ... listen very carefully to this. We all got into the car, the two staffs and the kid ... and Mom started the ignition.

The radio was on.

A familiar song that she recognized right away by ABBA had come on.

The immediate lyric was :

You can take the future even if you fail ...

Omg ... Mom was holding her breath as she waited for the next line to hit her senses.

I believe in angels ...

There ... that was her line ... :D

 By Angel Voices

Moms eyes shot to the dashboard. It was 7:05 pm.

Decode : 21

Omg ...


Would You believe this?

This is the second Twelve that her heart read as Twenty-One.

Two inciDANS ...

Omg ...


It's Me la, Ma ... :D

Oh boy, that was awesome ...

I believe-eeee in angels ...

Would You take note of the timing?

Military precision.

Spot on.

Right on the dot ... the zap comes.

That really made her day.

What a beautiful way to end a perfect day.

Yes Son, I believe in angels ...

that's one of your mother's most favourite lines in this whole wide world.

You must have seen the big smile on your mother's face as she was driving back. Of course she did not utter a word to the staffs or made any comment about the song. It's not for others to know or understand. She knows the minute she tries to explain her zap, it would sound ridiculous and the magic disappears.

This special bond is only between Mom and You ... Dad and Justine get it too, the interpretation of our zaps that is ... sometimes, your aunts as well. It's all in the family.

Mom drove all the way back with a happy smile on her face, with the two staffs and the kid in the car.

Reaching Taman Desa, she dropped the first staff at her apartment.

The second staff was our Maid R. :D

We drove back to our condo.

At the condo lobby, why Mom did this, she will never know.

Oh, what is she saying ...

Of course she knows ...

You whispered to her ...

Go to the pool, Ma ... :D

She found herself taking the hand of the little girl and leading her to the swimming pool area. This kid has been at our place many, many times and not once has Mom taken her to the pool. She normally waits by the sofa (with Maid R) for her parents to pick her up.

However, that evening, Mom took her to the pool area.

Omg, You wouldn't believe this ... but as we were walking through the cafetaria (we have to pass through the cafetaria to get to the pool, from the lobby, if You remember), Mom spotted a newspaper on the table we were passing.

It was the headline that jumped and zapped her :


Pause ...


Oh My Gosh ...

Did she not just hear the line sung several time, I believe in angels, in the car a few minutes ago?

And right then she saw Angelyn???

Omg ... Do You not see the connection?

Angel + Lynn?

It is painfully obvious that that seemingly unassuming single word describes the special bond between Mom and You.

Okay, so that was easy, Son ... :D

Code cracked.

Message received.

Smile Smile Smile.

We walked out to the pool.

The smile on your mother's face must have radiated like bright sparks in the evening ... if that could be possible.

The little girl sat by the poolside, whilst Mom looked way up into the sky.

Deep deep down in her heart, she knows her son is looking down at her ...

He's somewhere in the sky ...

Somewhere in the wide horizon ...

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

Yes, everywhere she POINTS, there he is.

You're probably waving and calling out right then :

Over here, Ma ... I can see You ... :D

What a wonderful, heart warming feeling.

We love You, Daniel ... and we miss You so very much. If not for our long distance calls, and all the daily zaps that You give Mom, she wouldn't be able to survive this period of grief. God is good. He's got it all planned out.

This photo was not taken on that Tuesday, when Mom first spotted it with the girl. There were patrons in the cafetaria at the time, and she wasn't able to take a photo without being seen as weird. So the next day on Wednesday, Mom told Dad that she wanted to have lunch at the cafetaria. We were there after school ... and it was then, that this photo was taken.

Her eviDANS.

Eres tu ...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Call 390 : FRUIT SHOP

Hello Son,                                                                                (continue from Call 389)


We left the mall about 5 pm or so.

We were fetching Justine from the condo for dinner.

Your sister wanted to have crabs that day.

Dad suggested Fatty's Crab.

We had not been to that restaurant for many years. It was at this place that You first discovered the pleasure of pounding your crab with a small food hammer and having the bits and pieces splatter everywhere.

We arrived at about 6 pm.

The place was already quite crowded. Of course there was a table for us.

Are You kidding? It's your 21st. We're celebrating together.

Dad ordered crabs, chicken wings and satay.

We will always miss our family meals together, Daniel. :(

After dinner, we drove to school to pick the maid before driving back to Taman Desa.

Mom said she wanted to get some fruits for juice the following week.

Approaching the shops, your mother suddenly heard a familiar music that had come on.

Oh ---- My ---- Gosh ...

She pumped up the volume.

Justine said intially, "What song is this?"

The first lyric hit the air. Mom sang out loud.

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane ...

By Wilson Phillips

Oh My Gosh ...

The time on the dashboard showed 8:08 pm.

Decode : 4444


How awesome


How awesome

Omg, how awesome ...

Mom said aloud, "Eight O Eight ... Omg ... I sang this at the garden this morning ..."

Justine intercepted, "I sang first ..."

"Oh yeah ... You started with the one line ... What line was that?"

Your sister replied, "Daniel, You're a star ..."

"And then I sang, Daniel is flying tonight on a plane ... and You asked whether it's flying or traveling ..." continued your mother excitedly, recalling the event that enfolded this morning.

Justine was like, "Yeah yeah ..."

Gosh, Dad, Mom and Justine were there at the garden - we all heard the conversation - and now we were hearing the song together in the car. It was surreal.

What are the chances?

Angel chance.

Omg ...

The mood in the car was an incredibly all time high. :D

Dad parked in front of the fruit shop.

Mom said, "Don't turn the engine off yet ..." and continued singing along until the song ended.

Your mother said, "You see ... all the white trails I saw this morning ... 4 before the garden, one at the garden ... then Justine and me singing DANIEL at his garden ... we only sang that song, we didn't sing anything else ... and now at the end of the day, we all hear the song together ... If we had reached here one minute ago, You would have turned off the engine and we would have missed the song ... Omg ... "

What a perfect close to a perfect day.

The song ended. Mom had a big happy smile on her face. She got out of the car. Maid R followed her. Dad and Justine remained in the car.

As Mom and Maid R were walking to the fruit store, Mom said, "You asked me this morning why I took the photo of the white lines in the sky? That was my son. He sent them. You heard the song in the car? We sang that at his garden this morning ..."

Maid R smiled and nodded ... she understood.

Oh, the feeling at that moment was just incredible.

It was the knowing ...

The knowing that You are with us all the time ...

The knowing that the signs and the zaps are from You ...

The white trails ... the garden ... the jeans ... the 1234 I Love You ... and now the song Daniel in the car ...

Omg ...

Thank You, Son ... for being with us all the time ...

We love You very much and we know You're right beside us all the time ...

If we forget, remind us.

Again and again and again ...

God is so good to us ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ... 


Hello Son,                                                                                (continue from Call 388)


At the flower garden, the first thing Mom did was to check the sky ... like she were a weather reporter.


Having seen the 4 trails this morning, she couldn't help but wonder if there might be a trail of some sort in the sky above your garden plot.

Oh ... Oh, wait a minute ...

Isn't that like a white trail? A plane must have flown past several minutes ago ...leaving a thin white trail in the sky above us. Mom took a picture.

You must have whispered to her to take all those white trail photos that Saturday ... because by night fall, something awesome happened and boy, was she glad she had all her trail eviDANS. :D

Taken 9:24 am at the flower garden.

We were tidying up your garden. 

Dad was planting the flowers and Mom was giving You a facial ... your cold hard procelain photo that is. 

Justine posted a message on your facebook. 

They, she tried to check on youtube for the song that was on as we were on the way to the garden. Your sister said it was a new song, and kept saying, hey, it's a nice song. Mom didn't have any opinion on that until she heard the word "angel" sung in the song somewhere and decided she too likes the song.


Mom said, "Hey, why don't You post that song on his facebook?"

Justine replied, "Cannot la ..." and explained that the lyric says 

"It's too cold outside for angels to fly ..."

By the way, the title of the song is A TEAM.

Anyway, at one point, Justine sang out loud, "DANIEL, YOU'RE A STAR ..."

in the tune of the song DANIEL ... which prompted Mom to start singing the song too,  just as loud.


Daniel is flying tonight on a plane ...

sang your mother, as she tidied up your plot.

Your sister interrupted, "Flying or traveling?"

Mom stopped.

Oh yeah ... it's traveling ...

Your mother started again ...

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane

I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Oh and, I can see Daniel waving goodbye

God, it looks like Daniel

Must be the clouds in my eyes

At the "cloud" line, Mom found herself thinking about Aunty D's cloud inciDAN.

That was a totally incredible inciDAN.

See Call 377 : Cloud Sign

So anyway ...

We left the garden about an hour later.

Dropping Justine off at the condo, Dad and Mom drove on to town to have beef noodles ... again.

Yeah, Dad was craving for those noodles.:D

After breakfast, we went to Gardens Mall. Justine said we had to watch DARK KNIGHT. Mom wasn't really into Batman stuffs as You'd remember, but this coming week, our theme in school is SUPER HEROES ... and so she thought she had better get in touch with all the super hero ... umm, excitement.

Arriving at the mall, we went to the cinema to get tickets.

There were several shows that day, but tickets were sold out for all the shows ... except for seats on the first row nearest to the screen.

No tickets?

Serious ah ?

Dad said, "Your son knows you'll be sleeping in the movie la ..."

We didn't take the first rows tickets.

We're not that desperate. :D

We went instead to PappaRich to have a drink.

Mom ordered her usual D44 Iced Milk Tea and Dad had an iced coffee.

Whilst enjoying our drinks, Mom asked Dad to post a message on your facebook. She didn't have the time to do it that morning.

When it was time to go, Mom said to Dad, "Let's see if it's the same guy is at the counter ..."

The last time when Dad went to pay at the counter (Mom was at the table), the words :  

Hi, I am Daniel

had appeared on the screen of the till. Dad told your mother about it later.

This time, your mother followed Dad to the counter.

Yes yes, it was the same guy. He punched onto the keyboard.


955 ...

Decode : 44


Code 44 : Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

We browsed through some shops whilst making our way to Jusco.

We were at the household department. Mom bought some aromatic candle in a glass cup for our next visit to your garden. There was a 50% discount on the candles. That was nice. She bought 2 sets. There were two candles in one set.

Then, Mom went down one floor to the children's department.

Whilst on that floor, for some reason, she found herself strolling to KIKO children's wear section. Since You left us, Mom has not gone there, although she has passed the section from time to time. Today, she found herself spending several special moments nearby the corner where the jeans were displayed on shelves. There were some open boxed-like containers with tee shirts and Mom had casually picked one up ... to admire the color ... and to reminisce ...

Flashback ...

You will remember that Mom had asked You to try on a pair of jeans ... at that corner.

Not in the changing room, oh no.

She was helping You to change just by the KIKO shelves. There were no people around that area at that particular time. You had stripped to your underwear before trying on those jeans. She cannot remember exactly how old You were then but You were at the age where You could take off your pants in public without feeling embarrassed. Chuckle.

Your mother will always remember that incident because right after that, she realized that her pink handbag was missing.

She had left it on one of those open box containers (what do You call them anyway?) (should have taken a photo), nearby where we were, and had left it there when she spotted the jeans.

To cut a long story short, she had hurried to the customer service with You running by her side, to report her missing handbag. How relief was she when she was told that a customer had handed in a pink handbag a few minutes ago.

Her handbag was safely returned to her.

With that, Mom and You went back to the KIKO section, picked up the pair of jeans and went to the payment counter.

Memories ...

Memories ...

Memories ...

Mom found herself staring at that corner ... and wishing ... wishing ... she could turn back the time ...

With a heavy heart, she slowly walked away.

She must have taken about 10 steps away when she was suddenly alerted to a familiar music on the overhead PA system.

Gasp ...

Omg ...

Are you kidding?

1234, I Love You ???

Omg ...

Mom grabbed her handphone to check the time.

It was 2:44 pm


Immediately, Mom texted to Dad :

244 hear d song. Im at the plc where i bot jeans for dans

Dad replied with a smiley.

There's only 1 way 

2 say 

those 3 words 

4 You-uuu

I Love You

Plain White T's

Yes Son, that's easy ...

Mom felt your presence throughout the song.

She lingered around the area, listening to every word that was sung.

That zap made her day, Son. Thank you for that.

You do remember that jeans / handbag incident, don't You?

Isn't it funny that Mom had to lose her handbag that day all those years ago? She probably would not remember the jeans incident quite so distinctly, because that wasn't the first time your mother made You try on clothes. However, that was the one place she lost her handbag. How could she forget that? She was meant to remember that inciDAN somehow.

Mom wanted to get a Batman tee shirt. She soon spotted some Superman tees hanging on the promotional stand. Mom walked over. It was about 20 steps away from the KIKO section.

Mom called Dad.

He appeared shortly.

She coyly showed him the Superman tee shirt.

Dad asked, "For who?"

She mumbled, "Me ..."

"Isn't this for children?" Dad asked with a laugh.

"Yes yes ... but I think I can wear this ..." She insisted impatiently.

The adult sized tee shirts are normally too long. The kids' size was just right.

Dad said, "Go try it la ..."

Recoiling in mocked horror, she replied "No way, I'm not going to try it here ..."

What would the sales girls think?

Your mother ended up buying 3 sets : one Batman and two Superman tees.


Aiyoh Maaa ... tsk tsk tsk ... :D


(continue on Call 390)

Call 388 : 30th MONTH

Hello Son,


Saturday 21st was your 30th month in Heaven with Jesus and Mother Mary and all the angels and saints.

The day before on Friday 20th, first thing in the morning ... yup yup yup ... FIRST zap in the morning happened when we were in the car.

Dad was fetching Mom to school.

The second he turned on the engine, the song RING RING came on and filled up our senses.

Ring Ring ... Why don't you give me a call ...

Omg ...

Oh --- My --- Gosh ...

What are the chances ???

Honestly, what are the chances of us hearing that the moment the radio came on?

Mom sang along, "Ring ring, why don't you give me a call ..." before blurting out excitedly, "Omg, Ring Ring ... Son's asking me to give him a call, can you see that? He knows I've been trying to write the daily entries this week ... " but didn't and couldn't as she was just too tired at the end of each day after school.

Mental and physical exhaustion.

Sigh ...

Mom spoke out loud, "I must start taking AgeGuard again ..." AgeGuard being her anti-aging pills.


Don't You laugh.


So anyway ... on Saturday, Mom fetched the maid to the school for her to do her cleaning  as usual.

As we were walking to the car, that was parked outside the condo, this white trail in the sky greeted her. :D

Taken at 8:12 am.

Mom found herself smiling to herself.

Yes Son, we are going to your garden in a bit. Dad and Justine are getting ready.

Then, Mom saw a second trail in the sky ...

Smile Smile Smile ...

You must have seen that, huh?

Oh, it's so important to have that 2nd sign. :D

It's a definite :

I'm here la, Ma ...

She took another photo.

 Taken at 8:12 am.

Maid R saw your mother taking the photos and asked, "Why Ma'am?"

Mom shrugged and gave her a quick smile ... but did not offer a reply.

What could your mother say?

That's my son ... He knows we're going to his garden today ... It's his 21st today ... ???

No ... she couldn't say that ...

It would sound ridiculous ...

It's a Mother - on - Earth and Son - in - Heaven thing ... :D

For that reason, she has the right to remain silent.

Pause ...

Actually, You know what - the maid would have understood ... her baby is in heaven too. 

Then, Maid R pointed to a 3rd white trail that was beginning to form in the sky, "There's a third one there, Ma'am."

Mom looked and wondered for a moment why she did not see the third trail in the first place.

Hmmm, maybe that one's not for her (Mom) ...

Maybe, it's for Maid R ...

She reasoned quietly.

Was she right, Son?


 Taken at 8:14 am.

We drove to school.

On the way there, ME AND YOU AND A DOG NAMED BOO came on the radio.

A quick glance at the time told her that it was 8:27 am.

Decode : 44

Mom found herself smiling. But of course. That song wouldn't come on that Saturday, for no reason.

That song reminded her of the time when we were at your garden many months ago, the time when we wanted to bring Kish (Aunty C's dog) to the garden too. Mom had related the inciDAN in one of the call-entries on the blog. It would take time to look for it so she's not gonna ... look for it.

Arriving in school, Mom went up with the maid to gave her some instructions as to what she had to do that day.

Then, she came down to the car about half an hour later (it was a long list of instructions) ...

and boy oh boy ...

Would You believe it ... but there was a 4th white trail in the sky right across the sky before her.

Omg gosh ...

4 trails???

What a coinciDANS.

Mom could almost feel your excitement.

Yes, You went to heaven with all your emotions.

Emil's mother told her that some time ago. "When they go, they take their emotions with them ..."

That made perfect sense to your mother.

Your mother has been able to feel the whole YOU on the other side.

You're still the same ... happier of course, carefree definitely ... and always by our side. :D

Taken at 8:51 am.

Mom drove back to the condo, but not before sending Dad a text telling him that she was on the way.

Arriving at the condo, Dad and Justine were by the fountain lobby.

They got into the car.

Mom wasted no time in relating about the 4 white trails ... and reminded that the day before on Friday, RING RING was on the radio when we started car.

Justine was like, "Aiyoh, do you have to sing that? It's in my head now ..." :D


(continue on Call 389)