Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Call 533 : RAINBOW ZAP

Hello Son,

Tomorrow is a public holiday. Hurray!

This afternoon at 2 pm, Dad and Mom were at a nearby mall for lunch.

Our food came. 

We ate.

Mom's seafood pan mi was way too salty.

So anyway, when we were done, Mom told Dad to wait for a bit whilst she went to the book store, which was within like 50 walking steps away.

Mom said, "I need go get some coloured paper. Be back in 10 minutes ..."

Dad was like, "Are -- you -- sure?"

Mom made a face and strutted off.

She reached POPULAR, and walked in.

She walked straight on and stopped to look at some story books on display.

Would You believe it but suddenly, without any warning, these lyrics came on over the PA system.

Somewhere -- over -- the -- rainbow

Way up high
There's a land that I heard of

Once in a lullaby

Gasp! Mom took a quick glance at her cell.

2:56 pm.

Secret code : 4


Quickly, Mom sent a text to dad:

256 somewhere over the rainbow just came on.

Humming to herself and enjoying the song by herself, she browsed through some primary one books. It wasn't until the next lyric zapped her that she let out another gasp!

It's amazing how you can speak right through my heart

Without saying a word, you can light up the dark

Try as I may I can never explain

What I hear, when I don't say a thing

Her eyes shot to the time.

3:01 pm.

Decode : 4

OMG ...


Two songs, Daniel? One after another?

You're right here with Mom, aren't You, Son?

Mom text Dad : 

301. when u say nothing at all. don't u think son whispered to me to step into popular (bookstore)?  I just walked in like 10 seconds before rainbow started ...

and the zap songs came.

First, the rainbow song ...

and then, you say it best, when you say nothing at all ...


Mom was shaking her head with a chuckle.

Son son son, how do You do it? How do You make your presence felt all the time? Everyday, You remind Mom that you're near. If only she could just spend all her time on her call blog ... she has so much to say ... and her inciDANS are always amazing!

Mom soon came across this book that made her stopped short in her tracks.

She had stood there for a brief moment, debating whether or not that -- EVIDENS -- that was starring at her right in her face, was a zap. The spelling is after all, incorrect. 

It should be eviDANS.


Was that a zap?


Pause some more.

All of a sudden, quite unexpectedly, she suddenly heard the lyrics from above :

"Hello, is it me you're looking for ..."


Mom's hand flew up in slow motion, to cup her mouth as she stood right there -- motionless.

Oh --- my --- gosh.

You have so gotta be kiddin' her.

Hello??? (Lionel Ritchie)

She glanced at the time.

It was 3:09 pm.

Decode : 21



How perfect is your timing, Son?

You definitely went to heaven with all your (video game) skills.

It was unbelievable.

Mom text Dad : 

309 pm hello ... i was lookin at dis (evidens photo) and wondering whether to take photo bc spelling not correct ... omg ... must get on the blog tonight ...

Mom did not wait for the song to end. She was too happy and too excited, she wanted to get Dad right away. 

She found Dad, and started to talk at one thousand words per minute.

Omg ... how would I know when to go to Popular? The moment I walked in, SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW ... she sang out loud ... and right after that, it was ... You say it best when you say nothing at all ... omg ... and then, I saw this book EVIDENS ... and I was like standing there thinking of whether to take a photo and suddenly the Hello song came on ... Hello, is it me you're looking for??? Omg ... I can't believe it ... I have to talk to him tonight! I must.

Dad grinned.


Anyway, we soon went back to school.

Everything was quite normal.

Until reading time.

Mom called a 5 year old girl. It was her turn to read.

The girl read page after page after page ...

until she turned to this page :

Mom looked at the word silently.



Your very first 3 syllable word.


She suddenly saw DAN just staring right back at her.

She could really feel her son's presence.

Mom took out her cell phone and snapped a photo.

The girl asked, "Why are you taking a photo, teacher Lynn?"

Your mother mumbled something -- can't remember what now.

Anyway, after reading, the girl left her.

Mom was then reading with another child.

Shortly after, about 10 minutes later, that same girl came to Mom and said, "Teacher Lynn, can you take a photo of my rainbow? This is for my mummy."

Mom turned to her ... and saw this:

Oh My Lord.

Mom took out her cell and took a snapshot. She had remained calm and quite normal, whilst all the time, her heart was pounding and head was going, OMG OMG, a rainbow .. and a SON???


It was a beautiful moment for Mom.

That evening, she came back to get Justine for dinner.

Mom walked into the house, and Just said, "I sent an audio of IF I DIE YOUNG this morning ..."

Really? Mom asked. Your mother obviously did not see that in her text. 

Jus and Mom walked to the lift. Dad was waiting for us in the car. 

Jus said, "Let me play it for you ..."

(not sure how to upload an audio)


Did You hear that??

Your sister only recorded this line :

Lord, make me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with you as she stands under my colours

Mom scrolled up her messages to check (at the time of writing this paragraph) and saw that she had received the audio at 11:48 am.


She stared at the time.

Oh Gosh.


Is that not two times 21???


Gosh Son. That was too awesome.

Hi Ma, it's Me ... 21 two times. :D

Gosh, do You see? The 5 year old girl drew what Justine sent to Mom this morning.

Think about it.

The rainbow.

The mother.

The son.

Lord, send me a rainbow, I'll shine down on my mother ...

She'll know I'm safe with You as she stands under my colours ...

How beautiful the lyrics are.

Gosh oh gosh.

How wonderful to know that You are safe with the Lord, Daniel.

Truly, it is amazing how You can speak right to your mother's heart.

Keep the zaps coming, Son. Oh by the way, Son, here's Dylan, the latest addition to the family.

Last Sunday was his first month. 

Here's Mom with the babe. Aunty Di dressed him up in orange.

To your mother's delight.

There's a LION on his outfit, by the way.


LION ...

Like Daniel in the LION's den, lion? 

Chuckle. You were definitely in our midst, Daniel.


Okay, so those are called neon pink for your information.

Here's Dad with Dylon. :D

He's a very good baby. 

Like Justine and You ... <3

(Oh boy. Went over to the sofa whilst waiting for the audio to upload ... The channel was on National Science. As Mom sat there, there was a DR DAN (SOMETHING) that appeared on the screen ... and then MARYLAND ... Mom exclaimed, "DAN ... and Maryland ... Mama Mary ... right after I post his blog (the first time) today ... he's telling me that he received my call ... immediately after, the word DANGEROUS appeared on the screen (anabolic steroids are dangerous) ...OMG!!!Seriously??? ZAP ZAP ZAP!!!)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Call 531 : DOLL HOUSES

Hello Son, 

Last night, your mother ended her call to You with this line :

I'll be watching you ...

She had high-lighted the words in orange.

This morning, your family got ready to go to church.

Dad went to get the car, whilst Mom went a floor down to get Megan and the maid. Aunty D is still in confinement, baby Dylan is only 2.5 weeks old.

Megan took awhile to get ready. By the time we got down, and got into the car, would You believe it but we were greeted with this same song :

I always feel like, somebody's watching me ...




Oh my Lord.

Mom's eyes shot to the dashboard.

8:23 am.

Decode : 4

Her angel sign.

"Somebody's watching me ... Omg ... I wrote about this last night ..." Mom said to Dad, in disbelief. 

Omg ...

Like -- Omg ... 

What are the chances? Honestly, what are the chances??? Had they come down to the car a few minutes later, she would have missed it. In fact, she remembers hurrying out of Megan's apartment, waiting impatiently outside the apartment gate, hurrying Megan to change, telling her that Uncle Bryan was waiting for her in the car ...

You must have whispered to your mother :

Hurry down, Ma ...  :D

To get zapped!



That was certainly a loud HI MA ... all the way from heaven. You must have received all of Mom's calls, she's sure of that. 

It is obvious that You were -- responding -- to her.

It's so easy ... your voice from the hospital bed.


Anyway ... we soon arrived in church.

It's Palm Sunday today.

Justine took this photo during the procession.

Morning mass.

9 am.

Anyway, after mass, we went for breakfast. 

Then, Dad and Mom drove to the mall. Justine, Megan and the maid went home with Aunty C. Yeah, Aunty C met us in church. She drove in a separate car, intending to go to a conference after mass, but changed her mind and ended up having breakfast with us.

We were at the mall.

Mom wanted to go to Mothercare.

From the basement parking, we took the lift up. As we were walking towards the store, we passed this sign :

Mom exclaimed, "Hey, look at this ... MA and SON ... Awww, you see, son's reminding that he's right beside me ..."

Dad stopped by to look.

Mom ran her hand across the sign, and commented, "Isn't it funny? The I is missing ... It's supposed to be MAISON ... Now it's just MA and SON ... me and my son ..."


Everywhere we are, there you'll be ...

As we've always maintained.

Dad smiled.

Mothercare was just around the corner.

Mom went in. Dad went to the bookstore beside.

About 2 hours later ...

We paid for our stuffs at the counter. Mom took a free catalogue from the stand before leaving.

We walked back to the bookstore. Dad said we could have coffee at the cafe in the bookstore.

So anyway, we were seated. Mom pulled out the catalogue and started to flip over the pages, exclaiming with delight at each page and each toy.

Awww ... how cute ... 

Flip flip flip ...

Awww, would you look at that?

Flip flip flip.

It wasn't until she came to the DOLL HOUSES, that she took her time to admire the tiny furniture and the intricate interior design of each section. 

You know how Mom has a thing for doll houses. She bought one recently, when we were doing MY HOUSE for that week, along with all the furniture for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Dad says it's because she never had one when she was young.

Hmmm, maybe.

So anyway, she happened to look up the page with the intention of reading the fine prints when she saw the name :


La Belle Maison.

Time stood still for her.


Excitedly, Mom pointed to Dad, "Omg, would you look at this? Maison ... We just passed that Maison shop ... and I said, that's MA and SON ... Omg ... what are the chances???"

On the top right, she read "with 12 accessories ..."

Decode : 21

Bottom left : 44 countries



Not only that, but she suddenly ...

(At this point, RIGHT AT THIS POINT, Mom hears a character on the television say, "Have You talked to Dan lately?") (After that, the name DANIEL was mentioned a few times.) (SUNDANCE channel, Title : Sam The Man) (Dad and Justine are watching telly.) (Dad in fact repeated for Mom's benefit, "Have you talked to Dan lately?"

Omg ... talk about perfect timing.

Mom said out loud, "Yes, I'm talking to Daniel right now ..." :D

So, anyway as she was saying, she suddenly noticed the page number:




You don't say.

Mom pointed, "Look at the page ... 94 ..."

Your birth year.

Omg. MA and SON ... 21 ... 44 ... 94 ...


You really do know how to pick the page, Daniel.

Had it been a page on ... on ... not on doll house, she might not have bothered to read the small prints. 

Oh gosh, Son.

Truly, we are so connected.

Thank You Jesus for His resurrection.

After our coffee, we left the store, Walking to the lift, we passed the MAISON shop. That's Dad with the NEMO tee shirt. That's the MAISON shop.

You can't really see the name of the store, can You, with the dark wood? Well, if You try to look at it at an angle, You will.

Oh, and Mom just noticed the photo (in her cell) she took last night of the telly screen showing :


Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

Always, always remind Mom that You're right beside her ...

Always ...

Red White and Blue, Daniel ...  <3

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hello Son,

Gosh Son.

Today is just so filled with ZAPs.

After the earlier 3 calls, Justine and Mom were at the sofa with our dinner.

The telly was on.

Mom heard the name "Danny" ...

That made her looked up. 

She saw the title of the movie : Just Go With It

Mom turned to Jus, uncertainly, "Danny?"

Justine replied, "Yeah ..."

Your mother sprang to her feet. She has seen this movie before, but she's forgotten the names of the characters. Who can remember all the names of all the actors in all the movies they watch, right?

It's not like it's -- Grease.

Or Karate Kid (1984). Daniel-san.

Dr Daniel (Danny) Maccabee, says Wikipedia.

The time on her cell showed 8:14 pm.

Decode : 21

Her zaps are always perfect.


Oh gosh, Daniel-Son.

Mom watched the movie further whilst finishing her dinner.

It was almost towards the end of the movie when a song came on that made her hold her breath. 



Every breath you take ...

Gosh oh gosh ... seriously???

Every breath you take ???

How can this be???

Truly Daniel, You really are with us, You really are.


I'll be watching you ...

See Mom's call earlier to You (Call 527) ... 

Call 529 : HOUSE PHONE

Hello Son, 

Boy oh boy oh boy.

Wonders never cease.

Megan just picked up the house phone and said, 

"Aunty Lynn, your son is calling ..."

Time truly stood still for Mom.

Omg ... what!!!

The time was 7:51 pm.

Secret code : 4

Megan repeated as she presented the house phone to Mom. 

"Aunty Lynn, your son is calling ..." in her sweet, innocent little voice.

Omg Daniel. 


6 minutes after she posted Call 528 (Sundance Channel).


To make sure Mom has no doubts at all that You're zapping her.

Thank You, Son ... You truly are with her all the time, Daniel.

All the time.


Hello Son, 

Omg Daniel ...

You're so not gonna believe this.

Mom's just posted Call 527 at 7:03 pm and her last two paragraphs were :

"Blue white and red, Daniel ...

Very much ... <3 "

DVD was on. Title of disk : Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. What kind of title is that?
Justine had put it on for Megan.

Mom asked Justine to turn back to TV.

Justine did.

HBO is now showing Spiderman.

She took the remote to click up one station and had a shock when she saw the title of the movie on SUNDANCE channel : 



Oh My God ...


Half an hour after she said :


OMGGG ... What are the chances???

Note that DAN is in SUNDANCE too.

You're connecting with Mom, aren't You? 

You got Mom's call, didn't You?

Yes Son, You are ... You really are.

And yes Son, yes ... You did, You really really did.

Omg, Mom can't believe it.

It's incredible.


Red White and Blue, Son ...

Red White and Blue <3

Omg, it's unbelievable!





Hello Son,

This morning, Mom went to pick up the maid.

Before that, she woke Dad up, to get him to get ready to go for breakfast when she came back with the maid.

It's a Saturday today. No school.


It was about 7:45 am.

She went out of the lift at the ground floor. Walking towards the car, shes suddenly spotted a tiny white feather right before her path. She had to pass it. It was neither too much to the left or to the right where she could have missed it, it was RIGHT THERE within her pathway.

White feather?


She walked over it.

Once upon a time, she would have squealed with delight, bent down to pick up the feather, whether trampled or not, and carefully put it on a safe place to take a photo.

Those days were --- gone.


Good morning, Son. :D 

Your mother can feel your -- vibes -- already.

Yes yes Mom knows. It's Saturday. It's our call day. Gosh, there's so much to say, she didn't know how to start. If only she could just spend her time at Starbucks every day just writing and writing and writing ...

By the way, the book people are calling her again. And emailing her. Send us your manuscript, they say. Mom's like, it's not finished ... and I haven't the time to complete it bla bla bla.

Still, she's gotta give it to them. They have been following up with her since the first time she wrote to them for free info -- 3 or 4 -- years ago. Quite persistent, these book people. 

Anyway, Mom was soon in the car ... 

Drove to school ...

Picked up the maid ...

And drove back to the condo.

Dad appeared shortly. We drove to a nearby cafe.

Your parents both had a hearty western breakfast and coffee this morning. :D

You must have seen your mother stuffing her face with baked beans and sausages and scrambled eggs and toasts and mushrooms and tomatoes and ... oh, she gave her broccoli to Dad ... 

You called a floret of broccoli tree when You were little ... remember?

Mom remembers -- clearly. 

You'd picked a piece of broccoli from your dinner plate one day and said, "tree."



Where was she? 

Ah, right ... breakfast. 

So, while waiting for her food to arrive, Mom found herself staring at a bright green tee shirt in front of her.

It had the number 3 ... 

and the word FRANCE on it.

Hmmm ...

Number 3???

She must confess, that did not ZAP her.

Still, it made her stare -- and wonder -- if there might be a message for her.

You must have whispered into your mother's ear :

Look closely, Ma ... 

And so she did ...

She studied the tee shirt ... from where she was sitting.

3? In France?

Dad, Mom and You ... in Lourdes, France for 25 days.

Memories flooded back.

She studied the colors of the flag : blue, white and red ...

Instantly, she saw her son in blue, white and red.

Did she not say that over and over and over again that wherever we are, there You'll be ...

The computer where your photos are kept, crashed ... but You'd be able to see yourself in those colors in your Orange Dot blog.

You look good, Son ... in those colors ... especially in red.

Anyway, here's blue, red and white from us down here missing You more than words can say. The extend of how much we miss You, Daniel -- there's no word for it.

Mom will have to create the word.

Let's say : blue white and red.

How's that?

If anyone asks her, how much do you miss your son? 

She would say, blue white and red.




Like -- the blue ocean.

The white clouds.

The red --- red --- blood that flows in her veins.

You can never count these --- these --- blue white and red.

That's how much we miss You, Daniel.

Got the message?

Blue white and red from your family down here. <3

At the time of this call this morning, Mom was looking at her memo in her cell.

She had written : 

9:34 pm : Every breath you take (i'll be watching you) (Glee on TV)

Tues 8 @ 6:45 am : (i always feel like) somebody's watchin' me

Thur 10 @2:40 pm : i just called to say i love you

Fri 11 @ 6:53 am : hello (is it me you're looking for?)

Fri 11 @ 2:21 : bus 4223 (two times 21) (24 / 1994) (your birthdate and birthyear)

Smiling to herself, she had plonked herself on the sofa. 

Ocean Thirteen (on HBO) was just starting.

It wasn't your mother's kind of movie. However, shortly after the movie started, these words were spoken:

"When's the opening?"

"July 3rd .."

Casually, Mom thought, July 3rd ... that's 4.

"There'll be fireworks ..."

She sat up.  


Was that a ZAP?

Again, one of the characters said, "July 3rd ..."

July 3rd -- a second time???

Mom jumped up from the sofa to get her cell. 

She gasped when she saw the time.

3:43 pm.

Oh --- my --- Lord.

3:43 ???

Is -- that -- not -- July 3rd???

Omg ...

What are the chances???

Truly Daniel, everywhere we are, there You'll be.

Mom sat herself before the television and watched for um, any further eviDANS.

Danny Shield ... she thought she'd heard. Upon checking wikipedia (at the time of writing), she learned that one of the characters was called Daniel Ocean.


A few minutes later, the words  

It's dangerous ...

appeared across the television screen. 

Oh my ... really???


Dangerous was your first 3 syllable word.

Moments later, she heard "Black Jack ..." mentioned.

Black Jack?

Like 21???


A big grin appeared on your mother's face, she's sure You would have seen.

Don't ask her what the movie was about. 

She wouldn't know. 


Anyway, it was enough for her to know that her son had zapped her. She did not finish the movie. She suddenly remembered this photo she took last Sunday, when Dad was paying our astro bill.

Mom had showed Dad later. 

In fact, Dad was surprised and said, he did not notice the pink sign.

Mom had said, "You see, son is reminding he's beside us all the time ..." :D

Yes Daniel, You are ... You really are right beside us all the time.

All the time, Son ...

All the time.

Blue white and red ... Daniel. 

Very much. <3