Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hello Son,

Monday, December 17

On Monday morning ...

Yup, first thing in the morning on Monday, Mom was in the car, about to drive out of the condo. Maid R was sitting behind. A smile appeared on her face as she heard the intro music of EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE coming on the radio.

The time was 7:04 am.

Every breath you take

Every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

I'll be watching you

Shaking her head with a knowing smile, and humming the song under her breath, Mom sent a telephatic sms to --- somewhere over the rainbow.

I'll be watching you ...

Smile ...

How reassuring ...

She was meant to hear the song ... the message ... but of course, it's so easy ... because otherwise, she would have gone down to the basement a few minutes later, and miss the song.

The following songs on the radio, after EVERY BREATH, until she reached school were - those weird ones.

About an hour later, Mom went back to Taman Desa to pick up a kid. At the same time, she drove to our condo to get your sister. Justine would be helping her out at school today. Dad's outstation.

So anyway, at the condo, Justine got into the car. Reaching over to the radio, your sister changed the station.

DIE YOUNG (by Kesha) was just about starting.

Mom turned sharply to your sister.

Gosh, would You please note the timing? Could it be any better? Justine returned your mother's knowing glance with a raised eyebrow and a playful smirk, we both shook our heads, with your sister telling Mom,

"I change only, it starts ..."

"Your brother must have whispered to you ... change to station 3, Jus ..." :D

Smile ...

The day passed quickly in school. Mom must mention here that during the day, Aunty JC had sent her a casual text, mentioning about our next karaoke session, and our little gathering with some friends.

Soon, it was nap time for the children.

Justine and Mom went out for a bite.

Mom asked your sister what she wanted to have for lunch.

Emm, anywhere la ...

We drove along Old Klang Road, and decided to go to PappaRich. For reasons that would be known later, your mother missed the turning in (entrance) and so had to enter by the EXIT way. Yeah, the parking attendant had to remove the skittle to allow your mother to drive in through the EXIT.

As we drove in, Justine spotted a vehicle in front of us, reversing out.

Hah, did You see that?

We both did.

Then, as we were waiting for the car to leave the bay, another vehicle about 3 - 4 (can't be sure now) bays away from the reversing car, also reversed out. Now, the area was narrow, and soon, both cars were like in the way of the other. It was kinda strange.

Justine and Mom were just looking at both the cars, which had blocked each other's way. We were on a one vehicle lane, but both cars were facing each other.

Picture that, would You please?

Then suddenly, without warning, SOME NIGHTS (by FUN) broke the silence in the car.



Gosh ...


Pulse racing, Mom pumped up the volume. Breathlessly, your mother reminded herself she had uploaded SOME NIGHTS on your Facebook on Saturday night, 2 days ago then ... and that morning, late morning, she had checked the video again, yup ... she had somehow gotten herself addicted to the -- tune.

What do I stand for?

What do I stand for?

Most nights, I don't know, anymore ...

You know ... You know, don't You?

Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh ...

I'll be watching You ...

I'm watching You, Ma ... :D

Omg ...

Mom was soon speaking at one thousand words per minute to your sister, who listened calmly. Justine too thought it strange that we were in the car, unable to move because of the two cartoon vehicles in front, each waiting for the other to give way, but thankfully, neither demonstrated any signs of anger or impatience. No honking, or flashing middle-finger or any kind of aggresive behaviour. The two cars were kinda stationary for a minute, save for a bit of moving forward, then backward, then forward, then backward ...

At one point, You would have wonderered how they could ever get out.

Someone has to give in.

It was like ... like watching a silent movie, for Justine and Mom.

Meanwhile, SOME NIGHTS was still going loud and strong.

Finally, we watched the second car reversing all the way back, to allow the first car to drive ahead and take a right turning, before both vehicles disappeared and was out of sight. You must have seen your mother shaking her head. She reversed the car in, and could not stop talking.

Justine was totally taken in too.

It was too strange.

Too calculated, those moves. The delay was deliberate, You could tell. It was that easy.

That was definitely You, Daniel. :D

ZAP ZAP ZAP ... all the way from heaven. :D

That was too awesome ...

So anyway, we sat in a nice cosy corner, before ordering our food. Mom had chicken porridge, whilst Justine had mee mamak. No prizes for guessing what was the topic of conversation during our meal. :D When we done, and waiting for the bill, Justine saw Aunty JC and her daughter, who had walked in and about to sit at a table, near us.

Mom called Aunt JC.

Aunt JC was so surprised to see us. Yup, as surprised as your mother seeing her. Why, was it not only that morning that we had been texting each other -- about the next karaoke session, remember?

Omg ...

I'll be watching You ...

You're super-near, Daniel ... Mom can totally feel your presence ... Thank You Jesus for that ... because of the cross and resurrection ...

Aunty JC expressed her surprise, "We don't come here at all in the first place ... the last time we came here was a year ago with you (Mom), remember? Only this morning, we were sms-ing ..."

Omg ...

Mom laughed, "Horse instincts ..." :D

So anyway, shortly after their food arrived, Mom bade farewell.

We walked to the car, got into the car, turned on the engine.

The radio was on.

Justine clicked to another station.

Omg ...

Would You believe it?


Again ...

Again? And in the same manner?

Justine and Mom turned sharply to each other, and mouthed the OMG.

Your sister said, "I -- just -- changed -- the -- station. This morning, the same thing happened ..."

Omg ...

You can say that again ... :D


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Hello Son,

It's 1:07 am on Christmas morning.

So much to say, so many inciDANS ...

All You ...

Will tell You all about them in a bit ...

Meanwhile, listen to this song by a little girl called Rhema ...

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There’s a land that I heard of
Far, far beyond the sky


Somewhere over the rainbow, God abides
In the land called Glory
Far, far beyond the sky


God promised me if I believed in Christ
I’d have with Him, eternal life
Everlasting, eternal


Where I’d reign with Him, forevermore
Above the cloud where angels soar
Up high in Glory


Somewhere over the rainbow
My God, my God abides
In the land called Glory
Far, far beyond the sky


And if someday you look for me
And you can’t find me
I will be with God

Your mother gets goose pimples listening to this song ...

Keep the zaps coming, Daniel ...

You're just right beside us, all the time ...

Yeah, it's that easy ...

Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday, Son ... <3

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Call 428 : TWO JUDGES

Hello Son,                                                        (continue from Call 427)

Sunday, December 16

That Sunday evening, Aunty C, Justine and Mom decided to go to Bangsar for dinner.

We were gonna check out 2 outlets to decide on one, for Dad's birthday dinner. Since Dad and your birthday fall on the same day - Christmas Eve - be sure to be with us, okay?

Celebrate with us, You hear, Son?

So anyway, after dinner at the 1st outlet, we walked over to the 2nd outlet.

Aunty C and Justine liked the 2nd outlet immediately, and both thought it would be great to have Dad's birthday dinner there. Needless to say, we ended up making a reservation for Christmas Eve ... :D

We went home after that.

As we were approaching the condo lobby, Mom glanced at the time and exclaimed, "It's 8:45 pm  ... aiyahhh ... MERLIN is almost over ..."

Aunty C replied in good humor, "You all la ... talk talk talk and forgetting the time ..."

So anyway, to go straight to the point ...You know Mom has a problem with that, right? Going straight to the point ... hmmm ... how to You do that, huh? Not one of her strong points. Well, to really go straight to the point, by the time Mom turned on the television, she watched MERLIN come to an end.

Sulk ...

Mom's hoping You did not see her ... scowl ... at the telly screen.

Anyway, Justine and Mom ended up watching Asia's Next Top Model ...

We were on the sofa ... the telly was on ... Before long, we watched the models posing with celebrity model and TV host (and also one of the Judges), introduced as Jason Godfrey.

Mom heard that, of course.

Are You kidding?

Daniel Boey and Jason Godfrey?

The two Judges???

Daniel and Jason?

On the show tonight?

Daniel AND Jason?

Oh My Gosh ...

Mom couldn't help it but started to go on like a broken record, "What are the chances? Honestly, what are the chances? One Daniel and one Jason??? I mean, Daniel ... and Jason??? Did you hear that???"

Of course Justine heard that. It's always good to have a witness ...

Seriously, with MERLIN not on, your mother could have just gone to the room, to take a shower etc. She did not have to sit before the television.

You must have whispered to your mother.

Watch the Model show, Ma ... :D

Oh boy oh boy oh boy ...

Justine was nodding away, caught up with Mom's OMGs etc

Then, just as You would not think it could get any better ... the MODEL show ended ... and a short preview of movie clips came on, accompanied by background song ... get ready for this ...

OMG ...

Mom had gasped when she heard the initial intro music of the song.


She could not believe her ears.

"Eh, FALL FOR YOU ... Omg ... It's 9:55 pm ..."

Decode : 44

Heaven's numbers alright.

Justine replied, "You didn't know, meh?" As in, hasn't Mom seen this preview ad before? Yes, she has in fact ... but it has been quite a while ago ... and it wasn't so dramatic like in this manner ...

Daniel ... Jason ... Fall For You ...


Gosh, would You look at the timing? Was that not her son zapping her?

Yeah, it's too easy. 

FALL FOR YOU ... was the second song You sang to Mom the night before You left us.

Gosh Son ... Mom only has to close her eyes to bring herself back to that night ...

That night ...

Starry starry night ...

Thank You, Son for making your presence felt ...

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Keep the zaps coming always ... :D

Call 427 : FROZEN MEAT

Hello Son,

Sunday, December 16

Dad's outstation.

Justine was out carolling during the day, and only came home late in the afternoon.

Aunty C came over during lunch time.

She had tapau-ed some kuey teow thng (rice noodles soup) for lunch.

See our homemade rice noodles soup ...


Nothing can beat our homemade noodles soup ...

Anyway, Kish came over to the house too, panting and panting like she had ran a marathon.

Oh, by the way, did Mom tell You that Kish was admitted last week?

Yup, admitted - like, admitted to the pets' hospital for pancreatitis. She had a drip set up on her and all that. The vet changed her diet apparently, and told Aunty C not to give her any more meat.

You could say Kish has turned vegetarian.

So anyway, when Aunty C came over with lunch, she was like, "You know what Kish did just now?"

NoOooo ... What?

Aunty C was all smiles as she related what Kish did just now.

Aunty C said that, just now ... she threw all of Kish's frozen meat (from the freezer) into the food bin ... You know, since the dog is now vegetarian and all. Then, she said she left the kitchen and went to her room to study. A little while later, she apparently heard some noices in the kitchen. She thought the cleaner had come in, and was doing some cleaning ... and so, she ignored the noice and continued with whatever she was doing - studying, your aunt said.

Shortly after, Kish apparently came to the room, and sat herself behind Aunty C.

Aunty C happened to glance at her, and saw a strand of ... was it string now she said, or a strand of noodle ... anyway, that long strand was hanging out of Kish's mouth. Aunty C said she kinda jumped out of her chair before she dashed to the kitchen ... and stopped short ... to see her horrified suspicion confirmed by the toppling over of the food bin that Kish had eaten the frozen meat! :D She quickly rummaged through the rubbish on the floor, and in the bin, and discovered that ALL the frozen meat that she had thrown out just now - gone.

All gone ...

Mom laughed heartily.

It was too cute, don't You think?

"Hahahaha ... You people la ... took away her meat ... She must have been craving for meat ... It's been a week since she came back from the hospital ..." Mom grinned, as she gave Kish a little rub on the head.

Kish gave a guilty look, hung her head, with eyes down cast, and tried to avoid eye contact.

Hehehehehe ...

Change of diet ...

Now why does that ring a bell?

Paws ...

 Pink Paw Print Clip Art

Mom soon fell silent, as she suddenly had flashes of your change of diet ...

Of course, she remembers how we tried to follow from one diet to another ... this diet and then that diet ... Kushi's Macrobiotic ... Gerson's Juices ... The Everybody's Advice Organic Diet ... and then, of course, there were a few times when we tried to cut off meat, remember? 

Anyway, whatever diet we chose, we implemented it as a family. Dad and Mom would follow You on the diet strictly. As for Justine, she tried to, but not so strictly. Looking back, it's hard to believe that this went on for about 8 years. Most of the time, we could only follow the new diet for like 2 months or so, before we went back to our normal food ...

Our normal food ... that's like the Hurray Diet for You. :D

Yup, pizzas, burgers and pastas ...

HmmmMmmm ... Mom can still hear all your MmmmmMmmmmms ...

We continue to miss You during meal times, Daniel ...

and that's daily ... like, like ... 5x a day meal times daily ...  and in between ...

You know that, right? Mom's only consolation is that now You have your meals with Jesus and Mama Mary and all the angels and saints ... and how could that not be more awesome than anything You have ever done before?

(continue on Call 428)


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Call 426 : SOME NIGHTS

Hello Son, 

Saturday, December 15

Mom was in the car with the maid. 

We were driving out of the condo, and onto the main road, when SOME NIGHTS came on. Your mother was not really paying much attention to the song until these lyrics kinda found a way to penetrate her brains :

What do I stand for?

What do I stand for?

Most nights, 

I don't know, 

anymore ...

She glanced at the time. 

It was 12:34 pm.

Shaking her head slowly, a sad smile escaped her.  

Honestly, what are the chances?

She could have seen a 12:33 or a 12:35 ...  which would have done nothing to zap her ... but no, she had to see a 12:34 ...

Always, her Son would remind her that he's near.

1234, I love You ...

She heard it loud and clear. His holler all the way from Heaven.

His nice singing voice :

There's only 1 way, 

2 say, 

those 3 words, 

4 You-uuu

I love You

You must have seen your mother shake her head with a knowing satisfaction. 

A knowing satisfaction ...

No one will ever understand what that is

No ... 

No one ... 

except ...

except of course, a mother whose child is in heaven. 

God meant for it to be this way.

The bond between a mother and son is unbreakable.

The connection is forever.

The link is eternal.

Which brings her to this ... 

Isn't it strange that she had snapped this photo when she was at IKEA last week?

You must have whispered to her :

Take a picture of the candles, Ma ... :D  

... because You know your mother is quite obsessed with her collection of eviDANS.

She had only taken ONE photo that day, and it happened to be this 1234 candles.

What a coinciDANS ...

By the way, do You see the price on the box?

RM 24:90 *

Decode : 4

(At the time of writing : Would You believe it but right at that point *, the host of Asia's Next Top Model television show mentioned : Daniel Boey) 

Talk about a coinciDANS ...

A coinciDANS?

Yeah, definitely one ...

You're near, Mom knows ...

It was kinda weird in IKEA that day, she must confess. 

Mom was there to get some storage boxes for the school. Aunty C had accompanied her there. Your aunt was waiting for your mother at a nearby Starbucks. Aunty C had brought along her tablet to do some studying whilst your mother shopped

Mom had a trolly with her, and had filled it up with some wooden play toys and container boxes as she walked from one section to the next. 

About an hour later ...

She was approaching the EXITs, when she couldn't help but notice with a grimace, the long, long, long line of customers patiently queuing up to pay at all the available payment counters. 

Hmmm ... Would You look at all the lines?

She's not that patient. 

Your mother decided to leave her trolly of stuffs and come back on a week day to get them all (again). 

So very carefully, she parked her trolly at a convenient site, hoping no one would notice that she was just gonna leave it - there - and slip away.

It was whilst she was trying to slip away, unnoticed she'd hoped, that she spotted the candles. 

Oh Gee Wow ...

Who would have thought that her zigzag maze of a way to get away unnoticed, (she could have just walked straight out, but no, she had to take the maze way), would bring her to a large crate of white candles with the boldly imprinted -

1234 ...

I see You, Ma ... :D

She could have sworn she heard.

She remembers how natural it was for her to get her cell out to take a picture.

Smile ...

Deep in thought for obvious reasons (we're back in the car, by the way), she soon realized that DIE YOUNG had come on the radio. 

The time showed 12:45 pm.

Decode : 21

Ahhh ...

At the same time, Mom found these numbers starring back at her from the vehicle in front.

Decode : 21

Double ahhh ...

It's so easy, Ma ... :D

Your famous line from the hospital bed.

It's so easy ...

Yeah Son, keep it easy for Mom ... always keep it easy ... otherwise Mom will just not get it.

Another sad smile appeared on her face. 

Everywhere she is, there he'll be. 

All the wonderful signs. 

If she were wondering at all, at first, if he might be near, all doubts were cast aside when DIE YOUNG filled her senses and secret number 21 unveiled itself, twice she must add, to zap zap zap her.


Anyway ...

To cut a long story short, Maid R had her hair cut, we had lunch, and then we spent some time at the book store. It was almost 3:30 pm when we left the place.

Mom was meeting up with her friend and family at a mall in Bangsar at 4 pm.

There was quite a lot of traffic on the road, so she did not have the time to drop the maid off at home first before going to the second mall.  

Reaching the mall, she was literally inching her way to the car park.

In the car park, she drove all around the ground level but was unable to find a parking space.

She made a second round.

Still no vacant bays.

The ground level was very packed with vehicles.

Turning down to the basement level, she found herself muttering under her breath ... yeah, mutter ... because the maid was in the car

"C'mon Son, do your thing ..."

She was late. It was a few minutes past 4 pm already.

At the basement level, she noticed that the car park was just as packed.

You must have seen your mother shaking her head, huh.

Be patient la, Ma ... :D

Then, all of a sudden, Mom saw a girl appeared in front of her.  

Yeah, your mother must have held her breath as she watched the girl walked over to her car, which was like 3 bays in front. 

Oh good. Good that she didn't walk on and on and on and on and not taking her vehicle out after all.

Mom put on her signal, and waited patiently for the girl to drive out of the bay.

As the girl drove off ...

Gasp ...

Omg ...

Omg ...


She found herself starring at the numbers on the registration plate at the back of the girl's car


Oh My Gosh ...

Her 1234 ...

What are the chances?

Overwhelmed, she drove forward, and carefully reversed in. 

At the same time, another car directly opposite her bay, drove off leaving its parking lot vacant.

Pause ...

Two free bays ... at the same time ... and a 1234 ...  


How easy was that?


That was surely You, Daniel ... 

Here Ma, two free parking bays ... :D

Yeah two ...

Thank you, Son ... that was You for sure ...

Truly ...

It's amazing how You can speak right to your mother's heart ...

Talk to You in a bit, Daniel ...

Keep the zaps coming  ...

We miss You very much and wish You were here especially at this time of the year.