Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello Son,

Friday, August 19

Dad was outstation. 

Mom complained by text messages about the staircase of the new school - it's not done yet. We're supposed to be operating from the new school on Monday, Sept 5, about 2 weeks away then. 

Yet no one seems to know how to do the staircase. We're building a staircase to connect the first and second floors internally, by the way.

The day before on the Thursday, August 18 @ 2:10 pm, Dad said in his text message:

"everything will be ok in the end. trust son."

Humphhh ...

Dad had to say that because Mom was getting a wee bit hysterical. No comments, please. Will You send someone quick, Daniel? Someone who knows how to do the staircase? 

There was one contractor whom Dad spoke to about the staircase, and the guy apparently said that he could do, but we would have to draw up the measurements and the design for him to follow.

Pause ...

How in the world would we know how to draw that? Does your mother look like she knows how to design and calculate the angles and measurements of a staircase?

Yes, Mom was pretty anxious and worried. She was under the impression that building an internal staircase would be simple and straightforward. That night, Mom sent Dad several sms-es to remind him about the time factor. 

We only have two more weeks, she had whined repeatedly. 

So how? What to do? Who to call? Is there someone else whom we can call? How? How? How?

That was when Dad sent the sms and said that everything will be okay in the end ... trust son. That calmed your mother down instantly.

On Friday, August 19, the next day @ 12:55 pm ... 

Dad sent a text message to say that he'd found a contractor who could do the staircase. Really? So soon? All her whining did work then. Get ready for this.

Dad said the guy's name is Daniel.

Huh ???

Seriously ???

Did You hear that ???

Daniel to the rescue? Trust Son, Dad had said the day before - and Son sends a Daniel to us? A thousand and one names out there, and this contractor has to have your name ??? 

Dad sent her the guy's phone number under the name "Daniel Stairs." 

Mom saved the business card in her cell immediately before calling Daniel Stairs to come by the new premise that Friday afternoon.

On Saturday, August 20 ... 

Aunty Carol and Mom brought Justine to the hospital for a second x-ray on her ankle. Don't ask why. Just go with the flow. Everything's okay. Aunty C wanted a certain part of her foot to be scanned that wasn't taken in the first film.

In the car, Mom mentioned that the guy who's doing the staircase is called ... Guess what? ... Daniel

Aunty C widened her eyes as she turned to look at your mother.

Mom read her mind and shook her head, saying, 

"Nah ... he's not cute." :D

Aunty C said, "I don't think he was born with that name."

Yeah, he probably chose that name recently just so Mom could be zapped. Hah. 

Mom showed Justine, the saved name card in her cell :  

Daniel Stairs.

Your sister commented, "Hey, isn't that a song? Stairs to heaven? Daniel was playing that song on the guitar. Some kind of stairs to heaven."

Time stood still for a good 3 seconds.

Stairs to Heaven ???

"You mean, Stairway to Heaven ???" Mom asked.

Your sister said, "Yeah, I think that's the title."

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven

You were playing this song, Daniel ?

Mom was surprised. She had no recollection.

Don't You say a word now.

Of course, we all remember You strumming on the guitar. Just that Mom never knew the names of most of the songs You were playing. 

Stairway to Heaven ...

Why were You playing this song? 

At the hospital ... 

Mom dropped Aunty C and Justine at the Kecemasan (Emergency) and she drove further ahead. There were several specially reserved bays on her left. Since it was a Saturday, she decided she would put herself under that special category and be allowed to wait by those bays. 

You must have seen your mother turning the car into one of the special bays. She wound down the window and turned off the car engine. Peering out of the window, to check which building she was at, she grimaced when she saw the bold words:


Of all places.

So anyway, Justine was at the scan with Aunty C, Mom was in the car, waiting for them. Dad was outstation. That's where everyone was at that moment.

A few minutes later, Mom's cellphone rang. 

It was Daniel Stairs.

A smile appeared on her face. 

What perfect timing. Yes Son, of course you'd want Mom to know that you're right here with us, especially when Justine is at the scan room. Notice that the Daniel guy did not call when she was driving. He only called after she was all nicely parked and waiting ...

It was all very carefully planned out ... by an angel watching from above. :D No prizes for guessing.

After talking to the Daniel guy, Mom sent an sms to Dad, telling Dad that when Justine was at the scan, Daniel Stairs called. Mom also mentioned about the song Stairway to Heaven. The time of her text was 8:59 am.

Dad did not reply immediately.

Aunty C and Justine were ready to be picked up. Mom took the car and turned one round around the hospital ground, and back to the Emergency entrance. They hopped into the car. 

Mom couldn't wait to tell your sister, "When you were at the scan just now, Daniel Stairs called. Can you believe that?" Your brother really wants You to know he's with You. 

Justine smiled and nodded happily. 

Oh My ... came across this image and couldn't help but get zapped by the white feather ...

Call 128 : White Feather
Call 178 : Manga Message

Back home ... 

We were having breakfast in Grandma's house. Mom told Aunty Diana about the Daniel Stairs calling when Justine was at the scan. Then, Justine said again, that Daniel used to play Stairways to Heaven on the guitar.

Barely 2 seconds passed after Justine said that, Dad's sms beeped into Mom's cellphone. 

His text @ 9:23 am read : 

"he likes that song when i played it on the guitar. he was learning it halfway. :( "

Mom sent back a reply immediately, 

"Justine just said that b4 u sms."

Woah ... Would You look at all the connection? TWO persons saying the same thing at the same time, Daniel? That's reason to take notice. You surely know how to make your presence felt. It would have taken Dad about a minute to key in his text, which means, Dad and Justine were probably saying / thinking about the same line at the same time. 

Perhaps that's because your 21st was the next day on Saturday, August 21st and You were reminding Mom, since she forgot about it the month before. :D

Stairways to Heaven ...

If only there was one, Son ... <3

Oh Wow ... OMG, You won't believe this but after publishing the entry at 12:16 am, Mom clicked EDIT to include the last image (girl with guitar). At that moment, fireworks exploded in the sky. Yes, fireworks. As Mom glanced at the time at the bottom of her computer, the time changed from 12:23 to 12:24 am.

OMG ... 12:24 ... That's YOU ... 

December 24 - Your birthdate. <3

Oh Gosh, would You look at all the angel timing? The split of a second precision? 

That was amazing, Son ... :D  You really are with us ... all the time.

It's incredible. Almost magical.

Keep the ZAPs coming, Son ... and stay connected.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Call 270 : MOM'S NUMBER

Hello Son,

Thursday, August 18

Mom was in the car at the lobby, waiting for Justine. 

The radio was on your mother's station 105.7. The DJ, if she remembers correctly, was engaged in some morning talk. 

Shortly after, your sister came. She got into the car, changed the radio station to her station 95.3 immediately.

The lyrics filled the car.

Boom Boom Boom ...

Even brighter than the moon moon moon ...

It was the ending of FIREWORK.  

Call 151 : Major Fireworks

Justine pointed to the time. It was 7:34 am.

Decode : 14

Your mother's mouth fell open. 

No, not because of the angel sign, but rather, the moon moon moon.

OMG ... moon moon moon ??? 

Did You hear that ???

You must have whispered to your sister to switch the station. You knew this moon moon moon word would zap your mother. Had she switched over like 5 seconds later, we would have missed that line. 

That was awesome, the perfect angel timing.

Call 268 : Moon Talk

Our morning ZAP obviously... :D

We drove out of Taman Desa and along the highway. Before long, came a car that slid in from our right, to our front, and to our left. You couldn't miss it, the way it cut across us from the right lane to the left ... especially with the number plate.

1444 ...

All her angel numbers. :D At first Mom was quite calm, until her eyes shot to the time on the dashboard, that shone boldly, 8:21 am.

Decode : (44) (21)

"Quick take a photo of the car number, Jus," Mom said urgently, like they were on a car chase. :D 

44 and 21 ... 

Good numbers, very good numbers ... They point to her Son. 

Clearly. :D

You're near, Daniel. We know that. It's gonna be a great day ahead, she could feel it already. :D

After dropping Justine in college, Mom drove back to the condo. She had to pick Dad up, so he could drop her off in school. Dad was going outstation later in the morning by coach, and he needed to use the car.

Dad hopped into the car, and we drove out of the condo premise. Turning right at the junction, we drove along the road until we reached a traffic lights some . There was a car right in front of us, at the lights. 

Mom immediately gasped.

OMG ...

"Look at the number plate. It's DAN," Mom pointed out excitedly. 

Dad saw and smiled.

The lights were still red, Mom continued reading out the numbers on the registration plate loudly, 

"Eight Five One One..." 

Then, "OMG ... Eight Five One One??? Eight Five One One ... That's my handphone number!!! OMG ... He's calling me ... He's calling me ... That's my number!!!"

Your mother's cellphone number : +6 016 330 8511

DAN 8511

8511 - the last 4 numbers of your mother's number.

A closer look ...

OMG ... You will not believe this but ...

TUESDAY AUGUST 30 @ 4:14 pm ... 

At the time of writing this entry, right after uploading both the DAN 8511 photos, Glee cast performs LEAN ON ME on TV, the very first line of the song started at her angel time 4:14 pm. 

OMG ... What are the chances? 

Call me ...Call me ... Just call me ... when you need a friend ... :D

Mom's so calling You, Son ... :D You really do know how to connect with Mom, don't You?

OMG, it's awesome ... 

What a coinciDANS. :D

It's unbelievable! Would You please look at the timing??? 

Right after Mom uploads the 2 car photos above, and said that "He's calling me" ... GLEE starts to sing LEAN ON ME ... and as we both know, this song ends with ...


OMG ...


That was totally unbelievable, Daniel.

Our connection truly has gone up to the next level. :D

Believe la, Ma ... :D

Call 269 : TOYS TOYS

Hello Son,                                                                                (continue from Call 268)

Wednesday, August 17

On Wednesday morning, after dropping Justine off at college, Mom drove straight to school. She got out of the car and walked to the grocery store ... the one she went to the day before. 

Today, she's got some investigation to do.

Why it was so important for her to see that red tee shirt again with the words MOON & SON, it's hard to tell. No, she can't explain it, but she had to see it again. Was there a mis-print just for her benefit?

Stepping into the shop, she must confess she was a bit disappointed to learn that the boy who attended to her yesterday, was not at the cashier. She took a quick glance around the shop. No, he wasn't in the shop. She didn't expect that. She had actually thought he would be right there at the cashier, wearing the same tee shirt.

Darn it. Now what.  

The store keeper asked if he could help her.

She suddenly remembered that the day care staff had asked to buy a pack of salt. So she asked very casually, like she had intended to get a pack of salt all along, and not to uh, snoop around.

"Do you have salt?"

He said yes, and showed her to the left shelf of goodies. 

She looked up and down the shelves but found nothing that was near to a packet of salt. The man came over and picked up a pair of socks from the shelf.

"This?" he asked.



"No no no ... SALT-TTT," she pronounced as clearly as she could.

"Ohh - SALLL - TERRR," he said with a heavy accent. 

Yeah, he's a foreigner.  Can You tell? From the middle east, she thinks.

So anyway she finally got her packet of salt. After all the trouble, she decided she would take TWO packets of salt. She checked the price but there was no price tag on the packet. 

She took it to the cashier.

Mom was looking at the till and wondering how much a packet of normal salt would cost. Believe it or not but she had no idea how much a packet of salt cost as she normally bought seasalt.

You must have seen your mother's eyes widen when the amount appeared on the till. :D

RM1-40 ... showed the till, and said the cashier.

She couldn't help smiling to herself. Her I AM NUMBER FOUR is right beside her. :D You must have whispered to your mother to buy 2 packets of salt for that morning zap. Never mind that the red tee was not in sight, You were with Mom. She could tell.

Yes, she could.

I know what you're up to la, Ma ... :D

she could almost hear You say.

Where's the boy with the red tee shirt, Daniel? Was that a 

Moon & Son or a 

Moon & Sun that Mom saw yesterday?

Mom did not know then, but You would soon give her an answer to her repeated question, in the strangest way, a week later.

Yeah, You could say that again ... OMG ! 

It was amazing, honestly. 

Be patient, and wait a bit for that entry. It happened a week later on Wednesday August 24.

Anyway, that morning in school ... during reading time ...

Mom pulled out a book for a child to read. As the little girl was turning the pages, she came to this zap page. :D

Zap Zap ... :D

Zap Zap ??? 

Grin a happy grin. 

Smile a secret smile. 

Frown a little and ask, surely that was your doing, Daniel? :D

ZAP ZAP, Mom ... :D

She hears your lazy drawl. Are you referring to that Moon & Son inciDAN ... she wondered. ZAP ZAP. Whatever it was, You're near. She felt your presence as she listened to the little girl read the rest of the book.

Shortly after, another page of another book zapped your mother. :D

Toys Toys ...

That word sure brought your mother back to memory lane as she felt her chest constrict painfully with nostalgia.

Dad and Mom and all your aunties will always remember that this used to be your favourite word in the whole wide world when You were younger ... and even when you're older. :D

What to You want, Daniel?

Toys ...

What do You want to buy, Daniel?

Toys ...

You want something special for your birthday, Daniel?

Toys ...

How about Christmas, Son?

Toys ...

Dad would always reply back with a lil amusement, 

"Toys Toys Toys, everytime Toys Toys Toys ..." :D

How we miss that enthusiastic voice of yours when it comes to that four letter word, TOYS. :D You really are right beside your mother, aren't You? 

Come on ... TWO book zaps. 

Hellooo - TWO???

It's so obvious. :D

Nobody, nobody but chiu. :D

After school that afternoon ...

Mom drove Grandma to the bank. The bank area if You remember, is a crazily congested place especially during lunch hour. Cars were parked on the right and left side of the road, leaving only a narrow space for vehicles to drive through. 

Mom stopped by Grandma's bank for Grandma to get down, whilst she waited in the car, beside a parked car, on the right side of the road. As she was waiting, she happened to notice the petrol tank indicator that showed 14.1 km/l. 


She found herself ignoring it. 

No zap. No OMG. No need for photo.

A few minutes later, a man walked over to the car beside ours. It was quite obvious that he was going to drive the car out of the bay. Mom just had to smile. She had to. Of all the cars along the long stretch of road that would leave their parking bays, it was the one that Mom was right beside.  

Is this for Mom? She found it quite difficult to re-park back into the bay as she could only drive forward. Just as she drove forward, a second car on the left side of the road signaled to reverse. 

Oh boy, you are really good, Mom thought aloud.

She checked the rear mirror and saw that an on-coming car was quite a distance away, which means, she is able to wait by the side on the right, for the car on the left to reverse out before driving into the bay easily ... without having to worry that another vehicle would just drive into her bay. :D

Thanks for that, Son ... You really are watching us from above, aren't You? :D

Mom saw Grandma coming out of the bank, and going into a bakery. She waited patiently in the car. 

Dad called.

He wanted to know where Mom was. He said he'd picked Justine up from college and they had gone for lunch, and guess what, Dad had asked.  Mom could hear his smile over the phone.

"Our bill was One - Four - O ..."

One - Four - O ??? One hundred and forty ??? Mom asked incredulously. "For lunch???" 

Isn't that a bit too much to be spending for lunch when there's no special occasion? What could they have had? Lobster?

Dad replied, "No lah, RM14-00 ... We went to JoJo's." 

Justine's favourite flour noodle cafe.

"Ohhh ..." Mom said, and then ...

"Hey, One - Four - O ... That's my bill this morning. I bought two packets of salt for RM1-40." 

You must have seen both your parents laugh at the same time. We hung up. Mom was smiling happily to herself when she suddenly caught sight of the figure in the petrol tank indicator. 

OMG ... she thought slowly.

OMG ...

You've gotta to be kidding ...


Confirmed - Her I AM NUMBER FOUR is definitely with her today. It's obvious. Come to think of it, it was strange for Dad to call her and tell her his bill amount and try to make a connection. That's your mother's specialty. Everyone knows that. Dad normally doesn't do that ... before. 

Frankly, he's changed in this area. Grin. :D. Besides, Dad said One - Four - O ... which was inaccurate. He should have said One - Four - O - O ... Double O ... but he did not ... he said One - Four - O ... the exact figure that appeared in the petrol indicator. 

OMG ...

You must have whispered to Dad to call Mom just so she would get the DOUBLE ZAP in the brief few minutes that she was alone in the car. TWO ZAPs count for something. 

That's the um, rule. She can't really put a finger as to what the something is, but it sure is something special. Her Son is near. He's letting her know that. He is. She can tell. Oh yes, she can so tell. It's a mother and son thing. Mama Mary would understand that. Yes, she would. The bond between mother and son can never be severed, and it continues forever. 

And ever. 

As God intended it to be.

Thank You Jesus for the connection. :D

Man, that was awesome. Daily, You drop a little sign that You are near, Daniel. Keep the ZAPs coming, kay?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Call 268 : MOON TALK

Hello Son, 

Tuesday, August 16

This morning, Mom was in school. Grandma called to say she needed to use the car. Dad had taken our car on a trip outstation, and Mom was driving Grandma's car that morning.

So, as soon as your mother could, she slipped out of the school, jumped into the car to drive the car back to the condo. 

It was only a 2 - 3 minute drive at the most from the school to the condo, as You'd know. Yet, during that brief period, there was a 2 liner preview of ABBA's song Angel Eyes that came on the radio. 

Only 2 lines :

Look into his angel eyes

One look and you're hypnotized

Couldn't find a nice picture of a boy - angel with big eyes. 

This will have to do. :D

Of course, Mom's eyes shot to the time on the dashboard.

It was 9:39 am.

Decode : 21

21 ...

What a perfect sign. You're with Mom, she can tell. The timing was just too angel perfect. Had she gone to the car like 5 minutes later, she would have missed that line. The line that zapped her only the day before. :D It came on for  brief 5 seconds only. She was so meant to hear it.

Call 267 : No Emergency

That afternoon, after school, Mom walked over to the shops opposite the school to buy a loaf of bread. She went to the grocery store nearest to the school. Everything was as normal as could be. She picked up a loaf and went to the cashier. 

You must have seen your mother standing behind a customer, who was paying for his goods. Mom stood there in line, looking around the small shop. The man in front of her soon left, and she took a step forward before placing her bread on the cashier table-top. 

The cashier boy was wearing a vibrant RED tee shirt. It was so very red and bright that you just had to LOOK AT IT. 

And she did.

As she was looking at his tee, she suddenly noticed the word SON in white, thin font print, on the left chest side of his shirt. 


She narrowed her eyes to make sure she was seeing it right. 

SON ??? 

On the boy's tee shirt ???

OMG ... What are the chances? 

Who prints the word SON on a tee shirt?

Mom immediately pulled out her handphone. 


Like Bones ...  the crime drama television series.

She wanted to snap a photo for eviDANs for the blog. However, as it turned out, she couldn't. The boy was standing right in front of her. How could she snap a photo of him? 

She avoided eye contact, as she thought of asking, 

"Excuse me, can I take a photo of your tee shirt?" 

How weird would that be?

And so, the mobile remained in her hand ...  and her plan unexecuted.

As the boy was attending to her, she continued to look at the SON word. She soon noticed there was another word on his right side. However, he was facing her at an angle and she couldn't read it.

Hi Son, you're here with Mom, aren't You? Her heart had silently called out to him. Even at the store, You make your presence felt. :D

He soon turned to her ... facing her like uh, chest to chest ... 

She caught sight of the other word MOON.

Pause ...

MOON & SON ... 

OMG, how weird is that? 

Mom recalls Justine strumming on her guitar and singing TALKING TO THE MOON a few weeks ago.

At night when the stars lit up my room

I sit by myself

Talking to the Moon

Trying to get to You

In hopes you're on the other side

Talking to me too

By Bruno Mars.


It was later that night, when Mom was thinking about the earlier Moon & Son inciDAN when she suddenly realized that ... 

Hey, shouldn't it be Moon & Sun ... and not Son???

She was quite, quite, quite sure she saw SON and not SUN ... Of course it would make more sense if the word on the tee was SUN. Still, Mom was very certain the word she saw was SON. She had after all been staring at the word, and had it been SUN, she wouldn't have felt all zapped and overwhelmed.

Unless ... the tee shirt was somehow crinkled or even folded, at the crucial part of U, making it looked like an O. 

No, it can't be. She was pretty certain it was a clear SON. That's why she was mesmerized. Can't You tell?

Mom told Dad about it and said that she wanted to go to the shop again first thing in the morning. Justine asked why. Mom said she was hoping that same boy would wear the same tee shirt and this time, she would ask if she could take a photo of his tee shirt. 

Justine exclaimed, "Eeee Yewww ... Grose ... You want him to be wearing the same tee shirt tomorrow?"

Grinning, Mom said "Yup." :D

(continue on Call 269)