Sunday, February 26, 2012

Call 334 : CODE 44

Hello Son, 

Wednesday, February 22

Something amazing happened this Wednesday, a day after your 21st. You will remember that your mother was kinda waiting the whole day for your zaps the day before, and finally got two at the end of the day.  
See Call 333 : With Jesus 

Well, the day after your 21st, on Wednesday, You made it up to us. 

Dad, Mom and Justine each had our own little zaps from You. We knew they were from You.

Yes Son, we did ...  :D

1. Mom's Zap

Mom was in school. 

It was in the afternoon and the kids were napping. Dad came over to pick your mother up for a late lunch. In the car, your mother was telling Dad (again) about the two inciDANs that happened the day before, on your 21st.

"Can you imagine how the cashier girl can suddenly say RM5:40? Just when I was thinking where is the number 4 ... OMG ... And If I Die Young had to come on just before we reached the condo ... You remember how you kept saying we should go, we should go ... He must have whispered to you to get going ... Had we gone to the car just 5 minutes later, we would have missed the song ... OMG ... Can you imagine etc ..."

Suddenly, Dad reached out to turn up the volume of the radio, and only then did Mom hear. 

OMG ...

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as I may I can never explain

What I hear when You don't say a thing

You say it best when You say nothing at all ...

Mom's eyes shot to the dashboard. 


The time showed 3:55 pm.

Decode : 4


We drove to a coffee shop. As we were waiting for our food, your mother was suddenly alerted to the background music that was filling her senses.

"Eh, what's this song?" she had pointed a finger up in the air.

A few seconds later ...

OMG ... 

There You'll Be ... by Faith Hill. 

Dad saw your mother grabbing her cellphone to check the time. She gave a triumphant yelp and showed Dad the time. 

It was 4:04 pm. 

Remember this code : 44 as it would appear again later for Mom, Dad and Justine.

By Faith Hill

In my dreams, I'll always see You soar above the sky

In my heart, there will always be a place for You for all my life

I'll keep a part of You with me

And everywhere I am, there You'll be

 Video created by Justine.

Yes Son, You took the words right out of your mother's mouth. 

Code 44 : Everywhere I am, there You'll be. 

For sure. :D

Mom went back to school after the short break. 

That evening, as we were going home, there was a white sports car that zapped your mother.

Oh boy ...

Dad said, You used to pick this model when You played your racing car video games and at times, You would ask Dad to help You pick the wheels as You assemble your car. :D

44 ...

OMG ... 44 ???

Everywhere I am, there you'll be ... <3

Code cracked.

Message received.

Thanks Son. :D 

OMG, that was awesome.

2. Dad's Zap

When we were turning into our lane to return home, Dad spotted a KTM 990 with the registration plate 44.

Dad had in fact called out, "Hey, 44 ..."

Mom had looked up then and saw the bike but did not see the number as it had zoomed away.

That 44 was meant for Dad.

Everywhere I am, there You'll be.

Once again, code cracked.

Message received.

That was surely You, Son.

Mom said to Dad excitedly, 

"Just now, I had a 44, and now You. 

Son's talking to us, I'm telling you ... 

At the coffee shop, There You'll Be came on right on 4:04 pm. 

I showed you the time. You saw it.

That's 44 ... That's the code ... OMG ... 

He's telling us, everywhere we are, there he'll be ..." :D

OH   MY   GOSH ...


We arrived home. Mom couldn't wait to tell Justine about the inciDANs of the day except that she didn't expect your sister to be waiting for your parents instead, to tell them about her zap inciDAN that happened this afternoon.

3. Justine's Zap

Your sister said, "I had a major zap this afternoon. It is so impossible, it can only be him."

Oh boy, your mother couldn't wait to hear the story.

Your sister said, that this afternoon after class, she and two other friends went for lunch at a restaurant near college. 

The bill came up to RM44:40.

Upon leaving the restaurant, it started to rain. The girls had no choice but to go back in, to wait for the rain to stop. 

At the table, one of the girls asked the other girl about braces apparently, and that alerted your sister about her retainers that she had taken out before eating her lunch. 

Justine had wrapped them up with a tissue, and left it on the table as she was having her food and had forgotten all about them. It was quite obvious that the waitress who cleared the table would have cleared the retainers away as well.

Your sister called for the waitress and told her about the problem. Yes, the retainers were discarded, but thankfully, they were retrieved.

Justine said, "We had already left the restaurant. It had to rain, and we had to go back in. If X did not mention about the braces, I wouldn't have remembered my retainers at all."

It was so obvious she had angel help there. :D

After awhile, the girls wanted to go back to college. Since it was still raining, they decided to borrow an umbrella from the restaurant people. They came out, with the umbrella, apparently walked a few steps before the rain stopped.

Your sister was pretty much overwhelmed by that.

Mom told Justine, that she and Dad too had a 44 zap that day.

Yes, yes ... Mom is aware that your sister had a 444 zap ... 

You say it best when You say nothing at all (4), 

clearly the reminder about her retainers ... and ...

Everywhere I am, there You'll be (44)  ...

Oh hellooo ... that was easy ... :D

Mom said, "He's making it up for yesterday ..."

Thank you, Son ... for the message for each of us. 

That sure was precious.

Call 333 : WITH JESUS

Hello Son,

Tuesday, February 21

Your 25th month anniversary with Jesus and Mother Mary.

You know, Mom will honest here and say that the whole day, she had been expecting a zap or two but there were none. 

It was your 21st, and something awesome always happen on your 21st ... always. 

However, that Tuesday, nothing happened.

No zap.

No sign.

No number 4 anywhere. :(

After all the kids left, Dad, Justine and your mother went for dinner at a nearby mall. While waiting for the food, Mom walked over to the next store to buy some kuaci. 

The last 2 times when your mother was there to buy the sunflower seeds, she was zapped. :D

She went in and filled up a tub. Handing it over to the cashier girl, your mother watched the till. 

The amount showed RM5:10.

You must have seen your mother grimaced. Where's her number 4, she had thought at first, and then saw her angel sign as she decoded.

Then, would You believe it, but before your mother could take out her purse, the cashier girl said, 

"Oh, sorry. It's RM5-40." 


Apparently, there was a charge for the container that the girl forgot to add on.


Your mother had to laugh out loud in her head. 

Gosh, You read Mom's mind, didn't You?

You wanted a number 4, Ma? :D

Thanks for that, Son ... :D

As we were having our dinner, Mom told Dad and Justine about the inciDAN at the kuaci shop. She was mindful that there had only been ONE inciDAN that night. There must be a second one.

That's the rule. 

There must be two zap inciDANs.

After dinner, we were in the car heading home. 

It was only a short ride of 5 minutes at the most, from our dinner place back to the condo. Yet, during that short drive, guess what ...

IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio.

OMG ...

The time was 9:03 pm. It wasn't a zap time, she knows, but that song was sufficient to bring a wide smile to your mother's face. 

Just at the close of day. 

In the nick of time. 

Her second inciDAN.

By The Band Perry.

It was your 21st that day ... 

This song is just so --- YOU.

How perfect that it came on when it did.

Her second zap inciDAN, your mother hugged herself gleefully.

Thank You for that, Son ... We were only in the car for about 5 minutes, but yet, we were able to hear the whole song and be reminded that You are safe with Jesus ... :D 

Honestly, what are the chances of IF I DIE YOUNG coming on the radio in that 5 minutes as we were driving home?

No chance.

Oh okay ... Slim chance.

Correction ... Angel chance.

Daniel, that was super-awesome. It made your 21st all the more perfect with IF I DIE YOUNG at the end of the day. 

The RM5:40 was to get your mother's attention, and the song was to ZAP ZAP ZAP!!! :D

Oh Daniel Phua, that was easy ... :D

Call 332 : TITANIC ZAP

Hello Son

Sunday, February 19

We went to your garden on Sunday morning.

Rather late.

That would be like the latest we have ever been to your garden.

After 9:30 am.

We went to get your flowers first. 

In the car, Justine at one point called out, "Mom ... listen."

Mom pumped up the volume.  

If I Were A Boy was on the radio.

Oh Wow ... 

If I Were A Boy ... 

was one of the very first few songs that we remember You singing. 

Your aunties would tease You when You sang this song, and would say,  

"If I were a boy, Daniel? What are You now?" 

You would just continue singing in response to their teasing, and that would make them laugh out loud. :D

Yes Son, we remember ... If I Were A Boy ... It's been awhile since we've heard this song on the radio. Today, and right then, just as we were about to get your flowers, would be the perfect time.

You know huh ... that we were going to your garden.

On hindsight ... 

Perhaps You knew You wouldn't be a boy for that much longer. Was that why You sang this song so often?

Perhaps ...

Mom will never know for sure ...

By Beyonce (lyrics).

See the GOOD TIMES on the wall in the pub (Smallville video)? 

Mom wrote a GOOD TIMES entry this morning on Call 330.

What are the chances of her coming across this word in a video she chose at random? Yeah Son, that's definitely You reminding your mother to think about the good times.

See Call 327 : 25th Month ... at your garden.

Dad planting white roses at your garden bed.

When we were finally done at the garden, and were in the car ready to go back, Dad had turned on the engine, and the time on the dashboard showed :

11:14 am.

Mom pointed immediately and exclaimed, 

"That's 21 and 24 ... All him."

All him? Excuse the bad grammar. 

How your mother became so uh, good ... with numbers, she will never know. Do You?

We drove back around our area for brunch. Whilst we were at the coffee shop, a second song came on to zap your mother.

Titanic ...

My Heart Will Go On ...

And on and on and on ...

How perfect that this song came on while we were having our brunch. Mom had grabbed her cell to checked the time. It was 2:35 pm. She was all smiles as she told Dad and Jus.

Decode : 24 4

Yes Son ... all You ...

Nobody, nobody but YOU ...


By Celine Dion.

Two songs ... 

Yes, always two ... to remind your mother that You are near. <3

Call 331 : ANGEL DATE

Hello Son,

Saturday, February 18

That Saturday, Mom and your sister had a shopping date. 

Justine's prom night would be in a week's time then on Saturday Feb 25, and we were gonna shop for clothes and shoes. Your sister had extra classes that Saturday. 

Mom picked her up after class.

The moment your sister hopped into the car and shut the door, guess what? 

One Thousand Years came on the radio. :D 

We were soon singing along all the way to Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park for a quick lunch at our favourite flour noodle coffee shop.


official music video

By Christina Perri

However, upon reaching the coffee shop, we couldn't find a parking. We followed the road, until we came to this particular row. A car was just about leaving. Your sister and Mom both saw the number plate : 

Taken @ 1:02 pm.


Decode : 144

"He wants You to park here, Jus ..." Mom said with a grin. :D

Smiling, your sister drove right in to the bay.

At the cafe @ 1:13 pm.

As it was a bit too far to walk to the flour noodle coffee shop, we went to the cafe nearest to the parking ticket machine.

At first, Mom was sitting at the black cushioned seats against the wall, but the cafe boy came over to tell her that, that section was closed for maintenance. He moved us to this other table (see your sister's hands in the photo?) where your mother sat, facing a big D with a um ... halo.  :D

Yes Son, You were definitely with us during lunch, we could feel your presence very much ... :D Of all the alphabets that had to be on the wall, it had to be one that would zap us. And the crown?

After lunch, we drove to the Mall. 

At the mall, Mom directed Justine to our normal parking spot. Yeah, the one that says NO ENTRY.

It was a Saturday and the parking at the mall was pretty packed with vehicles. Approaching our spot, an MPV signaled to leave and Justine was able to easily reverse in. There were no cars behind, and so she was able to take her time to position the car, and carefully backed in.

Mom commented, "He's definitely with us, Jus. This is the second time, a car leaves for You to park ..." 

Your sister nodded with a smile.

Here Jus, park here ... :D

We got out of the car, and walked to the entrance, which was like ten steps away. Your sister pointed to the floor at one point. 

Mom looked.


4000 ???

Our angel sign alright ... :D 

Mom chuckled, "He's definitely shopping with us. He must have whispered to You to look down on the floor. We've passed this lane so many times and have not seen this 4000 mark before."

We walked from shop to shop. 

Then, came a shop, which your mother chose not to go into. It didn't look like it has party outfits and she didn't want to waste time going into that shop. 

We were about to walk past it when Justine said, 

"There are some clothes in there too. Let's go in ..."

Oh well ...

Mom turned around, and stepped into the boutique.

You will not believe this but barely 5 seconds after we walked into the shop, the song SOMEWHERE OUT THERE came on the overhead speakers.


Aunty J, Mom, Justine and You in California (Year 2004). You were 10 years old.

click on title to view Daniel's video during our trip to the USA

Honestly, this shop had nothing, absolutely nothing, that Justine could even consider trying on but we stayed there till the song ended. :D You were with us, Daniel, that's for sure. How else would You explain that we had to step into this boutique? You must have whispered to your sister.

Step into this shop, Jus ... :D

So anyway, we went here and there for another hour and a half. We were in JUSCO before your sister said she wanted to take Mom to another boutique that was back in Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park, where we had lunch earlier. 

As we were walking out of JUSCO, BACK TO DECEMBER came on the overhead system.

By Taylor Swift.

Back to December ...

Yes Son, we go Back To December all the time.

In particular, December 24, 1994 @ 4:41 pm

The day You were born. You were / are truly your parents' bundle of joy ... despite all the angel signs on your birth certificate that was glaring at your mother at the material time.

Two songs ... before we left the mall.

Yes, two ... that's the understanding ... there must be two ...


We definitely felt your presence, Daniel ... :D

We walked to the car park. Justine drove out of the bay. There was a car in front of us that brought a smile to your mother's face.

 Taken @ 4:55 pm.


Decode : 4444

How not to smile at all her angel signs?

Anyway, we drove back to Kuchai E Park. To cut a long story short, your sister found her dress in one of the boutiques. We bought it, and then decided to drop by this steamboat restaurant for dinner. Dad was outstation and would only be back late at night.

 Taken @ 6:24 pm. Would You look at all our sauces?

See the table the waitress brought us to?


Decode : 44

It's so obvious that You were / are with us the whole day, Son. :D We had a nice dinner. After filling our tummies, it was time to go home. 

At the turning into our condo, we saw a car with the numbers :

Image taken @ 7:59 pm.


Decode : 4

That's so easy, Daniel ... You truly were with us the whole day, right from the beginning till the end of the day. Mom had snapped a photo of the vehicle with her cellphone. 

Upon uploading the photo, she noticed the time the image was taken to be 7:59 pm.

Decode : 21

How a simple number can bring a big smile on your mother's face only God knows. 

And Mother Mary ... 

And of course, You ...

That was YOU with us, the whole day today, Daniel.

Nobody, nobody but YOU ... 

Mom knows ... without a shred of any doubt in her heart, she knows.

Thank you Jesus for the bond between mother and son. <3

Call 330 : GOOD TIMES

Hello Son,

Friday, February 17

Mom started the car. 

One Thousand Years came on immediately. 

It was 6:39 pm.

Decode : 144

That sure brought a smile on your mother's face as she thought of the nice lady who had brought that link to her.

A whole day has passed in school and Mom did not get any of those familiar zaps from You that day. 

Until then ...

By Christina Perri


Decode : 4

Another good reason to smile. :D


That evening at home ...

Mom was checking her emails. 

After that, she was searching for some nursery rhyme videos. As she did, she stumbled upon this video below. You wouldn't blame your mother for staring, now would You?

Good times by Daniel Pinto ...

Picture of the Son ... 

and clouds ... that's where You are ...

and hellooo ... the name ...

Mom did not check the video, for some reason, but had taken a picture of the cover. Upon downloading the image, she finds the time the image was taken to be 9:08 pm.

Decode : 44

Hmmm, but of course ...

Her angel sign ...

Good times by Daniel ...

Upon writing this entry, Mom tries to find that video again to view but unable to locate it. Instead, she sees several videos by Daniel Pinto, and most of them are of dirt biking activities.

Wait a minute ... biking activities?


You were on a bike once during a grand event at Shangri-La. 

Year 2006. 

You rode in to the Grand Ballroom on a Kawasaki KSR with a pink envelope stuffed into your back pocket, carrying the name of the Winners of the Contest we had then.

Dad had trained You the day before the event to handle the bike and You were able to do it the next day. 

Here's a photo of You and Aunty J during a biking event. Dad and Uncle J were participating in a race. Aunty J has mentioned before, how did You manage to get your last finger over your ring finger?

Justine and You were watching Dad in a Darth Vader helmet riding a white and purple KTM 300, and the other bikers from a safe distance. You were 3 and Justine 4 years old.

Memories of the good times, huh?

Yes Son, those were good times, Mom's sure Dad will agree wholeheartedly. How she could stumbled upon that video then and unable to find it now, only You will know ...

Good times, Son ... :D

The television was on.  

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow came on at one point. Mom cannot remember now whether it was American Idol or The Voice ... but that song came on and it zapped your mother.

You're near ... she knows. :D

I'm right here, Ma ... :D

Dot 26 : Botak

After reminiscing for awhile, Mom logged on to your Orange Dot blog to prepare the next entry then ...  

Dot 196 : Silence.

By the time your mother was done with that post, she was quite, quite down. Her mood was down, her spirits were down, she was just ... sitting there before the computer thinking back of that moment when You asked her, 

"Actually Mom, what is wrong with me?"

She had felt so helpless then ...


Mom posted the entry ... and continued to sit and stare at the computer. Some fireworks were exploding outside the window. Mom turned to look and turned back to the computer. No firework celebration was going to take her out of her down moment that night. It was a mother's right to feel ... down down down ...

The noise from the fireworks continued to be a distraction, so that your mother would reluctantly turn to look out the window. Mom was alone in the living room. She waited for the fireworks to end, but it did not ... it continued to explode into one thousand little dots of lights in the sky ... Mom checked the time then. 

It was about 10:50 pm.

Decode : 4

Are the fireworks from You, Son ... she wondered.

Mom was kneeling on a sofa, looking out of the window. She had tried to capture some shots on her mobile but the photos aren't that clear, despite taking more than 10 shots. 

From yellow, to pink, to red, to green, to blue, Mom soon found herself watching the firework display with fascination. How pretty the sky looked that night ... and how long has the fireworks been on already.

When it finally ended, the time was 10:56 pm. Since she had only checked the time a few minutes after the fireworks started, she guessed it could have gone on for about 10 minutes.

Woah ... that was long. Mom thought she was the only one who saw the fireworks but no ... Justine was watching it from her room, and Dad from your parents' room. Dad and your sister too were commenting that the fireworks were going on and on and on ... that was like the longest display we have ever seen. What a celebration that must be, huh.

Looking out into the dark sky with brightly lit sparkling drops of lights (How do You describe a firework display?), Mom soon felt better. Her down mood was slowly forgotten. She knew that You were cheering her up with those colored lights. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. 

By the way, there was no particular festival or reason for the fireworks to be on. We couldn't think of a reason. That was certainly for your mother's benefit. A few minutes after posting Dot 196, the fireworks began. 

C'mon on ... That's easy ...

Think of the good times, Ma ... :D

We will, Son. That doesn't stop us from missing You every moment of the day. 

Gotta go fetch Justine now ... continue later.