Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello Son,

It's a beautiful day today. Mom and Aunty Hayley are having brunch with a friend today in Petaling Street. She helps to manage a family toy shop business there. Need to go to Petaling Street anyway, to look for hand-bells for our Jingle Bell Rock performance. Most of the bells on the existing hand-bells have fallen off and need to be replaced.
On Tuesday yesterday, left the house at 11:30am to go to school. Reaching the school area, saw some policemen writing out summons for cars parked along the side of the road in front of the school. Good thing Mom saw that, because she normally parks right THERE (where the vehicles were receiving summons then) when she is in school. Had she gone to school earlier today, she would have parked exactly THERE, and probably get a ticket too. She was on call with You yesterday morning, and so only arrived later. 
You saved her from getting a ticket, Son. :D

So no choice but to drive into the proper paying car-park that is directly opposite the school. Will have to pay RM1 for parking. Either that, or a RM100 ticket. Don't under-estimate the 2 zeroes. Arghhh, so will have to turn into the parking row, the last time Mom parked there, she had to drive ALL - THE - WAY to the end of the row, one car space before the exit, before she found an available space, and then she had to walk ALL - THE - WAY back to the school. Almost a hundred meters. One way.

She must say she was pleasantly, pleasantly surprised, when at the automatic ticketing machine, right after the parking barrier lifted, the car on the very FIRST space, reversed and drove out. Kinda felt like he had to do that for Mom. That's the NEAREST paying-parking spot to the school. :D 

Felt THE BOND instantly.

You must have remembered Mom's complaints the last time huh. Thanks for that, Son. Was smiling to herself as she parked the car, and the parking attendant thought she was smiling at him, and he smiled back. Seeing that, Mom gave a curt nod and returned a crisp smile. He continued to smile.

Oh okay, enough already.

Yeah, quite a bit of smiling going on at that split of a second moment. :D :D :D

All the :D ... You make us smile, Son. :D

Turns out, we had a really good practice. Teacher L reminded Mom about the hand-bells. When will You be getting them, she asked. Told her tomorrow (Wed). Grandma has mentioned that she has not seen these hand-bells selling anywhere for a long time now, so Mom wasn't really sure where to get them. She was just gonna check at Petaling Street since we were gonna be there to meet a friend on Wednesday today. 

Left school before 1pm. 

As You know, it takes less than 5 minutes to drive home. Turned on the radio, and wondered what song-message Mom would get today. First song that came on her station : JUST ONCE ...

"I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough
Cause here we are back where we were before..."

Mom shook her head and thought, Nahhh, this can't be it. We're not back anywhere near where we were before. Plus, she doesn't want to think that her best wasn't good enough. Why, that would mean an awful lot of regret regret and more regrets kinda song. Nah, that's not the message from You today. 

She was about to reach the condo. Oh, will You hurry up already? Turning into the lane leading to the condo, at the corner of the school, JUST ONCE came to an end. Right after, the DJ played a quick combination like a preview of 3 songs that went :-

We'll always be together
Together in Electric Dreams

If You love me, let me know
If You don't, then let me go

My heart will go on and on <3

All in one breath. Only those lines. My, that was a pretty fantastic message for the day. :D Mom was quite overwhelmed by the sudden pouring of song-messages, she had to stop by the side of the road, just outside the condo, to jot them all down, in case she forgets. Thanks for that, Son. Your timing, as always, is immaculate. :D 

It's 9:37am now ... Gotta go. Aunty Hayley is picking Mom up at 9:45am. Talk to You later kay.

Got back by 12 noon. You know what? Aunty H picked Mom up punctually. In the car, Knockin' On Heaven's Door was playing on the radio. Asked Aunty H, Can You hear the song? Knock knock knocking on Heaven's Door (Guns N Roses) ... Station 100.1. 

Aunty H said, she was trying to change the station, from one to another, and somehow came back to this one. Haha ... Maybe we were meant to hear that Knockin' Song. :D
Anyway, we reached Petaling Street in like 15 minutes or so. Parked the car in an open space car park. Took out the hand-bell (yeah, Mom brought one along for easy communication with the shop people) and showed Aunty H. Asked Aunty H to help Mom look for that today. Aunty H said confidently, YF will have it. YF is the friend we're meeting. 

As we were walking to YF's shop, we came across a large toy shop that occupied 2 shop lots. Thought would try to check and see if they have the hand-bells. Aunty H was like, "No need to go in there. YF will have those. Let's go see her first."

Mom had already stepped into the shop. So went to the counter to ask. Brought out her hand-bell and asked the counter boy, Do You sell this? He said No. Hmm, the largest toy shop in Petaling Street does not have hand-bells. Please take note.

Coming out of the shop, Aunty H once again said, "I told You, no need to go in there. Don't waste your time. YF will have that." 

How would Aunty H know that YF will have that? It's not like Aunty H is familiar with the toys she sold in her shop. Also, her toy shop is run on a smaller scale compared to the one Mom just went in. Besides, in the first place, what makes us think that we can find hand-bells in a TOY shop? Shouldn't we like try a MUSIC shop or something? Oh well ... we walked on.

Came to YF's shop. After the initial excited burst of : Hi-How Are You-How's life-How's Business-Wah, You slim down-No, I've put on weight-No, You've lost weight-No, I'm fat already-What shall we eat today? etc, Aunty H told YF, "Lynn is looking for handbells." 

Ar-hem excuse me but (clearing of throat) ... Would You like to know what happened next?

YF bent over to reach for a box that was on the floor and pulled out a plastic bag filled with coloured hand-bells! Oh my! Was so excited to see that. If Aunty H didn't ask, we wouldn't have found that ourselves because they weren't on the display shelf, they were in a box on the floor. Couldn't believe we found them so easily. Was thinking we had toCOMB ALL THE SHOPS in Petaling Street. Thank God we didn't have to. 

Aunty H said, "You see? What did I tell You? Told You to come straight here, didn't I???"

Yes, Ma'am ... (head bowed low and all)

Woah Aunty, all that Knock Knock Knockin on Heaven's Door must have led You there. :D 

Bought 2 packets of a dozen handbells each. YF came a-strolling with us. Had a quick brunch at Nam Heong Chicken Rice Shop. Stopped by the famous Tau Foo Fah stall before we came back. 

While having my tau foo fah with black sugar, Mom whispered to YF, "My friend told me not to eat tau foo fah anymore because these people put plastic inside. True ah?" 

YF gave me a look of complete surprise, and said, "No la, in China maybe they add plastic, but here, no la." Okay, that's a relief then.


Okay Son, talk to You tomorrow. 

Miss your handsome face. <3