Monday, October 12, 2015

Call 581 : REPARK CAR

Hello Son,

This morning, before leaving for school, Mom called Grandma and made a coffee date with her at 9 am to discuss our concert stuff. 

It was about 8 am when Dad and Mom drove to school. 

After giving instructions to the teachers, doing this and that, the next time she looked at her watch, it was 9:10 am.

Boy, how fast time flies.

So Mom drove to the cafe place.

Grandma arrived at the same time.

We ordered our coffee and some nyonya kueh.

Talk talk talk ...

Talk talk talk ...

Talk talk talk some more ...

Then at one point, there was an announcement over the PA system :

Car number 8911 ... 8911 ... please re-park your car.

Grandma sat right up. It was Grandma's car.

Mom took the car keys and hurried out.

There was a lorry that wanted to pass through, and Grandma's car was at risk way. 


So, Mom hopped in, and removed her car to another location.

As she got out of Grandma's car, she overheard the car park attendant yelling to the lorry driver and pointing to another car ... Mom's car.

Mom asked helpfully, "You want me to remove this car too?"

The car wasn't in the way ... not really ... but just to be safe, the attendant advised Mom to repark the car away from the lorry.

Hmmm ...

Two cars had to be re-parked. 

Kinda weird, huh?

This has not happened to her before.

After reparking the second car, Mom went back into the cafe.

We rounded up the discussion, and some 10 minutes later, Mom left the place.

Grandma wanted to get some stuff (supermarket adjoining the cafe).

For some reason, your mother drove back to the condo. She was supposed to get back to school to check on the rehearsals. Something just made her decide to go home -- to use the bathroom.

She went up to the apartment ... and a few minutes later, went back down to the car.

Mom turned on the engine.

Immediately, Sheena Easton's voice came on with the song at :

I call you on the telephone ...

Oh my ...

Call ... telephone ... some of her favourite words in the whole world. :D

Mum's eyes shot to the dashboard. 

The time showed 11:49 am.

Secret code : 15 (4)

Her number 4

Oh boy, our queue - for - coffee number at the cafe this morning was a number 4.

A big smile appeared on your mother's face. 

Yesterday, she had made a call to her son ... and today, he is giving her a sign that he's received her call. The lorry inciDAN was merely to stall and delay time ... because had that not happened, she would have gone to school much earlier ... and missed the song message.


Mom reached school.

For the next hour or so, she was preoccupied with school stuff.

Until school was over.

She was in the car. Dad was driving.

We were gonna drive to the bank to attend to some banking stuff.

As we were driving, Omg ... would You believe it but the intro music of FAITH HILL's THERE YOU'LL BE  came on the radio.

The time 1:10 pm.

Mom said excitedly, "I wrote to him yesterday and said everywhere we are, there You'll be ... and now this song is on ... Omg ..."

Mom listened to the song quietly ... and at the same time, held her breath as she watched the time turn to 1:11 pm. Her angel time.

Secret code : 21

She smiled to herself. 


Surreal ... that's what this is.

You're definitely responding to Mom's call, Daniel. 

Mom knows.

She knows, Son. 


In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky

In my heart there'll always be a place for you 

For all my life

I'll keep a part of you with me

And everywhere I am, there you'll be

And everywhere I am, there you'll be

Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Daniel ... for always. <3

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Call 580 : BORDERS ZAP

Hello Son, 

We went for mass this morning. :D

Dad, Mom and Aunty Carol.

Justine was away this weekend.

We will not discuss about the time we arrived in church today ... because really (shaking head here) e-v-e-r-y Sunday ... we are giving the same excuse. 


Don't give Mom that look, Daniel ... it was Aunty C's fault. Dad and Mom were in the car, waiting for her. At first, Dad was like, "Call her to come down (from her apartment) ..." and 5 minutes later, Dad turned off the engine, took the papers to have a read.

Haha. It was that long a wait ...

Anyway, on the way to church, Mom asked Aunty C about her new tattoo.

Yup, You heard right. Your aunt got a new tattoo yesterday. Mom was aghast when Aunty D told Mom what Aunty C was doing at the time. 

"Why did you do it? Isn't it paintful?" Mom asked, disapprovingly.

Aunty C said, "Yes, it was painful ... but it's not like I could stop halfway ... hahaha ..."

Aunty C continued, "D (Aunty D) has like a thousand tattoos ..."

"She's only got that SUN tattoo, right?" Mom said out loud.

Aunty C said no. She's got like - FOUR - tattoos. 




Aunty D ... where do you hide them?

Your Aunt D apparently has a rose, the sun, and even a horse ... on her body. Mom can't remember the 4th one, at the time of writing.

Rose ...

Hmmm ... Rose ... 

Mom thought, as her favourite ROSE song came to mind. 

Flashback : You had presented a stalk of rose to Mom on Mother's Day, in church. You wre in lower primary then. The stem had broke and when Mom took it from your hand, the rose had - bowed down. Your sister had shrieked with laughter.


Mom would never have guessed then that some day soon in the future, she would see You covered with dozens and dozens of stalks of roses as we watched You, with agonizing pain, as You were lowered into the ground. 

On the date of your departure from us to be with JESUS and MAMA MARY.

by LeAnn Rimes

Some say love, it is a river,
That drowns, the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor,
that leaves, your soul to bleed.

Some say love, it is a hunger,
An endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower,
And you it's only seed.

It's the heart, afraid of breaking,
That never, learns to dance.
It's the dream, afraid of waking,
That never, takes the chance.

It's the one, who won't be taken,
Who cannot, seem to give.
And the soul, afraid of dying,
That never, learns to live.

When the night, has been too lonely,
And the road, has been too long.
And you feel, that love is only,
for the lucky, and the strong.

Just remember, in the winter,
Far beneath, the bitter snow,
Lies a seed, that with the sun's love,
In the spring, becomes a rose...

Two words jumped up to zap Mom, as she recalls the lyrics to the Rose song.

Dance ...

Yes, Dans ...

Sun ...

Yes, yes ... Son ...

As You can see, everything reminds Mom of You. There is not a moment that You are not in your mother's heart, mind and soul. 

You are just everywhere.

Aunty D has a rose on her ...

And Horse?

Aunty C said, "Yeah, horse ... like Pegasus ..."


Oooohhhhh ... this is so not any ordinary horse.

Isn't it weird that Aunty C had to specify which kind of horse ... You must have whispered in her ear :

Tell my Mom that it's Pegasus ...

Aunty C could have just left it as -- Horse ... 

Aunty D has a horse tattoo, she could have just said. 

But no ... 

Aunty C had to make sure Mom knows that it's PEGASUS ...

... because Pegasus is connected to HERCULES ... 

and Helloo ... 

HERCULES is a clear and sure ZAP ZAP ZAP for Mom. 

So anyway, that was in the car ... on the way to church ...

Rose, Pegasus and the sun (son) ...

All 3 beautiful words that put a big smile on your mother's face. 

Wait till she finds out what the 4th tattoo is later ya ...

Fast forward ...

After mass, we went to IKEA.

Dad and Mom wanted to get some inspiration from the IKEA displays for our own renovation works later. Yup, that same renovation that we have been talking about for the past 5 years but never really got down to doing anything.

And why?

Well, Mom just wanted to maintain everything the same way, You know ...

because that way, she sees You ... like, on the sofa, on the bed, in the kitchen, the way You tilt your head as You carefully comb your hair before the mirror etc. 

She was afraid if she changed anything ... or move anything ... she might -- 



Anyway ... she's okay with the changing now. 

And the moving. 

She knows her Son will be right beside her all the time -- yeah, like forever ... until they meet again. From the day You left us, You have sent Mom signs after signs after signs on a daily basis, that You are right beside her. Two signs. They always come in twos. It has been totally amazing, Son, this communication we have between Heaven and Earth. Everyday, You remind Mom that You're right beside her. 

Truly, nothing is impossible with JESUS.

Yes ...

ZAP ZAP ZAP ... as long as she gets her daily dose of ZAPs, she will be okay.

Here's Dad in one of the kitchen set up.

Looks nice, huh? White cabinets ...

What do You think?

Dad is obviously thinking ...

Here's another one ...

Mom likes the green tiles ...

As we walked on, we passed the children's section.

There was a boy in this egg-seat. 

Mom saw ... but said nothing.

Dad leaned over and spoke in low tones, "Remember Son went in and pulled the cover over?"

Mom smiled. 

Of course, she remembers. 

We have the photo.

Just as we were about to walk away, the boy pulled the cover over ... for Mom's sake, she knows. 


Mom couldn't take a photo of the actual situation because the boy's parents were right there. With the recent kidnapping case only 2 days ago, of a young boy in front of his kindergarten, she didn't want to do anything that would cause suspicion. Thankfully, that kidnapped boy was returned to his family -- unharmed, after 8 hours or so. (can't remember exactly how many hours ...)

After IKEA, Dad suggested coffee. It was almost 12 noon. 

Dad wanted to go to McCafe. We had our latte at another branch of McCafe the day before, and Dad had said, "It's not bad."

We had to cross over to an adjoining mall. 

As we headed towards McD's, we passed Borders.

Mom said, "Daniel came to this Borders before ... I remember we had to pass through this place to go to that mall ..."

Dad confirmed it.

We walked into Borders. Mom took a photo of Starbucks and sent it to Aunt C. Oh yes, Mom forgot to mention that whilst Dad and Mom were in IKEA, Aunt C waited for us in Starbucks, the IKEA side. 

This place is bigger and had more seats. :D

We went out. 

Dad led Mom through a path, and we were soon walking on the outside of Borders.

Suddenly, Mom found herself stopping abruptly.

Omg ...

She sucked in her breath.

She had caught sight of 2 book titles that had made her heart skipped a beat.

Two beats. 

She meant two beats.

Quickly, she yelled out to Dad who had walked a few steps ahead.

Dad turned to see Mom waving frantically.

"Omg ... Come look ..."

This was where your mother was standing (when she was zapped), and looking into Borders. (top photo)

On the right, she saw the words "RAINBOW"  ...

the red book : Rainbow Rowell

and on her left, she saw the words "I'M WATCHING YOU."

OMG ...


She was not looking at the books, mind you. She was just - walking ... and at one glance, at one moment, into Borders, she saw TWO lines simultaneously??

You must have whispered to Mom, and maybe shone your rays on the 2 books so that she could only see those 2 books ... and not any other. 

That was really strange. She doesn't know how to explain it.

ZAP strange.:D

Rainbow ... I'm Watching You ...

Omg, Mom breathed. 

"Son is really telling me that -  "I'm watching you" ..."

How awesome is that. 

Dad smiled. 

Mom had to pinch herself. 

"Omg, I can't believe it ... How did I suddenly see the 2 titles? There are so many books here ... but only those 2 words stood out! I'm sure he whispered to me. Omg ..."

At the time of writing this call, Mom just noticed the author's name : Karen Rose

Oh my ...



What are the chances???

At the time of writing, Mom also searched for an image of the book. Imagine her surprise when she sees a TELEPHONE on the cover. She was not aware of the telephone before this.

Oh my, Daniel Phua ... a telephone???

Like -- Hello God, may I speak to my son, please -- telephone???

Oh gosh ...

Truly, truly, truly ... everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

 We went to for our coffee. Mom was still in a daze.

About half an hour later, we walked back to the first IKEA mall. 

Mom wanted to go to POPULAR. 

As we were leaving the mall, Dad said, "Listen to the song that he's playing ..."

There was a pianist who was entertaining the patrons with his music. 

Mom listened for a moment and let out a chuckle. 

The man was playing "What A Friend We Have In JESUS."


Are You reminding Mom, Son? Your mother thought to herself. She's really glad that You are with JESUS. You must be so happy with JESUS, Daniel. Mom can feel it. :D

At POPULAR ... Dad said he would be at the magazines.

Your mother took her time browsing here and there. 

It wasn't until about an hour later, Mom went to the magazine section to look for Dad. 

Dad wasn't there.

She walked nearby to the payment counter, stood there for a bit whilst she sent an sms to Dad, telling him that she was at the counter and where was he.

While waiting for Dad to reply, Mom happened to give a brief glance to the books that were displayed by her side.

Omg ...


Her jaw dropped open as she saw this.

She was standing here as she sent Dad the sms.

Omg ...

Rainbow Rowell ... for the second time today.

What are the chances? Thousands of books in this place and this book had to be right beside her as she stopped to send a text to Dad?

Mom picked up the book, and found herself staring at the cover. 

The headphone that is connected to the boy and girl ... isn't that like how Mom is connecting with you and how she is sending you her telephatic messages?

Oh my ...

What have You got to say, Son?


You say it best when You say nothing at all ... :D

Before we left the mall, we went for an early dinner at a steamboat restaurant.

Mom pointed to a table on the side, which looked quieter than the rest.

We walked over. 

Mom sat down.

Dad pointed to the table number.

Dad said, "21 ..."

You must have seen your mother smiled a big, big smile.

21 ...

Everything reminds us of You, Son.

Dad made the orders.

Whilst waiting for the food, Mom looked at the photo she took of the RAINBOW / I'M WATCHING YOU zap.

She was zooming in ...

Gosh, You must have whispered to her to zoom in ... because as she did, she felt a gasp leave her.

Omg, seriously???

Mom turned to Dad excitedly, "Omg, you're not gonna believe this ... Look ... look ... this is the RAINBOW book here (Mom pointed)  ... and the I'M WATCHING YOU book is over here (she moved her finger to point again) ... now look at the bottom ... OMG ..."

Do You see it???


"Omg ... You see? I told you Son is telling me he's watching over me / us ..." Mom said triumphantly. "His name is right here. OMG."

The books says A PERFECT LIFE.

Haha, Mom laughed, almost in wonder. 

"He really is having the PERFECT LIFE now ..."

And how could he not, when he's got a great friend in JESUS right there with him?

Gosh Son ...

Thank You for the constant reminders that You are near.

And that You're safe and happy. Thank you JESUS for that. <3

Mom needs that.

You know that, right?

Be good. Keep the zaps coming ...

Love You, Son ... <3

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Hello Son,

Sat, Sept 12

Justine was having a fashion show on today.

Dad, Mom and Grandma would be attending the event in the evening.

Your sister had to be there early. 

For practice ... and not forgetting, hair and make up.

So Dad and Mom dropped her off at the venue at noon. 

Fast forward ... 

Evening came.

Dad, Mom and Amah arrived at the place - like an hour before the doors were due to open.

We were that excited! 


In fact, we were the first guests to arrive.

Justine saw us ... came out for a few minutes to pose for photos. :D 

Mom, Amah and Justine - all dolled-up.

 Are you sure you can walk with those heels?

 wibble wobble wibble wobble ...

 Umm, easier to just stand still ...

Here's Amah looking really nice that night. 

The buffet dinner started at about 8:30 pm.

 This is Mom's plate. :D

 Amah was invited to say a few words ... 

and she did, so professionally. :D

Lucky draws came at one point. 

Would you believe it? 

The first number that was called was OUR number.

One One Five ...

Oh my ... as Mom stared at the 3 tickets that Dad had spread on the table.

It wasn't often that we win anything at functions. 

Indeed, when was the last time we got our number called for a lucky draw???

That was definitely her son's doing, Mom beamed happily.

Dad stepped up and walked to the front, waving the ticket at the MC.

Mom looked at the various wrapped-up boxes of all sizes that were on the table beside the MC ... some 20 steps away from where we were sitting.

Oh boy, how exciting ...

What did we win?

Mom watched the MC presented a lil something to Dad.

Dad was grinning.

Mom found herself squinting ...

What was in Dad's hands?

Was there anything in Dad's hands?


The wrapped up gift was so small that she couldn't see it in your father's hands, as he made his way back to us.

It was definitely the smallest present that was on the gift table.


Aiya Son ... anti-climax la ... the smallest gift? Surely You could give Mom the biggest box there? :D  Mom sent a telephatic text to You, across the universe.

Smirk Smirk.

The night went on.

Justine came on the catwalk and we clapped and cheered.

The lucky draw was forgotten.

Jus and her girls are showcasing a collection from Superheroes, 

Batman in particular.

Justine on the right.

So anyway, something quite unexpected, was about to happen. 

The fashion shows came to an end.

There was another round of Lucky Draws.

Mom was not actually listening to the MC as she was busy sending photos and videos of Justine's catwalk to the family's whatsapp.

There was a constant repeat of the lucky draw number.

One One Three ...

"One One Three ... anybody???" announced the MC to the audience.

Suddenly, your mother gave a shriek.

"Hey, it's our number! One One Three! It's our number!" 

Mom urgently pushed the ticket into Amah's palm, "Go Mom, go claim the prize ... it's our number!"

Amah said, "You go, you go ... I already talked on the mic just now." 

Mom spun around to Dad, "It's our number, it's our number ... Quick, go ... go go go!"

Dad refused to take the ticket, "I went up just now d ... You go ..."

Mom hesitated and urged Dad to go, "You go, you go ...!"

Dad refused flatly. "You go ... quick ... you go ...!"

Oh alright.

Mom jumped up from her seat, and hurried to the MC, waving her ticket wildly in the air.

The MC saw her coming.

At the front, would you believe it but the MC took the biggest wrapped-up box among all the lucky draw gifts and presented it to Mom.


Oh my.


Oh wow ....

Two of our numbers were called?


So not a coinciDANS. You were clearly with us, Daniel.

The biggest gift? And Mom had to go get it???

Omg ...

You are always right beside Mom, aren't You, Daniel.

Keep reminding Mom that ... for always.

After the event, we took some photos of Jus and her friends.

At home ...

Mom opened up the presents.

The small pack contained a pen drive (Oh Wow!) and the big box had 2 electric blue speakers.

Omg Wow ...


The next day, on Sunday ... we were on our way to church.

At the junction of turning out to the main road, this silver car was in front of us.

The number plate spoke to Mom.


She pointed it out to Dad, "Son is saying hello ..." :D



It made her think of the night before ...

She had to smile.

Yes Son ... that was definitely You last night. 

After mass, we went to a new eatery that was recently opened.

We were shown to a table. 

The man who was serving us happened to mention, "This is our 4th branch."

Your sister looked at Mom, "He said 4, Mom ..." :D

Your mother grinned.

He was naming to Dad the 4 places in which the branches were at.

Mom heard him say Bangsar, and asked immediately, "Whereabouts in Bangsar?"

She was familiar with Bangsar. 

The guy replied, "You know JASON's DENTAL CLINIC?"

Yes, Mom knew the clinic.

It wasn't until Justine interrupted her with an impatient, "JASON, Ma ..." did she realise she had been zapped.



You must have whispered to your mother, "Ask which part of Bangsar, Ma ..."

Gosh Son, everywhere we are, there You'll always be ...

Later that afternoon, we were at home. Dad was in front of the telly. 

Galaxy Quest was on.

Mom took the remote to change the channel. 

Galaxy Quest, for cryin' out loud.

Dad immediately changed the channel back.

Just in time for Mom to hear "Jason Jason" from the TV. 

Huh? What???

Two seconds later, she heard it again ... "Jason Jason ..."

Oh my. What are the chances?

She was so meant to hear it. Her son is reminding her that he's near.

Keep the zaps coming, Daniel  ...

Hugs and squeezes :D