Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello Son,

Saturday, March 26

Something totally amazing happened this morning. :D

OMG! It was surreal ...

On Thursday 24, Mom told You about the Manga Message on Call 178. 

On Friday morning, she found a tiny white feather stuck on the window pane in the kitchen. She couldn't get it to paste it on her journal because it was almost torn. Besides at the time of writing this Call-Entry, the feather's still on the window ... it's kinda nice to have it there in the kitchen somehow ...

So, that's the background ... :D

This Saturday morning, Mom was mopping the floor. 

This is the way we mop the floor
mop the floor 
mop the floor
This is the way we mop the floor
So early in the morning

So anyway, after she was done mopping the dining and living room areas, Mom went to the kitchen. She was about to wash her hands at the sink when she spotted something white on the floor, about two steps away from the sink. 

You must have seen your mother halt abruptly in her tracks. 

Oh -- My -- Gosh ...

What is this???

OMG ... It can't be ...

It was a tiny white feather ...


It was lying by itself, in a very conspicuous manner. You couldn't miss it. Yet it was well away from the sink. Had it been near the sink or by the sink, Mom might have just stepped on it ... and maybe damage the feather in the process ... or it might have gotten wet ...

Mom picked it up carefully and placed it in her palm. 

Oh my ... what a perfect feather, she found herself admiring.

It was soft and perfectly shaped, pure white as snow and totally untainted. Mom could not believe she was looking at yet another feather in her hand. The Manga book she read on Sunday 20th has prepared her for these white feathers.

King Solomon himself had looked flabbergasted at the several feathers that descended on him ...

 Call 178 : Manga Message

First, she had expressed deep regret for not catching that tiny white feather that had fluttered down on her, probably from heaven :D ... who's to say otherwise ... at the Tapah rest area on Monday 21st ... 

Then, she had complained that the next feather You sent her on Friday 25th was stuck on the window and had looked somewhat miserable and there was no way she could get it out of the window without damaging it further ... 

And today ... 

OMG ... today, she gets a perfect feather???

You really are listening to Mom, aren't You? 

This white feather is just perfect!!!

Is this what you're looking for, Mom?

OMG ...

Mom cupped it carefully in her hand and couldn't wait to show Dad and Justine. Mom presented the white feather like she was presenting a tiny newborn chick in her hand.

"See what Daniel sent this morning?" she had beamed.

Before we knew it, we were speaking in tongues for the next 20 seconds. Ramble ramble ramble ... no one understood what the other was saying ... :D

Can You ask Jesus if that's counted as speaking in tongues?

It was just incredible, Son ... Thank You for dropping the feather down. It's now safely taped in Mom's journal.

It's about 1.5 cm in length ...

That's not all ...

Later that morning, Dad, Mom and Justine decided to drop by your sister's college to finalise her registration matters. She would be starting her first day at college on Monday.

Okay, so listen very carefully to what's about to happen ...

OMG ... the timing was just immaculate ...

Dad went to get the car from the basement car park. 

Justine and Mom got in the car at the lobby. 

Mom turned on the radio.

A familiar music was on.

A few seconds must have passed before Mom recognized the music (it was only music, no lyrics were sung at the time).

Mom turned to Dad and asked in disbelief, 

"Isn't this HELLO???"

The time was 11:34 am. 

The station 105.7, Mom's station.

Dad said, "Yup, it's HELLO ..."

OMG ... 

A few more seconds passed before the lyrics came on :

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

OH -- MY -- LORD ...

Are You kidding her???

What are the chances???

What - are - the - chances, honestly??? To hop in the car, right at the moment, and to hear that line???

It was fantastic that Dad and Justine were in the car, so that both of them heard it too. Can You imagine how Mom would have tried to tell them had they not been in the car??? She would again be speaking in tongues ... and they wouldn't be able to understand what she'd be saying ...

Wait a minute ... is that why You always make sure that most of the inciDANS have a witness???

Great idea, Son, to always have a witness to these wonderful inciDANS and coinciDANS. 

See Call       : Hello Jason

As You know, Mom has always referred to 105.7 as her station. Something made her decode right at that incredible moment and to her utter most delight and surprise, it was a number 4. Her angel sign.

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

Oh My ... how many song-messages have come on this station for her??? Always at some "unbelievable" moment. Excuse her, but  ... Who is Number Four???

I Am Number Four ... :D

See 150 : Number Four

  By Lionel Ritchie.

Mom found this video and noticed with a OMG - exclamation that it was posted on Dec 24, 2008

Your 14th birthday. 

The first HELLO video that she searched for and checked, is connected to YOU???


OMG ...

Mom had simply keyed in the following tag words without much thought :

youtube hello lionel lyrics

4 thumb-nail music videos popped up. 

Mom picked video number 4 - the last one ... bottom right.

The music that had come on in the car when your mother turned on the radio is around the time 2:44 onwards ... if You listen to it, the next lyric after the music was the ZAP!!! message for your mother ...

OMG ...

How awesome was that??? 

Anyway ...

After attending to the stuffs at college, we went to Midvalley Mall. We had a bit of lunch, and bought some stationeries. On the way back to the car, we passed a row of mobile stalls. 

An elderly man called out, "Lawyer Phua!" before extending his hand, and flashing Dad a big greeting smile.

Dad was like, "Ohhh, HELLO ... "

Is it me you're looking for ... Mom thought with a secret smile. 

Hehehehehehe ...

You must have seen her smile faded as quickly as it had come on, to be replaced by a look of surprise as she stared at the boy who was handling the side stall. He was wearing an over-sized tee-shirt with a large print in capital letters on the top right, that said, "UP."


Zzzzaaa -- pppp!

Mom instantly recalled the movie that You and Mom had gone to watch at the Garden's cinema. Dad was outstation at the time, and Justine was away at camp. We had a large delicious piece of cheesecake, a hot chocolate for You and cappuccino for Mom.

Remember??? Felt your presence instantly, Son ...

Mom instinctively pulled out her cellphone and pretended to send a text message. She was trying to snap a photo of the boy. Just as she clicked on the button, Dad stepped in her way. So Mom got this photo of Dad's back instead.

Arghhhh ... 

The boy with the UP tee-shirt is right in front of Dad.

Justine wanted to have some ice-cream before going back. So we went to Baskin - Robbins at Gardens. Two shops before the ice-cream parlour, both Dad and Justine raised their hands simultaneously and pointed at a display window.

Mom turned to look ...

It was a bird cage

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

We stopped to observe for a bit. 

Dad commented, "It's empty ..." 

Justine said, "The door's opened ..."

See Call : Bird Cage

Yes, that's because he's now free as a bird, soaring high in the sky ... 

No, You're no longer trapped in a - cage ... 

Yeah, you're right UP UP UP in the sky, on a cloud and somewhere over the rainbow... <3

We love You, Daniel ... <3

Justine misses You very much ... <3

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 181)

Friday, March 25

This morning, Mom got up and went to the kitchen. 

Justine had 3 friends who stayed over last night. They had spent the whole day in Sunway Lagoon the day before. Jus would soon tell Mom about an inciDAN that happened at the Lagoon later in the morning. 

Mom was getting some coffee mugs from the kitchen cabinet when she suddenly spotted a white-thingy on the window pane. She stopped to look.

She peered closer ...

What's that on the window???

Narrowing her eyes, she leaned over the sink to have a better look ...

And she gasped ...

OMG ...

You've gotta be kidding ...

A feather???

A white feather???

Oh my goodness ...

Mom stood perfectly still, as a wave of emotion swept through her. OMG, honestly ... she had been complaining about how she did not manage to find that white feather that had descended upon her at the Tapah rest place. Now, there's a white feather, that appeared wild and unruly, which has found its way to our window panel ...

Is this what you're looking for, Mom?

OMG ...

The feather was stuck on the outside of the window. At first Mom wanted reach for it. However, she quickly had second thoughts when she realized she couldn't reach it from where she was standing ... no matter how far she leaned over. 

Besides, the feather was all ruffled and almost broken, like it had survived an earthquake, and Mom did not want to try to scrape it off the window in case it tore further. It looked like it was in the process of disintegrating ...

Perhaps, disintegrating is too dramatic a word. 

Fall apart would be a better word ... 

Yeah, it looked like it was about to fall apart. The feather was about 1.5 cm in length if you measured it from the base to the top and yup, it looked like it would fall apart any moment. It would be difficult for Mom to try to paste it into her journal.

see the white spot in the middle ...

No, Mom was gonna leave the white feather there. It would keep her company as she washes the dishes. :D 

Good thing too that she had come across the MANGA MASSAGE (Call 178) where King Solomon was seen as witnessing white feathers fluttering down on him. The last page of the book had shown her that those white feathers appeared to have come from an angel. :D

How awesome ... <3

Justine and her friends woke up later in the morning. After a breakfast of nasi lemak and some hot drinks, we were all chilling out at the sofa area. 

There, Justine began her story ...

She said ...

Yesterday (Thursday, March 24), she went to Sunway Lagoon with 5 of her friends. They were at the water rafting park. They had already gone for about 5 rides or so, one after another. They got on the raft (in the water) ... the raft took them up to a hill steep slope, and then at the top, they would plunge down. 

We went on a similar ride in Disneyland, remember? Mom was sick to the stomach, and swore never to get on those horror rides again, only to find herself shivering on the next ride, immediately after the first one, clinging onto the metal safety bar with dear life and repeating the same thing ... 

Never again. Never again. Never again. 

How many times, Jus and You had pestered your mother to go for "one more ride."

One more time, Mom ...

So anyway, Justine said that her friends and her took turns to be in front of the raft. They were seated like on a log, one behind another, 3 on each raft. On the 6th ride, Justine was seated right front. 

The raft had gone up the hill, and at the top, it had fallen at full speed ... they reached the bottom with a giant splash and soon the raft was drifting about when Justine suddenly saw a RAINBOW right in front of her. She said, the rainbow was right in front of her face. As the raft drew closer to the rainbow, she soon found herself going under and through the rainbow.  

She had exclaimed to her friends that there was a rainbow, but none of them saw it. One of them thought Jus meant a rainbow in the sky ... but no, it wasn't in the sky. It was right in front of her! 

Another friend said, "It must be your brother..." :D

Yes, yes, we think so too ...

Then, another girl burst out in excitement and said she saw it too! Ah, a witness. Finally. A witness is always good ... The girl said that the rainbow was "right in front of our eyes!" :D 

How awesome!

They went on their 7th and final round. This time, Justine was at the back. The raft went up up up, and then down down down and splash ...

Your sister saw the rainbow again! <3

Justine's rainbow inciDAN reminded Mom about Aunty Carol's rainbow inciDAN during her mountain climbing trip in China ... none of her friends saw the rainbow at first ... they did though later ... :D Aunty Carol had said that she had felt so "lucky" to have caught sight of the rainbow and had thought of You immediately.

See Call 178 : Manga Message

Mom said that You must have been celebrating with Justine at the Lagoon. She had received her SPM results the day before with perfect scores.  Yes, that rainbow was definitely from You. :D 

After all, your sister had painted a SpongeBob bouncing on a rainbow for your 21st recently ... :D So, You must have sent her one in return ... <3

This rainbow's from me, Jus ... 

(After the water play, Jus mentioned something about seeing a SpongeBob ... either a balloon or a tee shirt. Need to check with her. she's at college now.)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Call 180 : HELLO JASON

Hello Son, 

Thursday, March 24

Mom published Call 177 : Manga Message at 1:09 am. 

As she was writing the entry, she had felt somewhat frustrated that she had not been able to find that white feather that had fluttered down on her a she was walking to the Ladies at Tapah rest area. She had the eviDANS of the manga book but the most important eviDANS was missing from the blog. 

She had in fact called out your name in her head for help to find the white feather ... Yet, it did not surfaced. :( She did not, and could not, see it anywhere near where she was standing at the time. It must have flown even further as it was practically weightless. 

You must have known how disgruntled your mother was, not being able to find that feather that had descended on her so magically ... in that seemingly strange manner as the one in the Manga book (Call 177).  You must have heard her grumbling and complaining about not being able to find the feather.

That Thursday evening, as Mom was at the computer telling You about the Manga Message (Call 177), Dad had suddenly exclaimed,  "Hey, Son's BB gun pellets ..."

Mom turned to look. Dad had apparently dropped a coin in the crook of the sofa. As he slipped his hand into the crook, he grabbed some other stuffs out. Dad showed Mom a handul of about 6 or 7 tiny yellow pellet - balls. 

Strange ...

Mom was on call with You, and Dad at the same time, though out of the blues, had to find something connected to You. Get the attention ... was what You were doing ...

Mom thought, "Okayyyy ... You're near ... You want us to know that You're near ..." 

A short while later, Mom turned on the television. American Idol was on. She wasn't paying much attention to it. She was still at the computer table. A female contestant was singing, though Mom can't remember her name now. Elena or something. Your mother had thought her outfit was umm ... not so great. 

A few minutes must have passed before she heard Ryan Seacrest introduced the next contestant, Stefano, singing Lionel Ritchie's song HELLO ...

You must have seen your mother sit perfectly still ...



See Call 13 : No Boundaries
and Call 14 : Hello Sebastian

Mom burst out to Dad, who was reading the papers before the telly, "Hey, did you hear that? HELLO ... Hello Son HELLO ... Son's saying HELLO ..." :D

Dad looked up from his newspapers and chuckled.

Stefano began singing ...

Mom watched him sing intently. She found herself almost holding her breath as he came to the lines:

I sometimes see you pass outside my door 

Hello ...  is it me you're looking for???

Zzzzzaaa -- pppp !!!!

OMG ...

Mom sprang forward in her seat, 

"OMG! Did You hear that??? I sometimes see You pass outside my door ... He's talking about his room!!! OMG ... Hello ... is it me you're looking for? He knows ... The white feather ... I couldn't find it at the rest area ... and I was complaining to him and grumbling about it as I was writing out the entry (Call 177) ... I wanted to put a photo but I couldn't ... OMG, he knows ... he really knows what's going on ... Hello, is it me you're looking for? OMG! Can You believe this!"

Mom was totally totally totally overwhelmed. 

Totally. The bond, the connection, the fireworks ... 

She felt it. She really, really felt IT. 

The ZAP - it was incredible!!! 

OMG ...

For the rest of the night, Mom was humming and singing only the one line, 

Hello, is it me you're looking for ... :D:D:D

Later that night, there was a movie on telly. 

The title was YOU DID WHAT? 

No, Mom wasn't watching it. The telly was on though. When the movie ended, she happened to notice the black screen with two contrasting white lines across the screen that said, 

"In loving memory 

of Jason (surname)..."


Jason ...

In loving memory ...

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp!!!

Oh Wow ...

Two inciDANS on the telly this evening ... 

You notice? Mom's noticed this for a while now. The inciDANS that occur, almost always happen in pairs. One inciDAN is too unbelievable, so two has to happen. Besides, how else do You get a coinciDANS but for two inciDANS? :D

Hmmm ...

Hello ... is it me you're looking for? And then ...

Jason ... <3

Mom was totally unaware then but something amazing was about to happen the next morning ...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Call 179 : I BELIEVE

Hello Son,                                        (continue from Call 178)

Tuesday, March 22
In Penang ...

We checked out of the hotel about 10 am. 

Went for breakfast with Aunt G and Uncle J at a nearby hawker-shop. After breakfast, Dad followed G and J to visit Uncle KA's garden ... it's his 5th year in heaven. Mom chilled out with Jus at Starbucks, which was around the corner from the eatery.

Dad came back a few hours later. We decided to skip lunch and drive straight to Ipoh. By 2 pm, we were on the Penang bridge.

Everything was as normal as normal could be ...

until ...

Mom heard the intro music which sounded familiar ...

Ohhh ...


Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

Justine sings on your 10th month.

The time was 2:25 pm. The station 98.10.

Oh wow ...  

IF I DIE YOUNG had come on immediately after we left your flower garden on Friday, March 18.

See Call  175 : Sorrowful Mystery

The Band Perry. Lyrics on Screen.

Justine said that she was sleeping in the back, but got up just before the song came on. 

Grin. :D

How about that? :D 

"You get what I mean?" her eyebrows danced.

Yes, yes, of course ... :D You must have whispered into your sister's ears ... 

Get up, Jus ... my song ... :D

That song was a sure way of letting us know that You were so gonna be with us throughout the drive back home to KL ... :D It sure put us all in a cherry, happy mood. 

Yes, it sure was a nice day to be on the road ... 

Soon ...

TEMPORARY HOME (Carrie Underwood) came on the radio.

Mom shot a glance at the dashboard. It was 3:21 pm. Pointing the time out to Dad, she said, "See the time ... Decode 4 ..." :D Her angel sign.

Dad saw the time ... and nodded thoughtfully.

This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passing through
This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know
This is my temporary home ...

See Call 37 :  No Warning

The song soon ended, with your parents deeply thinking about You. How could they not think about You, right? Who else would say "This is my temporary home..." 

The reception soon became a wee bit scratchy. Dad changed the station to 106.4. 

Believe it or not, but a few minutes later, I'LL BE MISSING YOU (Puff Daddy) filled the car. We think You must have asked Dad to turn to this station. :D 

By Puff Daddy.

Did You??? The time was 3:36 pm.

Aww Son ... 

The song took the words right out of our mouths. We're so missing You every single moment, Daniel ... :(

Such a perfect song to come on a few minutes after TEMPORARY HOME. That's your style, we have noticed ... Get the attention first ... then ZAP!!! :D

We reached Ipoh about 4 pm ... Dad randomly stopped at one of the eateries. We rested a bit, had some food and were soon on our way to KL about an hour later.

Mom took over the wheel at one point ...

The drive was smooth and easy. We soon reached KL. We would soon reach home in half an hour or so. It wouldn't be a proper ending if You did not ZAP us one more time before our journey ended. :D

And so ...

Driving in KL area, Mom's attention was alerted to the song that had come on. I HAVE A DREAM (ABBA).

Mom just had to smile at the line that goes ...

I belieeeeeeeeeve in angels

Something good in everything I see ... :D

See Call 32 : Noisy Chopper

The time was 7:06 pm.

Decode : 4

Oh Wow ... Her angel sign again ...

What a coinciDANS ...

See Call 43 : Angel Sign

This ABBA song had come on immediately on the radio after we left your garden on your 9th month (Oct 21, 2010). 

Also, the night before, Mom had replied to Aunty B's email, and said that Aunty B could have felt whatever connection with You because "she believes in angels." :D

Yup, that was what your mother said ... She's sure You remember that. Hence the song playing in the car. I belieeeeeeev in angels ... :D 

What a coinciDANS ...

How could your mother not smile? :D

At the start and at the end of the journey, were songs that had coinciDANtally come on the radio immediately after we left your flower garden, on your 14th and 9th month anniversary, in particular. Both times, at your flower garden. Both times, the songs came on immediately we turned on the radio, when we left the garden.

Start : If I Die Young (14th month)
End : I Have A Dream (9th month)

A clear coinciDANS ... :D

That's not all ... 

Right after that ABBA song, was ALWAYS ON MY MIND ... 

Perfect ... How perfect!

The time on the dashboard was 7:10 pm ... <3

Decode : 44

Oh boy ...

Need she say more??? You're always on my mind ...


We arrived home safely at 7:30 pm ... 

Thank you Son, :D for being near and making your presence felt all through your 14 month anniversary, the day before, and today. 

See Call 178 : Manga Message

God is faithful ... and God is so very good to us. <3

Love You so very much ... <3