Sunday, August 30, 2015

Call 577 : BERSIH 4

Hello Son,

Gosh. 5 weeks just flew by.


Time just flies. 

Day turns to night ... night to day ... day to night ...

Lo and behold ... 5 weeks just went by in a blink of an eye.

This morning, about 7 am, Aunty J started sending photos of her BERSIH 4 rally in LA. 

Mom was really impressed that, even people in the States are taking the time and effort to make a statement.

Here are the photos : 

All dressed in yellow and ready to go. :D

There's a PappaRich in LA!

Aunty J brought Vietnamese sandwiches for the Bersih potluck. 

Laying down in protest ...

Aunty J's sandwiches look awesome!

How many swats to get you out???

Wow. Can't believe our Malaysian flag is flying over there.

Global Bersih 4

Imagine ... the number of people coming together ...

Awesome ...

So anyway ... 

It was time to get ready for church.

Dad said, "Wear yellow ..."


Mom replied, "I've no more yellow ... been wearing yellow the whole week." 

Dad took his yellow tee shirt that he wore the day before and started to put it on.

Mom was like, "You wore that yesterday ..."

Her comment fell on deaf ears.

She went to her wardrobe and brought out an old used-to-be yellow tee shirt and put it on. It was faded and looked --dirty -- more than bersih. 

Dad said it looked really good.


So Mom wore that to church.

Aunty D, Aunty C and the 2 kids came along with us.

In the car, Aunty D said, "Hey, you know what Megan's ballet teacher said ... she said that Megan has potential to be -- something -- she can do things ..."

That is nice, Mom thought.


Hmmm ...

You know, your parents thought You had the potential to do a lot of things too.

Just that our dream for You was not as big nor as grand as God's. 

You can't blame your parents. It's not every day that a parent thinks, yeah, my child has the potential to be God's angel.

No, we did not dream as big.

So anyway ... something awesome happened during communion time.

Omg, You're so not gonna believe this.

During communion time, when it came to our row to join the communion line, Mom stood up. Dad was right behind Mom. Aunty D was in front of Mom. 

Aunty C and Justine were sitting in the row in front of us. They were in front of Aunty D.

Got the picture?

There were 2 lines going up for communion. 

The 2 lines were like, side by side. Almost shoulder to shoulder distance.

Dad whispered, "Look at the boy with the yellow shirt."

Mom strained to look. She saw a yellow shirt boy somewhere in front, of about 5 to 6 people.

Dad said, "See what's written on his tee shirt."

Mom tried to see ... but couldn't.

Heads were blocking her view.

Dad said, "Daniel ..."

Huh? What?

How come?

Mom's line started to move, faster than the other line beside her, and so she soon found herself standing just a step behind that yellow shirt boy.



There were a few signature scribbles on the back of the boy's yellow tee shirt.

The one right at the top, just below the collar, were blocked letters spelt :



What are the chances.

Justine was standing in front of that boy, and Aunty C in front of Jus.

Mom's line moved.

She took a step forward, so that she was then standing side by side, with that boy.

Tall teenage boy.

Oh my gosh.

Honestly. What are the chances???

When we were walking back to the car, Mom told Justine. 

"Did you know that the boy behind you, was wearing a yellow tee shirt with the words DANIELLE?"

Justine's second name is also DANIELLE, if You remember.

Aunty C said, "That boy was actually in front of us ... and then he kinda stepped back, and allowed us to cut into his line, so that we were in front of him and he was behind us ..."

Mom sucked in her breath.


He was IN FRONT of Justine and Aunty C, which meant that Dad would have missed the zap, as he would have been way too far in front.


"He must have been like, it's too far for my parents to see this name ... so he whispered to the boy to ask the both of you to step in front of him ..." Mom said excitedly. 

What other explanations is there but - that?

Aunty C repeated, "And this boy was in front of us ... quite far in front (Aunty C showed like maybe 3 people's distance) ... he stepped back and let us go before him ..."

Oh my.

Mom said enthusiastically, "Daniel wants us to know he's wearing yellow with us!"

We laughed.

Yes, You were definitely with us ... and wearing yellow.

We were so meant to see the name.


If that boy did not step back and asked Aunty C and Justine to go before him, he would have been too far for us to spot the name on his back. Too many heads were blocking.


Yellow tee shirt. DANIELLE. BERSIH 4.



Everywhere we are, there you'll be, Daniel ...

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

We miss You so very much.