Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hello Son,

Left the house with Dad early in the morning. Was in the car. Song on the radio was coming to an end. Justine's station. Time on the dashboard showed 7:33am. The lyrics that came on were :

There are no boundaries
There are no boundaries ...
Turned to Dad and said, Heard that? First message of the day - No Boundaries. :D We can contact Heaven and communicate with Angels. No boundaries. :D That last line of the song put a smile on our faces, Son. Thank You for that.

We went to the market this morning. Today is a special day. Mama (Dad's Mom) is coming to KL for her MCA meeting tomorrow. She's gonna be having dinner with us this evening. Her birthday was on Sept 27th, so Justine is going to bake her a cake later. Since Mama likes noodles, we are going to prepare kueh teow thng (rice noodle soup) for dinner. We've done it before, during one of our cooking session : Ipoh Hor Fun and it turned out pretty darn great. :D

And very easy to do. Can't be messing up today. This is simple to do : Just boil chicken, buy noodles, fry onions. Anyone can do it. Wish You were with us, Son. The last time Mama was here, was on your birthday on Christmas Eve in December. Your last birthday with us. Coming December will be your first birthday with Jesus. How cool is that? Amah and Aunty C will be here too. Kish as well, probably. The last time Mum saw her, 2 weeks ago, Kish was like a lil barrel. A little fattie. We don't say that to her face becos, if You remember, she's very sensitive. She's the only dog Mum knows who has - feelings. She doesn't like to be teased about her weight. 

Reached the market at about 7:45am. Not surprising there was a crowd of vehicles around the market area, this morning, vehicles were DOUBLE parked from one end to the next. Dad stopped by somewhere in the middle of the row of double parked vehicles, and said, drive further down and see if there's parking, can't wait here, triple parking already. Mom climbed over to the driver's seat, and wondered what You were going to do.

Immediately, would You believe it, but IMMEDIATELY after Dad got down and left, a man HURRIED (yes, HURRIED) to his car which was double parked right in front of our car. Mom didn't even have to reverse back. He moved his car out, and Mom slid the car in. Well, at least she's in the same double-parked row as the rest of the vehicles at that time, because otherwise our car was triple-parked and was jutting out, amidst morning traffic and clearly asking for trouble.

Thanks for hurrying the man, Son.

Dad came back some 20 minutes later. Bought some chicken for the soup stock, fresh prawns and the kueh teow noodles. Drove back to Taman Desa to get breakfast for Justine. Decided to get the lil packets of nasi lemak for all. Dad went down to buy, and Mom waited in the car.

Alone in the car, with no one listening, Mom found herself telling You about Mama and the dinner tonight, and said she wished that You were with us. Just then, the intro of the next song caught her attention.

TO LOVE SOMEBODY came on Mom's station @ 105.7. It was 8:18am. One of Mom's favourite song ever. 

There's a light, a certain kind of light
That never shone on me ...

Will definitely check YouTube for a video to upload tomorrow. 
Meanwhile, enjoy Adam's NO BOUNDARIES.

Oh yes, forgot to mention this ... a strange thing happened this morning but Mom only noticed it before she sent Justine for tuition just now. This morning, Mom went to Justine's wardrobe and took out a tee shirt. A dark blue one to wear for the day. Justine has not been wearing this tee shirt for a very long time, and she confirmed later on, that the last time she wore it, she was in primary school. We have not given away this short because it's still in okay condition.
So anyway, was wearing it ...

Then, before fetching Jus to tuition, Mom was in the bathroom, and saw the reflection in the mirror, a WORD that was on the tee shirt. The WORD was terbalik (mirror image), so she leaned forward to the mirror to spell the WORD out carefully :-



HELLO SON, Mom said. 

Felt THE BOND instantly. <3
HELLO - on Mom's tee shirt today??? She cannot ever remember noticing this WORD before. You know some tee shirts right, some have very silly words, she normally doesn't notice scribbles on tees, but THIS one is PRINTED. You can't miss it. Funny that this particular tee has not been in her sight for many years. Yet, somehow this morning, she went to get it. She wasn't looking for the tee, all she remembers now is that, she pushed apart the clothes in Justine's wardrobe, and picked up the hanger to this tee. Took the tee off the hanger, and just put it on ... and went out of the house (to market). Oh boy ... She has never worn Justine's old tees before - let alone one that was worn by Jus in primary school!

Went to Dad and said, Look what's on my tee shirt?

Dad looked and immediately said, Aww, Hello Son ...

That was exactly how Mom responded when she saw the HELLO. Why would we respond HELLO SON, unless our Son has greeted us with a HELLO??? That's YOU, Mom's know, saying Hello. Mom thinks You led her to the tee today because You want us to know that You are gonna be with us today. It's a special day. Mama's having her birthday dinner with us. And You just wanna say HELLO ... :D

Also, if this tee had come to Mom before THIS HELLO SON BLOG, it wouldn't have sparked any message. It wouldn't have meant anything. Hello would be just a Hello.

And would not have brought an automatic "Oh, Hello Son," response from either Dad or Mom. :D

Aww Son ...

Gotta go now. Alarm just rang - time to pick up Jus and get her baking stuffs.

Missing You Daniel. Be with us this evening, kay ... <3

Love You.