Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello Son,

Yesterday, Mom accompanied Aunty H to the General Hospital KL. She was going to have a routine blood test done. Aunty Carol had said to go after office hours, after 6pm, but we thought going home after that, around that time would be horrific. So we decided to go around noon. We didn't get Aunty C's approval on that. Oops!

Aunty H came to pick Mom up at 11:30am. 

We drove to the shops around here to have a quick brunch first. Mom directed her to Face To Face. That is about the only decent air-conned coffee shop that is nearby our home. No, You haven't been to this shop. It's pretty new.

We turned right at the SHELL station.

Along the left side were cars that were parked from the beginning of the road to as far as we could see. So, we drove along until we spotted a car reversing out of a spot. 

Told Aunty H, "Daniel has a spot for You, and right in front of the coffee shop too." :D

Aunty H smiled. You must have been on a cloud watching us. After maneuvering the car in, Aunty H had concerns as THAT row, although were filled with vehicles all along the road, was NOT a proper parking place. Whether our spot was a proper parking lot, was highly questionable to say the least.

First of all, there were NO parking-lines on the ground. Second of all ... Wait a minute, there's no second of all. Anyway, although we did feel that we could be parking illegally ...

 ... we decided it was SAFE to join the crowd. 

From where we were, we stepped across a low brick barrier that separates the main road to the inner lane leading to the row of shops, and walked to the eatery. 

See the above image? Imagine the white line is the barrier, RIGHT black portion is the main road, and LEFT black portion is the inner lane, with one row of parking, a narrow lane and then the row of shops.

We couldn't help but notice that THOSE in the inner lane, were proper parking spaces because of the distinct yellow lines on the ground. It was all occupied anyway. We did not get a pre-paid parking receipt from the ticket-dispenser for the car, since we were NOT parked at the correct place. Remember, we were illegally parked on the side of the main road.

In the coffee shop, Aunty H, still worried, asked one of the waiters whether we were had to get a parking receipt for the car, which was parked out THERE on the main road. 

The waiter wasn't sure, but he said, "I think no need."

Anyway, we had our noodles and shortly after, we walked back to the car.

Upon reaching our car, Mom spotted another car, that was parked in the inner lane (proper parking) that had a saman (parking ticket) clipped on its wipers. 

That car was just RIGHT BESIDE our car, it being in the inner lane (shop lane), while we were on the main road. The distance between the 2 vehicles were about 2 steps away. 

Yeah, something like the above image : Our car was on the RIGHT, parked horizontally to the road, and the other saman-car was parked vertically on the LEFT, in the inner (shop) lane. There is a low barrier on the ground in between the 2 vehicles.

We were so relieved we didn't get the that long saman on our car.

Quickly, Aunty H drove her car out. We were like: 

Woah, lucky thing, Daniel must have been watching the car. imagine the car on the proper place got a ticket and our car parked illegally escaped. On top of that, our cars were parked side by side, funny how the officer saw that car and didn't see our car, OMG etc.

Thanks for watching over the car, Son. :D

We were soon on our way to the hospital. 

Mom called Aunty C to tell her we were on our way. She replied, "Now? I told You to come after office hours. I'm not sure if I'm free when You all are here. I'm in a different ward. Call me when You're here la ..."

So, anyway, we finally arrived. We called Aunty C, and she said, "Perfect timing. I'm having a break now. Let's go do it." :D

Hmmm ... Reflecting on the events that enfolded that day Son, somehow, things have an uncanny way of turning out right in the end. When that happens, Mom knows You have something to do with that. For sure. :D

Especially so when the timing is perfect! :D Thanks Son. <3