Sunday, March 25, 2012

Call 347 : TRUE STORY

Hello Son, 

Monday, March 19

Today, Mom fetched the kids back after school. 

Our driver was on leave.  

Everything was quite normal that day. Mom did not expect anything to happen ... but something did. 


As she was driving the last boy to his home, IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio. 

The time was 1:13 pm.

Decode : 14



If I die young

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a bed of roses

Sink me in the river at dawn

Send me away with the 

words of a love song

The Band Perry.

A smile appeared on your mother's face. :D Your 21st is just round the corner. The last time she heard the song was on last Wednesday 14th. 


Of course, of course.

After dropping Justine off at college that Wednesday 14th, 


had come on in the car, on the way back.


Anyway, believe it or not, the same thing happened that Monday 19th. 

In the afternoon when Mom went to pick Justine up, whilst waiting for your sister to appear, WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU came on the radio.

Oh Wow ... what are the chances? What are the chances of both the songs coming on again on Monday 19th, as they did last Wednesday 14th?


Honestly, what are the chances? Your 21st was in 2 days' time then. It was probably your way of reminding your mother how You left and where You are right now.

(You sang WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU the night before You left us ... and If I Die Young - has a line that assures your mother that You are safe with the Lord)

Awesome ...

Honestly, both songs came on the 14th and again today, the 19th?Mom cannot get over it.

What are the chances?

No chance.

Slim chance.

Angel chance.

ZAP chance.

Tuesday, March 20

Tuesday was the eve of your 21st. You really made your presence felt that day, Daniel. 

That morning, at 7:27 am, the song VIDEO GAMES had come on the radio as we were driving to school.

Decode : 2.1.4

Whichever way You look at it, it's YOU, Son. 

21 and 24.

The next time, your mother was in the car was noon time. ONE THOUSAND YEARS came on. Mom had checked the time. 

It was 12:11 pm.

Decode : 14


As we drove on, MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY filled the car. 

The time was 12:21 pm.

Decode : 21.24

Smile ...

Both her angel numbers. Yes, Son ... You do know that the following day (Wednesday 21st) is your 26th month anniversary, don't You? 

Yes, You do ...

21 and 24 ... again.


Mom was still in the car when MJ's I'LL BE THERE started to fill her senses.

I'll be there to protect You

Just call my name and I'll be there 

Hmmm ... all the zap songs were playing that Monday. 

What a treat for Mom. How nice.

In the evening, as Mom was sending a kid back, BACK TO DECEMBER came on in the car.

The time was 6:26 pm

Decode : 14

HeLLooOOoo ...


You really are with your mother, aren't You?

We go back to December all the time, Daniel ...

A bundle of joy on one Christmas Eve back in 1994 ...

By Taylor Swift.

Oh Gee Wow, Son ... You're with Mom the whole day. Would You look at all the zap signs?

That night, at midnight, Mom posted a message on your Facebook. 

It was at 12:01 am ... she had typed the time on the comment box - You remember Mom is obsessed with dates and time - Yeah, she got used that ... can't blame her ... she used to jot down dates and times for all your medication. :(

True story ...

Anyway, Mom must have taken a minute or two to upload a WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU video on your page. Almost immediately after she clicked POST (or SEND, whatever), would You believe it but ONE THOUSAND YEARS (music video) came on the television. 

You must have seen your mother turning her head sharply towards the TV.

OMG ...  Are You kidding her?

Mom's eyes shot at the computer time. 

It showed 12:04 am.

OMG ... 

Decode : 21.24 

The whole day, You have made your presence felt, Daniel. That One Thousand Years zap was to um, shall we say - complete the day. Gosh ... Honestly ...

Would You look at the timing? 

How incredible. 

Dad was on the sofa in front of the television. 

He saw it too.

Yes ... another true story.

Gosh, it really was as if You were responding to your mother, Daniel.

Hi Ma ... It's my 21st today ... :D


Mom went to bed with a smile on her face.

Thank you, Son ... That was super-awesome. 

Call 346 : BEN HARE

Hello Son,                                            (continue from Call 345)

Sunday, March 18

At your garden ...

No need to hurry, Ma ... :D

Oh boy ... 

Mom came across the above image at the time of writing this paragraph and couldn't help smiling. 


Ben Hare?

Ha ha ...

Mom remembers mentioning the name JUDAH BEN HUR ...

"... as strong as Judah Ben Hur ..."


Your sister and You had looked at each other and asked in unison, "Who's that?"


Ben Hare ...


You're with Mom, she knows. 

I know who's JUDAH BEN HUR now, Ma. :D

So anyway ...

Just before settling down to say the rosary, Mom put her handphone beside your porcelain photo and said,  

"Call Mom, Son ..."

Dad looked. 

Mom explained like it was the most natural thing to do, 

"You wait and see. He'll call and give a message ..." :D

We left the garden about an hour later.

No calls ... :( 

No message ...

Not yet anyway. 

No message, Daniel?

Wait, Ma ... :D

Hmmm ... wait ... so much significance in such a tiny word.

Flashback ...

You were in preschool then. One day, You were busy with your toys. Mom called You over and You said, "Wait." 

Yup, that was the very first time You did not go to your mother when You were called. That evening, she mentioned to a friend that her son had used the 4 letter word on her that morning. The first time. 

Her friend was like, "What? Really? What did he say?"

Mom confessed solemnly, "He said WAIT ..."

Smile ...

So anyway ...

We were in the car heading towards home. 

On the way back, I HAVE A DREAM came on the radio.

Wait a minute ...

H-huh ...

I Have A Dream ...

Hey, isn't this the song that has the line:


Why yes, yes ... it is. 

I believe in angels.

Oh boy. 

Mom suddenly remembered that the ANGEL OF THE MORNING video that she had saved in her draft has these words at the end :


Two signs about angels?



Why, that's easy. 

Take notice, Mom ... :D

We know all along, Daniel. We know that to be true. Of course we do. Yes, angels do exist, and yes, of course we believe in angels, are You kidding? All these coinciDANs and zap signs don't just happen without an angel orchestrating them. :D 

Especially with one who's good at video games.

Mom said happily, "There - my message for the day."

Dad smiled ...

Mom said, moments later ...

"Wah, how appropriate ... Just before we arrived, we heard the song ANGEL OF THE MORNING. Then, when we left, we hear I BELIEVE IN ANGELS. In the middle, the clouds came out and hid the sun. He really is with us .. He really is ..."

There are just not that many nice boy angel photos ...

heLLOOOoooo ...

Like a good karangan.

Got pendahuluan, got penutup and got isi.

A+, Son ...

Thanks Son. That was a really good reinforcement.

We believe in angels ... <3

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...

Call 345 : HOT SUN

Hello Son,                                    (continue from Call 344)

Sunday, March 18

That Sunday, Dad and Mom visited your garden. Justine did not go with us. She was engaged to do some volunteer work at a Senior Citizens' Home at St Mary's with some of her college mates.

St Mary's ...

How nice ... 

We had attended Sunday mass in the morning, dropped Justine off at the Home. Dad and Mom went for breakfast before dropping by at our usual place to get your everlasting flowers.

After buying your flowers, we drove to the garden. 

There was a petrol station just before the turning into your garden. Dad wanted to pump petrol. Oh good, Mom wanted to get a drink ... but ended up buying ice-cream. 

It was almost 1 pm in the afternoon the last time she checked, and the sun was all hot and hyper that day. Normally, we would visit your garden early in the morning and leave by 10:30 am or sometimes 11 am, to avoid the sun. 

However, today ... we couldn't. 

We were obviously late.

Mom was in the car waiting for Dad to fill up the gas tank. Shortly after, Dad hopped back in to the car. As he was starting the engine, the song ANGEL OF THE MORNING was on the radio.


Mom glanced at the time. 

It was 1:15 pm.

Decode : 14


What a coinciDANs. 

We're just about to turn into your garden, Son. This song had come on a few days ago, on Wednesday 14th

Check the time now at 1:15 pm. 

Decode : 14


The minute - figure could have been any number from 1 to 60. Yet, out of 60 numbers, it showed a number that would zap. It was as it You were reminding your mother.

Angel Of The Morning - second time, Ma. 

The first one on 14th. :D

Mom remembers the first one because she was searching for the video on the internet and had found one, which she had saved in her draft for later use.

At your garden ... 

Dad and Mom were pleasantly surprised that the flowers from the previous 3 months were all still in tact in the garden bed. The place actually looked quite clean. Mom stood by the side of the car, under the shade of a tree opposite your plot, to finish up her ice-cream. 

It really was hot at your plot. The nearest tree did not offer any shade at your spot. Mom was lamenting that she forgot to put on her sunscreen. 

You must have heard your mother complaining to Dad, 

"Aiyoh, it's so hot ... Where's the umbrella? Is there a hat in the car? Next time, we must bring a hat. We cannot come at this time. We have to come by 8 am or 9 am in the morning ... etc"

So anyway ...

Guess what?

Would You believe it ...

It was barely a minute when we started to tidy up your garden when we suddenly noticed that the sun had gone into hiding.

No kidding. 

The sun had actually gone into hiding and was nowhere to be seen. Mom looked up into the sky and pointed to Dad. Several thick grey-white clouds had come into sight, and had completely covered the sun.

OMG ... 

How cute was that?

Dad said, "Your son heard you ..." :D 

and continued, "You don't want the sun, Mom?"


Oh, that was awesome. 

At first, Mom thought the shade was gonna be for a short while only, so we were still kinda hurrying with the weeding and planting. 

However, as minutes passed, we soon found that we were actually able to sit and relax, light some candles, and say the rosary with the fat clouds offering a nice shade over your garden plot and around us. 

Like usual.

In fact, there was even a little breeze, believe it or not.

Oh wow ...

You must have asked the wind to blow, huh ... :D

Thanks Son, that was really, really nice.


(continue on Call 346)


Hello Son,                                       (continue from Call 343)

Wednesday, March 14

Mom arrived at college. 

Justine appeared shortly after Mom sent her a text message. Your sister wanted to have pan mee (flour noodles) for lunch. There was only one place for that. We drove to Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park.

In the car, Mom told Justine about the morning song zaps.

We soon arrived at the coffee shop. Turning into the lane, we noticed that the parking bays were filled up, from one end to another. We drove on slowly. 

Mom remarked confidently, "He has a place for us ..." 

and then called out aloud, "Daniel, get a place for us."

Jus grinned.

Barely 3 seconds later, as we were turning round the bend, lo and behold, we saw a nice spot just waiting for us ... 

Oh boy, after driving along a long stretch of fully occupied bays, it sure felt so zapping nice to see that empty spot. 

It came right after Mom called out to You. :D

Yes, yes, we noticed that. 

A definite coinciDANs. :D

We had our noodles.

On the way back home, One Thousand Years came on the radio. We felt your presence, Daniel. 

You were with us, we know. :D

The next day on Friday, Mom had to fetch a kid back in the evening. 

After dropping the kid off, on the way back, One Thousand Years came on - again. Two days in a row, and in a short period of about 10 minutes or so in the car on both days, this song had come on.

Take note Ma - two times ... :D

The time was 6:33 pm.

Decode : 21

Yes Son, your 21st is round the corner.

Saturday, March 17

On Saturday evening, Dad, Mom and Justine were at Bangsar Village 2. We had a nice dinner at Ben's.

After dinner, Dad said he wanted to get a few things from the supermarket, that was right opposite the diners - possibly some 30 walking steps away. 

As we were walking to the grocer, Mom bumped into a parent. Her 4 year old daughter was in the pram. We chatted for a bit. 

A few minutes later, your mother was alerted to the song WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU on the overhead sound system. Oh Wow ...

She casually pulled out her cellphone to check the time ... trying hard not to look too excited as she continued to chat with the parent.

It was 9:18 pm.

Decode : 144


She hoped she wasn't behaving too awkwardly.

Was she?

You're near, Mom knows. Her heart was singing so loudly she was afraid the parent might hear it. Boy, if that parent did not appear when she did, Mom would have followed Dad into the supermarket, and maybe miss the song if she were too busy looking for stuffs. 

Mom was meant to be there, because we actually spent quite a few minutes talking and catching up ... before the song came on. It really was hard trying not to have a big silly grin on her face and even more difficult trying to behave normally.

Right after that, IF I WERE A BOY came on.

OMG ...



That was so your song, once upon a time. We will always remember how your aunties would tease You whenever they hear You sing that song and would ask, 

"If I were a boy, Daniel? What are You now?"

Yeah, if I were a boy ... 

Yes Son, Mom now understands exactly what You were singing ... if only You were a boy, a normal boy ... and not a boy with a secret. :(

Especially a deadly secret.

Shortly after, another friend came along and said hi. He was with his family and was kinda rushing to get some stuffs before the counters closed. The parent and her girl left thereafter too.

Mom stood there by herself, inhaling deeply.

Oh wow ... What was that?

Two friends ... two songs ... 

On the way home, I'LL BE THERE came on the radio. You must have seen your mother smiling to herself.

It was 9:29 pm.

Decode : (24) (14)

How awesome ... both her angel signs.

Just call my name, and I'll be there ... :D

(continue on Call 345)