Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Call 16 : THE SECRET

Hello Son,

About to go to school in a bit. Teacher L called yesterday and said we're gonna have our dance practice today. Wanted to make this call first before going. 

You know, forgot to tell You this, but after Sunday Mass, whilst Dad and Mom were on the way home, Mom asked Dad if he received any "message" during the mass that he could connect with. The week before, if You remember, Mom and Justine were at Mass, and both of us got our "signs" that made us feel connected to this church that we have not been for more than 8 years or so. 

Dad said, "Didn't You hear what the Priest say? That's why I nudged You ..."

Yes, Dad did nudge Mom at some point during the Homily, but she didn't know why. She had turned to look at him, and he had given her THE look, like she was supposed to "get it." But she didn't.

"Why, what did the Priest say?" Mom asked at last.

Dad replied impatiently, "Didn't You hear? He mentioned about funerals and losing a child and shaken faith ..."

Mom interrupted, "What??? He actually said those words? Funeral, and losing a child, and shaken faith??? Those words came out from his mouth???"

Dad said, YESSS. You were not listening, is it?"

Why does Dad feel the need to repeat that over and over again? So irritating. No, actually, Mom didn't hear the "funeral" and "losing a child" bit, but she did catch the word "shaken faith." How is it that Mom and Dad sat through the same Homily and she did not hear the first two words at all???

She did hear one line though, something like, "It doesn't matter how old the child is, when the child goes before the parents, it's always devastating."

Okay, THAT, she heard. After the devastating word, she must have slipped into a world of her own and everything else just became a blur. She could be a good actress, your mother, how she sat there just looking attentively at the altar, like she was absorbing everything the Father was saying, when in actual fact, her mind had transported her to somewhere else ... 

Only GOD knows where. And probably You too now. She won't be able to hide anything from You now. No more secrets. You will know every deep dark (or bright) secret that she has buried in her heart. Which brings Mom to Merlin and Clark Kent ...

You will remember that Mom used to follow these 2 TV shows : Merlin and Smallville. Sometimes, she still hears You calling out as You did on several occasions, "Marmmm, your Merlin is on ..." or "Smallville started already ..." 

Or when the preview comes on, You'd remind Mom, "Your Merlin is on at 11 o'clock tonight - Hallmark channel" or "I'm sorry to tell You this Mom, but Smallville tonight - last episode..."

At one time, You were lying on the sofa, and Mom was sitting by the carpet, and we were watching Merlin. Then Mom commented, Merlin reminds me of You.

To which, You gave a surprised jerk and turned abruptly to Mom and wailed, "What? Merlin reminds YOU of ME??? He's so ugly ..." and You kinda dramatise the moment by burying your head under the pillow and ranted on and on, oh-so-loudly about how could Mom say Merlin reminds her of You. 

Sorry Son, if You find Mom smiling here, but You were really quite funny. Grin.

Mom had to explain to You, "It's not the LOOKS that reminds her of You, it's the CHARACTER." No, not the looks. That didn't help. You looked up from the pillow, screwed your face up and howled, "The character? But he's so WEIRD. THAT reminds YOU of ME??? The WEIRD character???"

More Grins. Oh, stoppit ... and behave yourself. :D

Mom never told You this before but Merlin and Clark remind her of You because they both have a SECRET. Yeah, a SECRET. A SECRET that nobody must know or ever find out. It can be lonely when You have a SECRET. 

Well Daniel, when you were on earth, You had a SECRET of your own to keep. That was what those two characters reminded Mom most of about You. The Secret. It was never about the character.

So now You know ... :D

Gotta go. Talk to You in a bit.

Love You, Son. <3