Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hello Son, 

This morning we were at your flower garden. 

All Saints and All Souls Day being on Monday and Tuesday, Grandma wanted to go today, because Aunty C is not working today (Sunday). Dad and Mom would drop Justine at her 9 am seminar before going to the flower park. 

In the car, Mom turned on the radio (as usual) to her station, and the first line that came on this morning were the words from the DJ. He said something to this effect:

We have all lost our temper at one time or another ... bla bla bla ... Don't resort to violence ... bla bla bla ... Just walk away ...

Mom listened and a instant smile came upon her face. Turned to Dad and said, "He's referring to the Call I made last night." 

Call 40 (Bad Word) was published on Saturday night. Mom had mentioned in Call 40 that, "If thoughts could kill, she would be charged with homicide." :D  

HeeHeeHee ... (red-faced)

Just walk away, don't resort to violence, huh ... 

Very funny, Son. :D 

In the car, Justine said she couldn't find her seminar card. The tuition center is strict about presenting the seminar cards and students who could not produce, according to Jus, is given a hard time (a lot of suspicious interrogation and sometimes not allowed to attend the classes). Mom instantly said, "Don't worry, your brother will do something ..."

Of course the card has to go missing, otherwise how do we center our thoughts on You. Right, Son? :D

Anyway, Mom asked Dad to follow Jus up to the tuition place, to explain to the office-staff. So, when we arrived, Dad parked the car by the side of the road, and before he went out of the car, Mom said, "Don't resort to violence." 

Heehee. See what You started. :D

Dad came back to the car some 5 minutes later. No, he didn't have to resort to vio ... Okay okay, enough with that already.

We hung around in Starbucks KL area while waiting for this particular shop to open. Mom wanted to get some more sunflowers for your garden. Even though we had just planted several stalks a week ago on the 21st, she wasn't sure if the flowers would still be there. While in Starbucks, for some reason she cannot put a finger on, Mom sent a text message to Aunty Carol. 

10:04am sms : "Eh bring mu la"

On hindsight now, she's not sure why she sent that sms. The thing is, at first Mom had typed in the words: "eh, bring kish la" then, just before sending the message out, she deleted the word "kish" and replaced with "mu." 

Mu being Kish's nickname. 

She spells it this way (MU) and not MOO for obvious reasons - Kish is not a cow. Thinking about it now, it's kinda strange that she had to delete the word Kish and to replace it with Mu, becos normally when she sms-es to Aunty C about her dog, she uses the name Kish. Not Mu. Why then was it important for her to substitute the name today?

Besides, we have never brought Kish to the flower park before. So, Mom really doesn't understand why she would send that sms to Aunty C to ask her to bring Kish to your garden, in the first place. 

It was just a spur of the moment. How else do You explain that?

Aunty C sent a reply : really?

Mom replied back : yah of kos ...

So, anyway, Dad and Mom arrived at your flower garden at 10:30am. Grandma and Aunty C were on their way. There were many, many, many people there today at the flower park, visiting the garden of their loved ones. Despite the jam of cars along the narrow pebbled-pathway, Dad spotted a nice parking waiting for us. 

Thanks for reserving the space, Son. :D

At your garden, we were so surprised to see all your sunflowers still there on the bed. The purple flowers at Grandpa's too were all still in tact. Not one missing. Oh woah, we didn't expect that. So anyway, we added the new batch of sunflowers that Mom just bought. Dad secured them deep down with a screwdriver that he dug a deep hole with. We couldn't help but admire how pretty your garden looked. :D Here's a peek ...

Of course fresh flowers are always nicer, but Mom figured, since You're now everlasting, your flowers should also be everlasting. 

John 3:15 - For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Duh, just one small snag though ... your everlasting flowers shall last only about 3 months or so, before they kinda start to fade, or Heaven forbid, may suffer an earlier fate, should someone plucks them from the garden bed. :( Those live-forever flowers are the closest to everlasting that Mom can get her hands on.

Besides, it's nice to visit your garden the month after and seeing it still pretty. Never having to see withered flowers, that suggests that the garden is abandoned or neglected. 

Your garden should always be a sight to behold, and today it's brightly filled with sunny yellow flowers. Even a bee or two were nicely fooled to fly over and buzz on your sunflower, checking it out. How about that? :D

People who walked by, ALL turned their heads to your garden plot. Most of them stopped by to admire your flowers. The men talked to Dad about the headstone and the construction of the plot. Dad gave the telephone number of the person who made your plot :- 

Uncle Peter.

Huh, Grandpa's name.

Hmmm, interesting. 

Very interesting.  

There was a family who stopped by and the lady, after admiring the flowers and commented that they were beautiful, looked over to the porcelain photos of Aunty Tracy's and yours. 

Mom introduced, as she pointed to the respective plots, "This is my son, Daniel, and that's my sister, Tracy."

The lady asked, "And who's that?" (pointing to Grandad's)

Mom replied, "That's my Father."

We were engaged in some light conversation, before they left a few minutes later. They mentioned several times they liked the garden bed. :D

Grandma and Aunty C arrived about half an hour later. The first thing Mom said to Aunty C was, "Where's Kish?"

Aunty C said Grandma didn't allow Kish to go. Aunty C said that Kish really wanted to follow them out today. She ran out of the house TWICE. Normally, when You tell her to STAY, Kish would obediently sit and stay in the house, and not run out of the door, but today, she wanted to follow them out. She ran out twice when they weren't looking, apparently.

Awww, Kish wanted to come to your flower garden too. You must have known that and made Mom sent that sms. Grandma said, Kish may see wandering spirits, get frightened, start howling and disturb everybody ...


You can't get more creative than that.

Anyway, Grandma bought some fresh carnations, daisies and roses. After doing up the flowers, we said our rosaries. Mom was humming THERE YOU'LL BE softly to herself, the whole time she was there. Did You hear, Son? She hopes You were singing along with her. 

It was a really beautiful day today. Stark white clouds against a very blue sky. Mom's quite sure You were on one of the clouds with Sebastian, watching us and probably rolling on the cloud laughing yourself to bits when You heard Grandma's comment about Kish and the howlings.

We left at about 12:30pm.

In the car, as Dad was pulling out of the area, Mom turned on the radio. A dinosaur-song was on, but she couldn't identify it, until she heard the chorus, after which she threw her head back and laughed. The chorus line were :-

Me and You and a dog named Boo
Travellin' and livin' off the land
Me and You and a dog named Boo
How I love being a free man 

The time was 12:32pm. 

You really, really, really did know that Kish wanted to come, didn't You? A dog named BOO? Chuckle. Ahh yes, Your mother can hear You protest oh-so-earnestly,  

"That's the closest I could get, Mom - BU." :D

You must have somehow whispered to Mom then to change the name from Kish to Mu, because on her own, she cannot imagine why she would do that. Kish is Kish. The sms message is clear.

Bring Kish.

Crystal clear.

There is no reason, no reason at all, to delete "Kish" and to replace it with "Mu" ... unless ... You fill in the blanks for her. By the way, the line :

  How I love being a free man ...

A free man ... 

Yes, she knows, that's the closest You could get too - doubt if there's a song out there that goes, "How I love being a free boy." :D Aww Son ... It must be awesome being a free boy. Being free is beyond anything we can imagine, she'd bet. That is really a heart-warming and reassuring thing for your mother to hear. How nice it is to know that. :D

Thanks for letting Mom know, Son. <3

(continue on next Call 43)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Call 41 : SO PRETTY

Hello Son, 

This evening, Aunty Carol picked Justine and Mom to go for Sunset Mass at 5:30pm. In the car just as we were about to leave the condo area, Aunty C looked over at Mom and said, "Eh, his song."

Hey There Delilah came on the radio. 

This is YOUR song with Aunty Carol. In fact, some months back, possibly May or so, Aunty C had posted this video on your Facebook. She and You have strummed this music on your guitars and sang together several times when You were still with us.

How cute of You to arrange for the song to be on when all of us were together in the car so we could enjoy the song and remember the moments and times when You sang this song on the guitar with Aunty C on hers. 

Also, this evening, Aunty Carol was dressed up. After mass, she was going to attend the Philharmonic Orchestra Performance with Grandma. Justine for some reason, said today, "I'm gonna wear a dress." 

So the line in the song that goes, "Girl, tonight You look so pretty, Yes You do..." is the perfect and charming compliment from You to your Aunty C and your sister. :D

I'm a thousand miles away 
But girl, tonight You look so pretty
Yes, You do
Times Square can't shine as bright as You
I swear it's true

Don't You worry about the distance
I'm right there if You get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Listening to the song in the car sure makes us hear You singing and strumming on your guitar all over again. You're blessed with a good singing voice, Son, we all know that, and we will always remember it. We know as we sing your songs down here, You're singing along with us, up there on your puffy cloud ... yes, with Sebastian curled up by your feet. :D


During homily, the Priest shared a story about his rough childhood. He mentioned, among others, that he was a gangster during his teens.

That word teleported Mom straight back to the time when You were in Standard One. On the first day of school, You had come home, walked through the door, flung your school bag on the floor and announced,  

"Mom, I'm a gangster."

That memory made your mother smile.

When it was time for OFFERTORY, Mom's favourite Offertory Hymn was projected on the wall : 


It has been several months since she last heard this hymn sung in church, so that when she heard it that moment, there was that instant ZINGGG : THE BOND

You know how Mom would go right before the lyrics come on during Offertory, she'd be like, c'mon c'mon, In Bread We Bring You Lord ... and when the hymn is flashed on the wall, and it's not the song she wanted, she'd show her disappointed-sien face. You must have seen her expression, huh. Definitely more than once. 

Today, You drew another smile from her. :D 

You always know what to do to draw a smile from us, Son. That's your God-given natural talent. :D And You continue to do that despite the impossible distance. Thank You Jesus for that. :D

Anyway ...

The next day, Sunday, Aunty C related her Philharmonic night. She showed Mom her ticket, which stated that dress code to be SMART CASUAL

Of all days, Aunty C said, Grandma chose that night to wear JEANS. So, at the first entrance (apparently there are 2 entrances that You have to go through to flash your ticket before You enter the concert auditorium), the ticket-person allowed them in but not before sizing Grandma up critically esp at her JEANS, and remarking, "I'm not sure if they will let You in." (referring to the ticket-people at the second entrance)

But You know what?

They did!!! Hah!!  :D
You must have shielded their eyes from looking at Grandma's inappropriate attire to a formal function that observes a dress code.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Call 40 : BAD WORD

Hello Son,

This morning, Dad and Mom went to church to book masses for You. At the parish office, we were greeted by a senior lady. Mom explained that we were there to make bookings for mass.

She asked, "Is this for a **** person?"

Mom was taken aback and instantly felt goose bumps at the 4 letter word. Replying Yes, and then felt like kicking herself for being intimidated by the senior woman, and allowing that woman to make her say Yes, to something she has NEVER seen You as. 

In the course of our conversation, the woman mentioned again the bad word, another 2 times.

We don't do masses for **** persons on that day.

Masses for **** persons are on these days etc.

Mom felt a chill shot up her spine, when the woman mentioned the Bad Word again for the second time. When she said it the third time, the word somewhat STUNG your mother and she took it upon herself correct the woman. Mom said : "the RISEN person ..."

The woman said, "Sorry?"

Mom explained in irritation, "Not the **** person, the RISEN person..." and returned her cold stare right back.

The woman shrugged without any emotion, "Say what You like."

Did - You - hear - that??? 

Couldn't believe the woman responded in THAT way. Did You have to put Mom in that situation? More importantly, why was Mom in that situation? Perhaps the woman talks this way to everybody. Perhaps nobody has ever corrected the woman before. She's working in the parish admin and she talks like that? She might as well just say, Jesus is **** too. Mom felt a sudden maternal instinct to defend her son. Itching badly to retaliate, she spoke loudly in her head: 

Ohhhhhh, but my son is very much alive, He's with Jesus. He has eternal life now. And if YOU don't know that, YOU are the one who's downright **** ...


... was what she wanted to yell out, but nothing came out of her mouth. Only her brains heard her. No one else did. Definitely not the woman. Not even Dad, who was seated beside Mom. Mom somehow was able to maintain a reasonable amount of friendly-composure although deep inside, she was seething with an incredibly high level of annoyance. If thoughts could kill, she could be handcuffed and charged with homicide by now.

Please tell God that Mom is sorry for having such angry, harsh thoughts. It will pass, this feeling ...

Anyway, the bookings were made, the payment done, and the receipt was issued. As the woman handed the receipt to Mom, we exchanged a smile. Instantly, your mother felt the tension leaving her. 

Did You make the woman smile, Son? Good for You. :D

Dad and Mom spent some time at the Chapel. Whilst we were there, Mom couldn't help but wonder and wonder again, and again, why she had to encounter that horrible incident. Was there a purpose? These days, whatever incident that happens, she knows there is a purpose, and it always results in something good in the end. But what is the purpose there? It did not feel good at all. Not one bit.

About an hour later, we left. Dad suggested we have an early lunch at a nearby chicken rice restaurant. Justine and You used to go there after church when You both were really young. Dad was reminiscing the times when he was feeding You in a baby high-chair in the coffee-shop ...

That afternoon, about 3pm, Mom was writing this Call-Entry. After the first paragraph, she sat and stared at the computer screen for the longest time. She wasn't sure if she should relate what happened this morning at the parish admin office in her blog. How do You write what happened this morning? She typed out the **** word, and she found herself deleting it. As she was debating whether to write it or not at the time, she was typing out and deleting, re-typing and deleting, when her mobile beeped. 

There was a text message from Uncle JC. 

You will remember Mom has told You about Uncle JC, that he likes to sign his name in those initials because, he'd say, they are the same initials as Jesus'. The time of the sms was 3:18pm. 

He wrote to tell Mom that he had forward an email article entitled Prophesy Of The Bible to a cousin of his, a professor teaching in a university in UK, and he said "she got very angry with him for forwarding the article." (she is a pre-Christian). 

Mom stared at the sms for a brief few minutes, as she could not understand how this message had anything to do with her. Honestly, she was in a blur and didn't quite know how to respond to that except to type back a reply, "Will pray for her."

At 3:31pm, Justine called from school and asked Mom to pick her up. We were supposed to go to MPH Bookstore at MidValley after school. So, turned off computer, and went to get the car. Driving out from the basement car park at 3:47pm, the song Knocking On Heaven's Door came on.  

As she was listening to the song, not really thinking of anything in particular at that moment, except for the sms from JC she received moments ago, she felt a sudden flash of enlightenment and instantly heard these words in her head :

"It's not about You. You're just a messenger."

She sat very still for a few moments in the car, allowing herself to register the message. It's not about her, she's just a messenger ... Mom thought of the earlier incident this morning. What was that all about? So, it's not about your mother, she's just a messenger. Writing about the incident that happened this morning, could be a message for somebody out there. 

This is not about her. She's just a messenger. She cannot be sure but perhaps that's the purpose of encountering this morning's incident.

That night, about 10:30pm, Justine hurried to bring her mobile phone for Mom to listen to the song that was on then. It was the song IF I DIE YOUNG. Jus said she likes the song. Yeah, it's a very nice song. Thanks Son, for reminding us that You're safe with the Lord. What an appropriate message after the events of today.  :D

"Lord make me a rainbow
I'll shine down on my mother
She'll know I'm safe with You 
when she stands under my colors."

Mom has uploaded this video before but she's gonna upload it again. Imagine, only this morning she had encountered the Bad Word. Indeed, this morning's incident was all about YOU, by afternoon she had received a note from JC with contents she could not make head or tail of, but on hindsight, could be linked to the the Bad Word, and some 30 minutes later, she was knocking on Heaven's door. 

With all the commotion going on, by night fall, You had sent your mother a song to reassure her that You're safe with the Lord Jesus.

You really know how and when to send in your songs, Daniel. Normally, Mom doesn't allow Jus to have her mobile-phone radio on while she's studying, but somehow last night was an exception. 

A beautiful message to wrap up the events of the day. <3

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Call 39 : YELLOW CAB

Hello Son, 

This morning, Mom was in school. Concert is on the November 13 so the children are having daily rehearsals now. We had a really fun practice just now. 

Dad dropped Mom in school in the morning. Teacher L was supposed to give Mom a lift back. That was the plan. However, today, there was a Teachers' Meeting after school. It would take more than an hour and Mom didn't want to wait. 

Was wondering how to get back ...

Anyway, after school, an ex-student, W, came through the gate, to pick up his sister, when he called, "Teacher Lynn," as he passed her to get his sister from her class.

Mom returned his greeting and couldn't help but wonder if her transport had arrived. She told Teacher L that she would try to get a lift from the boy's parents. 

W came out with his sister. Mom asked, "Can Teacher Lynn go home in your car today?" He said, "Cannnn." She mentally sent a quick note of thanks to her son for the transport home.

We walked to the car. At the car, she noticed the driver was a man, who was not W's father. He could be a relative, she supposed. After the kids hopped into the car, she asked politely if he could give her a lift to her condo - "Over There," she said, pointing to the RIGHT. 

He replied, Oh, he's not going THAT way, he's gonna be taking the LEFT turn.

She didn't expect that, to be honest. Anyway, she graciously replied, that it was okay, thanked him and waved bye-bye to the kids. She walked across to the shops. 

Now what was that??? She pondered sullenly to herself.

She honestly thought her son had sent her that transport. Felt kinda strange to be left stranded. Saw a few cabs that passed by that were all occupied. It was 1:15pm. Lunch hour. No wonder. All the ants are coming out from their nest time. She decided to take a slow walk home, and try to get a cab along the way, but before that, she would buy some food first, because she didn't think she'd be up to preparing lunch if she were to go home ... by foot.

Sigh, stop making a big deal out of this, she chided herself. It's not that far anyway. 

She bought the food and started heading back. She must have only walked about 50 meters to reach Faber Ria from the shops, when she found herself panting, like she had been climbing a steep hill in the blazing heat. Of all days, she chose today to forget to put on her PA Triple-Plus Super-Sunblock. She didn't stop there; she had put on the wrong shoes too.

Mumbling aloud in lethargy, (Yes, lethargy - rolling eyes here, are we now?) she called out to her son,  

"Daniel, please get Mom a cab. It's too hot to walk."

Barely had she taken a few steps before a cab appeared, but on the opposite direction.

The driver had in fact made eye contact, but she did not wave him down. She was afraid the cab driver might tell her off, for making a turn-around and then only going a very short distance ahead to the condo. Today, she didn't want anyone to tell her off, least of all, a telling-off by a cab driver. That would be the ultimate humiliation of the day. She had gone through that insulting experience dinosaur-years ago and for some reason, she had never been able to let that rest. Her principle ever since, is never to hail a cab on the opposite side of the road if You only want to go a very, very, very short distance.

She found herself muttering under her breath, "On this side of the road, Son, THIS side." Took 2 steps forward, and turned to look behind her, hoping to see a taxi appearing magically.

No, no sign of a cab yet. Oh, hurry up, Son.

Hurry up!

Took another 2 steps, and turned around to check again. At a distance, she spotted a yellow cab. Felt your presence instantly. Oh woah, that was pretty fast. Instinctively, she looked up into the sky, and whispered, "Thanks Son." She stood by the side of the road, hoping that the cab would be empty.

It was.

Thanks Son for sending Mom the cab. She reached home in like 2 minutes. :D No, the cab-guy didn't scold her. Not because of the short distance but also she didn't have small change to pay for her fare, and neither did he have the change to give her back the balance. 

So she had to run, yes, RUN, to the condo cafe to change her note. Would You believe it - the cafe did not have enough change either. No choice but to hurry to the mini-market by the corner of the cafe, grabbed a loaf of bread, and thrust the note to the shopkeeper. Of course, it had to be today, that he felt he had to count, re-count and re-count again, the balance back to her, ever so carefully.

And so darn slowly ...

By the time, she got back to the cab, the meter had run another one more ringgit. How long was she away??? Anyway, she paid and thanked the cab-man gratefully for waiting.

Justine got back about 10 minutes later, at 2pm, and the first thing she said at the door was, "Food, Food, I'm hungry." 

Ahhhh, now Mom understands why W's driver did not, could not, would not, should not, must not - give her a lift. The X- File - solved. Had he sent her home, she wouldn't have been able to buy lunch just now. Dad's out with the car. Tsk tsk tsk, mystery solved. Case closed.

So, it all worked out good today.


Talk to You tomorrow, Son. Lids are getting heavy. Must be all the exercise today at the dance hall. What with the Ultraman, Superman, Spiderman and Ironman moves to our THRILLER performance. :D 

Oh by the way, Mom's made an appointment to see the uhh, Hair Consultant from France ... hehehe ... and she's submitted 3 names of friends to go along with her. No, they don't know yet though. :D Surely You don't expect her to go by herself ... :D

Thanks again for today, Daniel, and for watching over us all. <3 Mom really appreciates You sending the yellow cab right away. Just told Dad about the cab-thing and his first question was, "The driver didn't scold You, ah?" 

You see, even Dad remembers ... 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hello Son, 

Lots and lots and lots to tell You today. 

Donno how to start. Not sure where to begin. Dad says, "Don't have to write so long. Just go straight to the point." One thing Mom knows for sure, it's that : It's very difficult to just GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. She doesn't know how to do that.

How do You do that?

She can't. Going straight to the point is not one of her strengths. Nope, definitely not. Not one of her strengths ... this - this - going straight to the point nonsense. :D

Today's facial day

Yesterday, was spa time. In the afternoon (yesterday), Mom went to the hair salon. When Dad came back last night, Mom was grumbling and complaining to Dad. Terrible la, disaster la, this la, that la. What la! You must have heard Mom's dissatisfaction, because just now (5:30pm), she received a text message that brought a big wide smile to her face.

The sms read : Dear Valued Customers, there will be a special invitation to meet up with Dominique, renowned international hair technical director from FRANCE to do a free hair analysis. Pls call etc to make an appointment.

Heheheh ... Mom cannot stop laughing. Only yesterday, she was grumbling about her hair, and the salon she went to, and today, she gets an invite to have a FREE HAIR ANALYSIS by a renowned international hair technical director from FRANCE??? 

HeeHee. Aren't we getting just a lil over the top now, Son? She can almost hear You say, "I'm getting someone from France to see your hair, Mom." HeeHeeHee. You and your humor, Son. That's really funny, Daniel. :D

Grin Grin Grin. Thank You for that, Son. Sure of course, Mom will definitely make the appointment for the free hair analysis. 

You know, it's just so overwhelming that all of a sudden, she's getting a free SPA, a free FACIAL and a free HAIR analysis. :D

Thanks for arranging all that, Son. Mom really appreciates all the beauty-pampering You're giving her. You know she wouldn't have gone for those on her own initiative. It's been so long since she's stepped into a spa tub, or have a facial treatment, and as for a hair analysis, she's never done that before.

Hehehehehe ... Honestly, she can't stop laughing. It's too funny.

Anyway, this morning, about 9:30am ...

... before meeting up with Aunty R for facial, Mom went to buy some food for Justine. At the coffee shop, she bumped into 70+ year old Uncle J. He asked about You. 

He was like, "Hello, how are You? Where's Bryan? How's your son? He must be even taller now..."

Mom smiled, and replied, "Bryan's in the car ..." and refrained from explaining that her son is now with Jesus. She was late already for her 10am meet with Aunty R and she didn't want to have to explain when he responds, "Oh, I'm sorry, why, what happened, when etc" because FIRST of all, she didn't want anyone saying that they're sorry to hear You are now right by God's side, and SECOND of all, she really was rushing and have no time to go into the whys and what-nots. 

Besides, she couldn't possibly say, "My son is now with God. Good bye ..." could she now?  

She hurried back to the car. Dad drove back to the condo, Mom ran up to leave the food for Justine, and soon we were on our way to Bangsar. As we were driving, a nice dinosaur-song came on. The time was 10:04am.  


Oceans apart, day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain
If I see You next to never
But how can we say forever

Wherever You go, whatever You do
I will be right here waiting for You

The last 2 lines are Your lines ...
You are right THERE waiting for us. :D

See the Angel waiting at the end of the video?

So anyway, Dad dropped Mom at Bangsar Pappa Rich @ 10:15am. Aunty R and Uncle A were already there. We had a quick breakfast before we went to the facial place.

This is kinda funny too, what happened there. 

Mom was led to an individual room. After changing into the robe that was given, Mom was looking for a place to keep her handphone. She wanted to make sure the mobile would be within her reach, whilst she was on the bed, just in case it rang. There were no side tables beside the facial bed, and she was just wondering where to put the phone when it SUDDENLY dropped from her hands on to the floor. 

Darn ... The cover-flap and the battery came apart. She picked it up and tried to fix the battery back but somehow she couldn't fix it in. The beautician than came in, and Mom just stuffed the phone, all the 3 parts, into her handbag and kept that in the wardrobe provided.

As she was lying down, she couldn't help but think YOU had somehow knocked the phone out of her hands, like as if You were telling her:

"Forget the handphone, Mom, 
just relax and enjoy your facial..."

Enjoyed the facial she did. What with the deep cleansing, thorough exfoliating, TWO different facial masks, eye treatment, lip treatment, face massage, shoulder massage, back massage and even hand massage, with scented essential oils and "hot stones" to get the body circulation going ... Oh my, You really know how to pamper Mom, Son. :D

Aunty R had given her a free voucher for that. Isn't that sweet of her? Be sure to tell Rae-Anne that her Mummy took Mom for a facial treat today. The two of You must have planned this, huh. By the way, it so happened that both Rae-Anne's mummy and Mom were wearing the same color top and bottom today. RA's mummy was in short and Mom in pants, both of which were of the same shade of pink, and we were both wearing white tops. Talk about sending out vibes ... :D

After our facials, we had lunch at Delicious, Bangsar Village 2. Brought out the handphone, all the 3 parts, and asked Uncle A to fix it. Checked it and saw there were 2 missed calls. It's true then, that You wanted Mom to have an uninterrupted one and fifteen minutes facial time. :D After lunch, we hung out at Starbucks until Dad came to pick Mom up about 4pm.

Then an aMaZiNG thing happened ...

In the car, the radio was on. Mom was telling Dad about her day. Then Dad received a phone call. He turned off the radio. After getting off the phone, we continued to talk talk talk ... and talk talk talk some more ... radio was still off ... and then at one point ...

(Dad is narrating the words below - it was just unbelievable)

Mom turned to Dad and showed Dad the finger. (Dad's words - he means the pointer-finger). Then Mom said, YOU - JUST - WATCH as she slowly reached to turn the radio  on; immediately these lyrics filled the car :

There can be miracles, when You believe
(song from the movie : Prince of Egypt)

The time was 4:08pm.  O -- M --G ... What a great message! 

THAT was incredible, You'd think! But You know what's MORE incredible???

Yesterday at the hair salon, there was music playing in the air ... all the one-of-a-kind never-heard-before songs were playing in the salon. And then THIS song, WHEN YOU BELIEVE had come on. Mom had heard it and had thought to herself, it can't be a message, she's not in her car, it may not be her station 105.7. This is the hair salon.

And so, she didn't write this in the blog last night, because, because ... well because, she didn't want to appear to be linking E-V-E-R-Y lil song to You. 

However, THAT song was somehow important, it was after all one of your animated videos that You and Justine had watched when you guys were younger, and she wanted to remember that. So, because she did not write it down in the blog, she SCRIBBLED down in her diary : 

I Believe In Miracles (Prince of Egypt) was playing in the salon. 

She had also written in her diary : Cut hair today. Disaster. Terrible. 
Curling all over the place. Will be the last time I go there

Mom showed Dad and Justine the diary just now. 


To think that she'd jotted the note down yesterday, and then this afternoon, she hears it in the car. Apart from God, who else can read her mind? That she had thought it wasn't connected to You because it wasn't from the car radio??? How could she have known WHEN to turn on the radio in the car to hear THAT song? And especially THAT message? Had she turned on the radio 2 seconds earlier or 2 seconds later, it would not be THAT specific line:



MiNd-BoGGLinG !!!

Also, can You tell her, can You please just tell her, how in the world did she know how to dramatize, by signaling to Dad with her pointer-finger pointing at him (to get his attention to listen to what is about to come on air) BEFORE she turned on the radio??? 

When those lyrics came on, we couldn't believe it. It was surreal. Totally. You really really really are whispering to Mom, aren't You? This is not the first time that a song-message has come, INSTANTLY upon turning on the radio, but it IS the first time that she has DRAMATIZE just before turning on.

Now she's trying to figure out what is this miracle that could happen when she believes ... 

Dad believes You ARE whispering to Mom. :D Awesome. Just awesome. Thank You Son for the spa yesterday, the facial today, and the uhh, hair consultation that You've somehow arranged. Chuckle. :D Thinking about it is making her laugh again.

Renowned international hair technical director from FRANCE???

Hehehehehehe ... What next, Son ... :D

Now You understand why Mom cannot just GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT??? How to "sum up 100 words into 10 words?" The story is too amazing, she wants to record down every detail.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Call 37 : NO WARNING

Hello Son,

Totally felt your presence today, Son. Totally. Totally. Totally. :D

Last night, Aunty Hayley sent a text message to say that her friend has invited her and Mom for a free trial at the spa. Wow! Tomorrow (Wed) going for facial, and today (Tues) free time at the spa. You must have arranged for all these nice relaxing-unwind-destress pampering for Mom, huh. :D

So this morning, drove to Aunty Hayley's house. Her friend would pick us up at 9:30 am. She came on the dot and we were soon on our way to her spa place. At the basement parking of the building, Mom noticed that the pillar beside the car had a large number : "C24."

Mentioned to Aunty H that, we had parked at C24. "24's Daniel's birthday," Mom said. And C? she wondered. No, it's not that C anymore, this time ... this time, it's God's name. Every lil thing sure reminds her of You. :D

It turned out that it was a good thing Mom remembered the C24, because later when we were done, the lady who brought us forgot where we parked, and was walking ahead of us in the wrong direction. Mom was like, heyyy, the car's over here, we parked at C24. So unlike Mom to be the one to find the car especially in an unfamiliar place. Must tell Dad.

Anyway, we enjoyed the spa time very much.

It's the going home time, that she wants to tell You about.

Pay attention and listen kay, because something really amazing happened on the way back. 

So anyway, Aunty H's friend, was driving, with Aunty H seated in front, and Mom at the back. Mom saw the seat belt but kinda ignored it, she figured it was just a short distance away, she didn't bother to buckle-up. She sat in the middle of the two front seats, so she has a clear view of the road ahead. Not that it was important for her to have a clear view ...

So anyway, there we were traveling in the car. The lady-friend was driving in her lane, when the car in front of her (with a P-learner sticker sign), SUDDENLY ...


Mom saw everything that happened because she had a full view, like she said just now. The P car came to a sudden HALT for what reason, we don't know. All 3 of us kinda let out a shriek. The lady-friend hit the brakes, but it was obvious that the gap between the 2 cars were just too close for us to avoid the P car, and we were all ready to hear the BANG. We were very sure we were going to collide with it because our lady-driver was, at the same time, driving just a tad too fast. 

But You know what? 

Our car came to a complete stop just inches away from the P car. No, not even inches, possibly just AN INCH!!! We were so surprised we didn't crash into that P car. We expected at the very least, a mild bump.

The P car moved on again after a few seconds later, and we resumed the drive. We couldn't stop voicing our shocked annoyance about what just happened. We were like, OMG... @&^% ... that stupid driver ... #$%^ ... crazy ahh ... !@#$% ... what is he trying to do ... !%^&*... how can he stop in the middle of the road like THAT??? ... too much man ... Thank God, we stopped in time, Thank God ...

Yes, thank God ... and Thank You, Son, Mom said silently. 

You know what, the AMAZING thing is, despite the SUDDEN stop, it's really strange to note that Mom was NOT thrown forward in anyway. Not even a lil jerk forward. She was just sitting like normal, observing the whole thing. You must have been there, Son, that's the only explanation. There's no way she could have sat there, like nothing happened. Not possible. Really, not possible. You were definitely there, Daniel, to stop us from crashing into the P car and holding Mom back in some way. :D

Okay, lesson learned today : Put on the seat belt whenever. Short or long distance. Just put on the seat belt.

At the point of writing the above paragraph, what a coinciDANS, your song, FALL FOR YOU (Secondhand Serenade) just came on Justine's mobile radio 95.8. Jus and Mom just exchanged a knowing glance. 

See music video FALL FOR YOU on the left side of the wall.

It WAS You, wasn't it? :D :D :D

Why, only last Friday when Aunty Carol related an incident that happened in the hospital. She said there was a large puddle of water and she happened to be walking very fast, hurrying somewhere, when she slipped and lost her footing, expecting to land on her butt, because her body was already falling backwards. Somehow, she regained her balance, in that split of a second and found in surprise that she did not fall, but was then standing up right. 

She said You definitely had something to do with that, Son. She could not believe that she did not land on her bottom, said that the way she had slipped, she must definitely land on the floor. :D

An Angel must have been watching her, that's for sure. We don't know how You did it, Son, but we know You did something. Thanks for watching over your Aunty C.

Anyway, the lady-friend dropped us back at Aunty H's house. Mom drove back home from there. In the car, she was still recalling the incident in her head, how incredible it was. She wasn't particularly listening to the radio, until the DJ introduced the next song, TEMPORARY HOME by Carrie Underwood. It was 12:12pm.

Temporary Home - the title itself sounded like a song that Mom should hear. She keyed in the title into her mobile so she could check it when she gets home as she's not heard of this song before

This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passing through
This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know 
This is my temporary home


With lyrics like that, how not to instantly think of You, Daniel? How not feel that You know what's going on, and You're close by? Thanks for watching over us and keeping us safe, Son. The song sure brought its own melancholy moments. Yes, this is our temporary home. 

It's late. Should log off now. 

Thank You again for today. Love You so much.

Talk to You tomorrow, Son. Nitesie. <3

Monday, October 25, 2010


Hello Son,

Yesterday Sunday morning, Mom received an email from Aunt Laura from Lourdes, France. We were there in September 2009 last year, and we had stayed in her and Uncle Peter's hotel. Our initial plan to be there for only 5 days was extended to 25 days. Mother Mary clearly wanted You to be there for a longer period. Yes truly, God had His own plans for us. 

And for You.

Thought You might like to read Aunty Laura's lovely letter. It never fails to bring tears to Mom's eyes each time she reads it.

the season is almost winding down and i am able to find the time to write you after your so many lovely emails and forwards. the most touching video of there you will always be is so true.  we have not forgotten you nor what we had with you last year.  i know it is 9 months since and almost 13 months since your stay with us.

every 21st i remember daniel at mass or when i am kneeling at the grotto.  this year we had many young pilgrims from france and england.  they were all tall and lanky like daniel.  everytime they remind me of the gentle teenager who was so patient and so calmly accepting his suffering.   

everytime i walk thru to the grotto and the eucharistic procession is on, and the sun shinning on the river and the trees like as if it is shimmering and dancing with silver lights, i think of daniel.  everytime i go for the candle procession and see the thousands of flames flickering in the dark, i think of daniel and know that in all this, he is here looking and enjoying all this without his pain.

Lourdes will be daniel for me for a long long time, if not forever.   and you my dear are welcome here to stay with us anytime you feel like coming, you and your whole family.  it is your home too as it is ours.  if you feel like coming just get your ticket to london and a short flight to lourdes or pau and i will pick you from the airport.

i met D and M, they go to holy rosary.  they are volunteers at the sanctuary and i told them they should get in touch with you to volunteer with them.  they come once a year helping with the sanctuary.

send my love and big hugs to justine and ann. 

you are always in my prayers whenever i go to the lady at the grotto.

love laura

blink blink blink ... 

The line "...the gentle teenager who was so patient and so calmly accepting his suffering" breaks Mom down each time. 

Totally. And Lourdes will be YOU for us too... 

Forever, Son.