Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hello Son, 

It's your 9th month with Jesus TODAY (21st).  

And Mother Mary. And the Angels. And Grandpa. And Aunty Tracy. And Sebastian. It's like You guys can form a clan up there  now, what with the 3 generations and a family pet.

Nine months ...

That's like the longest time You've ever been away from us. We miss You so very much. More so today. Mom's feeling better though, better than yesterday. One always feel more refreshed after a downpour. Tears are healing, so they say ... don't know who the "they" are but (shrugs) that's what "they" say, and it's not like we can argue with "them," since we don't know who "they" are. 

Besides, You only get to see a pretty rainbow in the sky, after a heavy downpour anyway. 

No downpour, no rainbow. Right, Son?

We went to your FLOWER GARDEN this morning. 

Before we left the house, Mom grabbed a lil notebook and a pen. Being your 21st, she was sure there'd be some messages for the day today. And she didn't want to miss out, on anything, on the time, or the lyrics, whatever. 

Dad went to get the car from the basement. Justine and Mom hopped in at the guard house. Mom reached out to turn on the radio. Her station 105.7. The immediate lyrics that came on were :

I'll run to tenderly hold You
But darling, You won't be there

At this point, Mom was busy scribbling on her notebook, noting the time at 9:07am. Listening on ...

I don't wanna say goodbye for the summer
Knowing the love we'll miss
So let us make a pledge to meet in September
And seal it with a kiss

Mom turned to Dad, and said, "That's the first message." 

No, we don't want to say goodbye either. Goodbye is such a painful word. Instead, You'd have heard us say, we'll see You in Heaven. So yeah, let's make a pledge to meet in September then. Of which year, it's not for us to know. And we'll seal our promise with a teddy-bear never-let-You-go-hug and a kiss on both cheeks, repeatedly like tomorrow will never come.

We arrived at your Flower Garden at about 9:30am.

Which reminds Mom, can she call the Memorial Garden, your Flower Garden, from now on? Memorial's such a depressing word. So anyway, we noted that ALL your purple flowers from last month were ALL still in tact, standing tall and proud, on the flower bed. Dad must have secured them really well. Why, not even the rain or wind had uprooted any of them, or caused the stalk to bend or be shifted.  Not even slightly.

We removed the flowers from Grandpa's flower bed, and re-planted them around the surrounding flower plot. Then, Dad transferred your purple flowers to Grandpa's bed, leaving your plot empty. 

Today, we got bright sunflowers for You. :D

Justine attended to the flower bed, Dad cleared the surrounding plot and Mom gave You your monthly facial. 

Your monthly facial ... 

Writing that line brought a smile to her face. After all, You arranged for Mom to have a facial only last night. :D

After clearing up, we said our rosaries. Then, Jus and Mom sang the song THERE YOU'LL BE - the video that we would be uploading to YouTube later today. We could only remember the first verse and the chorus, so we sang it twice. We couldn't for the life of us remember the second verse at that time. Sorry about that, Son.

In my dreams, 
I'll always see You 
soar above the sky
In my heart, 
there'll always be 
a place for You 
for all my life
I'll keep a part of You with me
And everywhere I am 
There You'll be

As we were singing, there was a helicopter that happened to fly RIGHT ABOVE US. The loud noise of the chopper, at close range, made us look up into the sky. Seeing the clouds made Mom think that, perhaps, it was your way of telling us:

"Hey Dad, Mom, Jus, 

Look here ... 

I'm UP HERE ... 
Soarrrr-ing in the sky ..."

Yes Son, You were right there, watching us sing the song too. Did You hear the part when Jus and Mom screeched to reach and then dragged the high crazy-L-O-N-G note of :


Oh, that sure felt good.

Anyway, when it was time to go, Mom was at Grandpa's site, couldn't help but stare blankly at the engravings on the tomb. For what reason, she doesn't know. Dad and Justine had gone to the car. She wasn't aware she had taken a while because Dad came out of the car and said, "Let's go, stop scolding your father."

Smirk. She did no such thing, she assures You.

Ahh, THIS Mom must tell You ...

It was in the car when a beautiful message came on. Dad started the engine, and pulled away from the site. Mom turned on the radio, again her station, and the immediate lines that filled the car were :-

Something good in everything I see

It was the song I HAVE A DREAM (Mamma Mia / ABBA). 

Aww Son, You heard us sing that ALWAYS part, didn't You? You somehow found a way to respond by giving us a song that has the similar L-O-N-G note. Felt THE BOND instantly. What a perfect message to hear right after we left your Flower Garden. 

I Believe In Angels ...

We definitely do, with all our hearts. Dad and Justine both nodded with a big smile. Yes, they both heard. We ALL heard. Mom scribbled in her notebook. The time was 10:29am. The second song-message. Thanks for that, Son. That was just surreal.

Couldn't help but continue to ponder amazingly at the perfect timing of that perfect message. Perhaps that's why she had to delay time a bit by stopping by at Grandpa's site. Had she walked to the car earlier, and turned on the radio, it might not have been THAT specific line. But she's gotta say this - THAT really was the perfect line to appear at that moment.  

It really was a heart-warming moment. Felt very connected to You. By the way, when Mom was looking for the video (back at home) on the net, she typed the words : 

youtube i have a dream mamma mia lyrics

and was brought to a page where she saw an ORANGE video. :D 


Talk about PERFECT ...

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