Monday, October 18, 2010


Hello Son,

Yesterday, after writing Call 28 and posting it at 1:40pm (according to the time stated on the blog, Mom just checked), Dad and Mum left the house half an hour later, to pick up Justine from class. Her class would end at 2:30pm.

In the car, Mom was going through the draft-box in her mobile. There were more then 30 items in the draft-box and she intended to delete some away. These are info that she would key in for song-messages that came on the radio when she is in the car. She scrolled right to the bottom of the list, and found a draft-note with the words :

a new day has come, in the eyes of a boy

Seeing that line brought a smile to her face as she remembered that moment of time. The song had come on the radio at the time. She had not heard of that song before then, and the tune was not particularly familiar. However, she could not help but feel captured by the lyrics that went :  

in the eyes of a boy

... and found herself keying that line into her mobile to check on the video later, which she did check, and had in fact posted the Celine Dion's video on your Facebook some time ago.

Seeing it again after several months, she was undecided whether to delete it or not. Say what You like but it had some - sentiments - attached to it. She found herself skipping it and proceeding to the rest, going through the draft-list, one by one, deleting some, while keeping the rest. 

After she was done, she came went back to the boy-draft and thought with a sigh ... Oh well, it's been so long ago, the video is already posted, she doesn't need the info anymore ... and so reading it for the last time, she clicked to delete ...

... and put away her cell phone.

We were approaching town area. Traffic was unusually congested for a Sunday afternoon. As Dad drove on, would You believe it, but the song A NEW DAY HAS COME came on Mom's radio station 105.7 and literally, made her gasped!

OMG ... 

The boy-song that Mom had trouble deciding whether to delete or not ... THAT song came on and filled car. She couldn't believe it! What are the chances??? No chance!!! Maybe one in a million! 

Felt THE BOND instantly. 

Excitedly, she told Dad about it. The time was 2:33pm.

Dad was amused and gave a chuckle. :D

We continued driving. Soon, it began to pour and it poured hard. Drenching hard. She happened to catch the lyrics somewhere in the middle of the song that tactfully went :

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears ...

Mom pointed to the wind screen and said to Dad somewhat triumphantly, "Heard that? Let - the - rain - come - down, and look, it's raining like crazy." 

Dad smiled. It could have been a coincidence, You'd think. 

It is, it is, DEFINITELY a coinciDANS. :D

We were then just round the corner to Justine's pick-up point. The traffic was very slow-moving, and we were inching our way there. What normally takes us 5 seconds to reach the pick-up spot from where we were at then, was about to take 5 or even 10, minutes or so.

Soon, we were turning into the lane where Justine would be waiting for us. You will NOT believe this, but let Mom tell You this : The rain began to EASE and it CEASED TOTALLY just as Dad stopped the car for Justine to hop in. 

It was surreal. A perfect O - M - G moment!

The time was 2:42pm. 

"The rain stopped for You, Jus," Mom announced, stating the obvious. 

Justine said, "Yeah, he's done that for me before..."

Awesome. Totally awesome. :D

You would have thought it ended there, but No-ooo ...

Because just in case, there were any doubt in our minds that THAT had anything to do with You, like You know ... JUST IN CASE - there were still any Doubting Thomas among us, the rain suddenly came pounding down on the wind screen 2 minutes later. The time was 2:44pm. 

That cleared whatever doubts anyone might have had. Clearly, definitely, heck - OF COURSE, You had something to do with the stopping of the rain for Jus. Either that, or You somehow slowed down the traffic so that by the time we reached her, the rain would have stopped. So, she wouldn't get wet.

Oh wow! That was totally awesome, Son. We felt You with us more than ever. :D

Next, we drove to Bangsar Village. Right at the entrance to the parking, Dad pointed to a mobile sign board and said, "CAR PARK FULL." 

Mom dismissed it. "Since when are we worried about Car - Park - Full?" she analyzed critically.

Dad turned the steering to drive in. Stopped by the auto machine and pulled out a ticket. 

You wanna know what happened next? 

My, we didn't even have to LOOK for a parking spot. We were just LED TO IT. As we drove in, right at the first parking row, a man was loading-up his boot. It was so obvious that this spot was meant for us. We waited by the side for the man to remove the car, and in the mean time, caused a queue of cars to form behind us. 

Mom was holding her breath at first, wondering if the man was gonna drive out. You know, sometimes, people just pack their things in the boot, but they don't leave immediately but instead, return to the mall.

The man left. :D

With the queue of cars behind us, yes, we were definitely aware that it really was a busy day, and You had specifically gotten a spot for us. It was just insanely GREAT, Daniel, it really was! :D

THE BOND. :D Were You walking beside us?

So anyway, we went to CHATTERBOX for lunch. Dad called a soupy thing, Justine had a cheese baked rice and Mom ordered a sandwich. Dad also called a hot chinese tea for himself, whilst Jus and Mom shared a milk tea.

When we were done with lunch, Dad called for the BILL. Nothing unusual about that. However, when the BILL came, that electrifying moment happened, and Mom could not help but STARE at the printed figures on the small rectangular paper.


Oh boy ... Only 2 hours ago (Sunday morning), Mom had written these 444 numbers on your Call 28 and made a special note about them. Gee honestly, what are the chances of writing those numbers in your previous Call that morning, and 2 hours later, see the same figures on our BILL later? It's not like we could have calculated the amount first (why would we do that anyway?) before ordering, because it included 10% and 5% tax and service charges. We couldn't have figured the amount even if we had tried to calculate it before ordering.  

That was simply awesome, Son. THE BOND :D:D:D. There are just no words to describe the moment. You really showed us in more signs than one that You were with us on Sunday yesterday.

And every day for that matter. :D

We went to church after lunch and arrived there at about 4:30pm. Mass would begin in an hour, so we spent some time at the Santa Maria Chapel for quiet worship, adoration and reflective moment with the Lord. 

Dear God, We have so very much to be thankful for. :D

Gotta go now. Talk to You tomorrow. 

Love You ... <3