Monday, October 25, 2010


Hello Son,

Yesterday Sunday morning, Mom received an email from Aunt Laura from Lourdes, France. We were there in September 2009 last year, and we had stayed in her and Uncle Peter's hotel. Our initial plan to be there for only 5 days was extended to 25 days. Mother Mary clearly wanted You to be there for a longer period. Yes truly, God had His own plans for us. 

And for You.

Thought You might like to read Aunty Laura's lovely letter. It never fails to bring tears to Mom's eyes each time she reads it.

the season is almost winding down and i am able to find the time to write you after your so many lovely emails and forwards. the most touching video of there you will always be is so true.  we have not forgotten you nor what we had with you last year.  i know it is 9 months since and almost 13 months since your stay with us.

every 21st i remember daniel at mass or when i am kneeling at the grotto.  this year we had many young pilgrims from france and england.  they were all tall and lanky like daniel.  everytime they remind me of the gentle teenager who was so patient and so calmly accepting his suffering.   

everytime i walk thru to the grotto and the eucharistic procession is on, and the sun shinning on the river and the trees like as if it is shimmering and dancing with silver lights, i think of daniel.  everytime i go for the candle procession and see the thousands of flames flickering in the dark, i think of daniel and know that in all this, he is here looking and enjoying all this without his pain.

Lourdes will be daniel for me for a long long time, if not forever.   and you my dear are welcome here to stay with us anytime you feel like coming, you and your whole family.  it is your home too as it is ours.  if you feel like coming just get your ticket to london and a short flight to lourdes or pau and i will pick you from the airport.

i met D and M, they go to holy rosary.  they are volunteers at the sanctuary and i told them they should get in touch with you to volunteer with them.  they come once a year helping with the sanctuary.

send my love and big hugs to justine and ann. 

you are always in my prayers whenever i go to the lady at the grotto.

love laura

blink blink blink ... 

The line "...the gentle teenager who was so patient and so calmly accepting his suffering" breaks Mom down each time. 

Totally. And Lourdes will be YOU for us too... 

Forever, Son.