Saturday, October 30, 2010

Call 41 : SO PRETTY

Hello Son, 

This evening, Aunty Carol picked Justine and Mom to go for Sunset Mass at 5:30pm. In the car just as we were about to leave the condo area, Aunty C looked over at Mom and said, "Eh, his song."

Hey There Delilah came on the radio. 

This is YOUR song with Aunty Carol. In fact, some months back, possibly May or so, Aunty C had posted this video on your Facebook. She and You have strummed this music on your guitars and sang together several times when You were still with us.

How cute of You to arrange for the song to be on when all of us were together in the car so we could enjoy the song and remember the moments and times when You sang this song on the guitar with Aunty C on hers. 

Also, this evening, Aunty Carol was dressed up. After mass, she was going to attend the Philharmonic Orchestra Performance with Grandma. Justine for some reason, said today, "I'm gonna wear a dress." 

So the line in the song that goes, "Girl, tonight You look so pretty, Yes You do..." is the perfect and charming compliment from You to your Aunty C and your sister. :D

I'm a thousand miles away 
But girl, tonight You look so pretty
Yes, You do
Times Square can't shine as bright as You
I swear it's true

Don't You worry about the distance
I'm right there if You get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Listening to the song in the car sure makes us hear You singing and strumming on your guitar all over again. You're blessed with a good singing voice, Son, we all know that, and we will always remember it. We know as we sing your songs down here, You're singing along with us, up there on your puffy cloud ... yes, with Sebastian curled up by your feet. :D


During homily, the Priest shared a story about his rough childhood. He mentioned, among others, that he was a gangster during his teens.

That word teleported Mom straight back to the time when You were in Standard One. On the first day of school, You had come home, walked through the door, flung your school bag on the floor and announced,  

"Mom, I'm a gangster."

That memory made your mother smile.

When it was time for OFFERTORY, Mom's favourite Offertory Hymn was projected on the wall : 


It has been several months since she last heard this hymn sung in church, so that when she heard it that moment, there was that instant ZINGGG : THE BOND

You know how Mom would go right before the lyrics come on during Offertory, she'd be like, c'mon c'mon, In Bread We Bring You Lord ... and when the hymn is flashed on the wall, and it's not the song she wanted, she'd show her disappointed-sien face. You must have seen her expression, huh. Definitely more than once. 

Today, You drew another smile from her. :D 

You always know what to do to draw a smile from us, Son. That's your God-given natural talent. :D And You continue to do that despite the impossible distance. Thank You Jesus for that. :D

Anyway ...

The next day, Sunday, Aunty C related her Philharmonic night. She showed Mom her ticket, which stated that dress code to be SMART CASUAL

Of all days, Aunty C said, Grandma chose that night to wear JEANS. So, at the first entrance (apparently there are 2 entrances that You have to go through to flash your ticket before You enter the concert auditorium), the ticket-person allowed them in but not before sizing Grandma up critically esp at her JEANS, and remarking, "I'm not sure if they will let You in." (referring to the ticket-people at the second entrance)

But You know what?

They did!!! Hah!!  :D
You must have shielded their eyes from looking at Grandma's inappropriate attire to a formal function that observes a dress code.