Friday, October 1, 2010


Hello Son,

Finally, managed to publish the first entry on your Poem BLOG. 

You will notice that the BLOG is PINK. Yes, yes, Mom knows PINK is not a typical color for a boy but everyone in the family will remember You have no qualms about PINK, or wearing PINK. Dad used to say, if You remember, that only REAL men can associate themselves with PINK. :D

Mom has added a PINK thumbnail on the left side of this BLOG for easy access. She intends to s-l-o-w-l-y transfer all the poems on your facebook site to this Poem BLOG. On this subject, she wants to mention that if not for one of your FB readers, Aunty Jee, Mom would not have started writing poems on your FB site. For that, Mom will always be grateful to her.

The ANY DREAM WILL DO song is still in our heads. Checked on some videos and learned that LEE MEAD was one of the 12 finalists selected from 10,000 hopefuls in an audition to pick the best person to play JOSEPH in ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER'S MUSICAL called JOSEPH AND THE TECHINICLOR DREAMCOAT. In Britain.

Here's the video on the Finals. This happened 3 years ago, but You can still feel the intensity of the competition.

Let's hear the song again. :D Here's Lee singing after winning the Finals.

Such a great song, and great vocals. Don't You think?

Talk to You in a bit. Hope Sebastian's adjusting well to his new environment.

Love You, Son.