Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hello Son

Monday 20th

Notting Hill was on the television this evening.

Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Old, old movie.

Wait a minute ... 

Mom asked out loud, "Hey, what is the theme song for this movie?"

Dad shrugged and said he doesn't know.

Hmmm ... she knows this, your mother ... but couldn't put a finger on it.

A few minutes later ... OMG ... of course! How could she forget???

You say it best ... when you say nothing at all ...

The theme song. 

The song that, that describes our --- connection.

The zap song.  

Mom immediately reached for her cell to check the time.

It was 17:31 pm. 

Secret Code : 21

Omg ...

She yelled to Dad, "Son's zapping me ... tomorrow is his 21st ..."

Big, big smile.

It's amazing how You can speak right to my heart

Without saying a word, You can light up the dark

Try as I may I could never explain

What I hear when You don't say a thing


The smile on your face lets me know that You need me

There's a truth in your eyes saying You'll never leave me

The touch of your hand says You'll catch me, wherever I fall

You say it best, when You say nothing at all

Earlier in the morning, Love By Design was on telly.

Oh, she had seen that.

It's like ... DANIEL DANIEL DANIEL ... from beginning to end. :D

First thing in the morning, and she was greeted with that. Danielle in the movie of course, but who cares. Think out of the box. Be flexible. Yup, you have to be creative and bend the rules a little when you are connecting with your loved one in heaven.

And why? Because everything is possible.

GOD said so.

THINK -- and it becomes ...

SAY -- and it is ...

Mom let the television go on, increased the volume while she went about with her morning house chores ... which included drinking up her shake and swallowing 20 over nutritional pills.

Gulp gulp gulp ...

On Sunday morning, we were in church ...

There was a little boy who was in front of us. He was in a bright orange Spiderman t-shirt and bright orange shoes. Mom's eyes were on his every move. She had wanted to snap a photo but could not. She felt the eyes of the people behind her -- watching. 

In fact, Mom had whispered to Justine, "Can you try get a photo of that orange boy?"

Justine asked why.

Mom replied impatiently, "He's a zap ..."

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we did not manage to take a photo of the boy ... even though at one point, he came really near to us ... playing on the railing beside us.

Mom thought of your spiderman cup and your spiderman hand-sign ... and all that bright orange ... as we were walking to the car (after mass).

In the car ...

Dad started the engine, and there on the dashboard, the time showed


Oh my ...

You were definitely with us. :D

There's only 1 way 2 say 

those 3 words, 4 You-ooo ...

I love You ... <3

(Plain White Ts)

Anyway, after Mass on Sunday morning, we went back home.

Justine helped Mom with one of the concert dances.

We decided to do GREASED LIGHTNING for the boys' item.

So we spent the whole of our Sunday afternoon going through the Greased Lightning song and creating cool moves and "I've got ah-titude" steps to teach the boys when school reopened after the Raya break.

Haha ...

How fun was that?

Evening came ... and Dad said, "Let's go for dinner."

By the time, we had completed the whole dance routine. 

It's gonna be awesome! 

So anyway, we were in the car ... guess what!

Oh my, you're so not gonna believe it but about a minute after we got into the car ... GREASE came on the radio! OMG ... Mom was like, "What? What are the chances? GREASE??? OMG Jus, your brother knows we're doing GREASE for the concert ... He knows, he knows ... Hahaha ..."

The time was 7:27 pm.

At first glance, that was not a zap time.

At second glance ... hmm, let's see ... nope, still not.


Let's try a third glance ... third's a charm, don't they say? 

Omg ...

Decode : 21

Do You see that??? 

Yes yes, be flexible. 

Nothing is impossible.

Say --- and it is.

Think --- and it becomes.


7 divide by 7 equals 1

Secret code : 21

Oh my, she's good. 

Beaming ... 

Yes yes, perfect timing all the time. 

Everywhere we are, there You'll be. <3

Honestly, what are the chances???

Had we gone down to the car just 2 minutes later, we would have missed the zap song.

GREASE ... for cryin' out loud ... 


After a whole afternoon of working on the GREASED LIGHTNING song, we came to the car to hear the --- 

TEENNGGGGG (intro of GREASE song) ....


Yes Daniel ... We're thinking about You and missing You so very much on your 66th month today, with JESUS and MAMA MARY in Heaven somewhere over the rainbow. 

We love You so very much, Daniel ... 

Keep the zaps coming, Son ... <3

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Call 575 : LITTLE MISS

Hello Son,

It has been a really crazy 6 weeks since Mom last called You.

After taking almost 2 weeks to sort out all the Field Trip photos, we had to prepare for Parents' Day, which was on June 27.

Then, right after Parents' Day on Saturday June 27, Mom had a back incident which happened during break time on the following Tuesday. All she did was to try to move the cafetaria table a little bit to the back, something which she has been doing since January, but that particular day ... because the sun and the moon and the stars were not aligned properly, and she was at the wrong place, wrong time and had bent at the wrong angle ... her back went SNAPPED! Thank goodness there was a bench that broke her fall. 

That incident left her 2 weeks in bed. The first week was literally ... IN BED ... and nowhere else but IN BED. The second week, she had gotten better and was able to make her way to the living room. 

Yesterday, Monday 13 was the first day she went back to the school since the incident 2 weeks ago. 

Phew ... 

On Sunday 12th ...

Mom woke Justine up for mass. Dad was outstation.

Your sister was like, "Are you sure you can go? Kneel, stand, kneel, stand ...?" Her concern was understandable since the day before we had gone out for the first time since her 2 weeks imprisonment, just for lunch, and she had felt the strain.

So anyway, Mom was -- adamant. :D

"Let's go, let's go ... we have to go ... c'mon on, wake up ..."

Meantime, Aunty C had sent a text : Church? (8:21 am)

At the same time, Aunty C also sent a photo of Megan in her new dress that Amah bought for her during the family's recent trip to USA with the message : 

Uh oh. Megs doesn't like the new dress ... she says the color is dark. Ha ha.

Mom saw the photo and found herself holding her breath.


This would be the first time she sees Megan posing with her fingers in this way, showing 2 and 1.

Oh my. :D

Then, Dad (outstation at the time) sent a text (this is the Family Whatsapp) at 9 am : 

Megan, are you showing 21? :D:D:D 

Aunty D text next at 9:01 am : 

Ya, I too wondered about the 21 that Megan is showing.

So anyway, we were in the car ... Justine at the wheel, Mom beside her, and Aunty C and Megan at the back.

It was already like -- 9:10 am.

Mass started 40 minutes ago. O.O

Along the way, your sister took a wrong turn, and we ended up following a road that took us far far far away from the church. Yikes!

A debate started in the car. 

Should we go? 

Should we still go?

Are we still going?

Can we not go today?

It's so late ... everyone's gonna be looking at us!

Oh oh oh, but we could point at Megan ... :D

So anyway ... to cut a long story shorter, we ended up in the ummm, mall. 

Oh Lord. 

Do You think Jesus could close one eye to this very bad behaviour? :8

Next week ... next week, we will rise up so early, we will beat the cock's crow.


Yes yes, let some drama come in, why not ...

We went for breakfast at one of the eateries.

Mom said, "Let's go sit inside ..." 

and not outside the eatery where people can see what you are eating. 

Feels weird ...

Some ten minutes later, Jus and Aunty C came back to the table with our food.

Oohhh, nasi lemak.

We asked for a bowl of extra sambal. 

See the bowl on the top left corner? :D

Yummy ...

Justine sent these 2 photos to the Family with the message:

Megan eating curry puff. (9:37 am)

She also had half boiled eggs.

Shortly after, Mom took her cell and asked Megan to "Look here ... smile ..."

Once again, Megan showed the 2 and 1 fingers.

The time was 9:59 am.

Decode : 23

Your birth year (1994). 

You were definitely with us.

Your mother smiled, a happy, knowing smile.

Aunty D commented in the text (10:04 am) : 

Eh, how come she keeps doing her fingers like that? You told her to put what number?

Mom was indignant. As if she would do such a thing. Daniel is whispering in her ear, she wanted to say. Instead she texted back : She just pose like that (and she inserted the number 2 finger icon and the number 1 pointer-finger icon) (10:04 am)

Simultaneously, Aunty D's text appeared : I have NEVER seen her do her fingers (and she inserted the number 2 finger icon and the number 1 pointer-finger icon) before.(10:04 am)

Mom replied : Jinx (10:05 am)

Aunty D : Wowwwww. Coinc!!!!! (10:05 am)

Mom text : ZAP ZAP ZAP (and 3 flash icons).

Hahaha .. Mom thought. A clear coinciDANS.

What else could it be? You were definitely in our midst.

Your mother beamed happily as she continued eating her nasi lemak.

Then Aunty C helped Megan make this phone with some kind of play-doh material that Aunty C got from the States. (10:08 am)


Mom watched silently.

Of all the objects Aunty C could have made, she made a PHONE?

Like Hello-Son phone???

Call me, Ma ... :D

She heard instantly. :D

She suddenly caught sight of the table numbers. We had 2 tables joined together. 

Mom said to Justine, "Look at the table numbers ..."


Another ZAP ZAP ZAP shot through her veins.

Oh my ...

Just then, Aunty J from the USA sent a text (11:16) : 

Coincidence that both of you did (number 1 pointer-finger icon) instead of (thumbs up icon) which was what megs did ...

Pause ...

Yes yes ... somehow that coinciDANS word has to appear twice. 

Everywhere we are, there You'll be, Daniel ... :D

You were clearly with us. :D

(Mom came home 2 hours ago, plonked herself on to the sofa, turned on the TV ... LOVE BY DESIGN was on. She had no intention to watch a movie, preferring to take a nap, but then she started to hear DANI-EL ... You know like how the French people pronounce your name in Lourdes ... She had to smile ... You know that Mom's writing to You, don't You?  The show was left on and Mom just listened to your name being called ... again and again and again ... even though the character was a female ... Danielle ... :D The show soon came to an end ... and Mom had to come straight to the computer.)

Dad would be arriving soon at around 3 pm. This is Sunday we are talking about.

At the airport, Dad sent Mom this photo :


Oh my. 


"Look what Dad sent," Mom showed Justine.


Mom took her cell and took a photo of her tee shirt.

What a coinciDANS ... :D

You must have whispered to Dad. 

Yes, You can be everywhere at one time now ...

Thanks Son ... for always reminding Mom that You are right beside here.

By the way, the family is now planning to go to Bali.

What do you think?