Monday, November 1, 2010

Call 43 : ANGEL SIGN

Hello Son,                                                             (continue from Call 42)

Sunday 31/10/2010 ...

From your Flower Garden, we drove to Ipoh Old Town, the nearest cafe, about 5 minutes' drive away. We made our orders and while waiting, Mom was excitedly telling Aunty C about the Dog Named Boo song just moments ago in the car. :D

Awww, issit, really ... awwww ... Kishy Mu-Girl ... awww Dans ...

Anyway, our orders soon arrived. Grandma looked over to her bowl of supreme har mee and remarked critically to the waiter, "Got the big prawn?"

The young waiter replied, "Got."

Grandma looked at her bowl again and asked, "Where? In your photo (menu), there is a big prawn."

The waiter said, "It's under the bee hoon."

Grandma was like, "Where?"

The waiter had no choice but to take the chopsticks on the table and started poking into the noodles, and then kinda separate them aside, to reveal the much sought-after, miserable-looking, shriveled-up prawn that was hiding beneath the middle portion of the noodles.

We all turned to peer into the soup bowl, with interest. Yes, yes, the prawn was there alright. Grandma saw it finally and commented, "Only one ah?" to which the waiter gave an embarrassed laugh. Dad said, next time, no need to order SUPREME. 

Anyway, when we done with lunch, Justine called from her tuition class. She had finished her class, and we were like, excuse me, but we were not even on our way there yet. So, Dad and Mum left in a hurry, and told Jus to wait at POPULAR bookstore.

We picked Jus up a short while later, and headed back home. Since she has not had lunch yet, Dad drove to a noodle shop, Face To Face. At the entrance, Mom asked her, "Where shall we sit?"

Jus gave a quick scan and pointed to a table on the right side far end.  We walked to the table and sat down.

Anyway, while Justine was having her lunch, Dad sent a text message to Uncle Peter, the man who did the construction of your plot, to let him know that Dad had given Uncle Peter's telephone number out to a few people at the Flower Park earlier. 

So there we were, Justine having her lunch, and Dad and Mom sipping on their drinks. It was all very normal ... until Dad called for the Bill.

The waiter slid the Bill across the table to Dad. All of us saw simultaneously, the number of that was printed on the top of the slip:

Table : 44 

There was no visible table number on the table in the first place, and Justine had not chosen that table on purpose. We checked and saw a tiny white sticker 44 on one of the corners of the table. These days, whenever we see this number 44, it is a clear sign to us that an Angel is near.

Don't have to ask which Angel, okay ...  :D

Why, only this morning, we had come from the Flower Park, and Aunty C had read the engravings on Grandpa's headstone. She had said in observation, 

"Dad 44, some more 1984, Daniel 94, so many 4s."


Mom heard her, but said nothing. 

Aunty Carol didn't see your birth date 24 since we had engraved instead the words Christmas Eve

Yes, there's a Once-Upon-A-Time Story behind the 44

When Grandpa went to Heaven in 1984, his name (Peter) and age 44 were engraved in large bold prints on his headstone. 

At the time, Grandma had said something to this effect, "It's a pity he couldn't get pass the sei-sei-sei.

Sei means (1) the number four, and (2) die.

It soon became clear to Mom, in her late teens at the time, from the little she understood of what Grandma had mentioned, that this Number 4 is somehow not a favourable number. 

Mentally, she had naively decided that for her

4 means Angel

So, it must follow that 44 means Angel-S. In the plural sense. No, it's not a bad number, it's just a number reserved for Angels ... because ... because ... the figure 44 looks like wings anyway. Angel Wings, she had convinced herself. Yes, Angels, a beautiful thought. There, doesn't that sound better already?

Years passed ... 

... and soon this silly 44-Angel thing that she made up, and what it meant to her, was soon forgotten ... 

... until the day when You were born. It all came rushing back to her. Not that she is superstitious, just that seeing all the 4s on your birth cert triggered memories that she thought she had carefully buried along with an excellent explanation, a long time ago. Besides, she couldn't understand why there were so many Angel-signs on your birth cert. She soon forgot about it as she had her new bundle of joy to fuss and coo about. However, it came back to haunt her again, in December 2001, when You were diagnosed with a brain tumor and your first doctor told your parents You had 6 - 18 months to go. 

It was all part of God's plan, huh. Right from the start.

Your date of birth : 24 - 12 - 94

Your time of birth : 4:41 pm

Your weight at birth : 6 lbs 14 oz

That's the Number 44 story ...

So anyway, Dad paid the Table 44 bill. Seeing that number in black and white, was an instant confirmation for us, especially Mom, that You were with us during lunch that Sunday afternoon. :D

We were in the car, heading home, when Uncle Peter called Dad's mobile. Mom overheard Uncle Peter mentioned your name, after Dad said,  

"They all came over (to the plot) to admire your work." 

Dad was referring to the visitors who dropped by your flower garden this Sunday morning. After the call, Mom asked Dad, 

"What did Peter say? I heard him say Daniel." 

Funny, so many words Uncle Peter must have uttered throughout the brief conversation, but Mom only heard one. 


Dad said, "Ohhh, Peter said they all came to admire Daniel, not his handywork."

Oh ...

But of course ... :D

That put a happy smile on her face. 

That Sunday evening ... 

Mom was on the computer writing Call-Entry 42. She ended the first half of the story at the Music Video : Me And You And A Dog Named Boo

The second half (this present Call 43), she intended to continue on Monday, the next day. However, one thing led to another, and she is only able to do it now (Friday).

Just so Mom wouldn't forget the details, she asked Dad, 

"What time did You send the sms to Peter? Can You check your handphone?" 

You'd wonder why that was important. Mom too now. Why would the time matter, right? Couldn't she just say on the blog later, "Peter called about 3pm." Was it really necessary to have the EXACT time? Apparently it was. Something made her ask for the exact time. 

Or someone.

Dad said (checking his phone), "Three Two Six." 

Mom scribbled in her diary, 3:26pm. 

She asked further, "And what time did Peter call You?"

Dad replied, "Three Four Two."

Mom jotted down 3:42pm. Everything was as normal as can be, when suddenly, Justine who was at her desk at the time, overheard Dad and exclaimed in surprise,

"Three Four Two??? 

That's our Bill!!!"

Mom was confused, "What do You mean? Our Bill is 44."

Jus was all, "No no no, Three Four Two is our Bill amount!"

Mom still didn't quite get it, and asked, "How can our Bill be only three dollars and forty-two cents?"

Jus was looking quite stunned, impatiently corrected, 

"Thirty-Four Dollars And Twenty Cents. 


Just in case You are wondering why there're quite a bit of orders on the Bill when only Jus was eating, that's because Mom saw one of her ex-student on a table outside, with her Mummy and younger brother, and Mom had asked Dad to settle their bill too. Otherwise, how would it add up, huh ...

OMG ...

Oh WOW ...

Oh Gee ...

Oh Man ...

Oh what does this mean?

Oh My ...

This morning, we were at the Flower Garden

We had felt your presence strongly, especially when the DOG NAMED BOO-song came on, upon leaving the place. Then, Uncle Peter called, and Mom heard your name. Nothing else passed her ears, but your name, she heard. Then, during lunch just now, she felt You were with us. That empty seat on a square table, only LOOKS empty, Mom would say to herself, but it's NOT, because Daniel is sitting RIGHT THERE.  

Everywhere we are, there he'll be...

After all, did we not just upload the music video : 

"Everywhere I am, there You'll be," 

by Faith Hill

The video that Justine created for your 9th month recently on Sept 21. For some reason, at this point of writing, Mom is looking at the name Faith Hill in a somewhat different light. 

You must be here, pointing to the screen and making her look at the name and understand there is a meaning behind it. This song must be sung by FAITH and now if You ask Mom, HILL is making her think of the Cross on the hill at Calvary. 

The hymn : On a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross ...

There is a reason why Celine Dion had to turn down the offer to sing this song. She was the music producer's first choice, Faith Hill, being the second. Yes, yes, she can see it now ... THIS song must be sung by FAITH and with FAITH ... for it to really move mountains.

Everywhere - I - am, there - You'll - be ...

Only if You have FAITH can this line mean anything. It has been said that MUSIC is the lyrics of Angels. Donno who said that, but somebody did. :D

Hmmm, let's muse for a bit ...

It was Justine who walked to the table 44 and Justine who jumped when she heard the "Three Four Two." You must have whispered in her ear. Do people really remember bill amounts, in the first place?

The 44 and the FAITH HILL.

The Three Four Two.

The Uncle Peter. Grandpa's name ...

Uncle Peter was conversing with Dad, yet Mom only heard the one word, DANIEL (coming from Dad's mobile).

Trying to figure out now ... 

Peter mentioned Daniel, that kinda connects Grandpa to You; at three-four-two pm, which connects us to the Bill 44, which connects us back to Grandpa. 

Are You in some way, telling Mom that Grandpa is with You? Mom has been wondering why she feels the bond with You EVERY single day, yet she has never felt any kind of connection with Grandpa all these 26 years.

That's it, isn't it??? 

Grandpa is watching over us too, isn't he??? 

We've always said, that Grandpa and Tracy are watching over us, but those were casual words that don't really mean anything. It is difficult to believe when You can't feel it. That's what people would say, when You have someone in Heaven. He's watching over You. She's watching over You. They're watching over You. Mere words. We have never, ever known for sure if Angels even exist in the first place ... 

But now we do ...

Did You tell God that your mother needs to feel some kind of connection, otherwise she might not realise that her son is nearer to her than she's aware of? With your mother, You can't be subtle, because she just won't get it, You will have to give it to her as it is. :D Better yet, leave a white Angel's feather on her desk some day ...

Just as Mom was deep in her thoughts (this is still Sunday night), Justine turned-up the volume of her radio-mobile at one point. 

The song IF I DIE YOUNG was on. 

The time was 7:40pm. Her station 104.9. Justine had said in Call 40, that she likes the song. Mom's gonna put the link here again. We love the song, Son. <3 The song came on just as we are writing about You and thinking about You - that was pretty awesome! 

Clearly the BOND.

Please tell Jesus, Mom is very, very, very grateful for the connection. Say Hi to Grandpa and Aunty Tracy. And of course, your favourite cat in the whole wide world, Sebastian. Mom just asked Justine to come over to take a look at the cute picture of an angel-cat. Justine came to the computer, took a look and said, 

"EEEE-YERRR ... the cat is so UGLY!" 


FRIDAY 5/11 ... Mom is writing this entry out today. Couldn't believe that she just noticed the photo she uploaded in the SILENT THOTS blog on Thursday. Check out the image number. Photo of desk top computer.


44 Grandpa; 24 You. :D

OH WOW ...

Are You trying to tell Mom that Grandpa was with us during our travel? Our Lourdes trip was just so full of mystery and angel-intervention incidences. It just occurred to Mom that the owner of the hotel we were staying at - is also Uncle Peter. And Mom just realised that his wife, Aunty Laura - her second name is Maria. As in Mother Mary - Maria. Truly, they were the two angels God sent to help us take care of You whilst God was preparing You and us, especially us, for your eternal life in Heaven.

Overwhelming ...

There are no words, Son to describe this moment ...

Absolutely no words ...