Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hello Son, 

Mama (Dad's mother) was here during lunch time today. We brought her to Woo Pin Fish Head Bee Hoon in Taman Desa. It was about 12:30pm. Dad dropped Mom and Mama there before he parked the car along the road, so Mama didn't have to walk far. This shop is known for its packed place and queue-up take-away patrons.

Anyway, Mama and Mom were walking towards the restaurant. The place was filled with people, but Mom spotted a nice empty table somewhere near the cashier counter. She knew right away that You must have reserved the table for Mama. You wouldn't want her to wait, would You?  Especially when Mama has to catch a coach back to Kuantan after lunch.

We sat down. Mom scanned around to see how many tables were in the restaurant, and whether there were other available tables around. She was curious as to whether THIS empty table was a mere coincidence or was it REALLY a coinci-DANS. She roughly counted. There were about 30 tables, and ALL, she repeats here, ALL of them were occupied. Every single table was occupied, except for this one, we were sitting on. :D

That brought a smile to her face. It really was You - holding that table for us. That's cute, Son. Mama saw Mom smiling, but Mom didn't know how to explain, so Mom just smiled back, and asked Mama what she would like to eat.

Thanks for that. Son. :D 


Anyway, it was later during the day that Mom began to feel - weird. Maybe it's because of your 21st - tomorrow. Was working on your video, and soon, couldn't help but feel an all time down and low. By night time, You could say she began to experience those PMS-like symptoms. You know, those emo-crying-for-no-reason moments. She's explained that to You before once, when You asked one fine day, "What's Pee-Am-Ass?" After explaining to You, You said, looking quite relief, "Thank God, I"m not a girl."

Will always remember that, Son. :D

Maybe it's because of the THERE YOU'LL BE video. The lyrics were like getting into her brains or something. Besides, she had to re-do it three times because ... 

just because ... 

only because ... 

well, because ...

and so, after going through the lines again and again and again, the song began to have an effect on her.

It was about 8pm when Mom was done with the video. She checked it over and thought it was pretty good. Asked Justine to upload it to YouTube. Jus came over to the computer to take a look, and exclaimed in horror, 

"What's this? O-M-G ...

You - want - to - upload - THIS? 

It's TER-RI-BLE!!!"

What??? Are we even talking about the same thing?

Mom's masterpiece??? 

Oh, if Jus was referring to the lyrics and the music that don't synchronize in certain parts ... heck, most parts, but but but, c'mon on ... people will get it, won't they??? It's just a beeeeeet off, Mom reasoned. She didn't want to have to do it a fourth time. She was quite tired already - her eyes, she mean. 

No, her brains.

Nah, her mind.

Aren't they two of the same thing?

Told You she was tired. Jus wouldn't hear of it. She said it irritated her, looking at all the mistakes. Like as if there were SO many. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Jus took over, and re-did the whole thing. LIKE A PRO. Oohhh, so very glad she did too. It's absolutely brilliant! Totally! From beginning to end. Don't You think???

Wait a minute, did You ask Jus to re-do the whole thing, Daniel?

Anyway, while Jus was busy at the computer, and Dad on his lap top, Mom sank herself onto the sofa, at first watching How I Met Your Mother on TV, then before she knew it, she found herself flopping down on her back, grabbing a pillow from the armchair, pinned it down to her face in an attempt to cover her muffled sobs. 

It came unannounced. 

The tears had been threatening the whole day, but she had managed to hold them in. But now, the water dam was starting to crack, and water was gradually seeping out. Before long, the flood gates burst opened. The PMS attack was severe this time. She couldn't put a finger on to what was happening and why she was feeling so lousy. 

A short while later, Dad mentioned, that Justine's friend had posted a few lines from the song I'LL BE MISSING YOU in your Facebook. 

I'll be missing you ...

That's what it was. She was feeling all "one kind" and "downright shitty" (pardon the language) because, simply put, she was missing You - very much.

Having realised that, did not stop the tears. In fact, if anything, it was a grand license to open up the flood gates. No more restrictions. Let it all out, came some kind of commandment from above. No choice but to obey. You HAVE to obey a commandment. So, cried into the pillow so as not to make a noise. Good thing too that the pillow could dry her tears. She was careful to make sure no one heard the sniffles. But someone did. And that someone must have whispered to Mom's friend to give her a call because ...

Her mobile phone suddenly rang. She found herself springing up to reach for it. It was Aunty R. Mom has not heard from her for a good 2 months or so. As Mom was answering the call, she couldn't help but think grimly, she can't even cry in peace now. You must have looked down, saw her crying like a child, shook your head and said, You can't hide from me. I can see You, Mom... before You sent the phone distraction.


Aunty R called to say HI, and soon we were talking about her baby. She said she'd recently gone for a check up and the scan showed the baby's lil toes and fingers. Awww ... 

That was exactly what Mom said too. She was caught up with the "miracle" moment and forgot about the PMS for a while. Then Aunty R asked Mom whether Mom would like to go for a facial with her.


Since the facial demo Mom gave last Saturday to the 3 customers, Mom has been telling Dad that she wanted to go for a facial herself. Did You just arrange for her to go for a facial, Daniel?

Felt your presence instantly. :D

Even Justine said, she heard Mom telling Dad about wanting to make a facial appointment. 

Thanks Son. You're always watching over us, aren't You?

Everywhere we are, there You'll be. <3

(will tell you about your 21st in the next call)