Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello Son,

Sunday was truly a special day. It must be because of the special 10-10-10, huh. After posting the Call 21: CALL ME entry, Mom left the house with Dad. 

Was still reflecting with sheer happiness of what had just happened that morning. It had felt so fantastic, she wanted to sing and twirl and shout out loud. Indeed, she felt like she could just float in the air anytime then. Everything felt so darn right and so darn good. So wonderfully darn magical!

Dropped Dad off at Gardens Mall and drove on towards town. As she was driving and still smiling to herself, she could not believe it when she heard the song that came on the radio then. 

na na na na na na na 
I knew that I would ...

The time was 1:05pm. The station, 105.7. Mom's station. Man, what a perfectly delightful song to describe Mom's exhilaration. She was chuckling and grinning to herself as she sang along in the car. Could not care less if people were watching. :D

Reaching Justine's tuition center, she parked the car by the side of the lane, reached for the key to turn off the engine. The song had come to an end. Another perfect timing. Honestly, today was just a fantabulous day! The CALL ME song also ended right at the moment when Dad had parked (Sunday morning).  

Justine hopped into the car a few minutes later. Mom didn't know how to even begin to tell her those inci-DANS that happened this morning and just now. Jus felt the suspense somehow, as she raised her eye-brow at Mom. 

Mom started slowly, "Today - is - just - so ..." and mouthed the word, O -- M -- G. <3 

Jus reacted excitedly, and wanted to know immediately but Mom said she'd tell her everything during lunch. We decided to go to JoJo for pan mee. Justine reminded, "Hey, the last time we had a story time, it was also at JoJo's." So on that day, 10-10-10, in the car, on the way to lunch, we solemnly made JoJo our official story place. :D

Anyway, we turned into Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park and drove on to our favourite pan mee coffee shop. Parked the car and walked over. It was 1:30pm. We walked past another popular restaurant on the same row (this one selling fish head bee hoon) and noticed that it was pretty packed. 

Justine made a critical observation, "Lunch time, JoJo will also be packed."

Yes, it normally is very packed, and would be on a weekend too.

However, Mom was confident, and said, "There will be a table for us. Don't worry." True enough, at a distance as we were approaching the coffee shop, we spotted a nice table waiting for us. The place was packed, all the tables were occupied but this nice white IKEA table in the corner was available.
Special reservation has been made, we said knowingly and exchanged a secret chuckle. We ordered our food, and Mom began her "Once-upon-a-time...":D

What? OMG ... Really? ... Call Me??? ... Awww ... so cute ... I feel Good??? Hahahahaha ... When did this happen? ... Just now? ... All this happened JUST NOW??? etc

We finished our lunch and were walking back to the car. Justine said that she has been working out, and she feels her legs are firmer, arms toner and tummy flatter. Mom responded in surprise, "You've been working out? Like where?"

She said, "In the bedroom."
Mom had to smile hearing that. Teased her, "I've never heard of anyone getting such good results just exercising in the bedroom."  

(Note the red line because Mom's about to get a respond from the radio in a few minutes.)

Jus responded by giving her butt a lil spank, brought her knee up and shook her leg (to show it does not wobble), and showed off her ahh, toned, arm muscles. She demonstrated all that while walking to the car. :D
In the car, Mom pulled out from the parking space. Justine turned on the radio, and changed to HER station. She has 2 stations that she listens to. The time was 2:20pm. Can't remember which station she tuned in to.

A song had just started, but was unfamiliar to Mom. So she was not really paying attention to it, until the chorus came on. Then, her ears pricked up and she soon found herself straining to listen as the chorus was being repeated a few times.

The repeated lyrics were :-

You -- are -- the only exception
You -- are -- the only exception
You -- are -- the only exception
You -- are -- the only exception

When Mom heard that, she was totally amused. It felt like You were having a conversation with us, and You were like, expressing your opinion about your sister's recent workout results. The timing of the song was immaculate. Totally spot on.

What's the title of this song, Mom asked. Justine said, THE ONLY EXCEPTION. Of course, it couldn't be anything else but THE ONLY EXCEPTION. 

By whom?

Paramore ...

Had to ask her to spell out Paramore. :D

Was that your opinion, Daniel? That your sister is THE ONLY EXCEPTION. She probably is, huh. The only person we know who can get all tone and trim exercising in her bedroom. Grin. Oh, that was really quite funny.

We went for Mass in the evening (Sunday). We were early. Jus went to the Girls' Room, taking the exit on the RIGHT of the church. Came back moments later and said, door locked. So Mom went with her, now using the exit on the LEFT of the church. Found the Girls' Room. She went in, Mom waited outside, reading a notice on a mobile board nearby. 

Discovered that right in front of her, is a small chapel for Silent Adoration and Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament with a schedule of time for parish-goers could use daily. We had spend much time with You during the Blessed Sacrament moments in Lourdes. Dad and Mom surely missed those special quiet moments with You in the presence of the Lord. Mom's glad to have found that chapel. 
Told Dad later about it. You must have led Mom there. Had the door not been locked just now, she would not have accompanied Jus to the back of the church. That evening, the Mass ended with her favourite Marian Hymn, QUEEN OF THE ROSARY.

Felt the BOND instantly. Several times, Mom had sung Marian songs to You, and each time, she would tell You that her favourite is Queen of The Rosary. You must have somehow arranged for that. Everything seems to be falling into place very neatly today. We feel You by our side, more importantly. More than ever.

Thanks very much for today (Sun), Son. Today has been nothing but unbelievably magical. God is ever faithful. God is always good. <3 

Here is a beautiful Marian song taken from the movie Sister Act. HAIL HOLY QUEEN. <3 

Viewing this video has made her eyes all misty. Taking in a deep breath and, blink blink blink.

A mother holds her child for a while, 
and his heart for a lifetime. <3