Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello Son,

Just posted Poem 2 on the Poem Blog. Was trying to find a picture of a boy-angel but You know what, there are hardly any images of boy-angels. Felt like taking one of your photos and add angel wings to it, but didn't know how to do that. 

So the little girl-angel basking in the radiance of God, and sitting in a beautiful place that looks like God's garden will have to do. It's perfect for the poem blog, don't You think? So tranquil and very pretty to look at. (Click on PRETTY PINK POETRY icon on the left of the Blog for easy access).

Today is Friday. :D    

Our favourite day of the week because the weekend's here. Yeah, it's POEM DAY too. It's funny that this morning, Mom should come across this photo (below) as she was searching for a nice angel image which instantly reminds her of Aunty Jee. Aunty J had emailed several painting images when Mom was attempting to find pictures for your Fall For You video last month. 

One of the images she sent stood out among the rest, she called it Justine and Dans, an image of two little BEST FRIENDS, exactly like this photo here, but in painting form. Was somehow drawn to that one, and picked that, as one of the images for your video that appeared to the lyrics : "Could it be that we have been this way before?" For our purpose, this line seems to be referring to a familiar connection.
This photo of the two children sure looks like Justine and You at the beach once upon a time. The two of You will always be together, somehow, the connection remains and cannot be broken. You'll always be watching out for her, we know. And Jus knows that too. She said so to Mom a few days ago. Which reminds Mom of yesterday's incident.

Before Jus left for school yesterday morning, she was at the door wearing her shoes, when she called out to Mom to get her Dad's watch. She's been using Dad's watch for her exam purposes the past few days. Mom hurried to look for the watch, in her room, on her table, here there everywhere, but there was no sign of it anywhere. Jus was getting impatient waiting at the door and was like, "Hurry up, I have to go, I'm late already..."

Yeah, yeah, I'm lookin', I'm looking', Mom assured her, as she checked under the sofas.

Justine kinda burst into the house after that (with her shoes on - how many times does Mom have to tell her not to ... okay, just this once then) and started searching high and low, from one place to another. Highly agitated. Papers were flying as she rummaged through her table. In our family, when we can't find what we're looking for, who do we call???

YUP!!! Who else ...

So, Mom called out to You and St Christopher (in her mind) and then she took a step back, to stay out of Justine's way, and more importantly, to watch and see what would happen next.  0.0

Lo and behold ... 

Almost immediately, Jus stopped in her tracks. For a brief 5 seconds or so, she was standing still like she was trying to recall (Mom thinks You were whispering to her then), and then she turned abruptly to give Mom a knowing smile and a happy nod. She patted the front pouch of her school bag with a look of extreme relief.  

"It's here, it's here," she said cheerily, before she turned around and fled out of the door. :D

Woah ... That was pretty awesome to watch. Yes, Yes, You are watching over her alright. :D

(10am ... continue later)

Went to school this morning. Was in the car and the first song that came on Mom's station was FINALLY. 11:50am. Yup, that same song, FINALLY. FINALLY ... It came on again, like some kind of confirmation. A reassurance. A guarantee, perhaps? 

Whatever it is, it's a powerful song of HOPE for the future. :D Thanks for the repeat, Son. Mom certainly appreciates the reminder. It's certainly comforting to know that now, FINALLY, her destiny can begin. Whatever destiny that is ...

Oh by the way, just came across something quite interesting. Did You know that the video FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED (the song that Mom sang to YOU at your farewell, after You left us) appears on the same page as your YouTube video FALL FOR YOU (the song that YOU sang to Mom the night before You left us)? 

What a coinci-DANS ... One song, Mom sang to You, and the other song, You sang to Mom and BOTH our songs appear together on the same page in YouTube. That's kinda special, isn't it?

What are the chances of our songs to appear together on the same page in YouTube? Oh, wait a minute, is this like a random thing where the list of videos will change from time to time and it's just a coinci-DANS? Oh well, when Mom checked it just now, both our song videos were on the same page.


That's all she can say.
Called Dad to ask him to click on your FALL FOR YOU video on the left side of this blog and see if it brings him to that same page too. Dad sms-ed back a few minutes later and said, "Yes, BOTH videos are on the same page!" :D 

Aww, that is just so special, Son. How could our songs appear on the same page??? The videos are different - one is religious and the other is pop, different singers, different titles, different category of music. Wow ... Incredible.  <3

It's 6:12pm now. 

Aunty Carol just called 2 minutes ago, and said that Grandma bought some crabs and could Dad cook them tonight? 

OMG ... CRABS??? Called Dad again and asked him, "What did I say about CRABS last night?" (Mom wanted to make sure her exact words)

Dad replied, "You said, let's cook CRABS. Why? What happened?"

Mom told Dad, "Carol just called and said my mother bought CRABS. She wants You to cook for dinner tonight."

Heard Dad laughing on the line, "Your Son really knows what You want ..."

Grin. Ask and it shall be given. Isn't that the message You reminded her of just 2 days ago? :D While we're on this, think You could get us some tickets to Adam Lambert's concert? :D

Oh boy Daniel ... Just google-searched for a crab image under the key words : "GLITTER GRAPHIC CARTOON CRAB" and guess what??? 2 images of SEBASTIAN the CRAB popped up on the FIRST TOP row.
Boy O Boy ... You and Sebastian ...

Mom is totally Speechless ... there are no words to describe this moment ...
Just Wowww ... <3 You must tell God that Mom said Thank You for the very clear call connection today. :D Don't forget. Do that please, immediately kay ... :D

Love You Son. Talk to You tomorrow.