Saturday, June 30, 2012

Call 384 : VERY CLEAR

Hello Son,

Tuesday, June 26

A day after your mother's birthday.

She was in school as usual.

The day passed quickly. It always does when she is in school.

Perhaps that's why You made her go back to school, huh.

It was after school at one point, when Mom heard her cellphone beeped.

It was an sms. Before she checked her in-box, she had to smile as she saw the time that was staring back at her.

It was 12:34 pm.

There's only 1 way, 2 say, those 3 words, 4 You-u ... 

I love You ...

By Plain White T's

Mom heard your voice clearly in her head.

The song 1234 I LOVE YOU ... This was one of the songs You used to sing. :D

What Mom would give to hear You sing it again.

Pause ...

I just did, Ma ... :D

She had to smile.

The day before on her birthday, she was alerted by an sms that had come in at 12:24 pm (your birth date), and today, 12:34 pm. You must have whispered to Mom to take notice of both the times.

A warm feeling of realization spread through her veins. She hugged herself.

Her son's near, she could tell. :D

Oh, God is so good to us.

Mom had a quick bite at one of the coffee shops nearby, with Dad. Then, we went to get some groceries. Mom cannot remember now what the bill came up to, but she had pointed to Dad, the balance that was staring back at her from the cashier till.


RM 4-40.

Oh that's easy ...

No prizes for guessing who that is ...

Eres tu ...

Mom went back to school after that.

It was after 7:30 pm when we finally left for home. She was giving a lift to one of the teachers. We were both talking talking talking about this and thats ... until we reached her home.

As your mother was turning out of the teacher's apartment, a familiar song made itself heard on the radio.

Mom's eyes shot to the time on the dashboard.

It was 7:59 pm

Decode : 21


Eres tu ...

Slowly, Mom shook her head with wonderment. How do You do it, Daniel? Honestly, how do You do it? You wait until the coast is clear, and then You zap. Mom always have a way of knowing. Had the song come on when the teacher was in the car, and we were busy talking, Mom would have missed it, or even if she did not miss it, she would not have been able to enjoy the song - as she would if she were alone in the car.

Tonight, it's very clear ...

by Peter Cetera

Theme song of Karate Kid 1984 ... Daniel-Son ... the boy who played the main character in the movie.

Yes Son ... Mom knows ...

The zaps at 12:24 pm the day before and the one that day at 12:34 pm were none other than You, Daniel-Son ...

The perfect ending for today, don't You think?

Code cracked.




Eres tu.

That was easy, Daniel-Son ... :D

Truly ... Tonight, it's very clear ...


Hello Son,

It's a beautiful Saturday this morning.

Wonder what You'd be doing on a day like this ...

We miss You, Son ... just wished we could turn back the time to a time when You were here with us.

29 months have passed since Jesus called You home.

How times flies ...

Monday, June 25

Last Monday was Mom's birthday. :D

Having had a nice Thai dinner with the family during the weekend, she wasn't really expecting anything.

However, was she in for a surprise when Dad and Justine came with a birthday cake and a lovely bouquet of roses. :D

We were in school then.

The kids at the cafeteria had shrieked with excitement before the lights suddenly went off.

If not for the sun light streaming through the uncovered window panels, it would have been dark.

What the ...

Mom had looked up and her immediate thoughts were, did she not pay the electricity bill?

Then she saw Dad with the cake, and Justine carrying the bouquet in her arms.

Awww ... 

Justine gave Mom a lipstick. :D

Orange Coral shade ...

Yup, like the Kate Spade handbag Dad bought for her on Mother's Day. Dad went to the mall all by himself to get your mother a gift for Mother's Day. You must have helped Dad to pick the colour, huh.

Double Awwwww ...

At the time of writing this entry, an sms came in at this point. 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Estee Lauder. Let us treat you to a full makeover FREE at your favourite EL counter ..."

Mom looked at the time.

It was 10:03 am.

Decode : 4

Oh gosh Son ... You really are with Mom, aren't You? 

You really really are.

Honestly, Mom has to smile. Notice the free is in CAPITAL letters? 

Grin ...

Okay, so You read her thoughts huh.

On her birthday, that Monday 25th, an sms such as this had beeped into your mother's phone. She had just got into the car. Dad had come to pick her up from school, for lunch. 

It was an ad sms. Mom deleted it without reading the contents. 

Right after that, there was a phone call. 

Mom answered the call. She couldn't help but notice the time that stared back at her from her phone screen.

12:24 pm

Your birthday.

Then, it so happened that the call was from a hotel staff, calling to give her a FREE 2 nights stay at this exclusive hotel in Penang. 

He had asked, as part of his sale speech, how many children will be accompanying you? 

Mom found herself hesitating before answering, "One ..." 

Had he asked, "How many children do you have?" she would have said, "Two..."

However, your mother had thought the hotel staff might have to prepare 2 single beds for her 2 children in the adjoining room that the caller said she could have if she brought her children along, had she said 2. 

Hmmm ...

Come to think about it, what's wrong with that? 

Anyway, it turned out that the FREE stay came with plenty of conditions. You have to pay for some kind of membership thingy and so on. Mom's not gonna bother to list them down. Actually, she wasn't listening to him anymore ... when she found that it wasn't really free. 


She had sent You a telepathic sms, "Son, is this from You? Are You trying to give Mom a birthday treat? Awww Daniel ... Don't You know that these hotels' free invites come with "pay this first then only get" kinda conditions?" :D

After turning down the membership privileges with much effort, Mom hung up. 

She said to Dad, "That was definitely from Son ... He wants to give me a birthday present ... Look at the time, of all the times the call could have come in, it came in at 12:24 pm, his birth date ... I think he's not aware about the conditions attached ..." :D

Dad chuckled ... 

He had said, "Anyone receiving that kind of call would have known it's a fake free ... of course there are conditions attached ... Why would they want to give you a free stay for nothing?"

Yeah yeah ... why indeed?

Oh well ... secretly, and deep deep deep in heart, Mom knows You wanted to zap her. 

She could feel it.

Now she knows, she's right. Hah! 

Think about it ... what are the chances of getting this FREE makeover sms? At the time of writing about her birthday, this Estee Lauder's sms comes in and at her angel time too? 

A FREE full makeover ...

Here Ma ... a birthday treat for you ... <3

Awww Daniel ... 

Would You look at your timing? Always so spot on. 

You must be right beside Mom, huh ... The sms had to come in at a time when your mother was calling You and telling You about her birthday.

What are the chances?

Slim chance...

Eres Tu ...

Thank You Son ...   

Even in heaven You can find a way to give Mom a birthday treat, huh.

Okay ... so anyway ... back to Monday 25th

We went for lunch at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant and had a really nice meal. 

That evening at home, Mom had just walked to the living room. 

Justine was on the sofa. The television was on. 

Your mother had barely sat down on the carpet for two minutes, when she saw "21" on the screen (apartment number). 

Mom jumped up from the carpet, to grab her handphone. She checked the time.

It was 8:18 pm.

Decode : 44

A smile appeared on her face. Surely You saw that. 

Of all the numbers that could have been, it was one connected to You.

However, she didn't take it seriously. 

Then, a few minutes later, again she saw the "21" on the screen. 

Mom clicked on the menu to check the title of the show. 

It was : "Don't Trust the B ... in Apartment 23."

She has not heard of this show before.

But that didn't stop her pulse from racing.  

Oh gosh ...

TWO times 21???

Hellooo ...

Does her Son in heaven have to SPELL IT OUT FOR HER ?

Hi Ma, I'm right here ... <3

Then, just as she was wondering ... the next line she heard on the screen was,  
"Where's everybody?"

Omg ... 


Eres Tu ...

Where's everybody? 

Gosh ...

What are the chances? 

She had only been sitting on the carpet before the television for not more than 5 minutes, and she witnessed all the angel signs? How incredible is that.

Very ...

Omg ...

It's your mother's birthday, of course You'd zap her to remind her that You are near.

Where's everybody? 

Now, why would that line suddenly stand out and cause fireworks before her eyes? You must have whispered to Mom to take note. Don't trust the B ... in Apartment 23 is not a show your mother would waste her time on. She was meant to be right there to see the 21 and to hear that zap line.

That was your favourite line from the hospital bed during the last 2 weeks before You followed Jesus home.

You loved having all your family members, especially your aunties, around your bed, all the time. Even when we were not around your bed, we were all in the room.

You would say whilst on the bed, "Where's everybody?" in a slow manner.

And depending on who's by your bedside at the time You asked the question, we would reply, 

"Everybody's here, Daniel ... Mom's here ... and Dad's over there ... Aunty Jessie's having her coffee right here ... Aunty Diana's here too ... Justine's on the bed still sleeping ... We are all here, Daniel ..."

You were always quick to notice the missing one on several occasions, "Where's Aunty Ca-ol?"

Aunty C would come running in to the room (when we yell for her), "I'm here Dans ... I'm here ..."

Aww Son ... Memories ... 

Good painful memories ... 

Painful ...

Yeah painful ...

No, Mom's not complaining ... that was just a shared thought ... not a complaint ... She's done with all the whys (for today) ... because You never complained about the pain Daniel, and You taught Mom to trust in Jesus ...  

Jesus knows what He's doing, Ma ... :D

She can so hear You now. 

She's sure God has shown You a glimpse of His Master Plan. And your mother can so see You nodding your head now with full enlightenment, "Ohhhh, is that why this and that happened ..." 

So ...

Let the pain remain if that's the only way for Mom to be with You again.

So let the pain remain

Forever in my heart

For every throb it brings 

is one more moment

Spent with you

I'll let the pain, bring on the rain
If that's the only way
If there's no other way
To be with You again

By Lea Salonga

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Call 382 : NOSE BLEED

Hello Son,

Saturday, June 23

This Saturday morning, we went to your garden.

Mom was up as early as 7 am.

She found herself calling You on Call 380 : 29th Month.

She had just related about the bakery inciDAN and the mistake she made, when Dad said it was time to go. She saved her draft and only got back to it in the afternoon.

We drove to town to get your everlasting flowers before going to the garden. Justine came with us. Your sister has just finished her exams the day before on Friday 22nd.

So anyway, on the way to town, this vehicle appeared in front of us.

Mom noticed it instantly and couldn't help but exclaim, "Omg, 2040 ..."

See Call 380 : 29th Month.

Mom said, "I just told him about the mistake I made that day at the bakery ... that zap number was supposed to be 2040 and not 2140 ... Omg, what are the chances of seeing this car? He's talking to me ... He knows we are going to his garden ...Can you see?"

It's 2040, Ma ... :D

Decode : 24

Your birthdate ...

Mom checked the time the photo was taken at the time of writing.

9:31 am

Decode : 4

Helloooo ...

That is easy ...

That was definitely YOU sending Mom that car.

You're with us, she could tell. :D

Shortly after, another vehicle appeared in front of our car.


Decode : 4

The image was taken at recorded time 9:36 am.

Decode : 144

Oh, this is too easy. :D Would You just look at all her eviDANS?

Hi Ma, I'm right here ... <3

Mom heard You.

Loud and clear. :D

A bright smile appeared on her face.

Of course You would be with your family. We were going to your garden. Justine was with us this month. The previous few times, she was unable to go because of school exams.

We reached town.

Dad dropped Justine and Mom at one of the stores to get the flowers, whilst he waited in the car by the roadside.

Justine picked lovely purple flowers.

We went back to the car come 20 minutes later.

Dad was listening to some songs he had downloaded onto his cellphone the night before.

Justine and Mom got into the car.

Dad said, "Listen to this ..."

He connected the cellphone to the car speakers before handing Mom the cell so she and your sister could view the music video.

The first few seconds were rather boring ... until she suddenly thought she heard a whisper calling your name, Daniel ...

Mom turned to Justine, "Did you hear that? Dahhh-nielll ..."

Your sister said yes. Dad heard it too.

Omg ...

Mom asked incredulously, "Did you know about that?"

Dad said no, he didn't hear it before on the cellphone. It was probably too soft.

Mom turned up the volume

Gee, did the singer really said DANIEL, or is this a mandarin word that sounds like your name?

Omg ... What are the chances?

The song started ...

Ohhhh ... this song issit ...

Justine said, "Daniel knows this song ..."

Mom pondered on that.

Yes, You probably would. Dad said it's an old song.

Then came a part on the music video where the girl suffered a nose bleed.

Dad commented grimly, "Nose bleed ... He had nose bleeds ..."

Mom said solemnly, "He had the first one in the bath tub ... I was with him ... and that last one, in the hospital..." (that last visit to the hospital, about two weeks before You left us)

Mom still remembers alerting the night nurse in the middle of the night, that blood was flowing from your nose. You were sleeping peacefully at the time. Your mother remembers the nurse rushing out of your room, and calling out into the corridor, "Kak, Kak, ambil ice pack ... cepat ... Hidung Daniel berdarah ..."

(Sister, get an ice pack ... quick ... Daniel's nose is bleeding ...)

You slept throughout the whole commotion, and did not stir for one second, when the nurses fussed over You in an urgent attempt to stop the bleeding. Mom had watched on helplessly, as You slip yet a little further away from the already alarming distance between You and and your family.

Your mother's vision blurred momentarily as memories flooded in.

Dad said he cried whilst viewing the video just now (when Justine and Mom were getting your flowers). Mom turned to look at him and yes, it was only then did she notice that your father's eyes were rather wet and reddish. :(

The song came to an end ... and Omg, guess what?

There were a second whisper calling your name, Daniel.

We all heard that. Omg, twice. That was definitely to make sure Mom knows it's YOU, nobody, nobody but YOU. Gosh, what are the chances. A million and one names out there available to this songwriter / video producer and they had to pick yours???

And this ... this we had to listen to on the way to your garden???

Gosh Daniel, how much more dramatic can this get?

Are You taking Drama lessons up there?

The moment was too much for Mom to bear and soon tears were spilling freely over her face.

We reached the garden. 

Oh, the mood was sad and quiet that day. Justine was in the car for a few minutes after we arrived, checking on something on her cell. She appeared later and sat opposite Mom on your garden, with tears in her eyes. She had been reading the English translation of the Mandarin song, and was sobbing away when she told Mom.

Mom took the cellphone and started reading the lines ...


(English Translation)

I've forgotten how long it's been
Since I last heard you
Tell me your favourite fairytale
I've thought for a very long time
I'm starting to get worried
Have I done something wrong again?

You told me with tears in your eyes
That fairy tales are all lies
There's no way I can be your prince charming
Perhaps you don't understand
Since you said you loved me
The stars in my sky started to twinkle

I'm willing to be
The angel you love in the fairytale
I'll open my arms wide
And turn them into wings to protect you
You must believe
Believe that we will be like the fairytale
With happy ever after as the ending

Together we'll write our own ending

Your mother was bawling her eyes out. 

You must have shook your head when You saw that. 

She passed the cell to Dad. Dad began to read the lyrics.

After reading, Dad remarked, "Believe ... His I BELIEVE video ..."

Oh yes, yes, your I BELIEVE video.

Note the 2 words angel and believe in the lyrics above.

I BELIEVE lyrics

Lonely, the path You have chosen
A restless road, no turning back
One day You will find your light again
Don't You know
Don't let go, be strong

Follow your heart

Let your love lead through the darkness
Back to a place You once knew
I believe, I believe, I believe in You

Follow your dreams
Be yourself, an angel of kindness
There's nothing that you cannot do
I believe, I believe, I believe in You

Gosh, do You see what she sees? Do You see the connection?

The same 2 zap words, angel and believe, appear in this video of yours.


After saying the rosary, we went back home. Approaching the condo, Dad happened to click on a mandarin video which made him chuckled. Mom noticed that immediately. You wouldn't let us all go home in that sad mood. You would cheer us up and made sure we were out of that sombre mood we were in this morning.

Yes, that's You, Daniel ... Mom recognized that instantly.

You always knew how to cheer us all up. Dad was laughing and Justine was chuckling. It was a funny song. Mom's heart lightened when she saw that. You were / are near. She could tell. And that made her happy.

See how easy it is to make your mother happy, Son? :D

Just at that moment, Mom noticed the number plate of the vehicle in front of us. You must have whispered to her.

See the sign, Ma ... I'm right here ... <3


Decode : 4

That sure felt good, Daniel ... the perfect angel timing once again. It was as if You were with us in conversation. Honestly ... it's difficult to explain.

Eres Tu ... :D

Oh, by the way ... Mom told Dad that from now on, should there be instances where we are not able to find the words for, we'd just say ERES TU ...


So anyway ...

When we came back home, Mom went to the computer to check out the TONG HUA video again. That's the title of the video that whispered your name twice ... beginning and ending of the video. Just to make sure that we would be thinking of You from start to end of video.

The whispered word is clear to her ... very clear.

Gawd, it sounded like DANIEL ...

It could only be DANIEL ...

Gee, why ... it ISSSSS DANIEL ...

What have You got to say about this, Son?

Mom found herself checking the time the name is whispered and found that the first one is at 0:24 and whilst the second, at 5:50.

0:24?    Ah, your birthdate.

5:50? (scratch your head, please ...)

Hmmm ... No connection whatsoever. Nowhere close to your angel number. That bothered your mother a bit, to be honest.

Where's the connection? 

It wasn't until later, when your family, including Grandma and Aunty C, drove to the nearby mall for dinner, when the connection became apparent. :D It was the moment upon entering the underground car park, when we saw the lighted number of available parking bays on the overhead digital board showing :

X                Y

50       |     500

Dad in fact said aloud, "50 and 500 ... enough parking bays for you?"

Mom pounced on that, "Omg ... that's 550 ..."

She didn't bother to explain. It would take too long. 

Mom had a big smile on her face, only YOU would know why.

Omg ... how You surprise your mother time and again is beyond her.

By Michael Wong

(video removed)

(Sun Oct 21, 2012 : Just checked the video and found out that it has been removed. Darn. Here's another video, but this one does not have the whispered name at the end, only in front ... at 0:24... your birthday)

At the time of uploading the above video, Mom made a quick check on Wikipedia on Michael Wong to check on the background details of the video ... in particular the reason why there is that whispered DAHHH-NIELLLL at the beginning and at the ending of the video. Can You blame your mother for suddenly having that obsession to find out why?

Omg ... You're so not gonna believe this ...

The first sentence on the singer on the Wikipedia page MADE HER GASPED!!!

Mom jumped out of her seat and literally ran to the bathroom, pounded on the door urgently, to tell Dad.

Dad opened the door quickly and Mom told him.

Omg ... what are the chances???

What does this mean???

Dad's eyes magnified before her.

Omg ...

The Wikipedia Link :

The zap line reads as follows :

"Fairy tale (Tong Hua) is the third solo album by Malaysian singer Michael Wong, released on 21 January 2005."


Gasp !!!

Did You hear that???

January 21???

Omg ...

January 21 ... being the date JESUS came to take You home.

Omg ...

Exactly how are You expecting Mom to react to this?

365 days in a year ... and of all the days this album could have been released, it had to be a date that was connected to You ...

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...

Not only that, but the duration of the video is 7:37.

Decode : 44

Oh gosh, Son ...

Eres Tu ...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Call 381 : ERES TU

Hello Son,                                                                       (continue from Call 382)

Touch The Wind

Movie : Brokeback Mountain

Como una promesa, eres tu, eres tu
Como una manana de verano
Como una sonrisa, eres tu, eres tu
Asi, asi, eres tu.

Toda mi esperanza, eres tu, eres tu

Como lluvia fresca en mis manos
como fuerte brisa, eres tu, eres tu
Asi, asi, eres tu

Eres tu como el agua de mi fuente

(Algo asi eres tu)
Eres tu el fuego de mi hogar
Eres tu como el fuego de mi hoguera
Eres tu el trigo de mi pan

Como mi poema, eres tu, eres tu

Como una guitarra en la noche
todo mi horizonte eres tu, eres tu
Asi, asi, eres tu

Eres tu como el agua de mi fuente

(Algo asi eres tu)
Eres tu el fuego de mi hogar
Eres tu como el fuego de mi hoguera
Eres tu el trigo de mi pan

Eres tu...

Like a promise, you are, you are
Like a summer morning
Like a smile, you are, you are
Like that, like that, you are
All my hope, you are, you are
Like fresh rain in my hands
Like a strong breeze, you are, you are
Like that, like that, you are


You are like the water of my source
(Something like that, you are)
You are like the fire of my home
You are like the fire of my bonfire
You are like the wheat of my bread
You are
Like a poem, you are, you are
Like a guitar in the night
My whole horizon, you are, you are
Like that, like that, you are

Water and guitar, Son?

Two zap words?

Eres tu ... <3


[English Version of Eres Tu]

I woke up this morning and my mind fell away
And looking back sadly from tomorrow
As I heard an echo from the past softly say
Come back, come back, won't you stay
I wanted to reach you, let you know I still care
And lost in the silence of my sorrow
I put a promise in the wind, on the air
To fly away to you there

Touch the wind
Catch my love as it goes sailing
Touch the wind and I'll be close to you
I'll be easy to find
On the winds of the morning I'll come sailing
I'll be easy to find
And, baby, I'll be close to you

And only forever can I say I love you
And only forever have I lost you
But only a dreamer could wake up
As I do and hope it's still yesterday

Touch the wind

Call 380 : 29th MONTH

Hello Son,


Thursday was your 29th month with Jesus and Mary in heaven.

29 months ...

870 days ...

Don't even get your mother started on the hours, minutes and seconds. Honestly Son, wow we've managed to pass through 29 MONTHS without You here is beyond Mom.

Truly, Justine ... your sister ... she was sent to rescue your mother ...



 By Martina McBride.

We miss You very much, Son. You're in our thoughts all the time.

All the time.

All the time.

All the time.


Yeah, Mom has given "all the time" a new meaning.

Truly, there is not a moment ...

Nope, NOT ONE MILI-FRACTION OF A SECOND MOMENT ... that You are not in your mother's mind.

Being your 21st on Thursday, Mom knew You'd zap her.

Every day, You send little signs to your mother to remind her that You're right beside her. God is so good to us, Daniel. Sometimes, Mom cannot believe that Jesus has allowed us to keep our bond alive. It has been said that the bond between mother and son cannot be severed.

Ever You heard of that?

(taps fingers waiting for response ...)

Well, now You have ... :D

Mama Mary definitely has something to do about that.

She's a mother ...

She knows ...

So anyway ...

Something awesome happened sometime in the afternoon that Thursday 21st.

Mom was in school at the time.

Dad came to pick her up for lunch at about 2 pm.

In the car, Mom said, "Today is Son's 21st ... I'm waiting for him to say hello ..."

Dad kinda grinned.

Dad said he cooked nasi briyani and that we could go home for lunch.

Hmmmm ...

For some reason that would become apparent later, Mom did not want to go home. She said, that she wanted to have some coffee and sandwiches for lunch instead and that we could leave the nasi for dinner.

Dad said okay.

We drove to a French cafe nearby our condo.

Mom is besotted with the sandwiches at that cafe.

Approaching the cafe, Mom suddenly found herself suggesting,

"Why don't I tapau (take away), and we can have lunch at home? We'll make our own coffee ..."

Dad said okay.

Mom walked in to the cafe/bakery.

She picked up a tray and a thong and began to pick her sandwiches along with some buns and pizza slices.

Half way through, her mobile rang.

And the drama enfolds ...

Rrrringgg ... rrringgg ...

She reached into the right side pocket of her pants.

Eh ... her cellphone wasn't there.

Darn it ...

Rrringgg ... rrringgg ...

Holding the tray on one hand, she tried digging into her handbag with the other.

She couldn't find it.

Rrrringgg ... rrringgg ...

As usual, the phone has a way of sounding urgent when you're unable to answer it. Clumsily, she shoved her tray on top of the shelves nearest to her, so she could have both hands to ... dig dig dig into her bag ...

Oh, where was the darn phone ...

Rrrringgg ... rrringgg ...

Finally ...

Ah, got it, got it, got it.

She glanced at the screen.

It was an unknown number.

Who could it be?

Mom answered ...

Almost instantly, she found herself rolling her eyes with irritation, as the caller identified herself.

The caller was from one of the local banks, calling to enquire if your mother might like to have a personal loan.

Huhhh ... She'd almost dropped her tray for this call???

Mom made sure her annoyance trickled through the phone.

Haha ... Not that bad laa ... :D

She ended the call rather abruptly, explaining stiffly that it was not convenient to take the call at the time.

Then, she stuffed her handphone into the large pocket on the side of her pants.

Walking to the cashier, she presented her tray. She did buy quite a lot for some reason. Dad had said that Justine has already got her lunch. Yet, she had bought more than enough for two.

Oh well ...

The amount on the till showed :

RM 29-60 ...

She pulled out a fifty ringgit note and handed it to the cashier.

The girl punched some numbers down and Mom suddenly realized she was staring at the balance amount of RM  20-40.

Decode : 24

(Take note that Mom made a mistake here and thought she saw the number 21-40)

Oh gosh ...

Mom found herself instantly reaching for her phone to check the time.

2:14 pm ...

Decode : 21 | 24

Oh --- My --- Gosh ...

Both your numbers ... date of birth and departure.

Omg ...

She grabbed her bag of buns and hurried out of the shop. She wanted to show Dad the time.

She must have a witness.

Where was the car???

Oh ... Oh there ... about 20 walking steps ahead.

Mom ran to the car like her life depended on it, yanked open the car door, jumped in and shoved her cellphone into Dad's face.

"Look at the time! Look at the time!"

Dad looked.

The time showed 2:15 pm.

Arghhh ...

Mom exclaimed breathlessly, "JUST NOW at the cashier, it was 2:14 pm ... and and and here, the balance of the bill was 214 ... see the bill ... omg ... I just said I was waiting for son to say hi ... and here he is, saying HI ... OMG ... Is this not son saying HI???"

Okay ... See the mistake made there? Sorry Son ... Mom's math is now only at kindergarten level. Anyway, whether it was 21-40  or  20-40, it was a zap number for your mother. You probably made sure of that, didn't You? How disappointed she would have been if she had discovered the mistake later and discovered that it wasn't a zap number after all.

Aiyoh Ma ... How You count ... It's 2040 la ... :D

(Remember the number 2040 - You would soon be zapping your mother. See Call 382 : Tong Hua)

Mom flashed her receipt triumphantly.

Dad nodded with a smile ...

Caught up with Mom's excitement, he too did not notice the mistake.


Mom was not finished. She had to explain how she received a first call where she had to dig for her handphone. Gosh, You were getting your mother prepared for the receipt - zap, weren't You?

Like ...

Get your handphone ready, Ma ... :D

Oh yes, that sure was incredible.

So anyway, Mom went back to school later in the evening.

Everything was as normal as could be.

Then, TWO out of the ordinary inciDANS happened. :D

First, a 4 year old girl ... the same one who sang KUMBAYAH about a year ago ... yup, the one who said she lives "far, far away..." ... Mom wrote about this in one of the call-entries.

Well, she came running to Mom and said excitedly,

"Teacher Lynn, I read until page forty-four (44) today ..." (Peter & Jane book).

Pause ...

44 ???

You must have seen the smile that appeared on your mother's face. :D

She couldn't help grinning from ear to ear.

"Which page again?" Mom asked, unnecessarily.

"44!" Little E repeated proudly.

Normally, this bright little girl would always finish reading her PJ books (50 pages). However, that day on your 21st, she read till page 44 ... and decided to stop. By the way, helloooo, did she have to tell Mom? She was reading before the day care teacher. She did not have to come running to Mom to tell her about that.

Hmmm ...

Your mother did not know then but a second inciDAN would soon happen.

You made sure of that.

You know Mom needs to have TWO zaps before she takes her signs seriously.


Dad called to say that the CCTV guy will be dropping by the school to repair one of the monitors.

This was in the evening. About 5 pm or thereabouts.

Yes, the guy came, did his thing, and about an hour later, he was done. He gave Mom some standard forms to sign which Mom did without question, since he was merely providing free maintenance.

Anyway, as Mom was walking him to the door, she asked, "What's your name?"

You must have whispered to her.

The guy answered, "Enki ..."

Pause ...


Now where did she hear that strange En name before?

Oh oh of course, that video she uploaded that (Thursday) morning at 12 am.

Her immediate thoughts were, "Are You talking to Mom, Son?"

Enki ???

What kind of a name is that? Mom asked the man to spell it out for her, which he did.

She thought of the video she uploaded on Thursday, June 21st at 12 am on your facebook.

It was the song Eres Tu ...

It had come on the radio the evening before, and that night (Wednesday 20th), Mom had tried to look for a nice video of that song Eres Tu to post on your facebook page. She had come across several videos, all unclear and with bad sound ... until she found the video of the song against the movie Brokeback Mountain, a story about 2 men and their relationship with each other.

One of them was called Ennis.

It did cross Mom's mind that the name was weird. The director of the movie was Ang Lee. One of her friends had mentioned that Ang Lee's movies always have a deep meaning and they "always make you think."


In fact, Mom spent about 3 hours trying to find a suitable video with the ERES TU song for your facebook page, but she couldn't find one that had a better sound quality than the BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN video.


And so at 12 am on Thursday 21st, she uploaded that Brokeback video.


And now she hears the name Enki ...

What kind of a name is that anyway?

You think Ennis is strange, Ma? :D

Mom heard You say in her head. :D

She asked the man for his number.

On hindsight, You definitely whispered to her to get his number. She didn't have to. She was holding a copy of the forms she'd signed. The company's address and number were at the top. Yet, she asked for his number anyways.

He said, "X X X..."

Mom repeated as she scribbled down on the paper she was holding, "X X X ..."

He continued, "Twenty - one ..." (21)

Mom stopped, and turned to look at him.


"Twenty - one?" she echoed. Yes, it was your 21st that Thursday.

He confirmed, "Yeah, twenty - one ..."

He wouldn't have heard her pulse racing.

She jotted down quickly, muttering at the same time, "Twenty - one ..."

Her heart was pounding pounding pounding.

He went on, "Zero one ..." (01)

Oh ...

Oh okay ... nothing there ... anti-climax ...

But not for long ...

She wrote down, repeating, "Zero one ..."

Then ...

"Zero four one ..." (041)  he finished.


Zero four one?

Mom couldn't wait to get him to the door.

Omg ...

She looked at her scribble.



XXX  :  21  01  041


Decode : 21  |  24

The same zap during lunch time at the cafe.

Omg ... What are the chances?

And Enki?

What's that about?

Oh Gosh ...

Oh Gosh ...

Oh Gosh ...

Mom just checked the video again (for the link) and noticed the video time duration : 4:12

Decode : 21 | 24


Omg ...

What are the chances?

That's like 3X already.

It's Me, Ma ... It's Me ... It's Me la ... :D

Happy 29th month with Jesus and Mother Mary, Daniel.

We miss You so very much. <3

The zaps continues.

(continues on Call :381)