Friday, October 15, 2010

Call 26 : LOVE FLOWS

Hello Son, 

The internet connection today is a bit cranky. Just finally managed to post today's entry on the Dinner Blog. Took almost 20 minutes to upload ONE photo. :S Can You imagine?

Oh that aside, really must tell You about yesterday. Something pretty amazing happened. After posting your Call 25 in the morning, Mom went to school. Dad dropped her. She was in the car for hardly 5 minutes, (3 minutes the most, You know how near our condo is to the school), when her attention was turned to the song that was on the radio at that moment.
It was a honky-tonk dinasour song. The beat is catchy and listening to it, she caught the word, "It's the season..." and "There's a reason..." 

She keyed those words into her mobile. Told herself that she would check on the song, and ONLY if there's a strong sign, like a really REALLY strong sign, that she should post this song, she would. 

Having posted several music videos the past 2 days, along with all those song-messages that she received, she didn't think there would be a message in this one. Why, she was only in the car for a few minutes. There can't be a message in EVERY song, she hears, right?

Right, Son???

So anyway, later in the afternoon, at the computer, Mom remembered the song. Made a check on google, typed the words : lyrics there's a season. Note, even the key words were incorrectly typed.

A list of websites came on. Somewhere in the middle of the screen, she read the words : 


Say what??? Loretta LYNN???

Mom's name??? She was quite stunned when she discovered later that, THAT Loretta LYNN's song was DEE song that was played this morning. Of course, LET YOUR LOVE FLOW, that's the name of the song in the car. And Loretta LYNN???

What's that about?

Felt an immediate spark there. It was meant to grab her attention, and it did. Is that not a big fat sign for her to check on the video? The BOND. :D 

She ran through the lyrics while waiting for the YouTube video to load up in a separate firefox window.

Just let your love flow like a mountain stream
Let your love grow with the smallest of dreams

What a nice song. Yeah, found a HD video but without lyrics. This version is by the Bellamy Brothers. Loretta Lynn is too "dinosaur" - can't seem to find a clear video of her version.

You know, what struck Mom about the video is that, at the line, "Let your love show" an image of a heart-shaped cloud appeared. The next slide is an ORANGE slide that has the words : "And You'll know what I mean."

Heart-shaped cloud and a note "And You'll know what I mean..." on orange background? Gee, she couldn't help feeling like YOU were giving her that message. That is so like how You'd say. How many times have You said, " ... bla bla bla, You know what I mean, Mom ..."

That was definitely an attention-grabber. Told Dad that even Bollywood, let alone Hollywood, scriptwriters cannot come up with a story-line like this. :D

Also, there could have been many other images the creator of the video could have used, to depict "Let your love show" ...  but a cloud?

Surely You'll remember that Mom had used a similar heart-shaped cloud in your FALL FOR YOU video.
So very well-planned ...

How do You do that??? Honestly, HOW???

There was also another image of a heart with wings (Let your love fly) in that LET YOUR LOVE FLOW video, which inciDANtally, is also a similar image that Mom had selected for your FALL FOR YOU video. 

So YES, to answer all her own questions, she did get her SIGNS that she should post this song-message on the Blog. You got her at Loretta LYNN.

In fact, after all the messages Mom received the past 2 days, now this one says, LET YOUR LOVE FLOW ...

Oh gee woah ... It's perfect! What a beautiful message. Thanks Son. Truly. <3

Let your love flow, 
Let your love shine, 
There's a reason ...

Been playing the song and soon got Dad and Justine humming along. Chuckle. :D


Here's a sing-along version. :D Gotta go. Dad's about to do a cooking demonstration. :D Assam Fish tonight. Oh, by the way, Mom's found a hot black-pink leopard print background for your next video. Grin. 

You must be shaking your head now ... :D

Justine is busy at this point in time, so Mom's gonna just do a video with lyrics. No pictures. Will post on your Facebook site on your 21st. Hopefully it will be ready by then. <3 Keep your fingers crossed.

"There's a reason for the sunshine in the sky,
There's a reason why I'm feeling so high ..."