Thursday, October 7, 2010

Call 18 : THE BIBLE

Hello Son,

Last night about 11pm, Mom was walking to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Our family's BIBLE, that has been on the same spot on the fountain display cabinet the past several weeks, somehow,  called out to Mom. Oh-so-silently. The last time she had a hunch to get the BIBLE to read, she received the GUARANTEE message. Some 2 months back. Remember???

It was late, Justine was studying, Dad was listening to a self-development tape. It just didn't feel like THE BIBLE moment, You know. Mom seee-riously didn't think she could get them all excited ... by her about-to-be-made-announcement : 

Can we read the BIBLE tonight?

So Mom walked past the cabinet. A few steps later, she felt guilty - like a criminal - and turned back to the display table. The BIBLE was sitting there, beckoning her to pick it up. Her hands laid on it, but she did not pick it up. The thought of having to call Dad and Jus to come to the table when they were both quite absorbed in what they were doing, made her shrug and think: We'll do it tomorrow. With that, she walked away.

You couldn't put that to rest, could You, Son?

Because Mom only walked a few steps away and felt AWFULLY bad. Did she not just read an email this evening about spending some time with The Lord in good times and in bad? Could she not remember sighing loudly at the part where a question was posed why we only think about God during sickness and at funerals? Her conscience was pricking her and she found herself turning back to the display table. For the third time.

This time, she picked up the BIBLE and casually made an announcement. To Dad. To Justine. To God. To You. To herself. To anyone else who cared to hear. She said to her imaginary audience, I'm going to read today's BIBLE passage.

No response from anybody. Never mind. She's sure God would have clapped and You, You would have flashed your famous SpongeBob grin. :D
Mom checked the diary for daily scripture reading, wondering what could the message be or if there were any message at all for her. Strange that she was experiencing an over-powering instinct, that familiar gut feeling, that she HAS to read today's message. Anyway, there were 3 readings from the books of : Galatians, Psalms and Luke. 

She began to read the first two passages. Didn't quite see a connection to a possible message. No spark. No light bulb. No EUREKA! She didn't stop there though. This time, she remembered to read ALL the given passages. If You remember, the GUARANTEE message was in the LAST passage at that time a similar READ-THE-BIBLE hunch struck her some 2 months back.

Good thing she did because, it was the third reading that made her sit right up.
O - M - G ...

were the only words she could mutter under her breath at that moment.

Luke 11:1-4, 9-10

A disciple asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. That kinda struck a cord. Jesus taught them the Our Father Prayer. 

So okay, she's getting a vague signal here. When she finds it difficult to talk to God, at least say the Our Father.

She read on and stopped short after reading Verses 9 and 10, blurted out in disbelief, to Dad : Listen to this.

"And so I say to You : Ask, and You will receive; Seek, and You will find; Knock, and the door will be opened unto You. For those who ask, will receive, and those who seek will find, and the door will be opened to anyone who knocks." 

KNOCK??? Dancing EUREKA lights overwhelmed her.

Gee, haven't we been Knock Knock Knocking on Heaven's Door the whole day today (Wed)? (See Call 17)

Felt that instant BOND there, Son. <3 

Woah, imagine that. There must be like a million words in the BIBLE. Yet, somehow she was lead to read this KNOCK KNOCK passage on the same morning she hears the song Knocking on Heaven's Door and the same evening that she writes a KNOCK KNOCK entry on your Call-BLOG? What a profound realization that was for her. You truly are guiding her from one thing to the next, aren't You?

This is a really beautiful reminder from God. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and You shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto You. Yes, she's gonna be asking, she's gonna be seeking, and she's gonna be knocking. Tell God that, will You please, Son?

Thanks for the reminder, Daniel. Timely as usual. Here's one of Mom's dinosaur songs that we sang as the closing hymn at your farewell : There's A New World Somewhere

No, not gonna upload Guns N Roses. Don't really understand the lyrics to that song except for the one and only one line that makes sense : Knocking on Heaven's Door.

Knock Knock ...  <3