Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Call 439 : DAD's BIRTHDAY

Hello Son,

Meant to upload these photos earlier ... much much earlier ... but ... oh, never mind now why.

Better late than never.

It was a special day that day ... Christmas Eve ... being Dad's birthday and yours.

Breakfast at BV1 ...

We had a nice cuppa cappuccino ...

followed by a yummy breakfast ...

Dinner at BV2 ... can't remember the name of the place now.

Baby Megan helping Dad with his present ...

oh wait ...

This photo should be before the one above ...

Happy Birthday, Dad ... :D

Monday, January 28, 2013

Call 438 : BOOK STORE

Hello Son,

It's a public holiday today, Thaipusam being yesterday on Sunday.

Mom just have to tell You this. Dad and Mom were at the nearby hypermart to get some nails (yeah, You heard right -- nails ...) to fix some wall charts in school. Anyway, after getting the nails, we were back in the car. Dad started the engine.

The song WE GONNA DIE YOUNG (Kesha) was on.

Smile ...

There's always a way for You to remind your family that You're near.

So anyway, we were on the way back to the school, when Mom told Dad to stop by the book store (second supermarket). She wanted to get some foam sheets for art and craft.

Dad stopped the car.

Mom told Dad he did not need to park the car and that she'd just run in, get her stuff and be back in a jiff.

So, Mom was at the book store. She found the foam sheets but decided not to get them, because the packets available came in one colour. She wanted to get one packet of multi-colored sheets.

Humph ...

Just then, her cell beeped an in-coming sms.

It was Dad.

He said, "I've parked ..."

Mom started texting back, to tell him that she was done, when all of a sudden, her senses were alerted to the intro music that had come on over the sound system in the book store.

Omg ... she breathed.

What are the chances ...

She was only in the store at the momst, 5 minutes. In fact, she was about to leave, but Dad had sent a text, and she was in the middle of replying.

She glanced at the time on her cell.

It was 14:28 pm.

Decode : 14 

Why, that's like 14 --- two times.

The song by Faith Hill, THERE YOU'LL BE had come on.

Oh boy ...

Doesn't your mother say, practically all the time, that "Everywhere we are, there You'll be"?

Even in the last Call 437 yesterday, Mom mentioned that- Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

You really are listening, aren't You, Daniel? In fact, Grandma told Mom last night, whilst we were at her place to watch Les Miserables (again) that a friend of hers mentioned that the message your family had put on the ad in the papers on your 21st was nice.

Mom had thought then, "Oh that ... that's not a message ... it's just a line from a song .."

And today, she hears that song ... she had only meant to run in the store, and out ... If Dad had not sms-ed, she would have left the store already. Gosh, would You look at your angel timing? Not only that, but before the inciDAN at the book store, GONNA DIE YOUNG had come on. Don't You see? The familiar pattern. Get the attention first, then -- ZAP! :D

Perfect as always ...

I'm right here, Ma ... :D

So anyway, Mom stood there, at the same spot, listening intently to the song until it ended, before slowly walking out of the store.


Thank You for that, Son ... for always reminding Mom that You're near.

Keep the zaps coming.

Faith Hill

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Call 437 : IN DISGUISE

Hello Son,

It's a beautiful Sunday today. The time now is 9-50 am.

We should be going for morning mass in about an hour.

Yesterday evening, Dad and Mom were at the mall. Justine had spent a day and night at Genting Highlands, and her coach was dropping passengers off at that mall. We ended up having dinner at one of the many restaurants at the busy mall.

We decided to have Chinese, and walked into this restaurant that we have not gone before.

Sitting down on a plush cushioned seat, Mom couldn't help but noticed the many bird cages right before her eyes.

Wow ... how pretty, she thought.

On a deeper level, she found her heart softly whispering ...

You're with us, aren't You, Daniel? Yes, You are ... it's so obvious ... You're right here with us.

Dad took this photo of You in a giant bird cage.

Mom nudged Dad, "Look at all the bird cages up there ..."

Dad nodded ... knowingly.

We made our orders. Whilst waiting for our food, Justine told us about her Genting trip. At one point, your sister told us that she and her friends went for a movie called PARKER. Starring J. Lo.

Jus said the guy in the movie, as an attempt to disguise himself, had changed his name to DANIEL.

Sipping her milk tea, Mom listened quietly.

Hmmmm ... How random. The bird cages crowding her sight in front of her ... and now she hears that. A thousand and one names that could have been chosen for that movie, but it had to be yours. That guy in  disguise had to have your name.

Interesting ...

That reminded your mother immediately about the song ANGEL EYES by ABBA.

By Abba

Look into his angel eyes

One look and you're hypnotized

He'll take your heart and you must pay the price

Look into his angel eyes

You'll think you're in paradise

And one day you'll find out he wears a disguise

Don't look too deep into those angel eyes

Yes Daniel, You were certainly in disguise whilst You were with us ...

Your sister added abruptly, "Hey, I think that guy's real name is JASON something ..."

Mom raised an eyebrow.

Her pulse must have quickened.

It must have.

Mom asked, "Really? Are you sure? Can You check?"

Oh my gosh ...

Justine did a quick check on her cell internet and confirmed,

"Yes, his name is JASON STATHAM ..."

Pause ...

Seriously Daniel Jason Phua ... what are the chances???

No chance.

Angel chance.


Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Talk to You in a bit, Son ... have to get ready now for mass.

Keep the zaps coming ...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Call 436 : FOUR NAILS

Hello Son,

It's Saturday today.

Almost a week now since your 21st anniversary on Monday. You know, several readers from the papers emailed to Mom and said some really heartwarming comments about You, your faith, your strength, your story.

Two of them mentioned "your handsome son ..."


Mom can just imagine your chuckle when You read that ... that handsome word. That also reminded Mom about a card You made for her, which You signed off as "Your handsome son ..." All of the readers said they will keep You (and your family) in their prayers.

How very kind of your nice readers, Daniel.

Mom's still on the Lourdes entry in your Orange Dot blog.

Yeah ... It does seem like she's taking a long time to move on to the next chapter.

Sigh ...

Sometimes, it's just difficult to write the ... the down ... parts of our experience ... because then, Mom is reminded about the challenges You had to go through. Three years may have passed, but your mother's still having her "WHY?" moments ... now and then. Don't get her wrong ... She knows You're happy at God's end ... and she's happy that You're safe with JESUS and MARY ... It's just that she ... needs ... to feel the pain ... Yes, she does ... Is that weird, You think? And is it weird to say that she'd never want that ... heartache ... to go away ... for as long as she lives ... like the song sung by Lea Salonga  ...


What else is there that is real

But all the pain that I feel?

So let the pain remain forever in my heart

For every throb it brings is

One more moment spent with You

I'll let the pain bring on the rain

If that's the only way

If there's no other way to be with You again

Pause ...

What does God say about that? Is this the way it's meant to be? Do all mothers with their child/ren in heaven feel this way? Correct her if she's wrong, but Mom thinks she wouldn't have come across this song, this song which lyrics comfort her to her very soul, and assure her that she's not going crazy, and that it's so so so meant to be this way ...  if it's not meant to be.

Anyway ... It's been amazing how You've managed to make your presence felt daily ... to remind Mom, again and again and again, that You're just right beside her. Thank you for that, Son ... Mom appreciates all the zaps and inciDANS and little signs here and there ...

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Yesterday evening, after school, we were driving back.

It was about 7:30 pm. Mom was driving and talking to a staff in the car. The maid was sitting behind us. Mom was engrossed in giving instructions to the staff, when she suddenly noticed a flaming red car in front of her with the registration plate that read ... omg ...

DAN xxxx.

She cannot remember now what the numbers were ...

Oh, she had to take a snapshot of the eviDANS quickly. And so, she continued to talk to the staff as normally as she could, and at the same pretending to type an sms with her cell on top of the steering wheel ...  of course, she was actually trying to snap a photo ...

Gosh, it was difficult ...

You must have been shaking your head, huh ...

Aiyoh Maaaa ...

Here's the first photo she took.

Okay, that was bad.

Oh, by the way, it was also drizzling a bit ...

She angled her cell to take another shot. The DAN car had moved from her lane to the next lane on the left.

What la ...

It's so much easier taking quick shots with her old cell.

This new cell is just very - marr farn (inconvenient).

Click ... she took a second shot.

Can You see the DAN car?

Pause ...

Oh, forget it ...

See the car on the extreme left? Okay, the DAN car is in front of that car. Yeah, by the time your mother was ready with the camera, her DAN car had disappeared from her lane and gone to the lane on the left.

At the end of the day, your mother sees a little sign ... she knows ... she knows her son is reminding her that he's near.

There should be a second sign though ... her heart reminded softly.

Mom dropped the staff off, and drove back to our condo.

She parked the car and took the lift up to our floor.

Stepping out of the lift, your mother had taken a few steps forward when she suddenly noticed a little white feather on the ground, in front of her.

She had to smile.

Her second sign.

The Manga Message.

An angel is near.

Correction, her angel son is near.

Thank You, Son ... Mom said softly under her breath.

This morning, whilst having breakfast with Dad at home before the telly ...

Dad was at the time watching a documentary ... about a man who's able to break nails (You heard right - NAILS) with his body or something to that effect ... how disturbing ... anyway, Mom wasted no time in grabbing the remote and grumbling her disapproval loudly at the same time,

"Why are you watching this? It's disgusting ..."

Nails ...


Of all the ...

They reminded her immediately of the 4 nails (screws) that were driven into your head (two on the front side of your head and two at the bottom at the back side) to hold a frame to ensure apparently, laser beam precision, during a radiosurgery session that You had to undergo at one time.

The very first and the very last.

You were 13 years old then.

Mom will always remember that as the 4 nails that were driven onto your own cross.

The cross You had to bear.

Yes, that frame was nailed or attached onto your head first thing in the morning, at 8 am, and was only removed about 6 pm, after the radiosurgery session. You had yelled out in pain and in shock when that first nail was fixed onto your head.

The doctor had called it a "pin."


Don't even get her started on that ...

Pause ... in an attempt to calm down the sudden rise of heated anger within her.

Those -- were -- not -- pins.

Too late ...

No, not in your mother's eyes, they were not. When Mom heard your loud yell, and she heard it 4 times, she honestly couldn't imagine what was happening behind the closed doors. In fact, the doctor had instructed the attending nurse to "ask the mother to wait outside" just before he fixed the structure onto You. Had Mom seen the size of the "pin," she would have objected to the procedure.

So many procedures your family regrets putting You through, Daniel. That gamma knife procedure was totally unnecessary. Especially when we learned later that radiosurgery was not effective to your type of naughty cell. You had to carry that cross (frame) for almost a whole day. You were in a lot of discomfort, and trying to rest in the ward was out of the question, as the frame was like a large box-like structure that was fixed onto your head. What was the logic in all that long wait, Mom will never know.

The doctor had come out a bit later and calmly dismissed your yelps of pain, "He's feeling a little bit of pressure, that's all ..."

Mom had stepped into the room and was taken aback when she saw that big frame - thing attached to your head. It wasn't until she noticed your wet eyes, that she felt an immediate swelling of rage within her.

She did not react though.

She was in control.

Oh yes, she was ... very much in control.

Dad had prepared her since the beginning of your treatments that "the doctors and nurses are taking care of your son - don't provoke them ..."

And so she had allowed her heart to snap in sarcasm instead, "Why don't I fix that thing on your head, and you tell me whether it's a little bit of pressure ... " In the first place, why did he feel any pain at all? Did the doctor not wait till the painkillers were working first before nailing the frame in?

That nail episode did not go well with your mother.

Anyway, back to breakfast time ... as she was saying, she took the remote to change the channel ... and it turned out that, that movie on that channel was equally boring. Within a few minutes of watching that slow-moving movie, Mom changed the channel again.

American Idol audition was on. The judges were interviewing this over-sized man, asking him his name, where he was from and what song he was gonna sing.

Mom cannot remember what his name was or where he was from. However, when she heard which song he was gonna sing, she found herself sitting upright.

Omg ...

"Let It Be ..."

Turning to Dad sharply, Mom echoed loudly, "Did you hear that? Let it Be ... Omg ... I just turned to this channel, and he's about to sing Let It Be ..."

Dad, the witness.

When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me 

Oh Wow ... You must have whispered to your mother to :

Change the channel ...

Let it be, Ma ...


You read your mother's mind, Daniel, and You're giving her a reply. 

Would You look at the angel timing?

Mom was quite overwhelmed by the moment.

You know this song, right?

Let It Be and Mom ... we've come a long long way.

It wasn't long until she received the next zap.

Keith (Judge) mentioned, "brain surgeon ..."

The girl who was on, said she did "the country thing ..."

Keith made a comment to this effect : "It's like saying, I did the brain surgeon thing. Either you are a brain surgeon or you're not ..."

Oh gosh ...

Later, short previews came on with the song FALL FOR YOU.

This time, she jumped up to check the time.

It was 10:25 am.

Decode : 44

Omg ... honestly ... her angel sign ... and the song You sang to Mom the night before You left us.

What are the chances?

No chance ...

What is the message ?

I'm right beside You, Ma ... :D


Mom hears You loud and clear, Daniel ... :D

Truly, everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

It's almost midnight, Son ...

Talk to You tomorrow ...

Nite Nite ... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, January 21, 2013


Hello Son,

Today is your 3rd anniversary with Jesus and Mama Mary in heaven. We're thinking about You and missing You every single moment. There is not a moment when You are not in our thoughts.

Love You,

Dad, Mom & Justine  


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When I see your smile
Tears run down my face
I can't replace
And now that I'm strong I have figured out
How this world turns cold 

and it breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find deep inside me
I can be the one


I will never let you fall
I'll stand up for you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to Heaven


It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
And seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I will show you, I'll be the one


I will never let you fall
I'll stand up for you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to Heaven


'Cause you're my, you're my, my
My true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away
'Cause I'm here for you
Please don't walk away and
Please tell me you'll stay


Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be okay
Though my skies are turning gray


I will never let you fall
I'll stand up for you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to Heaven


I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to Heaven

The Star Paper on Mon, Jan 21, 2013


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Call 434 : HELLO DAN

Hello Son,

Just had dinner. Mom's alone in the house with the maid.

Television is on.

Covert Affairs.

There was an ad-break about 10 minutes ago ... Mom just have to tell You this. Always, You make your presence felt.

Always, Daniel. Mom appreciates it very much.

The ad was something about you know ... watch the Golf Channel to see defending champion DAN - something play on the first day, JANUARY 21.

Omg ...

DAN and JANUARY 21???

Gosh, what are the chances?

January 21 is your 3rd anniversary with Jesus and Mama Mary. Dad's just placed a notice in the papers yesterday. You must know about it, huh. Otherwise, Mom wouldn't have seen or heard those zap words.

Last night, at Grandma's house, Little Megan kept saying "Hello" ...

Like, some 30 times or so. Not exaggerating. Each time she said it, Mom would just sit and be still, and just stare at the babe. She can't really talk yet, she would just mumble a bit of this and that, but HELLO, she says a hundred times.

And clearly too ...

Okay, exaggerating a bit there.

Seriously ... she was toddling around, and going Hello? Hello? Hello?

Which brings Mom to this ...

Last Friday, Justine and Mom were at this noodle coffee shop. Mom is half way writing that entry, by the way ...

Anyway, whilst waiting for the food to arrive, Mom  happened to be looking straight ahead of her, when she noticed the word HELLO staring back her.

Mom said to your sister, "Jus, turn around and look behind ... your brother is with us ..."

Justine turned ... and saw this instead.

Justine said, "Jack Daniels ..."

Mom was like, "What Jack Daniels? Look at the HELLO ..."

Justine turned around again ...

"Oh that ... Hahaa ... So funny, you saw HELLO, and I saw JACK DANIELS ..."

Oh Gosh ...

Quickly, Mom took a photo of the HELLO ... and then of the tee shirt with the JACK DANIELS ... and then a third photo of the two zap signs together ...

Wow ...

We have had some inciDANS with Baby Megan before.

So anyway, last night, Megan fell off the bed, and landed on the floor. Aunty D was hysterical. Justine was lying on the bed and didn't expect the baby to roll over the bed. They were on Aunty C's bed ... and You know how high that bed is.


Unnaturally high.

Of course, the baby was crying ... but Mom did note that, it wasn't a cry of AGONIZING, EXCRUCIATING PAIN ... that you would expect from a fall where you dive down head first. It was just a loud cry, more of shock than of pain ... because she quietened down quite quickly. Mom would know this, because Justine fell off the bed when she was about 9 months old or thereabouts. So, she knows how a baby who falls off a bed should cry ...

That was a scary moment, your sister's fall ... but not as scary as all your hospital experiences.

Anyway ...

This morning, Aunty D told Mom that thank God, baby M is okay ...

Mom said, "I don't think she really fell straight on to the floor ... she didn't cry in pain ... it was like she fell on a cloud and bounced off ... almost as it someone broke her fall ... Hello? Yes, Mom's quite sure about that. Someone broke her fall ... "

It was You, wasn't it, Son?

Yes ... why on earth would the baby keep saying HELLO all night long ... Dad was there, Justine was there, Grandma was there ... they were all there to hear it.

Only Mom could read the message behind it.

I'm here la, guys ...

Yes Son ... clearly ... everywhere we are, there You'll be...

Hello ...

Zap Zap Zap ...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Call 433 : CALL ME

Hello Son,

What a week we've had.

Busy as the bees. Mom's just so relieved that the first week of school went smoothly. It's great to see all the children again. Sigh, can't believe another school year has begun.

Mom has several entries all stashed up in the draft post box ... half written ... awaiting photos to be downloaded from her new cell, but no one seems to be able to do it. By no one, your mother means, Dad and Justine. It's got something to do about us not getting "the cable ..."

However, last night, Mom got your call ... Yup, she got your message all right ... and she had told Justine there and then, "Would you look at that, your brother is waiting for my call ..." :D We were in Gardens Mall. It was closing time, slightly after 10 pm ... we were walking past some boutiques to get to the car park, when Mom spotted a GIGANTIC telephone - the size of the display window of a boutique that was right next to Kate Spade, the outlet that Dad had bought her handbag from for her birthday last June.

Mom had pointed to the sign excitedly. Yup, there was a sign and all, with words on it, and it said, believe it or not "CALL ME ..."

Oh gosh ...

What are the chances of a boutique having that telephone and that call ad on its display window?

No chance.

Angel chance.

Mom quickly got out her new cell, took some time to flip open the flap and slide to unlock before clicking onto the camera icon. Thankfully, unlike her car eviDANS that got away a few times since she got the new cell, this big giant of a telephone stood like a large heavy rock, just waiting for her to snap a shot.

Justine said, "Stand further a bit ... so you can take the whole the window ..."

Mom took a few steps back, focused on the image, and took a shot. By the way, Justine can't get the photo out ... can't download ... because of some cable that we don't have ...

So anyway, this morning, Mom was in school with the maid.

It was about 11 am or so, late morning, when Justine came over to pick Mom up for brunch.

In the car, we decided to go to one of the noodle coffee shop at Kuchai area. Normally, Dad takes us there. Mom asked your sister whether she knows the way, and your sister said yes.

We drove there.

Approaching the area of coffee shops, as we were turning into a lane, there was a large vehicle (MPV) which signalled to leave its bay. Mom exclaimed, "Hey, right in front of you ... would you look at that? And such a large space ... easy for you to slide the car in ..."

Justine was like, "No no no ... there's a lorry behind ... so scary ... it's too far to walk anyway ... " and she drove past the empty bay, took another turn into the lane of the row of shops.

Mom was like, "Aiyah Jus, you could have parked there ... we can walk to the place ... Your brother is probably shaking his head and going tsk tsk tsk ..."

Justine said confidently, "There will be another one ... a better one ... not so scary one ..."

Mom fell silent.

Of course ... Why shouldn't there be? When you have your personal angel to watch over you, how could you not find another ... better, not so scary one?

We followed the moving traffic ...

As we approached the coffee shop, we couldn't help but noticed with delight, a nice empty bay waiting for us directly opposite the eatery.

Your sister threw a look of triumph over to Mom.

Mom could almost hear You say,  

Close enough, Jus?


We got out of the car.

As we were about to cross the road, a vehicle with the registration plate 4440 appeared before driving pass us. Justine and Mom both saw it. You can't miss it, as you have to look to that direction for cars before you cross the one way lane.

"Look Jus, what are the chances? 4440 ... Your brother is definitely with us ..." :D

Seriously, had we crossed the road 3 seconds earlier, we would have missed the sign from heaven.

So anyway, we took a table, before ordering our food.

After our noodles, we decided to order 3 packets for lunch later. We'd be in school, and will be too busy to go out again. So Mom ordered 3 packets for take away.

Some 10 minutes later, the waiter came with a plastic bag and presented the bill.

Mom looked at the bill ...

Oh boy ...

Seriously ...

RM 44-00

She lowered her tone, "Look at the bill, Jus ..."

Pulling out some notes, she paid for the food. She couldn't wait for the waiter to leave, so she could ... um ... omg ... in peace.

"Omg Jus ... just now 4440 ... now 4400 ... "

ZAP ZAP ZAP all the way from somewhere over the rainbow.      

Honestly, what are the chances to order exactly up to RM 44-00? Not one cent less or more.

Angel chance. Truly, angel chance. There were more than 50 different selections of noodles we could have ordered from, and most varied in price, by a few ringgit to a few cents. Yet, our bill figure turned out perfect. 

We drove back to school. Mom was like, "I really need to get on the blog tonight ... I haven't called him in a while ... been so busy ... there's just no time ..."

No excuse, no excuse, she chided herself. Mom knows You're right beside her all the time ... all the signs that she gets daily ... yes, DAILY for THREE YEARS for cryin' out loud ... how could a mother whose child is in heaven, not get the message ... it's so easy ... she need not write anymore, she already KNOWS that You're near ... yet ... somehow ... yeah, somehow, she always get this feeling within her heart, a crunch in her chest, that she was meant to share these zap signs ... these signs and inciDANS were not given to her for no reason ... there's always a reason for everything ... Yup, everything ... Yeah, yeah ... You could say she's' got God all figured out ... but please don't tell God Mom said that ... it's just her way of expressing certain unexplained thoughts that make no sense, You know ... (would You please heave a sigh right here) ... but yeah, perhaps her sharing could reach out to a mother out there somewhere, who's in her same situation.

Justine stopped by a petrol kiosk. Mom passed her some notes. Your sister looked up to check the station number. 

Smiling, Justine said, "Look at the number ..."

Mom opened the car door, and looked right up.

Number 4.

Awww ...

Everywhere we there, there You'll be, Daniel ...     


Mom sent a text to Dad, who was on his way to Singapore then, relating the :




inciDANS. Justine calls it "a pyramid of 4s ..."

Her sms text read :

Just now cross road to coffee shop, car 4440 pas by. Den bil rm44-00. Now at petrol kiosk 4.

What a nice day we were having, huh, Son ...

So anyway, we spent the entire afternoon in school, arranging stuffs ...

It was after 8 pm, when we went to Gardens Mall.

It was a Saturday night. Mom noticed the overhead parking notification of empty bays. She cannot remember now at the point of writing this line what the figure was, but the 3 lighted boxes indicated an all time low low low.

Inwardly, Mom smiled to herself. Oh, You just know how to make your presence felt, don't You, Daniel?

Justine drove down the parking basement, and picked up a ticket at the dispenser. As always, we took the NO ENTRY lane. Mom called out loudly, "Get us a place, Daniel ..."

Immediately ... yes, yes ... IMMEDIATELY ... she saw a nice space by the side of a wall. It wasn't a proper parking space but hey ... Malaysia Boleh. Yes, yes, WE CAN.

Haha ...

We drove ahead to reverse into the slot, and at the same time, would You believe it but we spotted a nice parking bay right ahead of us. Justine drove straight in.

"Gosh, what are the chances?" Mom breathed out loud.

Your sister answered, "No chance ... no chance ..."

Thank you, Son ... that was You ... for sure ...

To cut the story short, we went to the bookstore ... and then had some dinner ... and then back to the bookstore ... and stayed there till the store at one point, closing point, started to dim the lights, section per section ... why yes, say HELLO to the polite way to get the customers to leave in a hurry.


Justine was like, "Let's go ... it's closing ..."

We left ... finally ... but we took our time. There were just so many new stuffs to see, to touch, to pick up.

As we were walking over to the connecting mall, we approached a bubble tea stall. Mom asked Justine whether she wanted a drink. Jus replied, "Yeah, why not ..." since we would be waiting for Dad at the coach station. He should be arriving about 11 pm. A one day trip down south and back.

And so, we ordered a roasted tea, something or rather.

Five minutes later, the tea was handed to us ... it was milky white ... Justine complained that it looked strange and tasted even stranger. How could roasted tea be white? Did these people not put in any tea leaves? Was it because it's closing time, and they ran out of tea leaves?

Mom took the drink back to the counter.

The girl was nice ... You must have whispered to her ... and asked us to wait for another cup. Meanwhile, the girl explained about how tea leaves may vary from season to season. That was in response to Mom's insistence that the last time she bought tea from that stall, it was tea color - brown.

We waited ...

and waited ...

and waited ...

Were they brewing the tea again or what? Mom said, "Note the delay ... there must be a reason ..."

Justine nodded.

Finally, the tea came ...

Would You believe it but it was still the same milky white ...

The same ...

Exactly the same ...

What the ...

No time for that ... It was already 10:30 pm.

We went up the escalator, to the ground floor of the connecting mall ... and that was when your mother received the zap when she saw the HUGE telephone with the sign


Omg ...

Had we parked at another spot, we would have entered the mall through a different entrance, perhaps at the other end, and miss this new telephone display. Mom has not seen it before ... and hello, it's right beside the outlet Dad bought your mother's handbag from.

Incredulous, don't You think?

We paid for the parking at the automated booth, and walked to the car. Starting the ignition, Justine and Mom both saw the time that appeared on the dashboard

It was 10:21 pm. 

Omg ...

Decode :  4  and  21

Nobody, nobody but You.

Oh Wow ... what a feeling ... when that zap occurs. 

Justine said, "That's why there was a delay ..."

Thank you, Son ... You're with us, we know. 

Mom's gotta go now ... should be getting ready for mass. 

Will talk to you in a bit. Still so much to tell. 

Love You, Son ... <3

(Dad just figured out how to download the photos ... 11:08 am)

Tuesday Jan 15 @ 7:14 am

Morning Son, You know what ... that Call Me giant phone is IN the Kate Spade shop ... we went to the mall on Sunday. Dad, Justine and Mom ... Of course Mom couldn't wait to show Dad ... and was really surprised to see it in the Kate Spade shop. She had thought it was at the shop next to it. Wow ... even more awesome ... the CALL ME sign in that shop that Dad bought her handbag from.

Smile ...

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Call 432 : MRI MACHINE

Hello Son,

It's only 9:48 pm, but Mom's eyes are practically closing up. Have been writing all her entries half way. Dad is slow in downloading her eviDANS from the tablet and new handphone.

Anyway, no matter how tired or sleepy, she must tell You about the zaps just now.

That was a definitely a zap from heaven.

I'm right here, Ma ...

Justine was on the sofa. Mom came to plonk herself down beside your sister. Mom took the remote and changed the TV channel.

Covert Affairs.

Two seconds later, and she saw the name DANIELLE on the subtitles, and at the same time, one of the character said, "Oh Danielle ..."

Mom turned to look at Justine.

Danielle? A thousand and one names and that name appeared?

Yes, Justine heard ... and Justine saw ...

Good good. Always good to have a witness. It was so immediate, the change of channel, only to see and hear the zap zap zap.

Pause ...

Then, something nagged at Mom and reminded her about the "second" zap. There must be 2 before she takes this seriously and think it's from her son somewhere over the rainbow.

She munched on her corn, and she watched the show ... not following the story at all.

Her mind is that tired and she's totally depleted of whatever energy she thought she had.

Suddenly, she sees a man in an MRI machine.

Her heart skipped a beat.

MRI Machine?

How many times has Mom accompanied You to do an MRI scan? Countless now ... and she's not gonna bother to count. She remembers just sitting on - that - arm chair in the scan room with You. You were seven at your first scan, and your mother was allowed to accompany You.

Somehow, throughout the years, - that - became her arm chair ...

Mom asked Dad, who was at the computer, "You done? Son is waiting for my call ..." :D

Smile ...

There's so much to say ... and Mom's owing You quite a bit of very awesome stories. She's gonna have to get back to You during the weekend. Back to school time is just so very carzy ...

At this point of writing, believe it or not but Covert Affairs (preview) came on ...

Gosh, what are the chances? That's definitely You telling Mom You're getting her call.

Smile ...

It's so easy ...

Gotta go now, Son ... Brain is shutting down ...

Nitsie Son ... Will talk again ... Stay close and keep the zaps coming ...

Love You ... <3

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Call 431 : NEW DAY

Hello Son,  

Can't believe a whole year has passed ...

It's been totally amazing how God has allowed You to be right beside your mother daily to help her move on and go on. One day at a time

Here's a toast and a song for You, Son. 


This song sums it all up for Mom. 

A New Day Has Come ...

Play it for Jesus too ... and Mama Mary ... don't forget ...

Get your orange mike out and let's sing it together ... :D  

Five Six Seven Eight ...  

By Celine Dion