Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello Son,                                                                                     (continue from Call 32)

(after visiting your Flower Garden on your 21st Thursday)

We drove to Bangsar to have brunch. Dad turned into Lucky Garden row of coffee-shops. It was about 11am. Not being lunch hour yet, it sure was unusual to see all the available parking spots filled up. Well, this is Bangsar, we're talking about. Too many cars, not enough parking. Mom smiled a secret smile to herself. She just KNEW that someone was just gonna come running to remove his vehicle. Or hers. 

And she'd have another car-parking story to tell. :D

True enough, someone did.

We spotted a lady walking to her car with a bag of groceries. She knew it, she knew it, she knew it! Ahh yes, there - a nice spot for us. We waited patiently as she loaded up the boot. However, the lady, sensing that we were waiting for her parking space, turned to us after shutting down her boot, waved "No, not leaving yet" and walked away.

Not leaving??? What??? That's weird.

It's your 21st today, Mom did not expect that. You normally get us a parking even in the craziest, CRaZieST!!! of times. There was not one single spot anyway along the shop row for us to park. So, Dad drove out of the area. We didn't say out loud but Mom's sure we all felt a tinge of disappointment, Son.

An anti-climax. :S

What with the perfect song that came on just as we left your Flower Garden, and that perfect line : I BELIEVE IN ANGELS, the first line that filled the car, and having our spirits lifted as we soared with You singing the MAMMA MIA song cheerily, this parking-thing that greeted us was a sure let-down.

A major anti-climax. 

"Maybe he doesn't want us to eat here ..." Mom said at last. The problem was, we couldn't figure out where we should go then. Was there a specific place that we were supposed to go, a particular eatery that we should be at? Mom tried to feel that lightning-zappp connection, but sensed nothing.

Nil. Complete nil.

Then Dad said, "We'll go to Midvalley."

Mom protested at first, "but we are already in Bangsar ..." then oh, heck, she decided to just go along. After all, it's not like she had a clue as to where we should be going.

Anyway, having said that we'd go to Midvalley Mall, it was strange to see Dad driving and heading towards Bangsar McDonald's area. At the traffic-lights (McD was on the left front), Dad turned right into the residential houses, and parked along a row of shops facing the houses.

Dad said, "There're some stalls here, let's just eat here."

So Jus and Mom checked out the shops. We were not familiar with the place, so finally Mom suggested, "Let's just go to McD's. There's wifi. We can upload his video there."

We walked across to McDonald's. Dad and Jus went to order at the counter. Mom went upstairs to get a table. Whilst she was there, she couldn't help but notice that the seats that welcomed her were ORANGE

Then later, Justine reminded Mom that THAT (she pointed to a spot) was the table YOU last sat at with some church friends, after a christmas caroling event, 2 christmas ago.

Awww Daniel ... THE BOND. Yes, we do remember seeing a photograph of You at that spot. Suddenly, it just felt so right having a meal there that day. Had we gone to the coffee-shops in Lucky Garden just now, there would be no such memory, as You have not been there. No, not even in your life-time. Don't even hope.

After about an hour in McD's, we still couldn't upload your THERE YOU'LL BE video. So, we went over to Aunty Hayley's house, which is walking distance from where we were, to upload from her place.

At the gate, Aunty Hayley said, "Good timing, I just got back."

Ah yes, Mom knows someone who's perfect at timing. :D

Anyway, Justine managed to upload it quite fast and easily. We left Aunty H's house to Bangsar Village to get some groceries. In the car, the song YOU RAISE ME UP came on, on Mom's station. The time was 2:52pm. In the 3 minutes that we were in the car, a nice song-message came on. Your timing is immaculate, as usual. :D Had we got into the car a few minutes later, we'd missed the song.

You raise me up ...

Hmmm, once upon a time, You'd have sung that for your parents. Now ... now, You sing to Jesus. Us too.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up, to more than I can be

(No hick-up here - all the above 4 lines highlighted turned RED, unlike Call 30 and 35 - 
only one line turned red - honestly, i can't get over this.)

True to the lyrics, true to HIS WORD, true to HIS PROMISE.


To more than You can possibly be.

Our 3rd message of the day.

By the way, that image is supposed to be an abstract painting of mountain and sea.

The zzzzappp-connection returned. :D This is such a good song, but funny enough, we have yet to upload this on your Facebook. A good day to come on today - like a reminder - being your 9th month and all. The Lord is faithful. HE has indeed raised You up to more than You can be.

Anyway, we dropped by the optical shop and later got some groceries. After all that, it was time to go home.

Ahh, this is the part Mom has been waiting to tell You. 

While driving home, Justine said, "Change station, may be got message..."

Her exact words.

The radio was on Mom's station, when the first 3 song-messages came on. She clicked to another station - 95.8.

Would You believe it but the immediate line that came on, which Dad, Jus and Mom heard, VERY CLEARLY were :-

I want You to move on
So I'm already gone

(no hick-up here either, both the lines could turn red
when the ones in Call 30 and Call 35 could not)

Mom swung round at Jus. Our mouths fell open. We mouthed the words like ... O - M - G ... and were almost motionless as we listened to the song. OMG. I want You to move on? 

The time was 5:33pm.

Aww Son, we will move on. We ARE moving on, but only with YOU in our hearts, minds and souls. For always. There is no other way, Daniel. Moving on together is the only way.

Our 4th song-message of the day.

Came home to google-check the video. Typed the words :

youtube already gone kelly clarkson lyrics

A page appeared with 4 video thumbnails. Guess which one Mom picked?

The ORANGE one. :D

But of course ... the orange one. Having gone through the song, she must say, the lyrics are kinda sad.  

I want You to know 
That it doesn't matter
Where we take this road
Someone's gotta go

And I want You to know
You couldn't have loved me better
But I want You to move on
So I'm already gone

(no hick-up here either - all the lines changed to RED as highlighted, 
unlike Call 30 and 35 - really amazing what happened, honestly!)


What a wonderful day we had today, Son ~ 4 song-messages. 

Missing You very much on your 9th month. <3