Sunday, May 31, 2015

Call 574 : TIGER'S DEN

Hello Son

This morning, your family were in church.

We were seated outside the right wing.

Late again ... but we have Megan and Baby Dylan. :D

Ahhh ... good excuse. Jesus was smiling down on us.

Mom's sure. :D

Anyway, during communion, we stood in line. When it was Mom's turn to receive the host, the Communion Minister, having finished the communion host, asked Mom to step inside the church and to  receive from the minister on the altar.

Mom went in.

She received the Body of Christ.

She muttered her Amen, turned to walk right to the end of the side wing of the church to say a little prayer.

Her eyes were on the altar when she suddenly realized that this was in her face.

Like -- right in her face.

Omg ...

France ... as in Lourdes.

Number 21 in disguise.

That sign was surely for Mom, she knew.

You were near, she thought.

Were You on the altar?

Or nearer ... like near that man???

He was so near her. If she held out her hand and just leaned over a little, she could touch him. Amazing, isn't it? The communion hosts had to finished right at her time. Had she taken the communion from the minister outside, she would have gone back to her seat -- outside -- and not receive her ZAP.


When mass ended, we walked to the car.

Mom had told Justine about the zap.

She saw a vehicle parked along the road with the number plate MU 12.

She smiled.

In the car, it was barely 5 minutes when Dad turned up the volume.

Oh gosh.

IF I DIE YOUNG was on the radio. 

The time was 9:47 am.

Decode : 21

Oh my.

Aunty C was in the car with us. We were driving to SS2 for breakfast. Your mother told her about the France 012 zap. :D

Anyway, we soon reached the coffee shop.

Your mother walked in.

All the tables were occupied except for one small table, which was not enough for all of us (6 adults and 2 babies) and another round (and bigger) table but with a RESERVED sign on it.

The coffee shop girl asked Mom, how many persons?

Your mother replied, "6 adults and 2 children ..."

The girl turned to the RESERVED table, removed the sign, and invited us to sit down.


That table was reserved for us, Son? she thought happily.

We sat down.

Dad pointed to the table number.


Oh gosh. 

You were definitely with us, Daniel.


Everywhere we are, there You'll be. 

Yeah, this song came on first thing in the morning the day before your 21 this month.

There You'll be.

Faith Hill.

We were in the car, and had reached school. Mom had asked Dad to leave the radio on until the song ended.

"Tomorrow is his 21st," Mom had said to Dad. 

Yes, of course You would want to remind your mother that everywhere she is, there You'll be.

Then, yesterday, Justine said she wanted to have pan mee for lunch.

So we drove to the coffee shop in Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park and had our pan mee.

After that, when we went back, oh boy, guess which song was on the radio?

Mom was not expecting any zap.

It was too hot a day. :D


The time was 2:06 pm.

Decode : 44

Thank you, Son, for watching over us, and for reminding us always that You are near. 

Keep the zaps coming, ya Daniel? 

Also, thank you for being with us during our recent field trip on Wednesday 27th. You were clearly with us since everything went on so smoothly. You must have asked all the angels to help us watch over the children. :D

At the tiger's den, Mom walked over to a stone-bench and as she looked down, had gasped as she saw this:-

Gosh, at the tiger's den, she finds a white feather???


Like -- Daniel the tiger???


Got to go now. 

Have lots of photos taken during the field trip to sort out.

Stay close, Daniel, and keep the zaps coming ... :D

Love you, Son ... <3

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Call 573 : MOTHER'S DAY

Hello Son,

Today is Mother's Day.

Please wish Mama Mary a Blessed Mother's Day from Mom, ya.

Last night, we had a nice family dinner to celebrate this special day for mothers.

Mom had made a reservation last week, and had picked a Saturday night, instead of Sunday, since all of us are working on Monday. :D

So here are some photos of our food we had last night (Saturday). :D

Aunty C ordered this salad dish for the middle-sharing dish.

Dad's plate. The chicken is buried beneath the briyani rice.

Mom's plate. Lamb chops on a bed of spiced tomato-based spaghetti.

Pizza - another middle- sharing dish.

Justine's plate. Pasta Japanese-flavour.

Amah's plate. Western cod with baked potatoes and prawns.

Aunty C's plate. Spaghetti Marinara.

Here's the family. Baby Dylan was sleeping in the pram.

GREEN was the theme for the night. Grandma's favourite colour. :D

Justine is clicking away ...

Megan cuts a small piece of her red velvet cake for Amah.

Baby Dylan just woke up and not amused with any of us.

Ahh, it's the sugar. We are getting all high and happy. :D

The 5 ladies in your life.

Aunty C ordered the 3 bouquets. 

Mom's bouquet came in ORANGE whilst Amah and Aunty D's were in pink. 

Aunty C said she didn't ask for colour preference.

Hmmm ...


You must have whispered to the florist:

Use the orange wrap for my Mom ... :D

Megan says, "Dylan is a soldier boy ..." :D 

That line brought Mom back to a time when You said 
You wanted to be a soldier when You grow up.

Awww ... so hand-shome ... :D

At the time of writing this paragraph, Mom checked Wiki for the name of the Star Wars' character in the above photo. She had in fact thought that was R2D2. How surprised she was to find this :

C-3P0. Portrayed by Anthony Daniels.

Oh Wow!

A billion names that could have been, 

but it had to be one that would ZAP Mom.

So that was Saturday night.

This morning, Sunday morning, we went to church.

Mom was waiting for the special blessings that come on Mother's Day every year.

However, the priest was a different guy. At the end of the mass, he did not call all the mother's to approach the altar. He just went down the aisle and sprinkled the holy water left and right. 

Mom had whispered to Dad, "I'm waiting for my drop of holy water ..." :D

As it turned out, she did not get any.

Not a drop.

Not one drop.

She was standing outside. 

The priest did not go outside. All the mothers who were not inside the church were deprived of their respective drop of holy water.

Mom was disappointed.

Walking back to the car after mass ended, Mom told Dad, "I didn't get any drop ..."

This year's Mother's Day seemed somewhat different, Mom thought to herself.

In the car, she found herself silently sending a message across to God, "It's Mother's Day today, God. I haven't got a zap from my son. Please God, please get my son to send me a zap ..."

We drove home to pick up Grandma. 

We were going to Gardens for a Mother's Day brunch.

Food Food Food ...

At the restaurant, there was a queue. 

Dad stood in line.

Grandma was checking out a mercedes benz that was on display.

Believe it or not.

Grandma says her birthday is coming. Maybe God wants to give her a mercedes, she had said with a laugh. The salesman attended to her had handed his business card. 

His name was Peter.


Peter is grandpa's name.

Maybe grandpa (in heaven with You) wants to give grandma a mercedes for her birthday?

Longer silence.

Oh my Lord. 

Let's wait and see ...

While we were waiting to get into the restaurant, 
Justine and Megan entertained themselves. 

Soon, we were in the restaurant.

Whilst the others were making their orders, Mom was checking her texts and came across Aunty Jessie's card message.

She liked the flowers. So pretty and colourful.

She noticed with a happy smile that the time of the text was 11:11 am.

"This card is for me," she thought to herself happily.

She showed Dad the message card, pointed to the 11:11 am time, and whispered, "This card is especially for me ..."

Just then, Justine gave a lil shriek.

Mom turned to her.

Your sister said, "See what Aunty Jessie sent?"

Aunty J sent that immediately after the flower card.

At 11:13 am. 

Decode : 24

Your birthdate.

A big grin broke out on your mother's face. 

You must have seen her beaming from ear to ear.

Omg Omg Omg ...


Then, Mom noticed the table number, that was on her right. 


Decode : 23


That's 1994 (your birth year).



Thank you Jesus for granting her request.

Your mother had a silly happy smile on her face throughout brunch after that.

Hehehehehehe ...

Thank you, Daniel ... 

So anyway, an hour later, we were done with our food.

Mom wanted to go to the bookstore for a bit, and said would meet up with the rest at the mercedes showplace half an hour later.

Dad followed Mom.

We were walking over to Midvalley when we passed 5 people who were walking towards us.

Immediately -- Mom saw it.

She nudged Dad.

One of them was wearing a black tee shirt with the SUPERMAN logo on it.

At the same time, Mom noticed another tee shirt talking to her.

She whispered excitedly, "Omg, the girl on the right ... in purple ... WEAR YOUR DANCING SHOES ..."  

The words on her purple tee shirt.

DAN and SUPERMAN at the same time.


Wait a minute, her bouquet yesterday. 

Was it not wrapped in orange and PURPLE???

Omg ...


I see your Superman tee shirt, Ma ... :D

Truly Daniel, Mother's Day wouldn't be special for your mother had it not been for the ZAPS You sent her from Heaven. 

Please tell Jesus and Mama Mary that Mom said thank you.

God is so good to us. 

He keeps His promise. 

You are safe with Him until we meet again.

Keep the zaps coming, Son.

Have to go now. Need to prepare test papers.

Love You, Son ... <3



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Call 572 : NO WAY

Hello Son, 

Friday, May 1

We were at Starbucks. 

Mom and Justine. 

We were on a study date.

Dad was with us too. It was a public holiday. 

School was closed. How nice to just -- do nothing. :D

Yeah, now and then, we should all just chill and just -- do nothing.

Dad said, "Let's go have some breakfast ..."

Justine had already bought her cheese bun and Starbucks coffee, and was not keen to get up from her comfy sofa to go have breakfast elsewhere. She was there to do some work anyway. So Dad and Mom left her at the Starbucks lounge and walked over to a restaurant, very, very nearby.

Like 20 steps away.

Ahhh ... 

A nice cozy cafe.

Being so early in the day, around 11 o'clock ... 

Mom hears a snort -- online.

Hey, that is early for mall time okay. 

Haha. Anyway, we were the first patrons there.

The menu came.

Flip flip flip ...

We turned the pages.

Hmmm. Nice food photos. 

Mom decided on a naan set with the potato curry. 

Dad wanted the egg benedict set.

The waiter came and Dad pointed to the naan set, telling the guy, "She would like to have this set."

The waiter glanced at the photo, hesitated for 2 seconds, and asked, "Do you like curry chicken?"

Dad looked over to Mom.

Mom shrugged. It was still early to be eating so heavy. She thought the curry potatoes was sufficient. Anyway, the set shows curry potatoes. There were no pictures of any breakfast sets with curry chicken.

The waiter went on, "The curry chicken is very nice ..."

Dad said, "Okay ..."

Mom was not too keen on changing her potatoes to chicken.

You must have whispered to the waiter, because the waiter read your mother's mind and suggested, "I will let you try the chicken curry. Don't worry, I will also give you a bowl of curry potatoes."

Oh well, all right then, Mom thanked him -- with her eyes.

Our coffee came.

Shortly after, the waiter brought the naan set and then the egg set. 

Oh my.

We took a look at the recommended curry chicken and gasped our delight.

We tried it.


It was absolutely delicious.

The curry potatoes were out of this world too.

What a treat.

Mom said, "Son must have whispered to the waiter to let us try the curry chicken."

It's so weird for the waiter to suddenly suggest that addition out of the blue.

The waiter came by to check on us.

We gave him the thumbs up.

He beamed and said, "The price is the same ..."

Mom raised her eyebrow to dad. 

Extra 2 pieces of drumstick and thigh pieces to her curry potato set, and the price is the same???

You were definitely with us, Son ... :D

With the food being so super good, Mom made reservations for 8 pax for Mother's Day.


True story.  

Here's Dad enjoying his breakfast. 

Even the hash browns were superb.

Crunchy and tasty. 


After a hearty breakfast, we walked back to Starbucks.

Dad stayed with Justine, whilst Mom strolled over to the bookshop.

She walked over to the story books section, and browsed around for a bit.

A song was playing overhead but she didn't pay any notice to it until this line hit her.

I believe in angels

She stopped short, and quickly glanced at her cell.

12:15 pm.

A smile broke out.

Decode : 21 / forever 15

You You You.

Mom stood there, to listen to the rest of the song. 

I have a dream, a song to sing ...

Her son would always remind her that he's near.

After the song ended, Mom strolled out of the shop and went back to Justine.

Dad had left to meet somebody in town. 

He would be back in a few hours, he said.

For the next few hours, Mom went through her photo gallery to select some photos for the school blog.

Before long, she felt she had to stretch her legs.

So off she went -- to the book store again.

At the children's books section, she found herself examining one book to another.

Meanwhile, 2 little girls had appeared. 

They were dressed alike. 

One big sister and one little sister.

The older girl (aged around 6 years old) was on your mother's left, whilst the younger one (aged 4 years or thereabouts) was on her right. 

Like right beside her.

She was sitting on the floor with a story book.

Less than 2 minutes, the little girl suddenly exclaimed, "WHAT? NO WAY!!!" and then shut her book, sprang up and called out ...

Mom heard her call DANIEL.


Mom turned to her left, to watch the younger girl running up to the older girl. 

That older girl's name is Danielle???

Oh my. What are the chances???

The time was 15:50 pm.

Hmmm. Not a zap time.

Maybe she made a mistake???

Your mother lingered around there, hoping to hear the name again.

No, NO WAY, she could have made a mistake, she thought to herself. 

There was no mistake. 

The name was spoken CLEARLY for her ears to hear.

She continued to browse through the bookshelf, and immediately spotted a book title that made her hold her breath.


What Is Daniel Wearing?

Oh my. Daniel Tiger.

Only the day before in school, one of her students was singing a song that was unfamiliar to Mom, and Mom had asked the girl, "What song is that?" to which the girl replied, "It's from Daniel the tiger ..."

Oh boy.

What is Daniel wearing? 

Why, did she not just observe that both the girls were wearing identical outfits? 

As she was being overwhelmed by the moment, these song lyrics appeared from the PA system above:

For all those times you stood by me ...

Up close and personal.


I'm everything I am because you love me.

Memories flooded in.

So much is said. 

Yet, there are no words.

Truly, Daniel ... You say it best when You say nothing at all.

Yes Son, Mother's Day is coming. 

In 2 weeks time.

That song was for Mom, she knows.


See how You get her attention first, then zap zap zap?

How amazing ...

Mom was literally floating back to Starbucks.

Your sister was before her laptop, scribbling away.

Mom said, "Jus, go order something to eat ..."

No, Mom did not mention about the Daniel Tiger zap to Justine. 

That zap was meant for Mom, and Mom alone, and she didn't want to spoil the moment.

Justine went to the counter, and came back a few minutes later, beaming.

"I got a FREE drink!" she exclaimed proudly.


"How???" Mom asked in surprise.

Jus said, "It's random ... actually there was a lady before me but she walked away and I was next ... the Starbucks guy said I got a free drink ... then the lady came back ... Hahaha ..."


Oh my.

Did You hear that???

No way. 


Omg ...

"That was your brother zapping you, Jus ..."

That sure was ...

Stay close, Daniel ... and keep the zaps coming. 

Talk to You in a bit. 

Hugs and kisses.