Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hello Son, 

OMG ... something awesome happened this evening.

Mom's in school at the moment. Just now, after all the kids had left, she had checked her email and noticed a notification of a comment that was posted "2 minutes ago." 

It was the nice lady who had forwarded the link to the video "A Thousand Years" the day before. 

Mom uploaded that video on your facebook. She had stated the time. It was 6:59 pm.

Then, Mom continued to write her draft call entry, until Justine called. After the call, Mom shut down the computer, went downstairs, to wait for Justine. Your sister was coming over to pick your mother up for dinner. Dad had some carpentry work to do, so he didn't want to follow. 

Mom was watching Dad sandpapering some wood on the ground floor, when Justine arrived. 

Oh boy, would You believe it ...

Mom got in the car.

Justine asked, "Dad not coming?"

Mom said, "No, he's got some work to do. We tapau for him."

Following that, your sister gave a sudden gasp.

OMG ... the song ...

ONE THOUSAND YEARS came on the radio. 


On station 95.8.

Decode : 4

The time was 7:52 pm.

Decode : 14

Mom pointed, with a hand over her mouth. 

Oh My ... Daniel, You just have a way to make your presence felt. You know Mom has uploaded that video on your Facebook, that's for sure. Also, the lady who shared the link said in a message today, that her son is 15 years old, an altar server, plays the guitar and loves carolling.

Sounds familiar?

Anyway, that song was the only song that played whilst we were in the car driving to a nearby coffee shop. You must have heard us when we called out to You, 

"Where's our parking, Daniel?" :D 

Oh, there it is ...

The song ended as we were parking. The car on our right (Justine's side) was just about leaving. We couldn't help but notice the number plate 5144.

Decode : 4

Oh Wow ...

That was probably a :

Hi Jus ... :D


Oh Oh Oh ... Guess what just happened???

Was looking for an image to go with the song video. 

Keyed in "EECHI WALLCOO" and look what Mom found?

click on title to view video

I'm here, Ma ... :D 

Oh Wow, Son ... How timely, and of all photos. THIS one appears when she was looking for an image to go with the ONE THOUSAND YEARS song ...


Gee Son, how did You do that? 

Okay ...

Going home now. Dad has to wait for Mom to tell You this. She didn't want to delay anymore. This inciDAN was too amazing. Owing You so many entries as it is. Thank God tomorrow is a holiday. Let's get online, kay. 

Dad says "Howdy Son?" :D

We love You. Keep the zaps coming ... <3 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Call 317 : MOM'S KUACI

Hello Son,

So much to say, so little time, and don't know how to start.

No, it's not an excuse. You know how Mom treasures her call-time with You on the call blog. It's just the time. What happened to the time? It's like there's not enough time in a day anymore. Could You tell God to just slow the time down a little, or give your mother another one or two extra hours in a day? 

Honestly, the days are just passing by like ... like the wind. 

Oh oh oh, talking about the wind ...

1. Cyclone

You know what happened in the evening of  Wednesday, Jan 25

At about 6 pm, the family, Dad, Justine, Grandma, Aunty C and Mom were in the car, driving out of Taman Desa to a restaurant at a nearby mall. 

After dinner, we browsed around the shops for a while before Justine said that she was very tired and wanted to go home. Of course, at the time when we wanted leave, we couldn't find Grandma.

By the time we left the mall, it was about 8 pm.

Reaching Taman Desa, we turned in ... 

Oh  --- My --- Gosh ... 

Say that in slow motion please.

How shocked we were ... how very shocked we were, to see the place and surroundings as though it had been hit by a hurricane of some sort. It would seem that all the trees along Jalan Desa Utama were uprooted as drove pass. There were more than 20 over trees that had fallen ... Yeah, about 20, Mom was counting in the dark where we were passing from one end of the road to the condo. 

OMG, what a huge mess there was on the road ...

Justine was taking photos. 

Grandma was like, "Aiyoh ... what happened? Aiyoh ... why like this? What happened? What happened? What happened? Aiyohhh!" as we passed one fallen tree to another.

Dad was like, "When we drove out, everything was normal, and when we came back, it's like a war zone."

Did it rain? 

Did it?

Yes, it did rain. The roads looked wet. Gee, we were not aware that it had been raining so hard. Um, we were at the mall - eating. Anyway, heavy rain don't uproot all the trees in a line. There must have been a mini cyclone of some kind.

You must have whispered to your family to leave for dinner early, and kept them there until it was safe to go home.  That was probably the first time we left for dinner so early. As You know, we normally leave the condo about 7 pm, sometimes even at 7:30 pm because Aunty C has to take Kish down to pee first, before we leave.

Honestly Son, Mom can't remember a time when we went for dinner at 6 pm.

You are / were watching over us, Mom knows.

Okay Jus, you guys can go home now ... :D 

You must have whispered to your sister.

Thank You Son ... <3

2. Morning of Wednesday, Jan 25

Mom and Grandma were in the car, driving to Putrajaya. 

We were talk talk talking non-stop, when Mom was suddenly alerted to the song CALL ME that had come on the radio. The time was 10:35 am. 

Decode : 144 

Mom increased the volume. A smile spread across her face.

CALL ME ... at her angel time.

Yes Son ... Mom will just have to call You tonight (Wed 25). Her last call was on Sunday 22, 3 days ago then.

click on title to view video

Mom was in a happy mood and had a smile plastered on her face. 

Call You in a bit, Son ... she had sent You a telephatic sms.

At Putrajaya, we did what we went there for, and then we left and drove back to KL to go to the ROC.

There, guess what greeted your mother as she stepped into the office?

2121 ...

Mom just had to smile. What are the chances, honestly? You were with her, and You wanted to make sure she knows that. That was like her Son calling out to her.

Hi Ma ... :D

Just in case your mother was not taking the greeting numbers seriously, take a look at the next number. Your mother had walked over to a counter to fill up a form, and when she came back to the waiting area, take a look at the number that greeted her.

2124 ???

Why, that's easy.

That's YOU. All YOU. Nobody, nobody but You.

Your arrival date, and departure date.

It's so easy ... Mom hears You. 

Your exact words on the hospital bed that last time You were in hospital, a week before You left us. You said a sentence, and none of us could make out what it was, which resulted in your finally telling us,  

It's so easy ...

That evening, at the mall having dinner before the cyclone incident ... Mom asked Dad to buy a packet of kuaci (sunflower seeds) while waiting for the food. The junk food shop :D was right beside the restaurant. Dad said, "We'll get it after dinner."

So right after dinner, about an hour later, Mom walked over to the kuaci shop. She took several scoops, and filled up a small tub. Handing her kuaci to the shop girl, she watched the girl weigh it. Mom was pleasantly surprised to see RM4-40 on the till.

44 ???

What are the chances of your mother scooping the correct amount of kuaci to make the 4:40 cut?  Slim chance.

Yes Son, You're definitely with us ... 

And so ...

Let Mom say this. When we were driving through the fallen and uprooted trees, Mom was munching her kuaci in the car. Sure she saw what had happened along the roads, but she was rather calm with her kuaci. Not so kan-cheong as Grandma with the "What happened? What happened?"

In fact, Aunty C remarked several times as we were inching our way through the cyclone mess, 

"You're still eating your kuaci?" 

Justine remembers that too.

Yes, Mom was with her kuaci ...

The number 44 angel sign kuaci ...

Her son was / is with her ...

Totally amazing how You made your presence felt, Daniel. 

Everywhere we are, there You'll be. 

Thank You Jesus for that. :D

(continue on Call 318)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hello Son, 

Monday, Jan 23

It's Chinese New Year's Day today. 


Mom received this cute little card from Aunty G last night.

We went for New Year Eve's dinner at Tony Romas on Sunday night. Justine wanted to have ribs for dinner. That was our reunion dinner ... just the 3 of us ... correction 4. 


Grandma, Aunty C and Aunty D, her husband and baby, were in Genting Highlands for a brief 2 days stay.

Anyway, at Tony Romas, we did not make any reservations. We didn't expect the restaurant to be packed. The manager attending to us asked, "how many people," and then disappeared for a short while presumably to check for available tables. 

Meanwhile, Dad was flipping through the colored menu at the entrance. Justine was like, we'll order this, this and this. 

The restaurant looked packed from where we were standing, looking in. The manager came back shortly and said, 

"This way ... table 41."

image from : betweenclarkandhilldale.blogspot.com

H- huh???

Table 41?

Oh Boy ...


Mom exclaimed to Dad, "OMG ... I mentioned 14 and 41 in my ending paragraph just before we left the house (see Call 315 : The Rose) ... and now the guy is taking us to table 41. Is my son not talking to me? He's with us, that's for sure. It's reunion dinner. He's here with us ..." :D

Dad replied, "Of course he's with us. He's always with us."

I am la, Ma ... I'm right here ... :D 

We had a really nice dinner. The ribs were very good, the buffalo wings really yummy and the pasta dish was richly packed with calories. There was a mini salad that came with the chicken wings. Dad didn't bother to call a salad dish. You know your sister ... she's still very anti-salad.

So yes Son, You were with us during dinner on Sunday night, last night.

Dad and Mom left the house at about 11 am on Monday morning. We were meeting up with Aunty G and her daughter in Midvalley Mall. This is Aunty G's first Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur.

Something awesome would soon happen.  To be honest, Mom did not expect any inciDANs. Everything was just very normal. We met somewhere near the center court.

Then, as Aunty G and daughter were taking photos of the decorations at the center court, Mom strolled to a mobile stall nearby. She wanted to get a little dragon for Baby Megan. 

All the toy dragons on the display shelves looked kinda fierce. She soon spotted a cute little one in one of the toy bins. She picked that up to check the price tag. 

Hmmm ... a bit pricey for this little thing. Should she buy it? She was about to put the toy back, when the stall attendant who happened to pass by your mother said, 

"50% discount ..."

Oooooohhhh ... A 50% discount? We gotta buy it then. :D

So Mom went to the cashier to pay for it. The cashier gave her a rather large black and white plastic bag with some fancy scribbles, for the little dragon stuffed toy. 

At the cashier, Mom saw a lady holding a bunch of everlasting flowers in her hands. 

Mom asked the cashier, "Bunga ada discount?" 

("Is there a discount for flowers?")

The boy replied, "Ada - 30% ..."

(Yes, 30%)

Picking up her plastic bag with the dragon toy, Mom went around the stall to get a bunch of red cherry blossoms. She paid for the flowers and the boy gave her a second plastic bag for her flowers. Since the bags were quite large, she folded the first one with the toy inside and put it into the second bag with the flowers, so that she would only be carrying one bag.

Mom left the place. 

We all went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. 

After lunch, we walked around for a bit. Aunty G and her daughter went to look for some sport shoes, whilst Mom and Dad went to the departmental store to get an outfit for Baby Megan. 

Shop Shop Shop ...

Soon, it was time for tea. 

We met at Orange Pancake cafe. There, we ordered pancakes. Aunty G said she wanted to try the Halo Halo.

Halo Halo

Mom had to smile. When she first encountered this Halo Halo name some months back, this word had jumped up and zapped her. :D

We parted after tea. It was close to 5 pm, if Mom remembers correctly. In the car, Mom was placing the shopping bag on her lap, when she suddenly noticed the large print on the bag.

OMG ...

Hello Planet ...

Oh my goodness ... Did You see that???

Hello Planet ???

Mom showed Dad excitedly, "Look ... Hello Planet ... Who would say Hello Planet, except for somebody who is not on the planet and looking at the planet from somewhere else ... OMG ..." :D


"Wahhh, we had a Halo Halo, and two more Hello Hello today. The boy gave me two bags." Mom explained with a grin.  You really do know how to make your presence felt, Daniel. :D Mom can just about hear You holler from where You are somewhere over the rainbow :

Hellooo Pla - nnnnnetttttt ... :D:D:D

When we reached home, the first thing Mom did was to place both plastic bags side by side on a cushion seat, for Justine to see ... and to take a photo.

Justine looked at the bags and said nothing.

Mom remarked impatiently, 

"Jus, Hello Planet ... Who would say Hello Planet? Only he would say Hello Planet ... And earlier, we had a Halo Halo on our table."

Your sister nodded thoughtfully, but made no comments.

Oh well ...

Mom walked over to the computer table to download the photos. On her table, as she was waiting for the computer to come on, her attention was drawn to an exercise book which was left open, with the red words : 

Pause ...

Mom stared at the words ...

Oh my gosh ... 

What is this?

Your mother picked up the book and asked Justine in disbelief, 

"When did You write this, Jus? Why did You write this?

Justine said, "This afternoon about 3 pm. I was testing the red pen out." 

"You were testing the red pen, and of all the words in the world, You wrote Hello Hello? Two on the first line, and another two on the second line? OMG Jus ... Your brother must have whispered to you ... Normally when you test a pen, you'll just draw a scratch or scribble ... not write a clear word ..."

OMG ...

Justine replied with a grin, "When I wrote that down, I had a feeling that it was going to connect to something but I didn't know what ..."

Oh my ... Daniel was probably filling You in about what we were doing at the mall ... 

Moms has 2 Hello Planet stuffs, Jus ...

And now she's having Halo Halo ...


He was with You and with us at the same time. 

Oh wow. How awesome.

Seriously, what are the chances of Justine writing this word??? 

Honestly, how amazing is this. 

How do You explain this? 

That was You whispering to your sister.

Definitely You.

Hello Planet :D


Nobody, nobody but YOU ...

Oh gosh. That was super-amazing, Daniel. 

Stay super-close and keep the zaps coming, kay. 

We love You. <3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Call 315 : THE ROSE

Hello Son, 

Saturday, Jan 21

On Saturday morning, yesterday, we were on the way to your garden. In the car, Justine happened to make an announcement. 

Your sister said, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ..."

Of course, Mom didn't know then that it was a lyric from Kelly Clarkson's latest song.

Mom responded, "Chemotheraphy kills you ..."

Justine heard, and she frowned at the relevance of that information.

Mom found herself explaining, 

"Chemo doesn't make you stronger, it kills you ..."

Justine was like, "Oh --- kayyy ..."

Would You believe it but in less than two minutes, 

Justine exclaimed loudly, "Hey, it's the song ..." 

(on the radio)

Mom asked, "What song?"

Before your sister could answer, your mother heard the words:

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ...


Oh gosh ...

Mom pointed to the time on the dashboard. 

It was 8:22 am.

Decode : 4

It's so obvious that You are near. :D

Mom turned to your sister, "OMG Jus, You just mentioned the line. Your brother just zapped you ..." :D

Your sister responded with a big grin, "Awesome ..."

Mom said to Dad, "Son's with us. First thing in the morning, he sends Justine a zap. She just mentioned that line ... You heard her, right? And the song came. He must have whispered to her. OMG, how cute is he ..."

Yes, Dad definitely heard.

Honestly, what are the chances?

It's your 21st today. 

Of course You'd be with your family, and you'd make your presence felt throughout the day. :D Since the day You left for God's Home, You have made your presence felt to us on a daily basis. For that, we are grateful to God. We really are. Be sure to tell Jesus that, Son. God really gave us a way.

After planting orange rose buds, lighting candles, saying the rosary and singing some hymns, we packed up. Dad and Mom were already in the car. Today, Justine was taking her time. Dad in fact asked Mom to take some snapshots of your sister at your garden bed. 

Dad said, "Today, she looks like she doesn't want to go back yet ..."

Yeah ...

Some ten minutes later or so, your sister finally came to the car. She got in, and shut the door. The time was 10:21 am.

Decode : 4

And 21

Helloooo ...O.O

It's so easy ... 

Mom hears You. :D

"Look at the time, Jus," Mom said. "You even have to go home at the perfect time." :D We came this morning with a zap and now leaving with a second zap. Two zaps ... 

Yes, two ...

Take notice, people. I'm near. :D

Justine said she wanted to eat noodles. 

So, Dad drove to our favourite flour noodle restaurant. We were supposed to have the noodles and then drop by a kopitiam around the corner for Dad to have his coffee and Mom, her giant curry puff.

Turning into the lane to the restaurant, Dad drove right in and stopped by an empty parking bay one shoplot away from the eatery. 

Dad said, "Thanks Son ..." 

Did You hear? :D Yeah, thanks Son. 

After our noodles, we drove to the next lane to the kopitiam which was at the far corner. On the left and right of us, were cars parked in their parking bays. Would You believe it, but there was an empty spot that was right in front of the coffee shop, waiting for us.


Our car is on the first bay from the right.

Not only that, but Mom saw her sign ...

The Harry Potter slash ...

Dot 38 : Fishmonger (Harry Potter slash)

Orange Dot Blog

... with the word BAHAYA  (dangerous) at the bottom.

Dangerous, was your very first 3 syllable word.

Call 254 : Dangerous Tree

Check out the bold numbers 15454 ...

Decode : 44

Her double angel sign.

Oh my, two zap words, and connected to her angel signs.

All You ...

Nobody, nobody but You.

You know what happened next? We took a seat and the waiter came to take our orders. Justine filled up the order slip. Mom suddenly noticed the song that had come on on their overhead system. 

Pointing her finger up to the ceiling excitedly, Mom said, 

"Hey, listen ... In The Arms Of An Angel ..."

You must have seen your mother checking her cell phone time, and showing it to Dad. It was 12:04 pm.

OMG ... How perfect.

Decode : 21   ...   4

Both YOU YOU YOU... :D

You really are with us, aren't You? We feel You with us, Daniel. Everywhere we are, there You'll be ...

Our drinks and curry puff came. We were enjoying our food when your mother suddenly noticed a familiar song that had come on. Dad heard the familiar tune too. 

It was Bette Midler's The Rose ...

OMG ... 

The Rose ??? You really do know how to connect with us, don't You, Daniel? The time was 12:18 pm.

Decode : 4

Mom said, "We planted roses today ... He knows we planted roses today ... He knows, he really knows. You see how perfect? We have to listen to THE ROSE before we go back. Two zap songs in the kopitiam." 


We were so meant to go to the kopitiam. :D

Bette Midler

We went home after that. 

The cleaner was coming at 2 pm. 

So anyway, the cleaner came. She carried out some cleaning tasks. Then, as she was at the living room mopping the floor, Mom asked her where she lived.

She said, "di Jalan Klang Lama, dekat dengan restoran kari kepala ikan." 

(along Old Klang Road, beside the fish head curry restaurant).

W-what did she say?

Kari kepala ikan? 

Mom couldn't help but chuckled. Justine was at her desk. 

Your mother reminded your sister, 

"Daniel called fish head curry, kari muka ikan, remember?"

Dad remembers that clearly. You were in preschool then and had run to the maid very excitedly one day, telling her, 

"Bapa beli kari muka ikan ..." :D:D:D

(Dad bought curry fish face)

Grin. It was so weird for the cleaner to say something that would trigger a memory of You. Mom thought it was a one off inciDAN but no. 

The cleaner soon told your mother that she married at 14 years old and had a child at 15. Her youngest daughter is now 14 years of age, her grandchild is 4 months old and she is 41.

Oh my ...

Justine and Mom exchanged glances. 

Would You look at all the numbers?

15 - your age. 

14 / 41 - I am Number 4. 

4 is your angel number.

What a coinciDANs.

Oh Wow Son ... Thank You for staying close. You certainly made your presence felt throughout the day. Do keep the zaps coming. We're going out for New Year's Eve dinner now. 

Be with us, okay?

Love You, Son ... <3

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Call 314 : 2ND YEAR

Hello Son,

Two years ago today, God called You home. 

Two whole years away from us.

How time just flew by. 

We're missing You even more today. :(

Keep the zaps coming, Son. We're going to your garden in the morning. Will tell You about the recent zaps in a bit.

Meanwhile, today's a good excuse to watch your video again and again and again with a silent tear.

We love You, Daniel, and we miss You so very much.  <3

click on title to view video


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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Call 313 : 21 GUNS

Hello Son, 

Mom was at the bookstore this morning, after church and a heavy western breakfast. :D

She was flipping over and browsing through some primary books, as what she does these days, when she came across your name in one of the pages.

Daniel ... something ... (can't remember the sentence now).

Anyway, that brought a smile to your mother's face. She did not attempt to take a snap shot though. She kinda felt like it was a one-off inciDAN. 

Besides, your mother can't be expected to behave like a lunatic each time she sees your name, right? No, of course not. 

However, her heart did whisper though, more than once, 

"Are You near, Daniel?" :D

So anyway, Mom spent another 2 hours or so at the store until Dad came and said that it was almost 1 pm and we had to get some lunch for your sister (she was at home).

After paying for some books she had selected, we walked to the car. Mom waited by the bus-stand whilst Dad went to get the car. Shortly after, Dad arrived with the car. Mom hopped in, closed the door, and put on her seat belt.

Not more than 5 seconds later, she suddenly noticed a familiar music that had come on the radio. 

Mom sprang forward, "Eh, 21 GUNS ..."

Click on title to view video.

She pointed at the time, "OMG ..."

Dad looked.

It was 12:51 pm.

Decode : 1 2 4

Mom exclaimed, "You see that? 21 and 24 ..."

Both You. :D 

Departure and Birthdate.


You know huh, that your 21st is round the corner. We were talking so much about 21 yesterday. Besides, Mom was talking to Dad about your ad on the 21st as we were browsing through the papers during breakfast just now. 

The Obituary Page. 

At one stage in her life, and yours, she would avoid this page like the plague. Now, she reads it like it's the most natural thing to do. Mom had reminded Dad that 21st is on a Saturday.

Yes, 21st.

What are the chances of her hopping in the car to hear 21 GUNS almost immediately? Before that, she had to see your name. 

21 GUNS is the ring tone of Aunty D's cellphone during your last stay in the hospital ... less then 2 weeks before You left us. 

One, 21 guns

Lay down your arms, give up the fight

We would never have guessed, hearing the song repeatedly in the hospital then, that You would soon leave us on the 21st.  

You definitely knew / know what's going on, don't You? 

Yes, You know everything now ... 

We were meant to hear it in the car. That's for sure. Otherwise, Mom would have spent another half an hour in the book shop, and we would have missed the 21 GUNS zap. 

You must have whispered to Dad ...

Time to go, Dad ... :D

The timing was just too angel perfect. 

Thank You for staying close, Son ... 

Each and every zap is so precious.