Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello Son, 

Was writing your Call 27 yesterday and half-way through about 1:30pm, the computer hung. Tried to restart, refresh and reconnect, but couldn't get the computer to function again. It's a female computer alright. She's got a mind of her own. 

Justine heard Mom's agitated mutterings, reminded, "Shouldn't You be getting ready to go to the center now?"

Yeah, Mom should. 

So left the desk. 

Went to change, left the house some 10 minutes later. 

There Mom was, driving to the PJ center. Not a song came on that send electrifying shocks to her system. Good too, Mom can see what You're doing. You're really preparing her to meet people at the center. You can't risk sending her a song-message now that might make her cry or turn her all melancholy. 

However, You must have still wanted her to know that You're with her and so, just before turning into the road that leads to the office, a quick 2 line preview of 3 songs came on the radio:-

1. Sing, Sing A Song ...

2. What's Going On? ... (See Call 23)

3. If I Die Young, Bury Me In Satin ... (See Call 24)

The last 2 songs recently came on and made a deep impression on Mom. So the reminder brought a knowing smile to her face. You are with her, she knows that. And You want her to know that. Everywhere I am, There You'll Be ... as the Pearl Harbour song goes.

Yes, everywhere ... everywhere she is, there You'll be. <3

Music is well-said to be the speech of Angels.

Very well-said! :D 

Reached the center a few minutes past 2pm. Mom really could not believe it but yesterday, You somehow arranged for her to get back to her facial routine. The last time she did any facial demo was like some 2 years ago. Yesterday, she did facials on THREE new customers. She did not go there with the intention of doing facials. In fact, she hasn't done it for so long, she has forgotten how to "move" her hands.

It was strange that, it so happened Mandy our beautician was not around, and at the same time, Mom surprised herself when she calmly told the senior staff that she would do the facials for the day. 

Turned on the air-con in our little facial room, to cool the place before inviting the first customer in. She was Aunty Hayley's church friend. All the time when Mom was preparing the facial bed and checking on the facial stuffs in the facial room, she was thinking of You ... of how You are nudging and pushing her, step by step, to assume the next direction. She felt You confirmed her thoughts when the lady, who's now on the bed, asked the question :

"Are You the one with the son who has a brain tumor?"

Mom answered in surprise, "Yeah, I"m the one..."

The lady asked, "How's your son now?"

Mom instinctively replied, 'Oh, now he's okay."

To which, the lady somewhat sighed her relief, "Oh good, that's good."

Mom was getting some facial towels from the overhead cabinet at the time, and she kinda stopped in her tracks when she felt she might have misled the nice lady. So to put things straight, Mom explained in a casual tone, "So sorry, what I meant is, my son's okay now because he's with Jesus."

Which brings Mom to this - Right from the start, before she began her facial day, something that she hasn't done in like 2 years, You made your presence felt. Mom knew at once that You were with her. Nothing could go wrong from here.

And nothing did.

So after, the first lady, Aunty Hayley sent in another 2 of her friends.

The second lady had told Mom that she was in direct selling, to which Mom replied brightly, "Direct selling? Oh, I love direct selling. Been doing it for 13 years." Must she sound like a drama Queen?

On hindsight now, Mom doesn't know where she got that sudden burst of energetic enthusiasm from. It just flowed abundantly in her veins right at the moment. :D And so we kinda connected.

Third lady was on the bed ... During the facial massage, she commented, "Your strokes are different from the Clarins one."

Uh-oh ... Mom chuckled and gave a general comment, "You know, when it comes to facial massages, there are so many kinds (is there?) out there (really where?), but as long as we get the skin super-clean (gotta distract her), that's the main thing, right? (always try to get the customer to agree with you)"

She agreed. :D

Anyway, that day, little did Mom know that she was gonna be refreshing her skills on cleansing, exfoliating, toning, massaging, masking, moisturising etc on the three new customers. By the time she was done with the third lady, she feels the hand movements coming back. 

Yeah, "It's all coming back to her now..." (Celine Dion). 

You really had it all planned out, didn't You, Son? You sent Mom 3 very nice mature ladies with mature skin for Mom to handle. They were easy-going, friendly ladies and there was no tension or those unexpected, "OMG, OMG, What to do now!!!" kinda issue that cropped out. Everything went very, very smoothly.

Honestly, it couldn't have been better. 

When everything was done, and it was time to call it a fantastic day, Mom tidied up the place a lil, turned off the lights, and reached for her mobile to check on the time. She stared at the screen for awhile, because the time showed :

4:44 pm

At first glance, she thought she saw AAA. Triple As. As she registered the numbers in her head, with a strange feeling of self-satisfaction, she could almost feel a pat on the back and the words, "Good job, Mom!"

You think so?

Yeah, Mom thinks so too. It was a big step she took yesterday, handling facial clients.

It's all coming back to her now. :D

Thank You, Daniel. Couldn't have done it without You. Love You Son. Have to go pick up Justine from class now. <3