Sunday, October 10, 2010

Call 21 : CALL ME

Hello Son,

Just got back home and came straight to the laptop. Mom has a big wide smile on her face and she cannot help chuckling to herself thinking of what just happened this morning. Your song-message. Oh my goodness, Daniel. How do You do what You do? Mom just could not stop laughing when she heard it. That was precious! :D  

Yesterday (Saturday) ... Mom did not manage to call you. Meant to do that after dinner, but Justine was on the computer. By the time she had finished, it was very late.

Anyway, today (Sunday) ... We dropped Justine at her class at 9am. Driving to Bangsar for breakfast, Dad had a phone call. He switched off the radio to take the call. After the call, we were talking for a bit, when suddenly, Mom just sprung forward from her seat to click on the radio. Mom's station 105.7. The song that was on was LEAN ON ME (Bill Withers). The time on the dashboard showed 9:11am.

It didn't really hit Mom at first, but as we turned into the Lucky Garden row of coffee-shops, there was ONE nice parking spot waiting for us and the LEAN ON ME song was coming to an end. The lyrics that filled the car very distinctly, at THAT moment, were :

Call Me 
If You need a friend
(Call Me) 
Call Me
(Call Me)
If You need a friend
(Call Me)
If You ever need a friend
(Call Me)


THE BOND ... OMG, THE BOND that Mom felt at that moment is indescribable. :D That split of a second heart-warming realization was so unexpected, it moved her deeply, in thought, mind and soul.

That was just so SO cute! So very cute! After the first few Call Me lines, Mom found herself singing along. The song ended just as Dad found the parking space to park the car. 

Told Dad excitedly, "OMG, did You hear that? He's asking me to call him. OMG! Yesterday, I didn't manage to call him. OMG, can You believe this? He's really connecting with me! OMG OMG OMG!!!" 

Dad had this very amused look on his face. Mom said, "There are about 20 repeats of CALL ME lines." Mom just checked on the internet LEAN ON ME lyrics by Bill Withers and counted the number of times the CALL ME is repeated towards the end of the song. 22 times including the echo! How could she not get the message when it's being repeated that many times?

Walking to the coffee-shop, Dad said, "You didn't go to his Blog yesterday?" Mom said, "No, didn't manage to ..."

Aww Daniel ... that was really so very cute. Only yesterday evening, Mom was going through your Lourdes photos to pick up one suitable photo as a thumbnail for your I BELIEVE video. She was deciding between 2 photos : The CALL ME photo or the PSP one? Mom thinks You have helped her to come to a decision. CALL ME photo to insert here on the CALL ME entry, and the PSP photo for the I BELIEVE video. Okay? :D

This version is by DC Talk. Bill Withers videos are not available for viewing at the time of checking today. 

Talk to You in a bit. Have to drop Dad off for an appointment at the Gardens Mall and pick Justine up from class. Reflecting back, this morning, Mom had asked Justine to change to a skirt. She was wearing shorts to class. Yeah, even You would frown upon that huh. Anyway, normally, Jus would be like, "Never mind, we're late already, let's go ..."
Today, surprisingly, she obediently went back into her room to change. That took about another few minutes or so. Had she not delay there, we could have missed the song by arriving at the breakfast place a few minutes earlier. So meant to be, very well-planned, Daniel, because that CALL ME song ended right on the minute Dad parked the car. 

On top of that, the radio was not on. You must have whispered to Jus to delay a bit, and to Mom to turn on the radio at the precise moment. Woah Son. Honestly, a lot to digest and be grateful for. Very grateful. Thank You God. God is good. :D

Gotta go. Love You. <3<3<3