Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Call 487 : 43rd MONTH

Hello Son, 


Some place where there isn't any trouble ...

Do you suppose there is such a place?

There must be ...

It's not a place where you can get to by a boat or a train ...

It's far far away ...

Behind the moon ...

Beyond the rain ...

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

 Judy Garland 1955

Thinking about You Daniel-Son on your 43rd month with JESUS and MAMA MARY ...

Somewhere over the rainbow ...

Truly, there is not a single moment that we are not thinking about You.

We love You so very much. 

Dad, Mom & Justine

Daniel's Video

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Call 486 : SON SON

Hello Son, 

Wednesday, August 7

Dad, Mom and Justine were at a Japanese restaurant having dinner.

It was the start of your mother's 4 days holiday and we were um, celebrating already. :D

When we were done with dinner, Dad called for the bill. 

Mom was at the time busy texting back and forth to the family members. Your 3 aunts were online. Aunty D, Aunt C and Aunty in America.

The waiter came with the bill. Dad pulled out some notes, and paid the bill.

Justine gave Mom the receipt, and Mom chucked it in her bag.

Dad asked, "Did you see the receipt?"

Mom said, "No ... why?"

Dad replied, "See la ..."

Peering into her bag, she took out the receipt ... 


Oh my gosh ...

How can this be?

It's too unbelievable.

Seriously? No way ... no way ... no way ...

Mom placed the receipt on the chair beside her and took a picture.

Dad grinned. Justine nodded knowingly. Oh, by the way, before we came to dinner, Dad and Justine went to pick Mom up from the school. In the car, your sister showed Mom a picture she came across whilst browsing through instagram. 

It was a picture of a double RAINBOW.

Mom had exclaimed then, "Woah, rainbow ..."

Justine corrected, "DOUBLE rainbow ..."

Yeah, double rainbow ... 

Like - TWO ...

So that was before dinner.

Now before your mother goes on, let her tell You first what happened the day before, on Tuesday 6th.

Mom was sending the children back after school at 1:15 pm.

After the usual rounds, send here send there send here send there, there was one more kid left in the van. 

Approaching the girl's condo, Mom drove up the entrance, and the security guard handed her a temporary pass (A4 size card). The guard normally don't bother to give her the pass, since the van drops the girl there daily, for the past 3 years. 

That must have been a new guard, just doin' his job.

She took the card, glanced at it and saw a large number 12 (font size about 3" X 3") on the right top side.

Her angel number 21.

That was a LOUD HI MA all the way from heaven.


Hi Son ... her heart whispered happily.

Nope, unfortunately, she did not take a picture.

She was driving, she had a kid behind, she was on a slope. 

Do you really think that was the best time to snap her piece of eviDANS? Plus, there was no way of her knowing that it was gonna be the start of an awesome ZAP ZAP ZAP that was about to happen.

That was your way of getting your mother's attention. 

She knows the uh, protocol.

Call her first, yeah ... get her attention first with the HI MA ... and then ZAP ZAP ZAP.

It was lunch time then. 

Justine sms-ed and said "tapau."

Mom thought immediately of the french cafe / bakery that was nearby the condo. 

About a minute away. 

Or less. 

She drove there.

Okay now ... this calls for your imagination.

So imagine ... a long row of shops on the right. 

Left side, vehicles were parked from one end to the other. 

Right side, same thing. All the bays were occupied.

So once again, listen carefully, Mom's gonna summarize. 

Left side, right side, parking bays all fully occupied. The shops are on the right side.

Got the scenario, so far?

Mom turned into that row. Immediately, she was a car on the right side, slowly reversing out of its bay. You must have seen your mother shaking her head. 

Gosh Son ... You really are watching over Mom, aren't You?

She saw the back of the car. She had to smile.

Number plate 112.

Decode : 4 ... 21 ... 

whichever way she looked at it, she saw her angel number. :D

She was about to turn into the bay when she caught sight of a large word on the ground :  




Oh darn it.


Mouth curling, eyes rolling, she slowly drove straight on. 

What was that, Daniel?

That can't be for Mom, it's a KHAS bay. 

Like --- RESERVED.

She can't be parking in a KHAS bay. You know that. The last time she did, which was a long long long time ago, her wheel got clamped. Although the clamp fee was waived in the end, she wasn't gonna try her luck on this KHAS bay. It's just too troublesome.

The lane was narrow. 

Both car 112 (if she remembers correctly, it was a Mercedes) 

(haha, she can see You shaking your hands, eyes rolling and mouthing ooh, mercs) 

and her Exora were inching slowly forward.

The car 112 came to a halt towards the end of the row. 

The french cafe is located right at the corner site.

Would You believe it but another car, in front of car 112,  was reversing out.

Mom couldn't believe her eyes.

Omg Son ... this is the bay for Mom, huh. 

Right beside the french cafe. You're a good boy, Son. 

Thanks Son.

Park here, Ma ... don't have to walk so far. :D

Gosh, that was amazing. 

Although car 112 was right in front of your mother's eyes the whole time, she did not snap a photo of that car. Simply because that KHAS bay took her by surprise, and she didn't think it was connected -- to anything. By the time, the second vehicle reversed out, she was too stunned ... staring with her mouth open at the scene enfolding before her.

On hindsight, she was probably meant to see that second car reversing out of its bay, whilst car 112 was in front of her face. You always know how to make your presence felt, Daniel. Mom gets it ... may be not as fast as You'd like her too sometimes. :D

But she gets it ... eventually.


So anyway, both the cars in front of her moved forward and disappeared around the bend, leaving her to slowly take her time to enjoy that moment ... of driving into that special bay that her son had got for her.

As soon as the car is parked, and Mom switched off the engine. Taking a deep breath, she glanced at the time on her mobile and as she did so ... she let out another gasp.

Oh gosh.  Oh gosh.


Omg ... it's not possible ...

She stared at the time showing 1:47 pm.

Seven one is eight, eight and four is twelve.

12 ...

What are the chances? 

Why, that was an easy confirmation of It's Me la, Ma ... :D

Her angel sign 21 ...


Mom was in a daze as she walked into the bakery. 

She picked up some sandwiches, buns and some pizza slices and made her way to the cashier, all the time thinking of that marvelous zap moment that had just happened. Wait till she tells Justine ... and Dad. Dad was outstation that day, but he'd be coming home the next day, on Wednesday.


Back at home, Mom told Justine about the inciDAN. 

From the drive-through pass number number 12 ... 

to the car 112 ... 

the KHAS bay ... 

the second car ... 

and 1:47 (12) pm.

Mom was explaining with a pen and paper and all. 

She said in the end, "I should have taken a photo of that 112 car ... I didn't la ... aiyah, really wasted ... should have taken that photo ..."

It was after all, right in front of her for a while, as that second car was reversing out.

She should have taken ... should have, should have.

That was some uh, major eviDANS there.

She took instead a photo, after coming back to the car from the bakery. Just so it'd be easier for her to tell Dad and Justine about it later.

The Exora is at the left, not in the picture.

Anyway, that evening about 6:30 pm, she was fetching some kids back and a teacher. 

After the children were dropped off, Mom casually asked the teacher, "Do you eat fish?"

She knows the teacher is a vegetarian.

The teacher replied no.

Mom explained, "I was thinking of taking the teachers for a nice meal ... where can we go?"

The teacher said, "Chinese vegetarian restaurant ..."

Your mother repeated, "Chinese?"

The teacher is Indian, by the way.

The teacher said, "Yes, we are already eating Indian food at home, so when we go out, we'll go to a Chinese place ..."

Oh, okay, that makes sense.

Mom asked further, "Do you know of any place we can go?"

The teacher replied, "Yes, there's a restaurant in ... " 

Mom can't remember now whether the teacher said Cheras or Kuchai or etc, but she remembers clearly, she asked, "What is the name of the restaurant?"

The teacher said, "Sun Sun ..."

Your mother almost laughed out loud. 

Yes, yes, she has seen that signboard before ... but donno where.

Son Son?


So that was Tuesday 6th.

On Wednesday 7th ...

Dad was back. We were in the school first thing in the morning.

Dad had just bought a pack of teh si for Mom ...  which Mom would pour into her Starbucks container mug.

We were passing the Bambi class (from the kitchen), when Dad bent down to pick up a ... a robot of some sort ... could have been a transformer of some kind ... with an arm missing and no head.

Dad showed it to Mom saying, "This is Son Son's ..."

Time froze for Mom at that point. 

She stopped in her tracks ... and let out a laugh. 

Mom was like, "Oh yah, oh yah, I forgot to tell you about the Son Son zap ... "

Mom had told Dad about the afternoon zap the day before, when Dad came home that night, but had totally forgotten about the Son Son zap in the evening. 

Mom had also mentioned to Dad (on Tuesday night), "I should have taken a photo of that 112 car ... it was in front of my face the whole time ... I really should have taken ... but I didn't ... aiyah ..." 

So now coming back to the Japanese restaurant (on Wednesday dinner time) ... as Mom was saying, she took a peek at the receipt and ...

GASP ...

Mom couldn't believe her eyes.

She was like totally out of breath as a thousand words spilled out of her mouth.

"Omg ... 112 ... Omg, what are the chances? 112? Seriously??? 112? He really knows I wanted to take a photo of that car ... Omg ... He really really knows ... How can this be? It's unbelievable ... It's not possible ... What are the chances? Omg, I can't believe it!"

Here Ma, your 112 ... :D

You can take a photo of this 112 now, Ma ... 

And she did. 

She took her own sweet time too, slowly placing the piece of paper on the seat beside her, and snap snap snapped away. 

Keep the zaps coming, Daniel ...

We love You so very much. <3

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Call 485 : BLUE TWINS

Hello Son, 

Omg ...

Omg ...

Omg ...

This morning, Mom talked to You on Call 484. 

Anyway, Mom was supposed to pick up the maid at 3 pm from the school. The maid is there on Saturdays to clean the kindy. Mom called the maid to see if she was ready, but she said no. Mom said, "I'll get you at 4 pm ..."

The maid replied, "5 pm, maam ... I still have the bathrooms to do ..."

So Mom left the house at 5 pm. Before that, she gave a call to the maid to make sure she'd be waiting on the ground floor.

Driving out of the condo, your mother took the usual turning to the right. She drove along Jalan Desa Utama, and suddenly noticed this vehicle in front of her. Quickly, she grabbed her mobile and made several attempts to snap a good picture of her eviDANS.

Oh my gosh ...



DAN 3014

Decode : 44

Gosh oh gosh ... You definitely got Mom's call today, didn't You? Yes yes, You surely did. Otherwise Mom wouldn't be driving behind that car. The maid would have kept the appointed time, and not change it to two hours later. It was meant to be. So there.


Then something else happened. 

Oh Lord.

Mom has been thinking about this --- thing --- but no, she has not written about it here, as it involves a personal issue to someone close to her, but yeah, she has been thinking about it since yesterday. 


It would seem that You are able to read her mind. 

As always.

The key word : Twins

As she was driving, this word was in her head. Maybe You were whispering to her, she will never know for sure. But yeah, she was thinking of all the possibilities that --- that --- could happen.

And lo and behold.

What would You expect? Oh my gosh. When we reached the condo, Mom drove up to the lobby to drop the maid. She was carrying the mini oven. Otherwise, we would have driven straight down to the basement parking.

As mom was waiting for the maid to unload the boot, a set of TWINS in blue appeared by the side of our car.  They were about 10 years old or so. Clean cut, good looking boys.

Her jaw dropped.


In blue?

Was she not talking about BLUE in her call this morning?

Omg ...

What are You saying?

Are You telling Mom something?

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad about the inciDAN. 

Dad was like, "Twins? Never seen twins here before ..."

Justine said the same thing. There are no twins here at our condo, your sister said, or rather, we have never seen a set of twins since we lived here ... and that's like what - 15 years already.

Ahah! All the more zap that was for Mom. She thought it, she was thinking about it, and it just appeared before her eyes. What a coinciDANS. Would You look at the timing? Was she meant to see that? She would have missed that had she driven straight to the basement parking. Oh, she was definitely meant to see that.

Twins in blue ... DAN 44 ...

Omg ...


Call 484 : PAPER BOAT

Hello Son,

Wednesday, July 31

Came home on Wednesday evening, after dinner outside, turned on the television, to see Katy Perry on the red carpet with her grandmother, apparently.

Mom heard Katy Perry on E! News said something to this effect, "It just so happens that blue exists in a rainbow ..."

Pause ...

Of course Mom heard the word rainbow, and of course she was like, omg ... in slow motion ... no, not because of the word rainbow itself, that would be too random and too desperate ... but because it is connecting her to her rainbow inciDAN yesterday (Tuesday 30th). 

She meant to call her son last night then, and the night before that, and the night before that night, and the night before before that night ... but somehow, the exhaustion takes over, eye lids get heavier ... the next thing she knows, her alarm is ringing at 6 am - a new day has come ...

Gosh, is this what getting old means? 

Oh Lord ...

Mom went to take a shower, washed her hair, came out of the bathroom with her hair all dripping ... the hair dryer busted last week. She was in the living room, helping herself to a plate of papayas, and casually watching Beauty & Geek reality show that was on the screen at the moment, only to hear within a few seconds, the name Jason mentioned.

Pause ...

Rainbow? Katy Perry? 

Like helloo ... Katy Perry's Firework

And now Jason?

Oh, she must make a call to heaven tonight ... she must!

And so here she is / was ...

Let Mom tell You about Tuesday's inciDAN first. It was really amazing how You zap your mother ... daily.

On Tuesday evening, at home, Mom said to Dad and Justine, quite calmnly, "Come, come, I have something to tell yall ..."

Dad came and sat on a sofa.

Justine sat on the sofa opposite Dad.

Mom was on the carpet. She brought this ...

Dad saw it, and said, "Oh, you made that paper boat? I saw it on the table last night and was wondering who did it ..."

Mom replied, "Yeah, I made this paper boat ... Wait, there's a story to this ... Let me tell yall the whole story ... (let's take a deep breath here, and --- exhale) ... On Sunday 28th, I was at the computer ... planning for the themes for August ... and one of the themes is on Transportation ... so, I made this paper boat ... I was thinking of letting the kids float them in a basin of water in school ... "

On Monday 29th evening, she had called two 6 year old girls to her office. She had a stack of reading books which she had purchased a year ago, but yet to use, and that day, she found herself reaching for those books to use for the two girls.

There were about 5 to 6 books or so. The book in question (with the zap) was called Stormy Weather. Both girls read all the books in their list, including the Stormy Weather book, but Mom did not notice the zap then. Both the girls were seated opposite her, taking turns to read and your mother was concentrating more on the upside-down words in the books, than on the pictures.

There was a third girl who was supposed to read these books of the same level, but she had gone home earlier that evening.

On Tuesday 30th, about the same time in the evening, Mom called that third girl, who had not done the reading. She gave this girl the same stack of books as read by the other two girls the day before.

Got the picture so far?

So anyway, Mom randomly picked up the first book, asked the girl to write down the title on her reading card, before reading it aloud to Mom.

Allow a few minutes for the girl to finish the book.

Okay, good.

Next book.

Mom handed to her Stormy Weather.

She watched the girl recorded the title on her reading card, and started reading the first page.

Honestly, your mother was not expecting anything ... until the girl turned to this page, and Mom caught sight of the rainbow.

That brought a smile to your mother's face, You must have seen that, huh.

Still, it was just a rainbow picture --- it did not have that, that ZAP ... if You know what she means. 

The girl turned to the next page (page 14) and continued reading.

Mom listened quietly. 

Then, the girl read page 15.

Mom watched her.

The girl read, "The storm has gone. I can play outside."

Mom nodded ...

The girl then asked aloud, "What is this, Teacher Lynn?"

Mom turned to look. The girl was pointing to -- something -- on the picture.

Mom peered closer ... and then she turned the book around to face her right side up.

Gasp ...

Omg ...

Zap Zap Zap ...

Oh Gosh, what are the chances?

The girl asked again, "What is this?"

Mom heard herself replying, "That's a paper boat ..." before turning her head away to mouth a slow OMG to herself. Would You believe it? The girl did not manage to read the following page, because just then, the intercom buzzed. Her dad had come to pick her up.

The girl left Mom staring at the book all by herself.

That zap connection was magical. It was as if You knew ...

Here's your paper boat, Ma ... :D

Mom had taken a picture of the rainbow page and the paper boat page, and was showing them to Dad at that moment. 

She explained excitedly, "I made the paper boat on Sunday ... On Monday, I was supposed to get that zap ... but I didn't get it. I think son was probably shaking his head, I tell you ... The two girls read this same book on Monday ... but I didn't notice the picture ... so the next day, he sends the third girl, and he must have whispered to her, "Ask Teacher Lynn, what is this?" Because let me tell you, that - girl - did - not - ask - me - about - any - of the other pictures, only that paper boat one. Omg ... "

Mom meant to call You that Tuesday 30th night, but did not manage to ... and so on Wednesday 31st evening the next day, she gets a gentle reminder by Katy Perry (Firework) who had to say, "It just so happens that blue exists in a rainbow ..."

CoinciDANtally (on hindsight), the boy in the book is wearing blue. If it was not meant to be a zap, he would be wearing red or yellow or orange or green or pink or purple or brown or white or black or grey ... but no, he was wearing blue.

So what have You got to say, Son?

Code cracked.

Message received.

Thank You, Son ...<3  

You must know by now huh, that there is not a single moment that You are not on your mother's mind. All kinds of everything remind us of You.