Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hello Son,

It's Saturday Oct 16. 

Gonna write out this call-entry that Mom couldn't finish last Saturday Oct 9, and have not been able to continue during the week because so much has happened in the short time of one week.

No, not complaining ... Are You kiddin' me? Extremely grateful. <3

So on Friday Oct 8, Grandma and Aunty Carol came over for dinner. You remember, Dad was cooking CRABS. Dinner was absolutely delicious. Wish You were with us, Son. Miss all your hmmm-mmm-ing during meal times. Honestly. Dad too. It's just not the same anymore. :( We can still hear your hmmm noises in our heads though. 

Kish was here too that night. Aunty C said she had brought her for the SPECIAL BLESSINGS for PETS on Monday Oct 11. Said there were many dogs, even snakes. 


Two teenage girls were seen carrying their pet snakes around the shoulders, says Aunty C. So so - sleazy. :S

Then, Aunty C said there were this cat and dog couple, came from the same family, and she was watching them. The dog and the cat were on the ground, both apparently facing each other at a close distance, like nose to nose - almost. She said, the dog was just resting his head on his paw, and observing the cat. We're not sure if the cat is female or not, but judging from what the cat was doing, licking its paws oh-so-very-seductively, and just sitting there, all princess-sy and haughtily, like an egyptian goddess on a pedestal expecting to be worshipped, we feel she's very much female.

What do You think?

 Awww, how cute it this ...

Ahh, this Mom really has to tell You ...

During dinner, there was a lil baby MOTH (about one inch in size) that visited and had perched on the floor, about a foot away from where Mom and Aunty C were sitting. Aunty C saw it first. It was such a good lil moth, it didn't like disturb us, or try to fly to the table to bless our dinner or anything like that. Just minding its own business, but making sure we know it's there. Mom knows. It was just RIGHT there, a step away from her. Had the MOTH been a large size, Dad would have shooed it away, for obvious reasons.

Couldn't find a picture of a nice looking moth, so this will have to do. We continued eating, and the MOTH was just RIGHT there. Not disturbing, not interfering. In no way was it a nuisance.

Then, after dinner, Mom was washing up. Grandma, Aunty C, Justine and Kish were at the TV area. Dad had gone downstairs to throw the garbage. Mom was ALONE in the kitchen. She was clearing the dishes and cleaning the sink when suddenly, something brush against her hair and landed with a soft THUD on the door beside her. She turned to look.

It was the MOTH. It had crash landed and now perched on the door (to the laundry area). It was nearby Mom, who was at the sink at the time. Had she reached her hand out, and stretched just a bit, she would have been able to touch the MOTH.

The picture that she posted on Call 15 (Special Blessings) sprang to mind, with the lyrics Mom had written (MJ's song) : 

You are not alone, I am here with You

That was pretty special, Son. Mom's ALONE song, and not so ALONE time. :D Did You send the MOTH over to say Hi? Felt a connection there.  


Mom finished up the dishes with a smile on her face, while the MOTH just quietly stayed by her side. You know how eeky Mom gets with any kind of insects, especially if they crawled or moved about. She would have fled out of the kitchen, faster than a runaway train, and speedier than a speeding bullet, had the MOTH threatened to jig about. 

It didn't. It was just a very good MOTH. She was surprised too when she didn't yell and experienced a spasm when she discovered that it was the MOTH that had brushed against her hair a minute ago. It was all very peaceful. Too good to be true.

That night, Mom told Dad about the MOTH. Reminded Dad, "You remember the image I posted on Call 15? There was a lil butterfly following the sad girl who is all ALONE? And the : YOU ARE NOT ALONE lyrics by MJ?" 

Dad said, "Yeah ..."

Mom said, "Well, tonight, I felt like I was acting out the picture. Except that a MOTH stayed by my side. In the picture, it was a butterfly."

Dad said, "It was night time. Butterflies sleep at night. So he has to send You a MOTH." 

That made Mom smile. You sent the next best thing. A tiny baby MOTH. A small one - So it's not scary or uhh, life-threatening.

Sometimes, it's good to be dramatic ...

Anyway, this is the song that Mom found after dinner that night. 


from the movie


Talk to You in a bit, Son. Justine says HI, she's eating her nasi lemak at the moment. Second packet. :D