Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello Son

Thursday, Feb 19

1st day of Chinese New Year.

Dad, Mom, Justine and Aunty C were in the car.

We were on the way to church for Gong Xi mass. 

The radio was completely silent (like volume zero) ... as Mom was talking to Aunty C ... about this and thats.

Then at one point, Mom reached over to the radio to turn on the volume ... and guess what? 


You must have seen your mother smile from ear to ear.

Did You whisper to Mom to TURN ON THE VOLUME, MA ... :D

Mom's memo shows here that the time recorded was 7:53 am. 


There must have been a typing error because we were going for the 10:30 am mass, which makes 7:53 am too early and unlikely for us to have been in the car at the time. It was most probably 9:53 am ... because this time when we arrived in church, the mass has not started.


That's Aunty C on the left, and Justine on the right, both in orange, and Dad in front, in red. Mom was taking the photo. She was in red.

Yeah, like red red. :D

See? Told You were early that day. Mass yet to start. 

The front row right outside the church was empty, and we took out seats there ... on the front row, thinking how lucky we were to be able to sit on the front row to see everything that was going on ... when Dad suddenly announced that no wonder nobody wanted to sit on the front row because Father was going to light the fire crackers.


Mom has never seen fire crackers go off at close distance before.

Ah, see the red red red fire crackers hanging down from the ceiling??? :D

By the way, we were sitting beside the lady in white top and orange pants (on the left).

The priest lit the crackers ... gosh, the moment the first explosion was heard, oh my, we found ourselves running helter skelter as far as we could, covering our ears.

The fire crackers were really LOUD.


Honestly ... 

Hmm, no wonder nobody wanted to sit on the front row, except for the lady in orange and white. 

Look at the red mess all over the floor.  O.O

Anyway ... 

Mass soon ended and we went straight home to Amah's place for a quick lunch (left overs from the steamboat we had the night before).

At Amah's home ...

Aunty D came in with Megan about half an hour later.

Uncle C came in carrying Baby Dylan.

Daniel J. Dylan, says Justine's text

Ah, see the red red??? :D

Mom saw Uncle C's red tee shirt and commented, "I like your tee shirt ..."

Jack Daniels ... :D

Oh, by the way, at the point of writing this, Mom must mention here that yesterday morning (Tues Feb 24), Justine sent her a text from uni saying:

"Someone's name Daniel Jefferey Dylan ..."

A new boy in her university's new intake. She was in uni attending the orientation.

Oh my ...

Daniel J. Dylan ???

What are the chances???



We took a slow drive up to Genting Highlands about 3 pm or thereabouts.

The next morning, Friday Feb 20 ...

We were at the lobby of the new wing of the hotel. 

Mom was on a bench.

Before long, she found herself looking at this green bag with the words:

24h Power

She had to smile.


Your birthdate.



Helloooo??? Don't mind the missing T on both words ... :D

Yes yes, she saw that ... TWO missing Ts.

24th and Powter.


Truly, everywhere she is, there You'll be ...

Mom remembers instantly how You used to sing the song BAD DAY ... and how she would ask You to stop singing that song whenever You did.

"Stop saying you're having a bad day, Daniel ..." Mom would scold when she hears You sing this song.

Sigh ...

How she misses your nice singing voice.

If only she could hear You sing BAD DAY just one more time.

Are You allowed to sing BAD DAY in heaven??? o.o

Anyway, You are near, she knows ...

Everyday, and every moment that she can think of, You remind Mom that you are right beside her. Thank you, Son ...

Don't ever stop reminding Mom, okay? She needs to be reminded again and again and again that her son is near.

It soon became apparent to us that we were about to witness a lion dance performance. :D

Front seats again ...

Hahaha ...

It was still considered quite early in the morning.

9:30 am ... so there was no crowd there ... which was kinda strange ... because as far as any of us can remember, there's always a crowd everywhere you go in Genting.

Oooh, see that??? 

Lots of RED RED RED ... :D 

Aunty D said, "They gave Megan the oranges ... so weird ... they only gave her ..."

Hmmm ... not that weird ... is it?

Did You have anything to do with that, Daniel?

Ear to the monitor ...


So anyway, we went for breakfast. 

Mom had the most expensive chicken rice set ever. :D

After our food, we went jalan-jalan.


But of course, Daniel Tiger

Mom called out to Dad and asked Dad to pose with the tiger. :D

Everywhere we are, there you'll be ... <3

Here are some photos that we took that day ...

 Dad and Mom

 Dad with Justine

Jus with Aunty C

Mom soon found herself walking into this chocolate shop.

Oh my ... how cute ...

Buy 3 Get 1 FREE ...

That's 4 ... and FREE???


Suddenly she noticed the label. She was too taken in by the nyonya package she didn't see the label calling out to her.

Omg ...


Oh gosh. 


Dan Son???

Honestly Son, nobody's ever gonna believe that we are -- connecting.


We went bowling after that.

Here's Justine in action.

Yesss ... a strike!

Did You help your sister???

Aunty D had 2 strange inciDANS during the bowling time. Twice, her ball went to the side, and then it came back into the lane, and gave her a strike. Twice, this happened.


Uncle C also didn't believe his eyes. We were all quite sure the ball was going to the longkang, when it suddenly just made a turn and rolled right in the middle of the bowling pins and struck them all down.

Twice this happened.


It was unbelievable.

No photo eviDANS. Nobody expected that to happen.

Aunty D kept saying, "How weird ... how weird ..."

Mom was like, "Not that weird ... not that weird ... especially not when we all know You're with us ... and may be playing with us ..."

Did You do that, Daniel? Make Aunty D's ball do a 90 degree turn back into the lane???

Silence on your side.

Right. Okay fine. Good. Very well. 

You say it best when You say nothing at all. :D


Mom has all the codes. She knows all the hidden messages.

Thank You for being with us, Son ... <3

Saturday, Feb 21 ...

Our last day on the mountain.

We were waiting in line for lunch. 

Justine showed Mom our number.

Mom asked, "We are number 4??? Why are we waiting so long to go in???"

It was more than half an hour already ... waiting waiting waiting.

Justine explained that after 100, the numbers go back to 0. 

Ah ...

It's so good to see her hold the number 4.

Your sister entertained us with numerous poses whilst waiting for our number to be called.

Mom's just gonna post one photo here. The rest of the 50 over photos will just have to stay in the folder. :D

Okay so anyway, our number was soon called. 

We went to our table.

We had told the manager that we had 8 adults and 2 kids.

So there were 8 chairs.

For Amah, Uncle C, Aunty D, Aunty C, Dad, Mom, Justine and the maid.

So anyway, for some reason, Amah kept insisting that the maid wait outside with Dylan who was sleeping in the pram. Amah said, "It's noisy here, better for Dylan to sleep outside. The maid will take care of him outside (the restaurant)."

Mom listened.

Something was happening.

One empty chair at our table.

See the empty chair? The maid was supposed to sit there. However, Grandma was quite insistent that the maid stayed outside because according to Grandma, it was noisy inside the restaurant.

Which was strange because Mom thought it was noisier outside the restaurant.

Aunty D said, "It's noisier outside la ..."

Aunty C said, "It so quiet inside here ..."

Amah replied, "Never mind, just let the maid take care of Dylan outside ..."

One empty chair.

Mom stared at the empty chair.

It wasn't empty, was it, Son?

Did You make a lot of noise into Amah's ears so that she thought the restaurant was noisy?

Hahaha ...

It was nice having the whole family sitting at the table ... all of us ... and Daniel.

Towards the end of our meal, would You believe it but Dad's chopsticks snapped in two.

Yes, seriously. 

We all saw his chopsticks broke into two. 

Both the chopsticks.

At the same time.

We were only eating dim sum. 

How could the chopsticks break into two whilst eating dim sum?

Omg, how did that happen?

Dad shrugged his shoulders ... and picked up another pair.

Mom quickly snapped a photo. Too good to be true.

Mom said to Dad, "Truly, number 4 is with us ..."

After lunch, we all loaded up the car and went our separate ways.

Dad, Mom and Justine headed for Kuantan to visit Dad's mother and two brothers, whilst the rest of the family went back home to Kuala Lumpur.

The journey took about 3 hours. 

We arrived at the Kuantan bridge at exactly 4 pm.

Dad is witness to that.

That evening, we went for dinner.

The table was set for 8 pax.

There were 7 of us.

Mom had to hide a smile.


An empty chair -- again -- for the second time today???


From left : Justine, Aunty H, Mama, Uncle KL, Uncle KK, Empty Chair, Dad, Mom (taking photo)

Check out the delicious food we had. Dinner was so much nicer when your family knew You were with us, Daniel.

Don't know the names ...

Just Yummy Yummy Yummy ... all the way. :D

On Sunday, Feb 22 ...

We would be going home after lunch. 

Dad's brothers brought us to see some show units of a new project nearby.

We parked the car.

Justine spotted a swing ...

Mom said, "Do you remember being on the swing with Daniel?"

Your sister remembers. :D

We went to visit the show unit.


Yayyy ...

We went for lunch after that, before heading home.

Took us 7 hours to get home.

Oh gawd.

Gosh, it's 10:30 pm already. Tomorrow is a school day. 

Oh, just want to tell You one last thing.

Last night (Tuesday 24th), after the show PARKER, there was some kind of ad on the telly ... Mom was watching ... when the first line appeared on the screen ... followed by the second line, and the third and the fourth, and the climax.

Every breath you take ...

Every move you make ...

Every bond you break ...

Every step you take ...

I'll be watching you ...

This was after the Parker show, yes, after she discovered that the person who played Daniel Parker in the show is Jason Statham. 

After that, she gets a "I'll be watching you" message???


Gotta go, Son. Talk to You during the weekend.

Keep the zaps coming ...

Call 568 : PHONIC ZAP

Hello Son,

The week before the Gong Xi break, was Valentine's Week.

Friday's theme was RED.

Mom had taken some photos of the children's activities for the school blog.

At home, at the end of the week, on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th, she had gone through all the photos taken during the Valentine week, and had carefully selected the ones she wanted and kept them separately in a folder which she called :


Yup, You heard her. 


She doesn't normally repeat the names of her folders, just that this word RED is short and she had thought it would be easier to spot on her desktop if she called it RED RED.

Instead of just RED.

She sees You shaking your head at her (awkward?) explanation ...


It's the truth ... the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The next day, on Sunday 15th ... your family went for the morning mass at 8:30 am.

After mass, Mom suggested that we had breakfast in Bangsar because she wanted to go to the bookstore at Bangsar Village.

Dad somehow drove us to SS2 and we ended up having noodles in one of the chicken rice coffee shops there.

That was our second time there.

Aunty C was with us.


Mom pointed out to Aunty C, "The chicken here is all FREE of pesticides and vaccines and injections and antibiotics ..."

FREE as You know, is one of your mother's favourite word in the world.

Yes, your pink FREE tee shirt is still in her closet.

It's going to stay there -- like -- forever.

Now and then, Mom still find herself asking Dad, "Why in the world did we buy Daniel a pink tee shirt that has the word FREE written across it???"

Hmmm, so meant to be.

It's weird that You didn't find it awkward wearing a PINK tee shirt.

... because it's meant to be, Ma ... :D

So anyway, we enjoyed our food very much.

After we were done with brunch, we walked to the car.

Mom saw it from afar ...

Do You see it?

She bent down to take a closer shot.

A pure white feather.

An angel's feather.

In her path.

You're definitely near, she knows. 

So many people have shared their stories about their own white feather encounters. 

Mom too has her own story which she has related on your call blog, a white feather zap on your 1st anniversary. :D It was so amazing.

We hopped into the car, and were soon heading towards Bangsar.

In Bangsar, in the bookstore, Mom found herself walking towards the end of the store.

She picked up the first book that was neatly displayed on one of the shelves.

She opened the book and gasp.

Omg ...

Red Red Red ???


Gosh, what are the chances???

The first book she picked up ... the first page she turned to ...

Omg ... how do You explain this???

She noted the page -- page 11.

Turning over a page (page 9), she found herself standing still and staring ...



Omg ... ZAP the firefly???

Slowly, she turned over another page (page 7) ...

Gasp ...

Her hand flew up to cup her mouth.


Dan ...

Omg, DAN???

Dan is a man with a plan.

Oh my gosh.

What are the chances???

Seriously, no chance.

Dad ... Zap ... Red Red Red ???

Oh my.


You are near alright, Daniel. :D

That was awesome.

You must have whispered to Mom to pick up the right book, and turn to the right page. 

Omg ...

That was super incredible.

Be back in a jiff. Dad wants to go get something before the store closes.