Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Call 37 : NO WARNING

Hello Son,

Totally felt your presence today, Son. Totally. Totally. Totally. :D

Last night, Aunty Hayley sent a text message to say that her friend has invited her and Mom for a free trial at the spa. Wow! Tomorrow (Wed) going for facial, and today (Tues) free time at the spa. You must have arranged for all these nice relaxing-unwind-destress pampering for Mom, huh. :D

So this morning, drove to Aunty Hayley's house. Her friend would pick us up at 9:30 am. She came on the dot and we were soon on our way to her spa place. At the basement parking of the building, Mom noticed that the pillar beside the car had a large number : "C24."

Mentioned to Aunty H that, we had parked at C24. "24's Daniel's birthday," Mom said. And C? she wondered. No, it's not that C anymore, this time ... this time, it's God's name. Every lil thing sure reminds her of You. :D

It turned out that it was a good thing Mom remembered the C24, because later when we were done, the lady who brought us forgot where we parked, and was walking ahead of us in the wrong direction. Mom was like, heyyy, the car's over here, we parked at C24. So unlike Mom to be the one to find the car especially in an unfamiliar place. Must tell Dad.

Anyway, we enjoyed the spa time very much.

It's the going home time, that she wants to tell You about.

Pay attention and listen kay, because something really amazing happened on the way back. 

So anyway, Aunty H's friend, was driving, with Aunty H seated in front, and Mom at the back. Mom saw the seat belt but kinda ignored it, she figured it was just a short distance away, she didn't bother to buckle-up. She sat in the middle of the two front seats, so she has a clear view of the road ahead. Not that it was important for her to have a clear view ...

So anyway, there we were traveling in the car. The lady-friend was driving in her lane, when the car in front of her (with a P-learner sticker sign), SUDDENLY ...


Mom saw everything that happened because she had a full view, like she said just now. The P car came to a sudden HALT for what reason, we don't know. All 3 of us kinda let out a shriek. The lady-friend hit the brakes, but it was obvious that the gap between the 2 cars were just too close for us to avoid the P car, and we were all ready to hear the BANG. We were very sure we were going to collide with it because our lady-driver was, at the same time, driving just a tad too fast. 

But You know what? 

Our car came to a complete stop just inches away from the P car. No, not even inches, possibly just AN INCH!!! We were so surprised we didn't crash into that P car. We expected at the very least, a mild bump.

The P car moved on again after a few seconds later, and we resumed the drive. We couldn't stop voicing our shocked annoyance about what just happened. We were like, OMG... @&^% ... that stupid driver ... #$%^ ... crazy ahh ... !@#$% ... what is he trying to do ... !%^&*... how can he stop in the middle of the road like THAT??? ... too much man ... Thank God, we stopped in time, Thank God ...

Yes, thank God ... and Thank You, Son, Mom said silently. 

You know what, the AMAZING thing is, despite the SUDDEN stop, it's really strange to note that Mom was NOT thrown forward in anyway. Not even a lil jerk forward. She was just sitting like normal, observing the whole thing. You must have been there, Son, that's the only explanation. There's no way she could have sat there, like nothing happened. Not possible. Really, not possible. You were definitely there, Daniel, to stop us from crashing into the P car and holding Mom back in some way. :D

Okay, lesson learned today : Put on the seat belt whenever. Short or long distance. Just put on the seat belt.

At the point of writing the above paragraph, what a coinciDANS, your song, FALL FOR YOU (Secondhand Serenade) just came on Justine's mobile radio 95.8. Jus and Mom just exchanged a knowing glance. 

See music video FALL FOR YOU on the left side of the wall.

It WAS You, wasn't it? :D :D :D

Why, only last Friday when Aunty Carol related an incident that happened in the hospital. She said there was a large puddle of water and she happened to be walking very fast, hurrying somewhere, when she slipped and lost her footing, expecting to land on her butt, because her body was already falling backwards. Somehow, she regained her balance, in that split of a second and found in surprise that she did not fall, but was then standing up right. 

She said You definitely had something to do with that, Son. She could not believe that she did not land on her bottom, said that the way she had slipped, she must definitely land on the floor. :D

An Angel must have been watching her, that's for sure. We don't know how You did it, Son, but we know You did something. Thanks for watching over your Aunty C.

Anyway, the lady-friend dropped us back at Aunty H's house. Mom drove back home from there. In the car, she was still recalling the incident in her head, how incredible it was. She wasn't particularly listening to the radio, until the DJ introduced the next song, TEMPORARY HOME by Carrie Underwood. It was 12:12pm.

Temporary Home - the title itself sounded like a song that Mom should hear. She keyed in the title into her mobile so she could check it when she gets home as she's not heard of this song before

This is my temporary home
It's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passing through
This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know 
This is my temporary home


With lyrics like that, how not to instantly think of You, Daniel? How not feel that You know what's going on, and You're close by? Thanks for watching over us and keeping us safe, Son. The song sure brought its own melancholy moments. Yes, this is our temporary home. 

It's late. Should log off now. 

Thank You again for today. Love You so much.

Talk to You tomorrow, Son. Nitesie. <3