Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call 23 : DIE YOUNG

Hello Son,

Today was a beautiful day. 

Dad and Mom left the house just after 9am. We went to Cititel Hotel to pick up two friends from Kazahstan to give them a lift to Subang Aiport. They are going to spend a few days in Langkawi beach while they are holidaying here.

In the car, the radio was on at Mom's station. The song that was on at the time was RIVER OF DREAMS (9:24AM). 

Nice and cheery. Perfect song to start the morning, Mom thought. 

Dad agreed. :D

The next song that came on started with the lyric :  

If I die young ...

If I die young??? 

Mom has not heard of this song before. 

It sounded like one that she needed to pay attention to. Started punching that line into her mobile so she could look up the song later at home. The next 2 lines that followed were : 

Bury me in ....... (?)

Lay me down on a bed of roses

Keyed those lines in. 

At the same time asked Dad, "Bury me in what???"

Dad said, "Satin."

Bury me in satin? 

Woah Son. 

Told Dad, Yeah, he did die young, and we did bury him in satin, and although he didn't lay on a bed of roses, he was COVERED with roses just before his casket took off to Heaven. 

Was that song for Mom, Son? 

Sometimes, she just wonders if You are some kind of Heaven's Music DJ up there. Do You like, look down from what You are doing up there, see us in the car, hurry to tell God : Excuse me God, but can this task wait? I have to put a song for my Mom now. She's in the car. :D

Anyway, checked the video later in the evening and was moved to discover the following beautiful lines : 

Lord, make me a rainbow
I'll shine down on my mother
She'll know I'm safe with You
when she stands under my colors

Thank You for the beautiful song-message, Daniel. And yes, You were wearing WHITE when You went to meet Jesus. 

Mom can't help picturing an image of a white casket-spaceship arriving in Heaven, quite like how Kah-El arrived on earth from Krypton. God, Mother Mary and Heaven's Angels came to greet You. 

You must have sat up, the roses dropping by your side, looked around in wonder and bewilderment and said, AWWWE-SOME! ... as You took God's hand and pulled yourself up. 

Was that how it happened?

What a beautiful, thought-provoking image ...

We arrived at Cititel slightly after 9:30am. Picked up the two nice ladies and soon found ourselves engaged in a casual conversation. Told them we have a russian dog called Kishka. Asked if they knew what the name meant. 

One of them said, "It means, organs, in russian." 

Organs? Kishy-girl? Your name means, Organs? Does Aunty Carol know she named You, Organs? Wait till Mom tell her. The other lady said, "You know the long thing in the stomach ..." and she showed her hand action, going zig-zag, zig-zag.

Mom chipped in, "Intestines?"

They both exclaimed, "Yes, Yes, intestines."

We laughed. 

The radio volume was low, but Mom could hear the screaming lines of the song in the background:

I Said Hey, What's Going On??? 

Was chuckling to herself in her seat. Glanced at the digital clock on the dashboard. It showed 9:48am. No, she couldn't possibly explain the humor to the russian friends. 

They wouldn't understand. 

That was probably YOUR respond. 

Like : 

Say What??? 


My Super-Dog? 

Named after Intestines? 

What's -- Going -- On??? 


Grin. Now that's really funny. :D

(continue on the next call : 24)