Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Call 227 : ORANGE CAGE

Hello Son,                                                 (continue from Call 226)
Aunty Carol came over for dinner this evening. 

Grandma is at the mall with a friend. 

Aunty C said, "I have something to show You ..." 

and showed Mom the following photo in Aunty C's cellphone. 

Aunty Carol took this photo at the Gardens Mall on Sunday 29th.

Oh My ... Is she serious?

An orange bird cage ???

Mom's eyes must have lit up, "Where did You see this?"

Aunty C said, "Gardens ... last Sunday ... " 

After her facial appointment apparently, your Aunty C was walking around at the Gardens Mall when she saw the orange cage.

Oh Wow ... 

Mom told You about her bird cage story on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th in Call 226 ... This orange bird cage means that on Sunday, when Aunty C and Mom (and Dad) were at the mall, we had TWO bird cage inciDANS. 

Mom saw one, and your aunt saw one.

Yes ... TWO ...

Two bird cages on that Sunday ...


Give her a moment please.

"E equals to am see squared" is shooting stars in her head right now ...

Call 226 : Big Prawns 

Yes Daniel, You were certainly with us that day at the mall. :D


Call 226 : BIG PRAWNS

Hello Son,

Sunday, May 29

Dad and Mom met up with Grandma and Aunty Carol at a coffee shop for brunch. Justine was attending a church activity at the waterpark. 

After stuffing ourselves, Aunty C, Dad and Mom drove to the mall. Grandma went to her friend's place for mahjong.

1. At The Mall

It was early. About 11 am in the morning. We were strolling around at the mall when we came to the center court. 

Oh my, would You look at the huge pirate ship that is on display?

To promote Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Mom thought of your Pirate Ship ...

Your sister, at the time of Mom writing this entry, says she remembers the both of you playing with this pirate ship.

Dad says You must have been about 2 or 3 years old at the time. Mom thinks we bought this for You on your 1st birthday. You could go through God's filing cabinet and check your file for the exact date. :D

Remember the bad people ? :D

2. Jack Sparrow
Seeing Jack Sparrow on several banners triggered an instant memory ...

Mom had written about a little sparrow in your Hello-Son blog a few months ago.
Call 35 : Little Sparrow

Your eye is on the sparrow

And Your hand, it comforts me

From the ends of the earth

to the depths of my heart

Let your mercy and strength be seen

Truly Daniel, all kinds of everything reminds Mom of You. Everything ... every single thing.

3. Flower Balls

OMG ... What are the chances? 

Mom just googled "vector cute sparrow" for a nice image of a sparrow and saw the above image immediately upon clicking. Those pink flower-balls are like the ones we planted in your garden on your 15th month in April, last month. Honestly, what are the chances of coming across a picture of a sparrow perched upon the same flowers and of the same color as the ones we planted in your garden? 

In the first place, Mom is not aware that the flowers we planted are imitation of real flowers. Oh Wow ... this is really deep ... even for your mother. :D

 Your Flower Garden

Imagine, Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) from 21 JumpStreet (TV series), on a promotional banner in a shopping mall could lead her to a ZAP! 

What a coinciDANS.

And 21???

A double coinciDANS???

Take notice ... He's near ... :D

Anyway, just when her thoughts were focused intensely on her son, the next inciDAN happened. :D Of course, the sparrow banner was just to get her attention then ...

Aunty C and Mom were walking away from the center court. Dad was not with us. Aunty C had in fact asked, "Did Bryan just left us and went shopping by himself?" 

Chuckle. :D

In fact, Mom had sent Dad a text message the moment she saw the pirate's ship on display. 

"Did you see son's pirate ship?" she had texted quickly.

Dad's immediate reply, "Yes, took some photos. :)"

Good Good ...

4. Free T - Shirt

OMG ... your mother just googled "vector treasure" (for a picture of a pirate's treasure chest) and came across the above image which zapped her. 


Why, that's YOU ... :D 

Oh My Gosh ... honestly, what are the chances of coming across TWO images that are connected to You, upon the first click of the mouse? Your mother did not even need to scroll. Both the images were just right there for her to spot.

You really know how to make your presence felt, Son ... :D 

5. Call for Aunty Carol

So anyway ... 

Aunty C and Mom were walking around the shops, when your aunt mentioned that her facial appointment was at 4 pm. Her saloon is one of the outlets in the mall.

Mom commented, 

"4 pm? It's only 12:30 pm now..."

You must have heard your aunt reply, 

"I feel like calling the saloon and ask if I can go earlier."

Mom urged, "You should. Call them la ..."

"Yeah, I think I will ..." Aunty C had said, but made no effort in making the call. You must have heard that second reply too because less then 10 walking steps later, Aunty C's handphone rang.

Would You believe it? It was the Saloon.

Mom mouthed the OMG, as your aunt confirmed her appointment that day, and at the same time asked them if she could go earlier. She ended the call shortly, turned to Mom and said that her appointment was brought forward to 2:30 pm.

OMG ...

Mom said, "You just said You wanted to call them a minute ago, and they called You. OMG ... check out the timing. Dans must have whispered to someone ..."

Aunty C said with a big grin, "Impressive." :D

Yes Son ... that was pretty impressive. :D

6. Orange Pancake Place

We decided to rest for a bit at this pancake eatery since we have about 2 hours before the facial. We have never been to this pancake shop. It is fairly new.

We took a table. Dad pulled out his chair. 

Look what he found? Table number 14.

1 Am Number 4 is certainly with us. :D 

Dad took the above picture with Mom's cellphone.
Had he taken it with his own cell, the table number would have been a bright orange. However, with Mom's cell, it's ... uh ... orange without flash. :D

Mom was flipping through the menu when she stopped at this Halo - Halo page ... 

How strange ...

Halo - Halo ???

Two hellos???

On Friday, she had a HELLO CAB inciDAN, and a few minutes ago, Aunty C had a call from the saloon we both know have something to do with You. Two hellos.

Halo-Halo ...

Wow, You really know what's going on, don't cha? 

How could we not feel your presence, Daniel? 

You are just everywhere! :D

Call 225 : Hello Cab

No wonder we were lured to this shop. 
The outlet is a deep orange ...

The waiters are in orange ...

Aunty Carol has a smile for You ...

Look what color is behind our seats? 
Behind us was orange, in front of us was orange, waiters waiting on tables were in orange ...

Orange Orange Orange ... 

How could we not to think about You? :D

7. Bird Cage

Aunty C left us about 10 minutes before her appointment at 2:30 pm. Dad and Mom walked to the supermarket. 

Along the way, we passed this cute gift shop. Mom instantly saw a bird cage hanging down in front of her eyes. 

Dad saw Mom reaching for her cellphone and immediately said, "Don't take ..."  


Mom dragged her feet. Dad walked on. She found herself walking back to the shop. She picked a nice spot, right in front of the little shop, and stood there, pretending to check her text messages. 

You must have been shaking your head when You saw your mother in action, huh. 

Call 134 : Bird Cage

"I don't know who that woman is. I've never seen her in my whole life," You must have said to the other angels. :D

C'mon, You must know your mother has to take a picture of the bird cage

A bird cage ...



Tell You why later. Be patient. 

There's a reason. Wait for it.

Don't disturb. Shhhhh ...

Anyway, when no one was looking, and nobody was passing through, she angled her cell and quickly took a snap shot ... darn the loud clicking sound ... turned on her heels and fled the scene. :D

Dad saw. Uh-oh ... 

Mom turned to look here and there and everywhere except your father's direction. 

It's so easy ... :D   >.<

Your words were ringing through your mother's ears. It's so easy ... 

Hehehe ... Yeah, it so is ... :D

Dad was not amused.

There are 2 bird cages but Mom can only see one in this photo. Can You spot them? 
One is in between the head of the boy in green and the blue stuffed toy ... and the other??? (shrugs)

 warehouse sale in ampang

On Friday 27th... 

Justine was at the dental clinic. While waiting for her, Mom was browsing around this big warehouse clearance sale. Despite several bird cages being displayed at the entrance to the warehouse, your mother had missed them. She did not see them at all, believe it or not. After walking about for about 10 minutes, she decided there was nothing interesting, and walked to a cafe to wait for your sister.

Your sister only came out of the dental clinic some 2 hours later. We were walking to the car, when we passed the warehouse again. Justine for some reason stopped right in front of this toy section, and that was when Mom saw the bird cages

Gasp! OMG ... She had passed this toy section earlier. It was right in front of the entrance into the warehouse. You have to pass through here, which she did. Yet, she didn't see the bird cages. 

You must have whispered, "Jus, bring Mom to the bird cages." :D

 at the cafe 

On Saturday 28th ...

Dad and Mom were waiting for a friend at the above cafe in Taman Desa. That was our first time at this place. We were sitting, facing the entrance of the cafe, with our backs against the glass-counter. 

At one point, Mom had turned to look at the back, when she spotted in surprise, the 2 bird cages against the red display shelf. :D

On Sunday 29th ...

Now You understand why Mom had to take that photo of the bird cage in the mall? Friday, Saturday and Sunday ... a bird cage had come her way. It's not an everyday occurrence.

She sure felt You near, Son ... :D

Everything's been planned very nicely, she thinks. How You could have gone into a large bird cage to take a photo (in Call 134), Mom will never understand. 

Now she does ... 

8. Big Prawns

Oh, this one ... Mom has to tell You. 

This is really funny. 

We were at the supermarket. 

Dad asked, "Wanna get some prawns?"

Mom said okay.

We walked to the seafood section.

There was a lady who seemed to be taking a long time choosing her prawns. Mom saw the lady's plastic bag. It was almost half full already with large prawns. Still, the lady was slowly picking and selecting, one by one, very carefully.

Since the lady and her girl were at the prawn iced tray-box (What do You call these things?), Mom went to pick up a piece of salmon instead, handed it over to the fish-guy to weigh, and added that to the cart.  

There's no need to crowd ...

The lady was still at it with the prawns ...

Mom walked over to Dad and said in low tones, 

"That woman is taking all the big prawns."

Dad looked over her shoulder, and made a face.

A few minutes later, the lady walked away from the prawn tray.

Ah finally ... 

Mom's turn. She grabbed a pair of tongs, picked up the first prawn, scrutinized it a bit before putting it back down. The head was falling off. 

She picked up a second one. Looked at it. 

Dropped it down. Too small. 

Picked up a third one. Nope, no good.  Let it go.

The color was off.

Let's see. How about this one? The forth one. 

No, not big enough.

The fifth one? Flesh was too soft.

Sixth? Turned it left and right. Hmm, this one looks okay ... She dropped her first prawn into her plastic bag. Let's look for another one. 

Man, that lady has really grabbed all the big prawns, she had grumbled to herself. As your mother continued her stringent selection, the lady with the big prawns came back.

What? She wants some more? Mom had thought coldly.

Boy, You will not believe what happened next. The lady overturned her plastic bag and dropped all her lovely big prawns back into the iced tray.

Oh My ... Why la ... What happened?

Mom turned to look at her. 

The lady looked back and said simply,  

"I don't want ... Too big..."

Did -- You -- hear -- that???

Too big???

Mom smiled - warmly ... 

The minute she left, Mom gasak all the large prawns. :D No, no, she didn't go overboard. She only picked 14 pieces.

You must have seen your mother gleefully telling Dad what had just happened. Dad couldn't believe it. 

He said, "Must be too expensive - she bought so much." Yeah, half a plastic bag full. She should have just picked 14 pieces. Grin.

"Son must have told the woman to put back all the prawns ... Hehehehe ..." 

She couldn't stopped grinning to herself. 

Oh my goodness. Is that cute or what? 

9. Green Apples

That prawn inciDAN reminded Mom of an apple inciDAN two Fridays ago at the Night Market in our area. 

Dad was also with Mom at the time. 

She wanted to buy some green apples. 

16 apples for RM10

There was a pile of green apples on the wooden tray. Is that right? A pile of apples? 

Anyway, Mom was taking a mighty long time just finding the first nice looking apple ... and she couldn't. 

Dad, after getting some oranges, came over to her side, carelessly picked up some apples and tossed them into the basket. 

Your mother was horrified.

Eh, that one cannot la ...

There's a mark on that one ...

This one has no stem ...

Look, bruised here ...

Bad, the green is faded ...

You must have seen your mother taking the apples, one by one, out of the basket.

You know what happened next? 


The seller called out to Dad (in chinese). 

He  brought out a box from somewhere ... 

Mom did not see from where. Dad went over.

Then, Dad called Mom to go over.

Dad said, "Fresh box, just arrived ..."

Oh my ... The seller had brought out a new box. Mom peered into the box. Perfect apples with stems, the right green shade, with nice smooth texture greeted her. Aww, that nice kind man. She felt like buying the whole box ... but she couldn't.

Dad said, "Don't be crazy ..." :S

In the car, Mom told Dad, 

"That was Daniel's doing ..." :D

You must have whispered to the apple-man :

Bring out the fresh apples, Uncle ...

Dad was like, "Yeah, I know ..." :D

That was so cute. Mom did not want to mention about this apple inciDAN earlier because it was an isolated incident. However, not anymore after the prawn inciDAN. TWO shopping inciDANS. 

Chuckle. That was You alright. 

Nobody, nobody but chiu ... :D

Call 109 : Nobody Nobody

Thank You Son ... for shopping with us and for always making your presence felt. :D

Praise God for He is good. :D

Friday, May 27, 2011

Call 225 : HELLO CAB

Hello Son,

This morning, on the way to college, we were trailing slowly behind this car. Traffic was slow for some reason and we were behind this car for quite a while. 

Mom found herself doing some mental maths before blurting out excitedly :




"Daniel is saying HI to You, Jus ..."

Your sister grinned and nodded. This morning, she is wearing your ring around her neck. Mom had commented, as she has not seen it the past few weeks.

Turning into Brickfields area, the song:

Today I don't feel like doing anything ...

came on the radio. 

"Eh, your song ... Your brother is giving you your song, Jus ..." Mom said with a smile. Then ...

"OMG, look at the time!" Mom pointed.

It was 7:52 am. 

Decode : 14

Station 95.8.

Decode : 4

Truly, 1 Am Number 4 is with us ... :D

Justine was singing along happily. It really is amazing how You guide us step by step and introduce new zaps ...

Call 222 : Dan Red

The song nicely ended just as we turned into the entrance of the college where your sister normally gets off. The song was really meant for her, and she had to hear the whole of it before getting out of the car. 

On the dot timing ... which reminded Mom about the Wind Beneath My Wings which ended right on the dot at Aunty H's gate ... last Friday 20th.

Call 224 : Holy Croissants

Hmmm ... TWO on - the - dot - timing songs??? 

A definite clear coinciDANS ... :D

Mom reversed the car and drove out. She had just turned left at the traffic lights when a red cab smoothly cut in, right in front of her.

Zzzzzaaaa -- pppp !!!

O --- M --- G ...


Awww ... Hello Son ... :D ... Mom said aloud.

You must have seen your mother scrambling to get her handphone out of her bag to take a snapshot. Honestly, she has never seen a HELLO at the back of a cab before this. 

Dad said the same thing ... when Mom told him later at home.

It sure is good to feel You near, Daniel ... :D ... 

Mom said to Dad, 

"He's so cute ... First, he gets our attention with the car ... then he says Hi to Justine with her song at his angel time ... and then right after that, he sends a HELLO cab to me ... How cute is that?"

OMG ... Honestly, how -- cute -- is -- that???

Very cute ...

Very very cute ... :D

Call 180 : Hello Jason

Mom arrived home about 20 minutes later. She went straight to the computer, turned it on, checked your blog and the entry posted yesterday (Call 224 : Holy Croissants). Sipping her hot coffee, she noted some errors on the entry, made the amendments ... 

Everything was as normal, as normal could be.

Then, some 10 minutes later, believe it or not, but your mother heard children singing in a distance ... the sound was coming from the primary school nearby our condo ... and OMG, guess what ... the children were singing :

Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Mom called out to Dad, 

"Hear that? Somewhere Over The Rainbow ..."

Dad heard it. 

Mom was speechless after that ... but not for long.

Oh Wow Son ... 

Yesterday, your mother had called You on  

Call 224 : Holy Croissants ...

Under subtitle : 

(10) Wind Beneath My Wings

she had specifically said :

"A sad sigh escapes ... and slowly travels upwards through the interspace between mother and son to reach heaven's gates that's ...

Somewhere Over The Rainbow ...

Knock Knock ..."

The children singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow sure felt like You were giving your mother a response. A hundred and one songs they could have sung, but they had to sing this one at that particular time???

Would You just check out the immaculate timing? 

Your mother was on your call blog, doing stuffs to Call 224 ...when that song came on. Had she driven to the shops to buy breakfast, or go home but do housework instead of getting on to your blog, and in particular Call 224, she would not have made the connection. 

Not only that, but You had specifically called out to her with the HELLO cab.

It's like You were responding ...

Hi Maa, I heard the knock ... :D:D:D

How incredible is this? OMG ...

Thank You Lord, 

for this beautiful Mother and Son bond. <3 

It's totally amazing ...

Thank You Son ... Mom cannot believe You just gave her a response all the way from heaven. :D 

Call 195 : Believe, Mom

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hello Son                              (continue from Call 223)

Friday, May 20

1. Tune Hotel, Penang


We checked out of the hotel just before 10 am. 

Notice the room number?

806 ...

Decode : 14

We definitely had an angel watching over us last night. 

Thank You Son ...

Mom had read the words on the wall (the words below the room number) the night before and decided she didn't like the saying.  This is supposed to be inspirational?

"Sometimes loss is a gift that helps us love and appreciate all of the things we still have ..."

What nonsense ...

The person who wrote that sure did not lose a child ... 

Maybe he or she lost a ... a ... what - pencil?

Ooooohhhhhh ... Mom hears You and sees your trembling hands ...

Oh alright, note the un-graciousness. She's sorry for being such a grouch first thing in the morning. She's probably hungry ... :D 

Argh, who is she kidding? She was traveling on Thursday and Friday, and did not have time to call You ... that's the real reason behind all the PMS ...  :(


We had breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. 

The place was quite packed with patrons. It was after 10 am. 

Don't people go to work anymore?

Move aside people ... Here comes Grumpy ... :S

Dad waved us to a table right at the far end of the coffee shop. 

Aunty H and Mom  made our way there.

Table 19 ...

Decode : 44

Guess who's joining us for breakfast?

Your mother's spirits were lifted immediately. :D You always know what to do to bring a smile on our faces. That has always been your special gift, Daniel ... and it would seem that it continues to be so ...

Anyway, Dad had noodles whilst Aunty H and Mom both ordered fried kuey teow. After breakfast, we walked back to the car. 

Passing a bakery, Dad commented with a sigh, 

"Daniel would love that ..."

Mom turned to Dad and gave him an exaggerated bored look, before brushing that remark off like ... 

Like a gangster ... :D

"Ma, I'm a gangster ..." your exact words, 
when You came home from school in Primary One.

"Where Daniel is today, he doesn't crave for those anymore. C'mon, his croissants are baked by Mother Mary in heaven's kitchen oven..." Her hands were all over the place trying to emphasize her croissant-point. :D

Why, You were probably slapping creamy butter and heaven grown strawberry jam on your croissant as she spoke. :D

We had a taste of those wonderful croissants when we were in Lourdes, remember? Mama Mary's territory ... Honestly, those yummy holy  croissants did seem like something You would get in heaven. :D

Dad chuckled.

He's having the best time of his life, Mom added silently.

You are. She knows. No need to question how, who, why, when and where. Yawnnn ...

It's a Mother's intuition. <3

3. Crocodile Rock

Approaching the car, Mom asked Dad if he has a nail clipper in his overnight toiletries' pouch. Mom had chipped a nail only God knows doing what. 

Dad said no. 

Mom said, "I always carry a nail clipper in my pink bag ... you know the pink crocodile bag ... but it's not there ..." 

Dad said he didn't take it and to remind him to buy one at the mall later. Yeah, we're going to hang out at one of the cafes at the mall before going back.

We hopped in the car. Dad started the engine. Mom switched on the radio. Would You believe it but immediately, two words that came on were ...

Crocodile Rock ... 

from the song Crocodile Rock.

Mom pointed excitedly at the time, "Look! 10:44 am ..."

Dad saw it. Good, good ... a witness.

OMG !!! What are the chances??? 

Honestly, what are the chances??? 

"He wants to be in the conversation too ... Awww Son ..." 

Mom laughed. 

"Can You imagine that??? I just mentioned crocodile like, two minutes ago! Check out the angel timing ... OMG ..." she felt dizzy with happiness. :D

Her earlier grouchy mood was all forgotten. See how easily You cheer us up? Even at this impossible distance, You can cheer your mother up. Truly, truly, truly, God has given us a way ... :D

Praise the Lord ... <3

4. Call Me

We were soon on the way to Queensbay Mall.

At one point, there was a brief one line preview of the next few songs that would come on the radio ...

Mom heard it ... it was brief, but she heard the line like she was so meant to hear it ...

Call me call me anytime ... (Blondie)

Mom found herself blurting out, 

"Call me Call me anytime ... You heard that?"

Dad grinned and nodded. :D The time was 10:55 am.

No, no, it wasn't a ZAP time, but that's okay ... that CALL ME line was ZAP enough. :D Mom's not that unreasonable la ... She doesn't expect You to give her purrrrrfect angel time ...

every - single - time ...

Pause ...

Uhhh, actually, she does ... (pretend to look sheepish here) ... 

She does expect that ... (smirk a beeet) ...

Having said that (clear throat please) ... 

It's quite clear who this CALL ME line is from (wink) ... 

It can only be from ... (drum roll)

1 AM NUMBER 4   ...   :D

5. The Mall

We arrived at the mall a few minutes later. 

Dad drove up up up to the car park floor ... which coinciDANtally starts from level 4. See the nearest available parking bay from the entrance Dad was driving in ...

Aunty H was the first to notice the D4 on the pillar ... 

Mom said, "Daniel's saying Hi." :D

There were smiles all around ... See how easy it is for You to make people happy? :D Chuckle. Seriously Son, we felt your presence ... Mom knows You were / are with us.

6. Gentle Rain

We left Penang about 3 pm. 

By 6:30 pm, we arrived in Tapah. 

We stopped by Tapah Rest Area for a coffee break. About half an hour later, we resumed our journey home.

Mom was sitting behind with Aunty Hayley. It's easier to talk without having to turn her head back and front which would have given her a headache.

At one point, she found herself turning to glance at the digital time on the dashboard. You must have whispered to your mother to look at the time right at the moment, because when she did, she saw TWO things happened simultaneously. 

CoinciDANS, we call it.

It's Me, You call it ... :D

First, the time which was then 6:43 changed to 6:44 pm and second, gentle showers began dropping on the window screen...

At the same time.

OMG ... That was amazing ...

When it involves angel timing, she knows YOU have something to do with it. On her own, there was no way she could have witnessed anything so magnificent.

Tomorrow, the next day (Saturday 21st) would be your 16 month in Heaven. The gentle rain reminded Mom instantly about the song Justine sang for You at your garden on your 13th month.

How gentle is the rain
that falls softly on the meadow ...

Birds high up in the trees 
serenade the clouds with their melody ...

Oh, see there beyond the hills, 
the bright colors of the rainbow ...

Everything seemed to be pretty normal. Dad was driving. Aunty H was checking her facebook account on her blackberry. Mom got herself going non-stop with her kuaci (sunflower seeds) like there was a time frame to finish the packet. :D

7. Rainbow

Suddenly, quite suddenly, Mom gave a yelp of surprise!


A beautiful rainbow had appeared in the sky, right in front of our eyes ...  like we were driving towards it.

She scrambled unceremoniously for the camera ... 

very kelam-kabut lo ... 

when she finally got the camera out of the pouch, she dropped on her knees and wriggled in between the front seats, leaning as far as she could to the windscreen, to take a few shots.

This is the first shot. Aiyah Dad, turn on the wiper faster ... quick quick quick!
See the rainbow? On the middle part of the extreme right side ...
The camera's time : 19:07 pm.

Decode : 44

The day before (Thursday) when traveling in the car, Aunty Jessie had told us 
that Idol Lauren was singing IF I DIE YOUNG ...

Call 222 : Dan Red

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You

As she stands under my colors

Awww Son, what a perfect rainbow to celebrate your 16th month!

You're somewhere over the rainbow, aren't You? :D

8. Going Gets Tough

Truly, that was a precious treat, Daniel ... 

Thank You Jesus for that. Tomorrow (Saturday 21st) being your 16th month, Mom thinks ... correction, knows ... this rainbow is to remind us that you're safe and happy with the Lord. :D 

Let's toast to that, yah? 

It took a while for your hyperactive Mom to settle down after the rainbow excitement. 

At 7:21 pm, the song ...

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going ...

had come on the radio. Gee, she used to think this was a highly motivational line. She's wiser now. In fact, she feels an immediate lethargy when she hears this going gets tough line. This line should be reserved for people in uniform ... like soldiers maybe. 

Not for mothers. 

For mothers, the better line would be when the going gets easy ...

9. I Believe In Angels

We were approaching the KL toll, when the song : 

I HAVE A DREAM came on. 

The time was 7:50 pm. 

Station  105.7.

Decode : 4

Mom recognised it instantly and said out loud : 

"OMG, I believe in angels ..."

Call 32 : Noisy Chopper


I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail

I believe in angels
Something good in everything I see 
I believe in angels
When I know the time is right for me
 I'll cross the stream, I have a dream

10. Wind Beneath My Wings

How perfect it was to hear I believe in angels ... 

some 40 minutes or so, after seeing a rainbow. :D This angel line is repeated several times in the song. You can't miss it, even if You want to. Yes Son, we believe in angels. Of course we do ... 

Your whole life has had angel influence. A Higher Hand is always guiding us, we know. God loves us, we know that too ... just that we need to be reminded some times just how much. :D

God doesn't mind, right? :D

Anyway, a few minutes before reaching Bangsar area (Aunty H's house), Wind Beneath My Wings solemnly filled the car, before seeping into your mother's heart. 

The time was 8:05 pm. 

Decode : 4

That's YOU ... :D

She had a feeling You would end the journey with a nice song-message. See how You lead us, step by step, until we get this final message? How awesome huh ...

It must have been cold there in my shadow
To never have sunlight on your face
You were content to let me shine, that's your way
You always walk a step behind

So I was the one with all the glory
While you were the one with all the strain
A beautiful face without a name for so long
A beautiful smile to hide the pain

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
And everything I would like to be
I can fly higher than an eagle
For you are the wind beneath my wings

It might have appeared to go unnoticed
But I've got it all here in my heart
I want you to know, I know the truth, course I know it
I would be nothing without you

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be
I could fly higher than an eagle
For you are the wind beneath my wings

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?
You're everything, everything I wish I could be
Oh, and I, I could fly higher than an eagle
For you are the wind beneath my wings
Cause you are the wind beneath my wings

Oh, the wind beneath my wings
You you you, you are the wind beneath my wings
Fly fly fly away, you let me fly so high
Oh you you you, the wind beneath my wings

Fly fly so high against the sky
So high I almost touch the sky
Thank you, thank you
Thank God for You, the wind beneath my wings

The song ended right on the dot when Dad pulled up onto Aunty H's driveway. 

Honestly, ON -- THE -- DOT! 

The song ended and Aunty H took out her remote to open the gates. You really are good with your timing, aren't You? Those many hours on video games on earth certainly did teach You something about precision. 

Mom turned the radio off. She didn't need to hear anymore. She has your message for today. What an incredible song to end our journey. 

Thank You, Thank You ... 

Thank God for You ...
The wind beneath my wings ... <3

Your mother must confess that as she was typing out the lyrics, she somehow found her vision blurring. 

Blink Blink Blink. 

A sad sigh escapes ... and slowly travels upwards through the interspace between mother and son to reach heaven's gates that's ...

Somewhere over the Rainbow ...

Knock Knock ...

Only God knows what this song is doing to her. 

We love You, Daniel ... and we're thinking about You as You celebrate your 16 month tomorrow (Saturday 21st) with Jesus and Mother Mary and all the angels and saints in heaven.

Keep the ZAPs coming, Son ...