Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hello Son,

That's the tee shirt Mom was telling You about. The HELLO tee. Isn't it strange that we kept this tee of Justine's from primary school? To Love Somebody is now blasting on Mom's headphones. 

You don't know what it's like, baby
You don't know what it's like
To love somebody
To love somebody
The way we love You <3

Here's Mama with her birthday cake on Saturday night. An awesome cinnamon-chocolate cake by Justine. :D Mama's just turned 77 years old. We only put on 7 candles. She didn't mind. We think we may have scattered just about 77 rainbow star sprinklers on the cake. :D There's You watching her. :D
Mama is tickled after successfully blowing ALL her candles in ONE pHooooHoOoOo-oOooh breath. Dad announces at the table before the Birthday Song that Mama's birthday is actually on Sept 29 and that she's 74 years old. Mama corrects Dad, and says, Sept 27 and she's 77, not 74. Aiyohhh Dad ... Yeah Son, Mom's sentiments exactly.
We are enjoying our birthday dinner. :D
Wish You are with us tonight, Son.
We all miss your enthusiastic HmmMmm-mMm.

Here's Justine's delightful cake. She's adding a new ingredient for this cake - cinnamon. Nice. We are sprinkling STARS today because STARS remind us of You ... since You're among them ...
Jus says, The ORANGE STARS are for You. <3
(click on the description box for the lyrics)

After dinner on Saturday night, Aunty Carol and Justine put on a FRIENDS DVD. Kish is with them. Amah and Mama seem to be in deep conversation about Najib, Anuar and the Maid. In that order.

After a while, Kish waddles over to the grandmothers and choose to sit by their feet, her head tilting up watching them. Mom thinks she wants to voice her opinion about the maid too. The maid after all takes care of her, or attempts to take care of her, when Aunty C has to work late some nights. 

We are not sure about this but we think the maid may have stepped on Kish at one point in time when Aunty C thought Kish was having arthritis and joint pains, and was clearly limping. Aunty C says Kish cannot put on weight because her legs are now weaker and cannot support her body if too heavy.

So Aunty C tells Kish that starting tomorrow (Sunday), Kish will have to go on a diet. And exercise more. Maybe eat more fish. Fish? No wonder sometimes, she behaves like a cat. Manja and all. 

On top of that, Jus had squealed at how round Kish's body is when Kish first stepped into the house this evening. That didn't help her self-esteem at all. 

THAT's when Kish decides to leave Aunty C and Jus with their weight talk, and make her way to the grandmothers. Obviously, she wants to have a more intellectual conversation. :D
Ahh, this I have to tell You, Son ...

A pretty amazing thing happened toward end of Saturday night.

As Mom said earlier, Justine had put on a FRIENDS (DVD). Randomly selected Disc 3 from Season 6. There are 5 episodes in each disc. You remember, right, we always enjoy FRIENDS. Anyway, Aunty C and Jus watched episode 1 (Where Chandler Can't Cry) by themselves. When episode 2 (The One That Could Have Been) was on, we were having cakes. 

Resumed watching FRIENDS. Episode 3 (Unagi) started and Amah was like, Shall we go back (to Aunty C)? Aunty C pretended she didn't hear. Mom heard. 

Episode 4 (Where Ross Dates A Student) came on. 

Amah said again, Carol, tomorrow you're working, it's late ...

Aunty C said, Wait wait, wait, after this ...

It's now 11pm ... Episode 5 (Joey's Fridge) started. Dad and Mom have put away the dishes and we joined everyone at the TV area. This episode, in case You've forgotten, is about Rachel needing a date for a charity event. Monica and Phoebe compete to find her the best escort.

In the middle of the show, Amah was really getting restless, and going, It's late already, Carol. We should get going.

Aunty C persisted and insisted, This is the LAST one, LAST one, LAST one. No more after this.

So we were all watching. Even Mama, even though she doesn't really understand English. And then, just before the the show ended, Chandler said a line that made us all yell out.

He said, "What kind of guy has a name like SEBASTIAN? Isn't that like a CAT's name or something???"

We all caught the name, and instinctively reacted, yelling out, SEBASTIAN, in unison. 
Mom : Heard that? OMG, SEBASTIAN.
Amah (laughing away) : Eh SEBASTIAN. 
Justine (shrieks) : SEBASTIAN hahahahaha
Dad (amused) : SEBASTIAN ... Aunty Jessie's cat.
Mama (blur) : Ping-kor (who is) SEBASTIAN?

By end of the night, just before we ended the night, all of us had called out Sebastian's name. Even Mama, who didn't know that Sebastian is now with You. He went on Thursday (Sept 30).

No one had mentioned about SEBASTIAN the whole evening. And all of a sudden, everyone blurted out his name. That was pretty astounding. Immediately the image of You carrying Seb appeared in Mom's mind. Mom thinks You want us all to give Seb a thought and to let us know that he is with You. The HELLO tee in the morning and the DVD at night. We felt your presence, Son. That was quite a SEBASTIAN moment.

Had Aunty C agree to leave early, we would have all missed that. Someone must have whispered to Aunty C to stay on and finish all the episodes. It was kinda crazy if You think about it, watching all the episodes that night of Disc 3. Also, someone must have whispered to Jus which disc to put on. :D

Oh, You and your favourite cat in the whole wide world ... :D

You both leave us speechless ...