Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hello Son,

Gosh, it's been like 10 days since Mom last called You. Mom wanted to call on Saturday 26th - her usual call days. However that day, we had Parents' Day in school. After the event, she was too tired to do anything.

It's been amazing how You drop little signs and zaps to remind your mother time and again, that You are right beside her.

Amazing, really amazing.

Also, as You know, your mother's computer crashed and till today, has not been replaced. Justine's using her lap top for revision purposes and Mom doesn't want to disturb (hurry) her.

Today, something happened that made Mom worried ... very worried. At one point today, she thought her connection with her son had come to an end. OMG ... that was so - scary.

For the past few days, Mom has been like, "I have to call Son tonight ... it's been 6 days ..."

Then ...

It's been 7 days ...

It's been 8 days ...

It's been 9 days ...

And today ...

It's been 10 days ...

In the afternoon, Mom told Dad she wanted to go to MidValley. Tomorrow is Grandma's birthday and she wanted to go check out the restaurant that Grandma said she was gonna have her dinner.

So, anyway ...

We reached the shopping mall.

Believe it or not, for the first time in a very very very long time, we COULD NOT FIND A PARKING BAY. After what seemed like, 20 minutes of turning round and round and round from G floor to Basement 1, 2 and 3, Dad finally said, "Let's get out ..."

As Dad was driving around, Mom had in fact called out to You, "Where can we park, Son?"

"Where's our bay, Daniel?"

Dad was like, "C'mon Dans ..."

It just felt so weird ... that all the bays were occupied and not one single vehicle was leaving. Mind You, there are like one thousand bays in the underground parking.

Mom felt quite distressed, to be honest.

She muttered under her breath, "Do you think Son is angry with me? I haven't called him for 10 days.The last call was on his 21st."

Dad said, "Don't be silly. He cannot be angry. Son's in heaven. There's no anger in heaven."

"Then why doesn't he come? I've been calling and calling and calling him ... and nothing."

Dad was silent.

Mom said, "When we do find a parking, we'll check the car number in front ... and we'll know."

No sooner had your mother said that line, in less than 3 seconds, Dad spotted a car coming out of its parking spot. Dad drove into the spot ...  alongside the wall.

Mom said, "Quick. See the number in front. What is it?"

She was afraid to check it herself. If it wasn't her angel sign, she wouldn't be able to get over it.

Dad did not say anything at first.

Mom demanded impatiently, "What's the number? See la, quick ..."

Dad said, "21 ..."



Are you sure???

Mom straightened up, and took a peek at the number plate in front. She couldn't tell whether Dad was kidding or not.

OMG ...

21 ...


How perfect ...

And PDM ???

Why, that's a clear - Phone Daniel, Ma ...

(continue on Sat, Son ... it's only 1032 pm but your mother is nodding off ... Love You, Son ... everywhere we are, there you'll always be ... We'll catch up this weekend ... )

Monday, May 21, 2012

Call 366 : 28th MONTH

Hello Son,                                                                          (continue from Call 365)

Sunday, May 20

Yeah, rainbow like ...

Lord, make me a rainbow 

I'll shine down on my mother


So anyway ...

Dad and Mom dropped Justine and Maid R back at the condo, before driving to town to get your flowers. On the way there, the song WE ARE YOUNG (FUN) came on the radio.

The time was 11:42 am.

Decode : 44

Ah, everywhere we are, there You'll be ... :D

So anyway, there was quite a bit of traffic in town. Approaching ChinaTown, Mom could not help but notice the vehicle in front of us. We were at the red lights. 

She pointed it out to Dad.

Decode : 44

Mom had to smile. 

Code 44 : Everywhere we are, there You'll be. :D

A second vehicle swerved in front of us. 

Mom said in humor, "66 - that's me. JCC? Jesus Christ's Connection. Hah - You saw that? The 1st car was 44 and now 66. My son is practically having a conversation with me."

A cab soon made its way in front of us. 

Mom saw the number plate and exclaimed, "Hey, that's 4."

Why, that's like 444 in a row. 

Mom said with a smile, "HBA - Heaven's Best Angel ..." :D

Grin ...

Before long, we were following the above green cab.


Decode : 14

Mom said in jest, "HWD - Daniel's Watching from Heaven ..." 


Why, You're practically escorting your parents to the departmental store to get your flowers.

Anyway ... we got your flowers. 

We arrived at your garden at 12:02 noon.

What's with all the angel numbers today, huh?

Mom and Dad's ...

At your garden, whilst Dad was tidying up your plot, and Mom was getting the candles, an old man on a bike stopped by. He came down and started to talk to us. At first, Mom ignored him, hoping he'd leave us alone. The old man said, he has come to you garden several times to admire the flowers and had always wondered who the family was, and now he has finally met us. 

He said, "Tuhan sangat sayangkan dia ..."

(God loves him very much)

That brought a smile to your mother's face. She thanked him instantly. He said that again another two times, before he said he didn't want to "ganggu" (disturb) us anymore and left.

Hmmm ...

A message from heaven, perhaps? She'll never know. She must confess though, hearing that line from a strange man ... was somewhat - heartwarming.

We left at 1:11 pm. That was the time on the dashboard when Dad started the car. 

Mom said, "Wah, 1:11 pm ... that's 21. How perfect ..." 

VIDEO GAMES came on at 1:14 pm. 

Decode : 24

Oh Wow Son, 21 and 24 just after we left your garden. That was surely YOU, reminding us just how near You are. The VIDEO GAMES got Dad started about You and your video games period. 

Mom said, "We're now like the objects in his video games ..."

We drove back to Taman Desa, to one of the cafe for a quick bite. Dad parked the car. Mom got down and walked to the cafe. 

Look what she saw right beside the cafe?


Decode : 4

Mom stopped, chuckling to herself. Dad came over then. 

Mom pointed, saying at the same time, "I just took a photo of 111, and now I see a 1111? And hello, DH? That's definitely Daniel from Heaven ..."


Thanks Son for making your presence felt ... :D

(continue on Call 372)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Call 365 : FAR AWAY

Hello Son,

Monday 21st will be your 28th month away from us. 

Honestly, how time flies flies flies.

Did Mom mention how time flies?

We went for the 8:30 am mass this morning. 

Dad, Mom, Justine and Maid R.

We walked into church about 5 minutes before mass started. 

Today, we did not get to sit together ... for a reason. 

Wait, wait for the reason.  o.o

In fact, at first Dad spotted a row which could take the three of us, Dad, Mom and Justine. Seeing the packed pews as she walked into the church, Mom had motioned for Maid R to sit, when she saw a spot for one, somewhere near the entrance. 

So anyway, there were two people sitting on the extreme right, and one on the left, on that row. The middle portion of the pew was empty. 

Ah, that must be for us ... :D

Your mother's thoughts at first. 


We excused ourselves and slowly made our way in, from the right side of the pew.

Just as we sat down, an old lady sitting on the extreme left, and on Mom's left, said, 

"There's somebody sitting here ..." 

and the old lady pointed to a hymn book that was tucked neatly into the back - of - the - bench - pew - in - front - of - Mom.


Did You get that?

Read that slowly, and picture the scenario, will You please?

Mom had snorted ... silently in her head.

Huhhh! ONE hymn book is allowed to reserve seating space meant for THREE people? Why ... How fat is this person? She stopped short of rolling her eyes.

Annoyed, Mom got up, before muttering to Dad and Justine, 

"Somebody's sitting here ..." 

We got out of that row, and walked forward. The church was quite packed already. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Dad and Mom managed to sit on the pew further up front, with Justine on the row in front of us ... Your sister was sitting directly in front of Mom.

Picture that, could You?

Mass went on.

Hymns came on.

Ears tuned in.

Then, came communion time ...

We got up, row by row, went forward to take the Body of Christ, before going back to our seats. At this point, Mom was kneeling down, whilst Justine was sitting on the pew, in front of your mother.

See the picture?

The communion hymn came on.

Mom started singing ...

Then, came one part when she saw the word FREE among the lyrics that was flashed against the wall ... 

Your mother leaned toward your sister, and sang that FREE word LOUDLY into your sister's right ear. :D:D:D

Hehehe ...:D

You must have shook your head, huh ...

Justine pretended to rub her ear after that ... 

You know, like it hurt.

Hahaha ... :D

Anyway ...

Tomorrow is your 21st, Mom thought to herself ... Seeing that word FREE so unexpectedly, immediately made her think of You in your PINK FREE tee shirt.

She had to smile.

We're going to your garden in a bit, You know that don't You, Daniel? Mom sent a telepathic text straight to heaven. 

Oh, what was she saying? 

Of course, You'd know. 

You know everything now. 

So anyway ... 

After mass, Dad suggested that we had breakfast in SS2. 

We drove there.

Approaching the coffee shop, Dad drove on until we saw the first vacant parking bay which happened to be right at the corner of the row of shoplots, and in front of a bakery. 

Dad parked the car there.

Mom got down .. . and for some reason, decided to check the bakery out. The coffee shop we were supposed to go to was at the back of this row of shops. 

Pause ...

Are You like all confused now?

Can You picture where we were?


So, Mom walked into the bakery ... like normal, and definitely not expecting anything to happen ... when a few seconds later, she spotted a word on the wall that MADE - HER - GASPED. 


OMG ...

Dad, Justine and Maid R at the material time, were waiting outside the bakery. Mom hurried out, and called out excitedly to Dad and your sister, 

"Omg ... Quick ... Come in and take a look ..."

Dad and Justine walked in ... 

No sooner had they stepped in, Mom saw them smile as they looked ahead.

Your sister said, "It's orange too ..."

Believe it or not but the number of this photo is 021.

How not to see the connection?

21 and FREE ...

Mom was breathless when she explained to Dad, "Omg ... I whispered FREE into Justine's ear during mass just now."

Justine said, "Loudly too ..."

Hehehehe ...

Awww Son ... What are the chances? You do know we're gonna visit your garden later, don't You? What are the chances of Mom walking into this bakery and get zapped? You must have reserved the parking lot for us ... right in front of the bakery ... and whispered to Mom to walk in.

We walked to the coffee shop ... a short distance away. 

FREE ...

FREE ...

FREE ...

That 4 letter F word was all she could think of.

You're with us, Mom could tell.  :D

A mother knows.

The menus came. 

Soon, we were ordering our food. 

Mom suddenly noticed the song playing in the background :

I'll be there for you
These five words I swear to you
When you breathe 
I want to be the air for you
I'll be there for you
 I'd live and I'd die for you
Steal the sun from the sky for you
Words can't say what love can do
I'll be there for you

Mom announced, "Heard that? I'll be there for you ... right after we saw the FREE ... C'mon, c'mon, it's so easy ..." :D

"Who's the singer?" Your mother demanded to know.

Dad said, "Bon Jovi ..."

Ah, of course, Bon Jovi ...

I'll be there for you ...

We know, Son ... You'll be there for us ... :D:D:D

Mom was all smiles after that. :D

The next song then came on ...

Justine said immediately, "Daniel used to sing this song ..."

Really? What song was that?

"FAR AWAY by Nickelback," your sister said. 


By Nickelback.

Mom was not that familiar with the song, but that doesn't matter. Justine said You used to sing it. 

You ...

Right after "I'll Be There For You ..."

You ...

It's so easy ...

We were in the middle of our food when KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR came on the air. 

Justine was the first to hear it, and she was like, 

"Marm! Knockin' on heaven's door ..."

It was 10:32 am. 

Decode : 4

For some reason, she forgot to check the time of the first two  songs. Too busy with the menu, she thinks ...

Anyway ...


Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door ...

That line as You'd know, is sung repeatedly ...

Like over and over again ...

Like there's no tomorrow ...

Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door ...

Yeah, that'd be your mother, probably ... >.<

Dad called for the bill. 

The waiter came with the bill.

Mom saw the bill.

Omg ...


Decode : 24 / 4

You ... 

All You ...

Nobody nobody but You ...

We walked back to the car, with Mom basking in the afterglow of all the wonderful zaps from her son in heaven. 

In the car, before shutting the door, Mom took a photo of the bakery. 

Hmmm ... she had not noticed the FREE sign board on top of the shop then.

Funny, how she'd just walked right in to the bakery, right after getting out of the car.

You must have whispered to her.

Check out the bakery, Ma ... :D

We were soon on our way home. 

At one point, Justine blurted out, "Ma!"

Yes, yes, Mom heard ...

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag ...

FIREWORKS by Katy Perry.

Mom pointed to the time on the dashboard. 

It showed 10:49 am.

Decode : 14

Oh Wow, Son, one zap after another ...

Justine sang out loud, "After a hurricane, comes a rainbow ..."

(continue on Call 366)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Call 364 : BUGS THEME

Hello Son,                                                                (continue from Call 363)

It's 12:43 pm on Mother's Day. 

Just came back from having a nice brunch with Grandma, Aunty C and Justine at this French cafe in Taman Desa. We all had pasta and thick creamy soup and now feeling quite fat and lazy. 

Justine's trying to study. Her first paper starts tomorrow. Help your sister, would You please? Go whisper to her the stuffs that she needs to know, yeah?

Mom must continue with her Mother's Day story from Call 363. It wouldn't be complete otherwise. You just gotta know this really unbelievable SIGN that ZAPPED her on the internet yesterday morning (Saturday 12th) because it's just so omg - incredible. 

You ready? 

Okay ...

So anyway, after telling herself to look for a second zap sign from her son since the handsign on Monday 7th ... a whole week just breezed past. 

Of course, don't get your mother wrong ... there were the daily signs ... the unexplained "what are the chances" coinciDANs ... It's just so very awesome that every little thing reminds Mom of You. How's that possible?

Unfortunately, those little signs did not give your mother that zap that is supposed to connect her to the internet message that she discovered on that Monday 7th.

Mom could not think of anything else except that Mother and Son I Love You handsign throughout the week. How awesome for her to stumble upon that image so easily that day.

Then on Saturday, May 12 yesterday ...

teng teng teng ...

Mom was in school. 

She was on Call 362. She had originally intended to tell You about that incredible sign that had zapped her that morning, but was side-tracked when she started talking about the maid.

She was on the computer, checking her emails. There was one new email from Elaine Engerdahl (author of Kinderplans website). Mom had subscribed to Elaine's online newsletter sometime end of last year, and have since been receiving online updates on lesson plans and preschool news from this author every now and then.

She checked the email and saw a new link on BUGS THEME. Clicking from one link to another, she soon found herself on a video. She clicked on the video. 

Mom was not expecting anything exciting. It wasn't a theme she was exactly excited about. Can You blame her? The link is on Bugs, for cryin' out loud. How excited can she get about insects? She did want to find out though whether spiders were classified under bugs. 

Are creepy crawlies, bugs?  

Before she knew it, the video came to an end ... and that was when the ZAP happened. 

OMG ...

When she least expect it ...

Would You believe it but this page turned up after the video ended.

Notice the time at the bottom? 

2.50 / 2:50

Decode : 14

Oh gosh ...

DAN ...


Mom could not help but stare at the screen for a good few minutes.

That Mother and Son handsign ... 

You wanted to know if that handsign is really from me, Ma? You're looking for a second sign? Here it is. :D:D:D

Omg ... That was surreal. 

It really, really, REALLY is from You, Daniel. 

It - CLEARLY - is - from - You.

Gosh, what are the chances? 

Honestly, what are the chances? You must have whispered to Mom to tell her to check her email and to check out the link and the video ... and to wait until the video came to an end. Otherwise, she could have stopped the video mid-way. 

Oh WOW, Son ...


What a lovely message for Mom for Mother's Day. :D

That evening, Mom picked Justine up from the condo to go for dinner. Dad was in Jakarta. We were going to our favourite pan mee coffee shop. 

In the car, Mom was telling Justine about the inciDANs that happened that morning. Then, at one point, Justine reached over to the radio to change the station and guess what ...

WE ARE YOUNG (by FUN) was on.

Mom turned to your sister and said, "Your brother is with us. Mother's Day is tomorrow ..." :D

We turned into the lane where the coffee shop is. It was a long stretch of road. Would You believe it but, every parking bay on our right and left was occupied ... until we arrived at the coffee shop, and spotted an empty bay RIGHT BESIDE the eatery.

"Your brother is definitely with us, Jus," Mom said with a big grin on her face. Your sister grinned back.

We ordered our food and drinks. 

While waiting for our food to arrive, Mom filled Justine in about the inciDANs that had happened during the week (some of which are not written yet on the blog) (no time no time).

Anyway, when we were done with our meal, Mom asked Justine to call for the bill. 

The waiter came to our table, and presented the bill to Justine. Your sister looked at the small piece of paper and dramatically dropped her jaw.

Mom asked, "What?"

Jus said, "RM 21 ..."

Mom was like, "Really? On the dot? Let me see ..."

It can't get any better than this. What a nice close after a series of zaps during the week. 

Especially the one this morning - the DAN zap ...

That is a loud and clear sign that You were / are with us, Daniel.

Yes Son, always and all the time and every other time ... :D

Thank you, Son ... for making your presence felt all the time. 

At the time of writing this entry, Mom could only find this photo we took of You whilst in the USA (from your sister's laptop). You were 10 years old then. Mom's computer crashed and so she is unable to access your photo album. Not to worry though, Dad has a back up file ... just don't know where he kept it. :D

Your sister says that sometimes You have 2 fingers up, and sometimes 3, sometimes thumbs-up and sometimes peace sign. You know what? It doesn't matter ... it doesn't matter how many fingers You put up or down ... because whatever handsign You give us, Daniel, we know now that it means I LOVE YOU ... 

It's that simple. 

It's so easy ... :D

We hear You, Daniel ... Your words from the hospital bed two weeks before You left us. Yes, we hear You loud and clear ... and yes, it's so easy.

Today, on Mother's Day, all the little clues and jigsaw zap puzzles have fallen into place. Can You imagine if it didn't? Honestly, can You imagine if Mom was still looking for the second sign? Aiyoh ... nightmare man, nightmare. You wouldn't let that happen, now would You? Can You imagine if she did not check the BUGS link? She would not have seen the DAN zap ...

Oh Wow ... so meant to be. It's so incredibly amazing. The timing is always so spot on. 

Need to go now, Son. Have to go fetch Dad from the airport.

Thank you, Daniel, for the handsign message. 

We love You too ... Please wish Mama Mary a Happy Mother's Day from all of us back home ... and oh, one last thing (for today), tell Mama Mary, Mom says thank you for - everything.

Mama Mary will know ...

She'll know ... 

She's a mother ...

She'll know ...

Be good and don't stuff yourself on too many cupcakes. :D

Call 363 : MOTHER'S DAY

Hello Son,

Monday, May 7

Earlier in the week, on Monday, May 7 ... 

Mom was on the computer in school, preparing some songs and activities for the week. Our theme was on MOTHER'S DAY ... for obvious reasons. 

Among the daily activities for the week centering on MOTHERS, she had chosen a nice song by Celine Dion for SPEECH & DRAMA - BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME - but had carefully changed the words to reflect the present tense. 

You remember this song, don't You? Mom has told You before that every mother would love to have this song dedicated to her, when You asked once why Mom was teaching such a difficult song to her 6 year olds, three or four years back, during concert time. 

Three or four years ago ...

How fast time flies. Speaking of which, this 21st, You'd be away from us for the 28th month. That's almost like ... what ... a century already. Oh gawd.




Not calling God's name in vain.

Anyway, here are the lyrics:


You are my strength when I am weak

You are my voice when I cannot speak

You are my eyes when I cannot see

You see the best there is in me

You lift me up when I cannot reach

You give me faith 'cause you believe

I am everything I am, Mommy

Because You love Me

By Celine Dion.

So anyway, the plan was to get the kids to recite it along with hand actions and all. 

For this reason, Mom googled for the handsign for mother ... 

and boy oh boy ... 

was she surprised when she saw this image right at the top of the computer screen, second image from the left:

Zzzzzaaaapppp ...

Mom instantly thought of all your photos that she has of You showing this handsign. 

Why, there are several of them. 

No, many ... there are many of them.

So many of them.

She can easily pick 10 photos of You with that ... that - Spiderman - handsign. 

Gosh, how awesome for Mom to find this image as she was looking for the handsign for "mother." You sure know how to make your presence felt, Daniel.

It wasn't until she moved the mouse onto the image that the words at the bottom of the image, popped up. 

Omg, what's this?

What she read left her gasping ... literally. 

Omg ...

You - have - got - to - be - kidding ...

mother - and - son - I - love - you - hand - sign

Omg ...

mother and son I love you handsign?

Omg Omg Omg ...

That was surreal ...

That sure was You saying I Love You, Mom to your mother on the internet. 

Oh gosh ... 

With Mother's Day on Sunday 13th, at the end of the week (it was Monday 7th when she discovered the image), that felt somewhat special, Daniel. You found a way to tell Mom, I Love You, all the way from Heaven. 

Sniff ...

How amazing is that? 

Mom couldn't wait to tell Dad.

She was literally bursting with excitement when she could finally tell Dad. 

"Omg ... all his spiderman handsigns ... all this while ... it's a mother and son I LOVE YOU handsign ... We never knew ... We never knew that ... He's saying I LOVE YOU in all the photos that we have of him with that handsign ... Not just I LOVE YOU ... but I LOVE YOU, MOM ... MOM ... It's a Mother and Son's secret code ... The caption could have stated FATHER AND SON, OR FATHER AND DAUGHTER but no, it did not ... it CLEARLY AND SPECIFICALLY spells out MOTHER and SON ... MOTHER AND SON I LOVE YOU handsign ... OMG OMG OMG ... WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??? NO CHANCE NO CHANCE NO CHANCE ... THIS IS SON TALKING TO ME ... I'm telling you he's talking to me ..." 

He's talking to me ...

Omg ...

And that's the short summary of what Mom said to Dad when she burst out in one thousand words per minute, that evening.

Pause to take a breath ... 

You call that a summary ah, Ma? :D

Haha ... 


Mother's Day is coming. What better time to spot this message than right then? From that moment, Daniel, let Mom tell You that she now sees all your photos with that handsign, in a different light. 

Yeah, You could say the uh, shadow, has been removed.

Before, the most likely caption behind your photos would simply be a "Daniel and his Spiderman handsign" ... but now ... 

Omg now, it's "Daniel saying, I love You, Mom ... " <3

Gosh ...

That is so awesome ...

So very awesome ...

Yet ...

Still ... 

When all the dust of excitement settled, there was a small teeny weeny little DOUBTING THOMAS voice that began to bug her ...

Mom sees You shaking your head here.

Shouldn't there be like - two signs?


If that handsign message is really for her from her son in heaven, there would be two zaps. Remember? That's the rule. 

There must be two zaps for her to know FOR SURE that the I LOVE YOU, MOM message is from You. Having said that, Mom must confess that even if, she did not get a second zap, it doesn't matter. All your photos with the handsign are ZAP enough. 

She's still hugging herself with delight each time she thinks and sees your photo with the (no longer Spiderman, but) I LOVE YOU, MOM handsign.

That's just so incredible.

Mama Mary must have planned this right from the beginning.

(continue on Call 364)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Call 362 : THE MAID

Hello Son,

It's Saturday today. 


Mom's in school.

Dad's overseas. 

Justine's studying at home ... 

and You ... You are ...

What would You be doing on a Saturday morning at 9:33 am? If only your mother could have a little peek at what You are doing right at this moment. 

Let's see ...

Mother's Day is tomorrow. 

Are You doing something special for Mama Mary? The kids at school presented their mothers with a rainbow decorated cupcake, a straw beaded necklace and a really awesome Happy Mother's Day card that's been carefully designed to touch the heart and bring a tear. 

Try beating that. Hah! :D


 (a cute card from the internet)

By the way, school's closed today. 

Mom's here to use the computer ... and to wait for the maid. The maid is doing some cleaning. The desk computer at home has crashed for the final time. That is why it has been difficult, though not impossible, to download her eviDANS for some of the entries the past 2 weeks or so. All the handphone and camera cables are attached to that desk computer at home. She needs to get a new computer. :D

Oh, talking about the maid, Mom's owing an entry about the maid, she knows ... but You know what ... let her tell You about it now in brief.

Okay so let's start by saying that, this maid is God-sent. 

Yes, really. 

OMG really.

Really really.

Mom had a feeling You have a hand in it because on Wednesday, March 21st, 21st being your 25th month anniversary, a phone call came from the maid agency. 

By this time, we have been waiting for the maid for more than 2 months. The several phone calls Mom made to the agent was met with a string of cold and uncommitted replies of :

"We can't confirm the date of arrival ..."

So anyway, Mom was pleasantly surprised to hear the agent say over the phone, "The maid is arriving on Friday." 

That was like, in two days' time then.

Mom called up Dad and told him that the agent called. 

Dad said, "About time. I was gonna go to the agency to tell them off."

Mom continued excitedly, 

"Son is sending me the maid. I know it's him. Today is his 21st. The agent called today. Helloo? Today? He could have called yesterday or the day before yesterday or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow ... but he had to call today ... TODAY ... the 21st." :D

Of course, by the time she was done with her um, submission, Dad was pretty much convinced that You are responsible for delivering the maid to your mother.

So anyway, the maid came on Friday. The agent sent her to school. It was about 3 pm or so in the afternoon.

Upon first introduction, Mom felt she had chosen the right girl. She has a pleasant personality and carries a smile on her face. She's polite and appears to be hard working ... which Mom is happy to confirm that the girl is, at the time of writing.

The agent left about half an hour later.

Mom was showing the maid the kitchen stuff and giving her some instructions .. at the same time asking some casual questions about her background.

Maid R is 23 years old. She looks older for her age though. She eats rice three times a day, always with dried fish, she said. 

Hmmm ... 

Dried fish? And where are we gonna find this dried fish? 

Mom changed the subject abruptly, and asked if the maid has any children. Your mother knows from the biodata that the maid does not have any children. Mom had specified she wanted a maid who's educated, likes working with children and able to do the usual household chores. More importantly, she must be a Catholic.

It would not be possible for us to have a live-in maid of a different faith. Our God is a jealous God. Is He still? There can be no other God for us, your family, but Jesus Christ.

The maid replied, "Yes Ma'am, I have one daughter ..."

One daughter?

What? She lied in her biodata?

" ... but she died." The maid finished quietly.

Oh ...

Time stood still.

Very still ...

W-what did the maid say? You know very well what she said, your mother chided herself impatiently. It was loud and clear. 

The maid's baby girl died. 

It was at that point that Mom knew with a hundred percent certainty that YOU had sent Maid R to her.

"What happened?" Mom asked.

The maid said, "She died 10 minutes after I gave birth to her."

 "When did this happen?" Mom probed further.

The girl said, "Last year, April, Ma'am."


Last --- Year --- April? 

The girl's exact words.

As in 2011, 4?

Decode : 44

Oh My Gosh ...

I picked this maid for You, Ma ... :D

Omg ...

If your mother needed any more eviDANS, it would have to be the following information that the maid supplied freely :

"After that, I take care of a baby, Ma'am ... the mother was sick ... cancer ... leukemia ... until the mother died ... 8 months later ..."

Mom stared at her.

Omg ...

Your mother had to excuse herself as she went back to her desk to plonk herself down on to a seat. Omg ... What are the chances? Mentally, she sent a telepathic message out into the universe, hoping it would shoot straight up to heaven.

It really is You, isn't it, Daniel? You sent this maid to Mom.

Yeah, Ma ... :D

It wasn't until we were at home when Mom spoke to the maid again about the maid's baby. 

Mom said, "You told me earlier that your baby died ... She's alive now with Jesus and Mother Mary ... My son is also with Jesus and Mother Mary ..."

The maid's eyes had widened with surprise.

Your mother continued, 

"Your baby and my son ... they're okay ... they're with Jesus ..."

The maid nodded with a quiet smile, before asking, 

"What happened to your son, Ma'am?"

He had a brain tumor, Mom explained and deliberately chose not to go into the details. Those details are no longer important. What's more important is that, You have called upon the Lord many times since You left, to make You a rainbow so You can shine down on your mother, and she'd know You're safe with the Lord, as she stands under your colors.

Pause to take a breath.

Tsk tsk tsk, drama Ma ... :D

 The Band Perry.

It has been more than a month since You sent Maid R to your mother. This girl really is God-sent. Even Dad commented that Maid R genuinely enjoys taking care of the children.

Thank You, Son ... all her maid worries are now a closed chapter.  

Gonna take a shower now, and continue with the next call in a bit.

Be patient, yah? Back in a bit ...