Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hello Son, 

Lots and lots and lots to tell You today. 

Donno how to start. Not sure where to begin. Dad says, "Don't have to write so long. Just go straight to the point." One thing Mom knows for sure, it's that : It's very difficult to just GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. She doesn't know how to do that.

How do You do that?

She can't. Going straight to the point is not one of her strengths. Nope, definitely not. Not one of her strengths ... this - this - going straight to the point nonsense. :D

Today's facial day

Yesterday, was spa time. In the afternoon (yesterday), Mom went to the hair salon. When Dad came back last night, Mom was grumbling and complaining to Dad. Terrible la, disaster la, this la, that la. What la! You must have heard Mom's dissatisfaction, because just now (5:30pm), she received a text message that brought a big wide smile to her face.

The sms read : Dear Valued Customers, there will be a special invitation to meet up with Dominique, renowned international hair technical director from FRANCE to do a free hair analysis. Pls call etc to make an appointment.

Heheheh ... Mom cannot stop laughing. Only yesterday, she was grumbling about her hair, and the salon she went to, and today, she gets an invite to have a FREE HAIR ANALYSIS by a renowned international hair technical director from FRANCE??? 

HeeHee. Aren't we getting just a lil over the top now, Son? She can almost hear You say, "I'm getting someone from France to see your hair, Mom." HeeHeeHee. You and your humor, Son. That's really funny, Daniel. :D

Grin Grin Grin. Thank You for that, Son. Sure of course, Mom will definitely make the appointment for the free hair analysis. 

You know, it's just so overwhelming that all of a sudden, she's getting a free SPA, a free FACIAL and a free HAIR analysis. :D

Thanks for arranging all that, Son. Mom really appreciates all the beauty-pampering You're giving her. You know she wouldn't have gone for those on her own initiative. It's been so long since she's stepped into a spa tub, or have a facial treatment, and as for a hair analysis, she's never done that before.

Hehehehehe ... Honestly, she can't stop laughing. It's too funny.

Anyway, this morning, about 9:30am ...

... before meeting up with Aunty R for facial, Mom went to buy some food for Justine. At the coffee shop, she bumped into 70+ year old Uncle J. He asked about You. 

He was like, "Hello, how are You? Where's Bryan? How's your son? He must be even taller now..."

Mom smiled, and replied, "Bryan's in the car ..." and refrained from explaining that her son is now with Jesus. She was late already for her 10am meet with Aunty R and she didn't want to have to explain when he responds, "Oh, I'm sorry, why, what happened, when etc" because FIRST of all, she didn't want anyone saying that they're sorry to hear You are now right by God's side, and SECOND of all, she really was rushing and have no time to go into the whys and what-nots. 

Besides, she couldn't possibly say, "My son is now with God. Good bye ..." could she now?  

She hurried back to the car. Dad drove back to the condo, Mom ran up to leave the food for Justine, and soon we were on our way to Bangsar. As we were driving, a nice dinosaur-song came on. The time was 10:04am.  


Oceans apart, day after day
And I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
But it doesn't stop the pain
If I see You next to never
But how can we say forever

Wherever You go, whatever You do
I will be right here waiting for You

The last 2 lines are Your lines ...
You are right THERE waiting for us. :D

See the Angel waiting at the end of the video?

So anyway, Dad dropped Mom at Bangsar Pappa Rich @ 10:15am. Aunty R and Uncle A were already there. We had a quick breakfast before we went to the facial place.

This is kinda funny too, what happened there. 

Mom was led to an individual room. After changing into the robe that was given, Mom was looking for a place to keep her handphone. She wanted to make sure the mobile would be within her reach, whilst she was on the bed, just in case it rang. There were no side tables beside the facial bed, and she was just wondering where to put the phone when it SUDDENLY dropped from her hands on to the floor. 

Darn ... The cover-flap and the battery came apart. She picked it up and tried to fix the battery back but somehow she couldn't fix it in. The beautician than came in, and Mom just stuffed the phone, all the 3 parts, into her handbag and kept that in the wardrobe provided.

As she was lying down, she couldn't help but think YOU had somehow knocked the phone out of her hands, like as if You were telling her:

"Forget the handphone, Mom, 
just relax and enjoy your facial..."

Enjoyed the facial she did. What with the deep cleansing, thorough exfoliating, TWO different facial masks, eye treatment, lip treatment, face massage, shoulder massage, back massage and even hand massage, with scented essential oils and "hot stones" to get the body circulation going ... Oh my, You really know how to pamper Mom, Son. :D

Aunty R had given her a free voucher for that. Isn't that sweet of her? Be sure to tell Rae-Anne that her Mummy took Mom for a facial treat today. The two of You must have planned this, huh. By the way, it so happened that both Rae-Anne's mummy and Mom were wearing the same color top and bottom today. RA's mummy was in short and Mom in pants, both of which were of the same shade of pink, and we were both wearing white tops. Talk about sending out vibes ... :D

After our facials, we had lunch at Delicious, Bangsar Village 2. Brought out the handphone, all the 3 parts, and asked Uncle A to fix it. Checked it and saw there were 2 missed calls. It's true then, that You wanted Mom to have an uninterrupted one and fifteen minutes facial time. :D After lunch, we hung out at Starbucks until Dad came to pick Mom up about 4pm.

Then an aMaZiNG thing happened ...

In the car, the radio was on. Mom was telling Dad about her day. Then Dad received a phone call. He turned off the radio. After getting off the phone, we continued to talk talk talk ... and talk talk talk some more ... radio was still off ... and then at one point ...

(Dad is narrating the words below - it was just unbelievable)

Mom turned to Dad and showed Dad the finger. (Dad's words - he means the pointer-finger). Then Mom said, YOU - JUST - WATCH as she slowly reached to turn the radio  on; immediately these lyrics filled the car :

There can be miracles, when You believe
(song from the movie : Prince of Egypt)

The time was 4:08pm.  O -- M --G ... What a great message! 

THAT was incredible, You'd think! But You know what's MORE incredible???

Yesterday at the hair salon, there was music playing in the air ... all the one-of-a-kind never-heard-before songs were playing in the salon. And then THIS song, WHEN YOU BELIEVE had come on. Mom had heard it and had thought to herself, it can't be a message, she's not in her car, it may not be her station 105.7. This is the hair salon.

And so, she didn't write this in the blog last night, because, because ... well because, she didn't want to appear to be linking E-V-E-R-Y lil song to You. 

However, THAT song was somehow important, it was after all one of your animated videos that You and Justine had watched when you guys were younger, and she wanted to remember that. So, because she did not write it down in the blog, she SCRIBBLED down in her diary : 

I Believe In Miracles (Prince of Egypt) was playing in the salon. 

She had also written in her diary : Cut hair today. Disaster. Terrible. 
Curling all over the place. Will be the last time I go there

Mom showed Dad and Justine the diary just now. 


To think that she'd jotted the note down yesterday, and then this afternoon, she hears it in the car. Apart from God, who else can read her mind? That she had thought it wasn't connected to You because it wasn't from the car radio??? How could she have known WHEN to turn on the radio in the car to hear THAT song? And especially THAT message? Had she turned on the radio 2 seconds earlier or 2 seconds later, it would not be THAT specific line:



MiNd-BoGGLinG !!!

Also, can You tell her, can You please just tell her, how in the world did she know how to dramatize, by signaling to Dad with her pointer-finger pointing at him (to get his attention to listen to what is about to come on air) BEFORE she turned on the radio??? 

When those lyrics came on, we couldn't believe it. It was surreal. Totally. You really really really are whispering to Mom, aren't You? This is not the first time that a song-message has come, INSTANTLY upon turning on the radio, but it IS the first time that she has DRAMATIZE just before turning on.

Now she's trying to figure out what is this miracle that could happen when she believes ... 

Dad believes You ARE whispering to Mom. :D Awesome. Just awesome. Thank You Son for the spa yesterday, the facial today, and the uhh, hair consultation that You've somehow arranged. Chuckle. :D Thinking about it is making her laugh again.

Renowned international hair technical director from FRANCE???

Hehehehehehe ... What next, Son ... :D

Now You understand why Mom cannot just GO STRAIGHT TO THE POINT??? How to "sum up 100 words into 10 words?" The story is too amazing, she wants to record down every detail.