Sunday, March 31, 2013

Call 459 : RING TONE

Hello Son, 

Today, Mom attended mass twice. 

There's a long story to that ... but she's gonna skip it.

After mass, Dad came to pick Mom up, and we met Aunty D and Grandma for lunch at one of the cafes at Taman Desa.

Whilst we were ordering, Mom suddenly heard WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW that was on the overhead speakers. 

She had to smile.

Instantly, your sms came to mind. You know we're with Aunty D, don't You?

The cashier told her the amount. 

Pulling out a hundred ringgit note from Dad's wallet, she handed it over to the cashier. The balance appeared on the till.  


Her angel numbers. Another reason to smile. 

While the song is on? See how perfect the timing is?

We were having toasted pizza bread, pasta, mango shortcake and coffee.

Chat Chat Chat ...

Shortly after the song ended, THERE YOU'LL BE came on. 

Gosh ...

Mom turned to Grandma, "You remember the words we put on the notice in the papers in January? (for your 3rd year anniversary) Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... This is the song ..." 

Mom pointed towards the ceiling.

It was noisy at the cafe, and Grandma couldn't really hear the song properly.

Still, that didn't stop your mother from grinning from ear to ear. 

Easter Sunday. Her son's confirming what she'd always known to be true. 

Everywhere she is, there he'll be ...

For allllll --- ways ...

(Wow ... an sms came in at this point from your Aunt D at 4:21 pm) 

You're definitely near ... Mom can feel your presence, Son ...

Two times those same numbers appear? 


Mom nudged Dad ... 

Of course Dad remembers ...

On Friday 29th ...

Dad, Justine, Aunty D and Aunty C and Mom attended the 3 pm Good Friday mass.

The mass was long and ... bor ... very long ... and ... yawn ...

Your mother was nodding off the whole time ... Yup, she's not proud to say it but she was sleeping through the sermon ... until the hymn IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE came booming through her ears and she found herself sitting up right.

She turned to look at your sister and your aunts.

Omg ...

She looked at Dad and gave him the omg gasp.

Of all the songs .. IN MOMENTS LIKE THESE ...

We'd sang this song, your family including your aunties, at your hospital bed that Monday night about 2 weeks before You left us ... yes, that song together with FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED ... again and again for about an hour ... that night is a whole chapter by itself, and someday, Mom's gonna write it in your Orange Dot Blog.  

Anyway, after that hymn, she found herself wide awake.

Mom whispered to Dad, "It's Good Friday ... and this hymn comes on ..." 

To remind us of that period when You were about to ... to ... take flight ...

A coinciDANS, that's for sure.  

After mass, we were in the car, on the way home. Mom was driving. Justine was on the passenger seat in front, and your aunties behind. Dad came in a separate car. 

Half-way through, Justine said, "Mom ..."

Mom turned to glance at her, but your sister was scrolling through her messages on her cell.

A few seconds later, Justine said again, "Mommm ..."

Mom was like, "What?"

Your sister gave an impatient sigh and turned up the volume of the radio.

21 GUNS ...

Aww ...

21 GUNS ...

Aunty D said, "That used to be my ring tone ..."

Yes, during the time when You were in hospital, this ring tone had come on one too many times. Strange that we had to have two songs to remind us of that time of your last stay in hospital.

Two ...

Take notice, please, people ...  

So anyway, we went back to Grandma's place. Grandma had cooked prawn and petai, and fish curry. We had an early dinner that evening.

It was after 9 pm when Dad and Mom left Grandma's house. We had to fetch the maid back from school.

Dad drove. Everything was as normal as could be. The maid got in the car, and we drove back.

Turning into Taman Desa, would You believe it or not but THERE YOU'LL BE came on the radio.

The time was 9:26 pm.

Decode : 4

"Oh my gosh ..." Mom breathed softly.

"Everywhere I am, there You'll be ..." Mom mumbled to herself.

Your parents listened to the song, with your mother humming softly to herself ... softly because the maid was in the car. Just as Mom thought it would, the song ended as Dad reached the lobby of our condo.

How perfect the timing was.

Mom remained in the car, taking in the wonder of that moment. How precious was that. Had your parents left to pick up the maid 2 minutes later, they would have missed the song. You must have whispered to Dad the exact time to leave Grandma's place to pick up the maid.

Gosh Daniel ...   

Easter sure is a good time as any to remind Mom that You're all okay and well with Jesus. Keep reminding Mom, Son. 

For Alll--ways. 

Call 458 : EASTER ZAP

Hello Son,

Easter Sunday, March 31

It's 12:35 am on Easter Sunday. 

On Saturday evening, your family was supposed to have dinner together. 

Grandma, Aunty D, Aunty C, Dad, Mom and Justine. 

Justine was with your aunties at the mall that afternoon. 

Dad, Mom and Grandma would be meeting them at the dinner place. 

When the time came to leave for dinner, Dad went to get the car from the basement parking (level 4).  Mom waited at the lobby.

Dad came with the car shortly.

Something unexpected happened as your mother opened the car door. Oh, You would have seen your mother gasped her delight as she heard the song IF I DIE YOUNG playing on the radio as she swung the door open.

Omg ...

Dad gave Mom a nod before smiling.

Mom was like, "Omg ... It's Easter ... IF I DIE YOUNG ... When did it come on?"

The time at that moment was 6:49 pm. 

Dad said, just as soon as he started the car engine, IF I DIE YOUNG came on the radio ... from the beginning.

Gosh ... Would You look at the timing? 

"From the beginning? Right from the beginning?" Mom asked in disbelief.

Dad beamed before replying, "Yes ..."

"There were no other songs before that? What was the song before this?"

Dad said, "No song ... this song started immediately ... right from the start ..."

Gosh ...

Gosh Daniel ...

Gosh Daniel Daniel Daniel ...

Dad and Mom listened to IF I DIE YOUNG together in the car. Memories flooded back and warmness filled our hearts. It has been a while since we last heard IF I DIE YOUNG. How appropriate ... Easter being just the day after.

We were waiting for Grandma to come down from her condo. 

Mom was still asking Dad incredulously, "Really? The song came on immediately when you started the car? Really" Immediately? Really? There were no other song before that? Really?"

Dad was like, "Yes ... Yes ..."

The song ended nicely ... just moments before we saw Grandma exiting the lift and walking towards our car.

How perfect the timing was. As always. Your parents had that precious moment to themselves without any interruption as they listened to IF I DIE YOUNG from beginning to end. Oh correction ...

Beginning to end ... for Dad.

Half-way to end ... for Mom.

That doesn't matter ... it was more than enough ZAP ZAP ZAP for Mom.

Easter reminds us once again that You are alive because of Jesus' resurrection. You can no longer die but will live forever with Jesus and Mary. Someday, we will be reunited, Daniel. We will all be together again. 

Someday ...

Long distance calls will just have to do for now ...

Think about it, of all the songs that had to come on, it was IF I DIE YOUNG.

Pause ...

You now what - Mom's gonna sing it again, Daniel ...

Sing along with Mom, okay, Son ?

Go ... go get your mike ...


the band perry

If I die young

Bury me in satin

Lay me down on a bed of roses

Sink me in the river at dawn

Send me away with the words 

 of a love song

Lord, make me a rainbow

I'll shine down on my mother

She'll know I'm safe with You 

as she stands under my colours

Her favourite lines - the rainbow verse. 

It's awesome how You continue to make your presence felt daily.

After dinner, we went to Grandma's home for dessert and a movie. Grandma wanted to watch Lincoln, but Aunty C insisted on The Hunger Games.

(It's 1:24 am ... Fall For You just came on the telly ... :D)

Mom would not have watched the movie except that there was a strong connection between her and District 12. Besides, Grandma apparently went to watch the movie at the cinema with her friend, and Grandma said the movie is like play station ... like real life play station ...

Play station?

Why, that was your thing ... play station ...

For some reason, though Mom did not quite like the plot of having young children die fighting to their death, she was somehow drawn to the movie. 

24 chosen children. 

District 12.

Pause ...

Why, that's easy ... 

It's so easy, Ma ... she can hear You holler all the way from Heaven.

"24 ... and D 21 ..." thought Mom quietly to herself.

So clear ... so very clear ... and yeah, so easy ...

IF I DIE YOUNG in the evening ... and then 24 and D21 later that night ...

Her second sign ... Her son knows she'd always insist on a second sign ... just to be sure that the zaps she receives is really from him. 

At the end of the movie, she was pleasantly surprised ... there were TWO D21s.


Woah ... how awesome ... 

Happy Easter, Son ...

Truly, You're alive and kickin' and You want to make sure Mom knows that ...

Thank You Jesus for dying on the cross for us ... because of Jesus' resurrection, we will not die in vain but will have eternal life. Wonder how Heaven must be celebrating Easter. Are You ringing the bells at God's altar? You've always liked ringing the bells ...

We went home after the movie ... 

Mom thought of the earlier inciDANS that happened on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday ... 

Why, even today ... Easter Sunday ...


Gosh, everything's just so connected ...

(continue on Call 459)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Call 457 : RING RING

Hello Son,

It's Saturday today. 


We had a really hectic week this week, including a really awesome birthday party celebration in school yesterday. The theme for the party was Fairy Tale Characters, so You can imagine how colourful the school was yesterday. 

There were wings ... 

There were crowns and tiaras ... 

There were Cinderella gowns and pretty fairy frocks of all types ... 

And swords ...  and wizards ... 

and the lot ...

Mom was thinking of downloading those photos today and do up the school blog ... but You know what?

She is smiling as she's writing about this inciDAN. 

This morning, Mom sent the maid to school, as usual, for her weekly cleaning on Saturdays. 

You would have seen your mother eagerly turning on the radio, hoping for an immediate electrifying morning zap. 

A song was on.

No such zap.

She changed the station.

A weird song was on.

The next song was weirder.

Humph. Not a single zap message, she'd thought. 

Where are You, Son?

We reached school. The maid got out of the car. 

Mom then drove back.

As she drove into Taman Desa, for some reason, she took a different turning. 

Today, she went straight ahead instead of taking a left turn at the traffic lights (near the hospital). She'd go to the shops to get some breakfast, she'd thought.

Mom hardly ever takes this way, as You know. Normally, she would turn left the traffic lights ... yes, even when she wants to go to the shops, she would take this way.

Anyway, as she was approaching the shops, she had a change of mind, and decided to go home instead. 

Soon, she was passing the Taman Desa school. 

A song had come one ...

At the intro music, Mom had gasped ... quite happily. 

Her spirits immediately lifted. 

Zap Zap Zap ...

Omg ... 

Ring Ring ...

How a song can have such an impact on her, she will never be able to explain. It's all in God's Big Master Plan.

So meant to be.

Her destiny, You could say.

Pause ...

You're shaking your head here, aren't You?

Yeah, been watching too much of MERLIN.


I was sitting by the phone

I was waiting all alone

Baby, by myself, I sit and wait and wonder about You

It's a dark and dreary night

Seems like nothing's going right
Won't you tell me honey, how can I go on here without you?

Yes, I'm down and feeling blue
And I don't know what to do, oh-oh


 by abba

Ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?
Ring, ring, the happiest sound of them all
Ring, ring, I stare at the phone on the wall
And I sit all alone impatiently
Won't you please understand the need in me
So, ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?
So, ring, ring, why don't you give me a call?

Mom laughed out loud. 

Omg ...

Daniel Daniel ...

The school has got to wait. Mom's going straight home to give You a call. :D She mentally sent her telephatic sms across the universe and up to heaven.

She slowed down before stopping at the red lights (near the mosque). 

Ring Ring was still on. 

Mom was singing along with a happy heart.

As she was looking straight ahead of her, she suddenly caught sight of a plane flying across the sky, before her eyes. 

Gasp ...

Omg ...

Zap Zap Zap ...

Mom's did not leave the plane until it disappeared into some clouds. 

On Thursday, your 21st, Mom had sent an sms to your aunties with a short note : 

"Today is Dans' 38th month ..." before she added the icon of an aeroplane.


Oh gosh ...

The Ring Ring was on ... the airplane was in the sky ...

Mom just had to smile. 

Her two signs. 

You know Mom always needs two signs from You, don't You?

Thank You, Son ... here are two DANIEL music videos back to You from Mom.

Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane ...

by elton john


 by wilson phillips

must be the clouds in my eyes ...

Elton John's version brought tears to your mother's eyes. When was the last time she cried over a song? it has been awhile ... today, she let the tears go free ...

Lord, I miss Daniel ...

Oh, I miss him so much ... <3