Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hello Son

This morning, Mom received a text message from Aunty Jessie. Only last night Mom had asked Dad, "Haven't heard from Jes about Sebastian..."

In her text message, Aunty Jessie said that, "Sebastian is now with Daniel. They are playing and frolicking about in Heaven. I know Daniel will watch over him there. :D"

Here's You with your "my favourite cat in the whole wide world."

This photo was taken when we went to the States to visit Aunty Jessie and Uncle Craig. You were 10 years old then. You and Justine loved playing with Snowbear and Sebastian. Must be nice to have your own personal cat in Heaven now, huh. :D

Tell Seb we are gonna miss him, but we will have a big smile on our faces when we think of You both up there taking lazy strolls, or basking on a cloud, or just chilling out with GOD. Bet all the child-angels are excited to have Seb with them, probably taking turns to stroke, rub and pamper him, as Mom types this. He's sure gonna love all the attention. :D

Also, tell Seb that we will never forget him and that he has left a long lasting impression in all of us who knew him. He's a very special cat and has quite a personality which we're gonna miss for sure. 

Meowww. <3